Mary And Rob Fuck Their Mother

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Ellen and her son Robert and daughter Mary visit her with kinky intentions

My husband Roger and I were having a quiet glass of wine after tea when my son Robert and daughter Mary walked through the front door. Roger always loved seeing our children and he laughed and said to me, ‘That’s a nice surprise Ellen. Our lovely children visiting us.’

My heart thudded. Both my children were married and I knew why they had come. They had come for me and the thought of why they were here was making me damp straight away.

Rob and Mary had always been much closer than ordinary brother and sister. As they had got older they had involved me more and more until in the end I could no longer resist.

It was a sad day when Rob left home and got married but I had had two years of wonderful sex with him. It was also very frustrating and although Roger was a good lover I craved a much larger cock.

Often when I wandered round the supermarket my eyes would be drawn to some of the large vegetables on offer. Many a time I couldn’t resist and would buy a very large carrot or courgette and would drive home as fast as I could and satisfy myself with it imagining it was Rob’s cock in me. I often wondered what the female checkout staff thought as I bought them and if they did so themselves. I’m sure they must have done.

When Mary had telephoned earlier she hadn’t attempted to hide the reason. She had simply asked the question, ‘Where is daddy, mummy?’

I was immediately alarmed and had tried to bluster, ‘He is home from golf and we were going to have a quiet evening watching TV.’

The phone had gone quiet for a few seconds and then Mary spoke so definitely, ‘When Robert and I come over, we want you to send him to bed.’

I felt so sorry for Roger. He was a kindly man but my children didn’t really respect him. They did make a fuss of him, just to get their own way. I must have sounded rather weak as I had repeated, ‘Send your father to bed?’

She didn’t waste any time, ‘Yes. Upstairs out of the way. Robert’s going to fuck you and I want to watch him.’

I felt panicky. ‘But, Mary. I am your mother. I can’t undress for you.’

She had laughed, ‘Don’t be silly mummy. You know you don’t have to undress. I will just pull your clothes up to play with you. When you are ready. Robert will pull your knickers down and stick his cock up. It will be exactly the same as the last time only easier this time, no pantyhose. You know you can’t resist.’

I knew she was right, I wouldn’t be able to resist. Even as she was talking I could feel my panties getting wet as I thought about last month when Mary and her husband James had visited. When Robert and his wife Eileen had joined us I had started to be suspicious.

When Mary had suggested to Roger, ‘Daddy why don’t you show James and Eileen your new flowers down the bottom of the garden.’ I started to feel anxious. It looked as if my children had already planned something. I had felt a little safe as my husband wouldn’t be too far away and I knew I had all my clothes on and also I was wearing tights over my panties.

It didn’t save me. As soon as Roger and my in-laws were down the bottom of the garden, Mary had told her brother, ‘Go on Robert. I can see them down the garden and I can warn you if they come back.’

Neither of them asked me. Robert just took all his clothes off in our sitting room. I could see his huge penis dangling and my resistance dwindled. He was twice the man my husband was. Mary was breathing heavily. She didn’t think much of her own husband James either. She had told me she liked Robert fucking her much better.

Mary was wriggling on the chair and panted at her brother, ‘Go on Rob. Get her tits out.’

Robert always did as his sister told him and in no time my white blouse was open and with my bra cups down my son was suckling my breasts. God I wished I had more willpower.

I was just standing there in my own living room being suckled by my naked son as my daughter watched. In a way I realised my daughter was worse than my son. She was egging him on, ‘Go on Rob. Up her skirt.’

Robert didn’t ask me. He did as Mary had told him and just pushed his hand up the front of my skirt. I was sort of standing with my legs partly open when he whispered loudly to his sister, ‘She’s got pantyhose on.’

Mary could see her brother was really aroused and giggled, ‘Is she wearing knickers?’

He fumbled a bit between my legs and growled, ‘Yes, she has pantyhose and knickers on.’

Mary didn’t intend to stop now. She was touching herself and told him, ‘Get her knickers and tights down. No need to take them right off. If you can get them down to her knees I will make sure she opens her legs for you.’

I just stood there with my skirt up over my waist as my son dragged my undies down to my knees. He then told me, ‘Play with your tits mum,’ and dropped onto his knees telling his sister, ‘I am going to get her ready.’

As he licked between my legs I could see my daughter moving her fingers between her legs rhythmically and moaning. kadıköy escort I had almost forgotten about Roger now and kept making pathetic whimpering noises.

