Maryland Getaway Ch. 02

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This is a collaboration story – the first chapter was written by Samael – Please check his listings for chapter one.

“How do I look?” Lilly looked up from her laptop and saw her mother standing in front of her in a red halter top with a deep plunging neckline, a black mini skirt, suntan thigh highs and her red four-inch high “fuck me” heels. Her mother was a self-proclaimed slut and rightfully so. She was a true MILF and most of the boys in her high school thought as much.

As Lilly responded to her mother, “Like a million bucks!” She thought about her neighbor and fellow classmate, Mark.

“Oh my god! Your mother has the sexiest legs. And her ass! Holy shit!” Lilly had looked at him with an ewwwww expression, but now that she saw her mother from the eyes of an eighteen year old boy, she had to agree.

Lilly had been attracted to girls and boys alike for several years and as she stared at her mother’s 38C breasts, pushing up into the vee neckline, she flushed. Her mother was indeed sexy. And someday she wanted to be a MILF too. Confident. Alluring. Sensual.

“Where are you going?” Lilly asked.

“To pick up Duncan at the airport. He’s staying the week with us. Remember I told you about him?”

Lilly nodded. Her mother had many “boyfriends”, being a swinger, but rarely brought any of them home. “I remember. I might not be here when you get back. I’m going to the mall with Donna and Stacy.”

Her mother nodded as she picked up her keys, hanging by the door. “Ok, see you later. Love you!”

“Love you too,” Lilly called out as the door was closed and she was left alone in the apartment.

Lilly peeked out her window and saw her mother’s car leave the parking lot. She went into her mother’s room and turned on the computer. Her mother had porn all over her computer. She was an over-sexed MILF. But when her mother was out of the house, Lilly would often pleasure herself watching her mother’s porn collection. Like mother, like daughter

While the computer was booting up, Lilly went to her room to get her one and only dildo out of her bottom dresser drawer. One of these days, she’d buy another one, one that vibrated. But this would have to do for now. She stripped out of her white tee shirt, allowing her perky but large breasts to fall free. She rolled the nipples between her thumb and forefinger until they were peaked. She clicked on the sites her mother had book marked and found some new clips. One showed a man fucking a gorgeous blonde with the thickest cock she’d ever seen. Lilly’s hands roamed across her stomach and down into her thong. She parted her curls and her fingertips found the sensitive nub. She moaned lightly as she watched the porn, while tweaking her nipple and rubbing her clit.

She clicked on another video and saw a petite woman, slightly older then she was, starting to strip. Lilly watched, fascinated, as the young redhead on her screen first shed the light green tank top to show perfect little B cups. Lilly had 38C’s and it was too much for her small frame at times. She mimicked and imitated the dancer on the screen as she pulled on her breasts and caressed them with her hands, tweaking the nipples into hard pebbles. The young woman on the computer slid her hands down her sides and wrapped her thumbs around her g-string thong and seductively pulled down the panties to past her knees and then let them bostancı escort drop to the floor. Lilly followed her example. The young woman had a shaved pussy and she caressed it so lovingly that Lilly felt the wetness in her own pussy. Lilly had often seen shaved pussies in her mother’s porn collection, but her own was not. It wasn’t a thick bush, it was neatly trimmed, but she did wonder if she should shave it.

As a male actor came into the room on the screen and started licking the woman’s pussy, Lilly reached for the dildo on the desk. She played the head of it around her clit and outside of her lips, but didn’t put it inside of her. When the man finally started fucking the woman, and Lilly’s own breaths were ragged, she slid the dildo into her tight, wet cunt. A few strokes later and Lilly was happy. She’d been with two young men since she turned eighteen and neither one of them had made her climax. She knew it was their lack of experience, virgins both, but she wondered if she would ever have the chance at a real man. One she knew would make her shatter apart with orgasm after orgasm. As she flicked off the screen and shut the computer down she also had another wish. That one day her mother might take her to one of the clubs so she could watch people fucking. Live porn. That was her ultimate fantasy to see.

