Marine Training

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While attending the Sergeants’ Course for Marines in Okinawa, Japan, my class spent a little time in the field in order to learn weapons systems and to set up rear area security defenses. We were each split up into teams of two and were given our locations to dig our foxholes. I was paired up with a young lady who looked as though she should be a Playboy model rather than a Marine. Jasmine was about 5′, 6″ well tanned, and had long light brown hair that was put nicely into a bun in accordance with Marine regulations.

Even while she was wearing her utilities, you could see her lovely shaved breasts and hips. During the entire morning and part of the afternoon, we dug our foxhole, making small talk, much of it having sexual undertones. I could hardly keep from staring at her luscious lips the entire time as she constantly was licking her lips as she worked.

Finally, we finished digging our foxholes and settled in with our rifles and gear and proceeded to eat our MREs. Soon it grew dark and we began to get sleepy from the days work, and we were getting cold, as it was only early February. I suggested that perhaps we cuddle up together under our poncho liners so as to keep warm. illegal bahis She readily agreed. Just having her so close to me gave me a raging hard on which she couldn’t help but notice because it was pressing into the small of her back.

After about ten minutes of my prick stabbing her in the back through both our uniforms, Jasmine rolled over and faced me, and came right out with her question. “You want to fuck?” I must say I was rather surprised to hear this drop dead gorgeous ask me quite plainly if I wanted to fuck. Not that I’m ugly, but I’m usually considered a little odd so have a hard time keeping the attention of good looking woman. I wasn’t about to screw things up now by saying something stupid, so I simply replied, “Been wanting too all day.”

It took no more encouragement than that. Jasmine simply shuffled down to my trousers, released my raging hard on and proceeded to swallow the whole thing. I let out a moan and she stopped sucking my cock long enough to remind me that there were others in foxholes not far from our location. I simply grunted and she proceeded in giving me the best blowjob in my life. Just when I thought I was going to nut, she stopped and ripped off illegal bahis siteleri her blouse and T-shirt. To my amazement, she wasn’t wearing a bra! I could see clearly in the light from the full moon her perfectly shaped breasts. They had to be the most beautiful 36D’s I had ever seen.

I took one of her melons into my mouth and the other into one hand while attempting to unbutton her trousers. She let out a gasp as the cool breeze blew across her nipples, making them taut as could be. I slid a hand into her panties to find she was soak and wet. Barely had I slid a finger into her nicely trimmed bush when she had her first orgasm. The possibility of being caught by a fellow classmate or worse yet, our instructors, gave us a sense of urgency, so I pull her trousers down and she spread her legs exposing her tight little cunt and ass. I dove right in and proceeded to lick her pussy. She moaned and began squirming around. This time it was me that had to give the reminding that others were near. She didn’t care though. She just kept moaning away as I licked her clit and fingered her pussy. “Oh, fuck yes, finger my pussy harder, oh my fucking god I’m cumming!!!” She arched her back canlı bahis siteleri and bucked her hips so much as she came that I had to maintain a firm grip in order to lap up my reward.

As she began to settle down from her climax, she reached for my cock. I gladly followed it as she led it to her sopping wet pussy. As I slid the tip inside her, I let out my own moan and she pulled my lips to hers and kissed my passionately as I drove my cock home. She broke the kiss and hissed, “Now, fuck me, now!!!” Using long even strokes, I began to her tight little pussy, but she wouldn’t have it. “You’re just teasing me. Do me hard and fast!”

Gladly obliging her wishes, I began to piston my cock in and out of her dripping cunt. “That’s it, baby, fuck me hard. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeee!” My pecker was now literally a blur as I pounded my cock in and out of her pussy until my whole body tensed up and I began to empty my nut deep inside her tight little pussy before finally collapsing onto of her.

We had no more than finished getting our clothes back on and settled back into our foxhole when a Marine from the next foxhole over came up on us. “Hey, man, Teach told me to relay the message that once you two have finished telling the enemy our location, you can pull back 500 feet and dig yourselves another foxhole. Jasmine and I exchanged looks and then in unison said, “We’re not finished!” then began to strip down again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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