Mary loved embarrassing me in these situations and asked her brother, ‘What does she smell like?’

I think they knew I felt so humiliated but they enjoyed saying rude things.

Robert sniffed me and gasped, ‘Sweaty panties smell. Like a dirty cat.’

Mary giggled and moved her hand faster, ‘Stick your tongue up her. Lick the cats fur. She likes being licked.’

As Robert licked me there I knew I couldn’t hide my excitement and moaned loudly. Mary was panting but she also giggled, ‘She’s ready now Rob and we haven’t much time. You had better fuck her now.’

At no time did either of them ask me anything or talk to me. My son simply dragged me onto the settee. With my panties and tights stretched around my knees I could feel his penis pushing into my buttocks.

I realised he was getting gratification just pressing it into my bum cheeks and felt that he may even spurt before he actually did me.

His sister realised as well and it didn’t suit her. She rapped, ‘Don’t fuck about Rob. We haven’t much time. Stick your cock up her. I want to watch you fucking her properly.’

I felt myself cumming for a second time as my son slid his cock between my lips. It was the same as before, I always came several times. It was awkward in that position but I did reach back and eased my buttock to one side to help him.

It wasn’t long before he squirted and a lot of it ran down my legs onto my panties and tights. Then Mary sat up saying, ‘Be quick. They are coming back up the garden.’

My son scrambled into his clothes and I was left pulling my underwear back up as best I could. They were sodden and I loved the feel of them against my skin.

When Roger and my in-laws came back into the room he poured a glass of wine for us and toasted the family. I felt terrible. Everything seemed so normal but by knickers were saturated with my son’s cum and I loved it. I had quickly drunk my wine and walked as sensibly as I could to the bathroom to sort myself out.

That was a month ago.

Now Robert and Mary were coming over again. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop them. When they came in I could see that neither of their partners were with them. Roger looked up surprised and asked them, ‘Where are James and Eileen?’

Robert smiled, ‘We left them behind dad. We thought we should spend more time alone with you and mum.’

Roger was genuinely pleased. I was not so sure. I became concerned for my husband. I knew I had been indiscrete on one occasion and told Mary that her father had a few fetishes about women’s underwear and in particular young girl’s panties and things. She had laughed and tickled me and I had felt quite comfortable chatting with my daughter.

Mary had said, ‘I am a young woman, mum, do you think he likes my knickers?’

I had felt so safe and giggly as I told her a few things about her father’s fetishes. I now had misgivings about being so honest. Anyway she had told me on the phone that she wanted Roger to be sent to bed so I reasoned it must be safe.

I said to my husband, ‘You look a little tired love, why don’t you should slip up to bed for a while and I can have a chat with Rob and Mary.’

I knew this would leave me alone with my children but at least Roger would be safe.

Suddenly all the warning bells rang as Mary laughed. ‘Don’t be a silly girl mum, daddy wants to stay with us. Don’t you daddy. Come and sit with your little girl on the sofa.’

She was talking deliberately in a little girly voice. Roger loved both our children anyway but with Mary talking like this I could see the glazed look of excitement in his face. At the same time Robert took me by the arm and sat down on the other sofa directly opposite his father and sister.

Even as we sat down he had opened my blouse and had his hand inside fondling me. I really didn’t know what to do. I could see my husband looking at me with a glazed look, and I was also conscious that at fifty years old, I was rather plump.

Robert knew I was embarrassed that my breasts were fat and he murmured loudly, ‘They are not fat mum.’ I looked doubtful but he continued, ‘It’s just that you have lovely big tits and they feel lovely.’

He could always charm me and although I was embarrassed I half smiled at him.

He smiled lovingly at me and then said, ‘They don’t just feel nice mum. They taste nice.’

As he spoke he dropped his head and closed his mouth around my breast. It was incredible. I felt his lips encircle my nipple and with a sucking action drew it deep into his mouth. I almost fainted with pleasure.

I could see my daughter sitting opposite me chatting to my husband. She wasn’t being too blatant but she was squeezing his erection through his trousers. I knew that although I felt powerless, Roger was even more entranced with our daughter. Mary had now brought out a pink silk dress. It looked very kartal escort pretty and shiny. She pushed it into my husband’s hands whispering, ‘Feel how shiny and slippery it is daddy. I like wearing little girl’s dresses like this.’