* * * *

Lilly had gone to the mall with her girlfriends, just like she told her mother she would. She’d been gone long enough for her mother and her new lover to have driven back from the airport, fucked and were now probably out to dinner.

Lilly opened up the door and stepped inside the foyer. In the distance, in the living room, she saw her mother naked on the couch with a very attractive man sucking on her breasts while his hands were running over her mother’s body. He was naked as well. What caught Lilly’s attention the most was his thick cock, semi-erect, next to her mother’s hip. She watched for a moment, heard her mother moan and then quickly raced to her room.

She closed the door to her bedroom and leaned against it trying to regain her breath. Her pussy was moist again. Just seeing that stranger’s cock had made her wet. She sat on her bed and wondered what it would feel like to have his cock inside of her. Pounding her like she had seen on the porn videos. Her mother was a swinger, so the idea of sharing wouldn’t be all that strange to bring up, but sharing a man with her mother , that was a thought that was just too… wrong.

Her mother slipped into her room wearing only a tee shirt. “I’m sorry, baby. I thought you’d be at the mall.”

Lilly shrugged. “It’s ok. It was just … weird. Seeing my own mother naked.”

“You’ve seen me naked before,” her mother said. They were a semi-nudist household and often walked naked from the bathroom after their showers towards the kitchen or living room.

“Yes…” Lilly paused. “But not like that!”

Her mother laughed lightly. “Are you okay with Duncan staying here? We will only play when you’re not around if you’d rather.”

Lilly nodded. “It’s okay.” She paused and her mother waited, knowing there was more on her daughter’s mind. “I just didn’t think he’d be so…. big!” Lilly concluded.

“Oh yes!” Allison laughed. “Duncan has a very nice cock!” Allie lifted a brow and looked into her daughter’s blue eyes, the same shade ataşehir escort as her own. “I take it that Mike nor Paul were that big.”

Her mother spoke of the two young men that Lilly had had sex with. Of course she had told her mother. They had a very open relationship. Lilly shook her head and laughed. “Oh no! Not at all!”

When Allison was convinced that Lilly wouldn’t suffer any permanent emotional scars about seeing her mother being pleasured, she left the room and left Lilly with her own thoughts.

Lilly could not stop thinking about Duncan’s huge cock. What would it taste like? What would it feel like inside of her tight little pussy? She felt the moistness between her legs again as she recalled her mother and Duncan on the couch. Her room was right next to her mother’s and now she could hear that they had moved their play into Allison’s bedroom. Lilly couldn’t resist. She slid out of her Capri pants so that she was only in her thong and left her tee shirt on but unhooked her bra and slid it off her shoulders. With any luck, she could watch silently from the door of her mother’s room. Her chance to watch live porn and see Duncan’s thick cock in action.

Lilly slowly crept out of her room and towards her mother’s door. As she thought, it wasn’t latched. She pushed it open, just a crack at first, and then more boldly, she opened it wider.

Duncan was eating her mother’s pussy, licking and sucking like he was a starved man. Allie was pulling on her right nipple, pulling the breast far away from her body, while her left hand was on Duncan’s head, grinding his mouth into her pussy. Lilly stood in the doorway and unconsciously drew her left hand down into her thong, cupping her own mound. God this is hot! she thought. Her mother gave a piercing moan and arched her back off the bed. Lilly now knew what an orgasm looked like. She would give her right arm to know what it felt like too.

Suddenly her mother sat up quickly and looked straight at the door. Lilly had been caught watching them again! Lilly was too excited at the moment to feel shame.

“Dear, are you okay? Did we disturb you?” Lilly barely registered the question as she looked at her mother and shook her head. Lilly saw Duncan leave her mother and come towards her. His naked body was Adonis-like in her eyes. She watched him come closer, extending his hand.

“Lilly, dear, take Duncan’s hand. I promise you, he won’t hurt you at all.” Duncan guided her to the bed and she sat on the side of it, close to her mother’s own breasts. They wore the same bra size, but in Allison’s eyes, her mother’s breasts now looked fuller, flushed with wonderfully peaked nipples.

