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Jude and Annie drunkenly stumbled up the hotel stairs, frantically in search of a private area. Unable to keep their hands off each other, Jude spotted a bedroom door that had been accidentally left ajar. The two snuck inside and shut the door, locking it behind them. Still donning their masks, Jude, with a heavy hand, pushed Annie on to the bed. Landing on her back, she immediately rolled over on to her stomach, and pushed her bottom into the air. Facing the door, she remained on all fours whilst Jude hitched up her dress, revealing black stockings and a black lace thong.

Standing behind her, Jude crouched down and pulling her underwear to one side, began licking her. She moaned heavily, already wet with excitement. Grabbing her hips, Jude pulled her into his mouth. He stroked her with his tongue harder and faster. Teasing her, Jude placed his tongue at the very top of her clit and ran it slowly down. He brought his tongue up and round and just graced her asshole. He’d never done this before and it was making Annie moan louder and more intensely.

Looking up from the bed Annie noticed the lock turning on the bedroom door. The handle came down and a gentleman from the party entered his room. Noticing the intruders on his bed he froze with bemusement. Jude, oblivious to the stranger’s entrance continued to pleasure Annie. Standing there stunned, the stranger noticed Annie’s eyes were fixated on him. Breathing heavily, her masked stare gazed through his mask and into his eyes. She was unable to tell much about him. Wearing a black eye mask and tuxedo, he appeared to be in his mid-thirties. He was tall, slim and clean shaven. He couldn’t stop looking at her, and the excitement of being watched was bringing her close to orgasm. Her moans got louder, and the stranger, realising the bedroom door was fully open, stepped further into the room and closed the door behind him.

Alerting him to his presence, Jude immediately paused in a panic and stood up to face the mysterious visitor. The room was silent. Annie, still on all fours and on the brink of coming, slowed antalya escort down her breathing to a heavy pant. Her eyes still focused on their guest. No one moved. No one said a word. Annie’s mind (full of liquor) was racing with insane fanciful thoughts, and she nearly came instantly as she felt Jude’s finger lightly caress her. His mind (also in a haze of drunk spontaneity) had gone to the same place. He continued to stroke his wife.

Annie grabbed Jude’s hand, firmly holding it in place, insisting he didn’t stop. Using two fingers Jude continued to rub her pussy. Still looking forward, Annie could tell, despite his lack of emotion, the stranger was more than intrigued. Unable to tear his gaze away from her, he stood stationary, watching her being pleasured. Without even thinking Annie blew him a kiss. She noticed him smile. She began licking her lips and with her eyes, motioned for him to come up. He didn’t move.

Jude, well aware of the developing situation, returned his tongue to Annie and continued to go down on her. Still beckoning the masked visitor over with her eyes, Annie pulled her dress down over her breasts, revealing her black lace bra to him. Running her fingers around her chest and inside the bra, she teased him playfully. She had now been completely overcome by alcohol and lust, and had disregarded any inhibitions she may have once felt.

Responding to Annie’s invitation, the stranger cautiously made his way towards the bed. Now stood inches away from her, Annie could see through his suit pants that he was already hard. Grabbing Annie’s ass, Jude pulled himself up and was now standing behind her. Taking down his pants, he began rubbing his cock up and down her wet pussy. The sensation felt amazing, and Annie again felt herself nearing an orgasm. Similarly as he did with his tongue, Jude began stroking her pussy with his hard cock from top to bottom and using the tip to tease her asshole. The foreplay was becoming too much and Annie was getting desperate to be fucked. Putting her hand behind herself, she grabbed Jude’s cock antalya rus escort in an effort to get things going. He playfully teased her by resisting. Getting anxious, she turned to him with an inpatient and frustrated look on her face. Jude motioned towards the visitor and Annie’s eyes lit up. Turning back to face him, she starred up and whispered, “Closer”.

Shuffling his crotch further into her face, Annie, unbuttoned him and pulled down his zip. Reaching inside she slid down his pants and boxers and ran her fingers over his erect cock. No one in the room had experienced a situation quite like this before. It was clear to see the stranger was turned on. His cock was literally throbbing with anticipation. Running her tongue over her lips, Annie opened her mouth. Just as the tip of her tongue touched his cock, Jude entered her and began fucking her harder than she had ever been fucked before.

She began furiously sucking on the visitor’s cock, her moans muffled by the load in her mouth. Grabbing his waist she pulled him in deeper. Jude began fiercely spanking her whilst their frenzied fucking caused the bed to bounce uncontrollably. Annie could feel herself about to come. Unable to contain her screams, she took her head up from the visitors cock and continued to beat him off with her hand. As her body began to spasm, Jude slowed the pace and gave her a series of incredibly hard but slow thrusts.

Slowly kneeling up on the bed, Annie realised she still had two men at her disposal. Reaching up and pulling the visitor towards herself she began passionately kissing him, and pushed him onto the bed. As the stranger lay they, Annie mounted him and shuffled her knees up to his head. Not sat on his face, he worked his tongue around her underwear and began pleasuring her clit. Standing over them, Jude leaned in and began intensely making out with her. She grabbed his cock and began jerking him off, eventually taking him in her mouth. The sensation of sucking off her husband whilst being orally pleasured was almost too much antalya ucuz escort for her to handle and she was very close to orgasm for a second time.

With his cock in her mouth, Jude began to slowly walk to the left, her head following. Kneeling on to the bed, Jude continued to circle around her, causing her to turn around on the visitors face. She was now in a 69 position with the stranger, still sucking off Jude. Gently removing himself, Jude placed his hand on her head, encouraging her to continue with the visitor. Now locked in a heated 69, the visitor and Annie began moaning loudly. Stepping off the bed, Jude stood behind Annie, and began running his finger down her back and caressing her ass. Annie tingled, and loudly gasped as Jude placed his little finger into her ass. She began grinding his finger, as the visitor licked her.

Returning to the foot of the bed, Jude stood over Annie and the stranger, still locked in a 69 embrace. He roughly grabbed her hair, pulled her mouth off his cock and began dragging her down his body. As she shuffled her pussy off his face, Jude pulled her over his chest and hips and onto his cock. Now in a reverse cowgirl position, Annie began riding the strangers cock and again took Jude in her mouth. The stranger ran his hands all over her back and ass and Jude, pulled down the front of her dress and ripped off her bra. He cupped her exposed breasts as they began bouncing in sync with the bed.

Annie could feel the strangers cock growing bigger and bigger inside her.

“Shit! I’m going to come!” he cried out.

Annie quickly hopped off him, turned around and began blowing him. Jude continued to fuck her from behind as the stranger lay back on the bed, his cock exploding in her mouth. Just at the point of the visitor’s orgasm, Jude pulled out and slipped his cock into Annie’s ass. He came instantaneously inside her.

Hurriedly, Jude and Annie got dressed and briskly exited the room. The stranger lay on the bed, exhausted and confused in his empty room. After a minute or so, Annie walked back in the room, and standing over him, removed her thong from under her dress. Stepping out of her underwear she leaned in to give the stranger a final kiss. She stood up, placed her underwear in his mouth and slowly walked out, lifting up her dress to give the stranger one last look at her legs and ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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