Roger moaned, ‘Oh my little girl.’

In other circumstances it would have been funny. But it was so erotic. Mary kept talking, ‘I like wearing dresses like this daddy, but they do show my little knickers a lot.’

Roger moaned, ‘Daddy likes your pretty little panties.’

I heard her whisper, ‘Do you want to see my knickers daddy”?’ It was obvious he did.

I watched Mary push his hand down onto his tented trousers, ‘Hold it daddy and squeeze it and then I will show you my little girly knickers.’

He did as Mary instructed and she in turn lifted both her legs up on the sofa and with her legs bent she spread her knees. Even I found it erotic as her panties were pulled tightly into her crutch.

His trouser front was partly undone. Mary murmured, ‘I have shown you my knickers daddy, do you like them?’

He could hardly speak but he did manage, ‘They are lovely my little baby.’

‘Will you do something for me daddy,’ she asked.

‘He was totally entranced with his daughter’s actions and muttered his assurance as she asked sweetly, ‘Will you show me your cock daddy?’

Roger gasped, ‘Oh God.’ He had almost forgotten everything now as he levered his penis out.

It was not lost on my son Robert. He stood up in front of me and told me, ‘Mum, pull my prick out.’

I just reached up and undid his trousers.

I reached in and his massive penis was semi rigid. Even like this it was twice my husband’s size. Mary had told me that Robert had a big cock and it was much nicer than her own husband’s. I looked at it and as I held it his penis started to grow and swell. It was very near my face.

He murmured, ‘Mum, open your mouth.’

As I did he added, ‘Put it in your mouth mum.’

I did it and he whispered, ‘Suck it mum.’

I sucked it. It made me feel so wet.

I could still hear Mary talking to Roger. He was still stroking himself as she stood in front of him saying, ‘Do you want to have my knickers daddy?’

She was standing up and towering over him as she pulled her dress right up. He was looking straight at my daughter’s panty gusset.

He muttered something like, ‘Oh yes please” and she slipped her drawers off and held them in her hands saying in her little girly voice, ‘I am a bit ashamed though Daddy as they are a bit smelly. My pussy is getting very damp.’

He was just repeating now, ‘Smelly?’

She smiled as she brought her panties to her face, ‘You know daddy stinky. My knickers are a bit stinky.’

Even I could see the wetness, but Mary made sure he knew and brought her panty gusset close to her nose in front of his face and cooed, ‘You can see all the wet stains daddy where they have been right up me. It excites me to watch you play with your cock.’

Roger was still rubbing his penis and muttering, ‘Oh God, my little girl.’

Mary was being more positive now and said, ‘You can wear my knickers daddy. You want to, don’t you?’

He was still pumping away but nodded guiltily. She carried on, ‘You can also wear my little girly silk dress. You would like that wouldn’t you daddy?’ He nodded.

Ellen said to her father, ‘Now stop playing with yourself, you’re not to cum until I say so.’

Roger stopped immediately. Mary is his daughter but it is clear who is in control.

Mary said to her mother, ‘Sit down and watch as I get daddy ready to watch us.’

Mary undressed her father who stood there naked and very embarrassed with a huge erection sticking out in front of him.

She got him to step into a pink suspender belt and then a pink frilly dress which fitted him tightly. It was very short and did not cover his erection. Then she made him sit down and slid a pair of sheer nylons up his legs and as he stood up again she fastened them to the suspenders. Mary was in two minds about which pair of knickers to put him in and in the end decided to let him keep hold of the pair she had been wearing so he could sniff them as he watched his wife being abused by their son and daughter.

Mary took a pair of her open crotch panties and put them on her father making sure that his erect cock was poking through the opening. She stood back and admired her handiwork. She was pleased with her sissy father. All he needed now were some high heel shoes. She knew what size he was and had bought a pair of red open toed sandals with very high heels. She fastened the straps round his ankles and made him parade round the room in full view of his wife and son and daughter.

Ellen, instead of feeling embarrassed for her husband, was even more sexually aroused seeing him dressed like this. She had seldom seen his erect cock as big as this.

Mary called her father back to her and made him stand in front of her and said, ‘Daddy you are almost ready to watch me and Rob enjoy mum’s maltepe escort body, there’s just a couple of things to do now. She reached for his cock and stretched one of her elastic hair scrunchies and placed it under his heavy balls and over his cock and another round the top of his balls. They made his balls feel really tight. Then she pulled his foreskin right back over the head of his cock and coated the head with her cherry red lipstick and then sealed it with her lipgloss.