Lilly looked back at Duncan, noticed he was still standing in front of her, his thick erection jutting from the dense mass of curls at his groin. Lilly reached her hand out and lightly touched Duncan’s penis. She jumped back a little as she felt a sticky substance on her fingertips. She brought her fingers to her nose and sniffed. Not bad. Her fingers went into her mouth to taste his sweet pre-cum. Not bad at all!

Lilly watched her mother also taste Duncan and then cover his cock with her mouth, Lilly had tried to give Paul a blow job once, but he had pulled out quickly then shot his load onto her chest. Duncan didn’t look like he was going to cum too quickly, even as she çekmeköy escort watched her mother’s mouth caress his cock. Her tongue ran circles around the head and then back down the shaft before engulfing him in her mouth again. Duncan’s eyes closed in pleasure, but he wasn’t even close to cumming. He had a hand on Allison’s head and was guiding her gently.

Lilly was watching in amazement as her mother brought Duncan’s thick cock up, and smeared her salvia mixed with his pre-cum all over her round titties, then gently brought her breasts together and stroked his cock with them.

Allison suddenly barked at him. “Take me now! Shove this fat fucker into my cunt and fill me with it all.” Duncan obliged immediately and took his cock in his hand and slapped Allison’s wet pussy with it. The sound was like none other Lilly had ever heard, but it was extremely erotic despite the sharpness of the sound.

Duncan’s cock slammed into her mother and Allison moaned loudly. Lilly moved her head down closer to her mother so that she could watch more intently. She was actually watching a man fuck her own mother! The sensations and emotions were overwhelming.

A light breeze drifted across Lilly’s tummy and breasts and she realized she was exposing herself. No. Her mother had lifted up her shirt and was now trying to touch Lilly’s breasts. The light flick of her mother’s French-manicured nails over her nipple sent Lilly reeling. Lilly had always thought she was bi-sexual, but had never had a woman touch her sexually. It felt fantastic. The thought that it was her own mother fondling her breasts made the taboo image so much more exciting than Lilly could have imagined.

Allie left go of Lilly’s breasts as Duncan started pumping into her faster. Her plump round breasts were bouncing with excitement; all on their own it seemed to Lilly. As wonderful as her mother’s touch had been, Lilly was suddenly bold as she reached out her own hand to caress and fondle her mother’s breasts. They felt the same as her own, the weight and texture, but also felt so very different. Lilly’s own breasts were pert, whereas her mother’s had dropped a little with age. Lilly tentatively took her mother’s left nipple into her mouth and Allison screamed with pleasure. This gave Lilly more courage to go on. Duncan was pleasing her mother’s pussy while she was pleasing her mother’s titties.

Suddenly, Duncan groaned loudly and Lilly looked up from her mother’s breast just in time to see his huge, thick cock explode with white hot cum all over her face and her mother’s stomach. Lilly jumped slightly remembering that Paul had never left this much cum on her chest. Duncan wasn’t done and shot another load right toward Lilly’s mouth, though most of it landed on her chin and her mother’s tummy. She licked her lips and tasted his sweet cum. It was a bit tart, but heavenly as well.

Duncan collapsed on the bed next to her mother and Lilly could not resist his still-erect cock, covered with her mother’s own juices. She glanced at her mother, got the infinitesimal nod, and leaned over to lick his cock. She licked it clean, gathering every last bit of cock cum and pussy juice.

As Lilly finished, she wiped her mouth gently, making sure that any drops of cum in the corners of her mouth went promptly inside onto her tongue. She blew her mother a kiss, knowing the intense orgasms would knock Allison out for a while.

Lilly went out the door and back to her room. She had a plan. Right now she would use that fake old dildo she had to finish herself off, but before the week was out she intended to have Duncan’s thick hard cock ramming into her, just as she’d seen him do to her mother.

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