Mary stood back and was happy with what she saw. Then she said, ‘Now Rob and I are going to play with mummy and make her cum and no matter how excited you get you mustn’t play with yourself and cum. After a short while you will start leaking precum and then I will lick it off you. You have got my cummy smelly knickers to carry on smelling while you watch us.’

Mary went over to her mother and took her blouse and bra off and lowered her face and took one of her mother’s erect nipples into her mouth and started sucking it, while her brother had undone her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Their mother stood in front of her sissy husband in only her very proper white knickers. Robert was now stroking her mother’s wet pussy through the cotton material.

Ellen had her eyes closed but was breathing deeply and started saying, ‘No children, you mustn’t, you’re very naughty, you really shouldn’t be doing this to your mummy.’

But Ellen knew that she didn’t mean it. The last thing she wanted was for them to stop it. She reached for her son’s erect cock and was slowly rubbing making it harder and harder. She parted her legs to allow her darling Rob to get better access to her soaking wet pussy. She opened her eyes and saw her sissy husband Roger’s cock twitching up and down and him deeply smelling their daughter’s panties.

Mary was still sucking her mummy’s nipple and was now squeezing and pinching the other one. Rob was still teasing his mum by gently stroking the outside of her knickers. Ellen was in heaven and knew she wanted to cum very soon, she desperately wanted to take her knickers down so that Rob could insert his fingers deep inside her.

Mary had now stopped playing with her mum’s nipples and undressed herself. Immediately her clothes had dropped to the floor she lowered her head and sucked her mum’s nipples again. Then she took her mum’s hand and placed it between her legs.

Ellen knew what her daughter wanted and slipped a finger slowly inside her little girl’s wet slit.

Ellen was in heaven as her son slowly slipped her panties off her and she lifted her foot and stepped out of them. She was now totally naked in front of her sissy husband with her son fingering her pussy and her stroking his huge cock while her daughter sucked on her nipples and she finger fucked her daughter. Roger couldn’t resist any longer and was slowly rubbing his hand up and down his shaft while still sniffing his daughter’s soiled panties.

The foreplay had gone on long enough and everyone was ready for more. Rob sat on the sofa and said, ‘Mum I want you to suck me now before I fuck you.’

Ellen didn’t hesistate although she really wanted his cock inside her. She knelt between her son’s legs and lowered her mouth over his huge throbbing cock. She loved the taste and the hardness as she clamped her lips tight around the head and sucked it.

Mary came up behind her mother and parted her legs and slowly eased first one finger and then other into her very wet slit. Ellen sighed as her little girl started finger fucking her. Being careful to not make her cum too soon.

Ellen was now rubbing her mouth up and down her son’s shaft as fast as she could while keeping her lips clamped tightly round it.

Mary suddenly had another thought. She called to her father, ‘Daddy come over her and sit next to Robert.’

Roger tottered over in his high heels shoes and sat down on the sofa. Mary knelt between his legs and started to lower her mouth. She could see that he was now leaking lots of precum. The head of his lipstick coated cock was very wet as his precum seeped out of the tip. Mary put her tongue to it and licked it up. She loved the taste of precum ever since she had first tasted her brothers at a young age.

Now she copied her mum and lowered her mouth over her dad’s erect cock. She loved the taste of her lipstick on his cock head. She squeezed his shaft tightly and forced her tongue into his peehole, then squeezed his balls until more precum leaked out of the top. Her daddy’s cock certainly wasn’t as big as her brother’s or even her husband James’ but even so Mary was always happy to have a hard cock in her mouth.

Both mother and daughter slowly ran the clamped lips up and down the cocks but Ellen didn’t want a mouthful of cum she wanted a cuntful of cum. Fortunately for her Robert agreed with his mum and soon got her to swap places and lay on the sofa with her legs apart. Rob positioned himself in between his mum’s legs and slowly inserted his stiff cock.

Ellen took a deep sigh as she felt her little boy’s cock fill her up. Slowly he eased his large cock in and out of his mum’s wet hole. Ellen stopped sucking her dad’s cock and said, ‘I want you to watch as Robert fucks mummy. See the look of ecstacy on her face as he pounds his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt, now wouldn’t you like to do that to me daddy?”

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