Maria Plays Model

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Maria wandered the mall wearing one of her standard scandalous outfits. She was seemingly oblivious to the heads turning to look at her as she walked by. Her platform shoes made a clopping noise as her tiny pleated skirt swished around her hips. Each step threatened to make her tits bounce out of her strapless bandage chest wrap that exposed her midriff. If it had been wrapped any looser she would have certainly bounced out.

Mark was among the many men to take notice of this walking sex appeal, but unlike most men stopping to gawk, he knew Maria from the local community college they both attended. Well, knew was a stretch as his girlfriend Karen was in a class with her. The only time the two of them had talked was when he’d seen Karen talking to her after class and Mark had inserted himself into the conversation. Karen had been pissed afterwards as she called him out on hitting on ‘that stupid slut’ and not being able to stop staring at her tits.

Mark saw Maria enter the lingerie store and decided that was a perfect opportunity to go talk to her. He entered the store and looked around at the assortment of women perusing the stores wares. He grabbed a couple of skimpy lingerie sets as he looked around for Maria.

He found her in the back of the store picking thru the thongs already holding a couple of bras in hand. He imagined her wearing, and then not wearing, the various items. Licking his bottom lip he wandered over to the same display she was at and began to browse.

“Excuse me,” he said as his hand made intentional contact with hers as they reached for the same piece of lacey underwear.

“Oh sorry,” she giggled pulling her hand back.

“Oh, hey,” Mark said in a friendly and familiar way. “How are you?”

As he went in to hug her, she still wasn’t quite sure who he was but he was cute so she hugged him back. He held her tighter and longer than she would have normally liked but she was horny, she was always horny, so she let him, feeling herself get more turned on.

“It’s my anniversary with Karen this weekend and I wanted to get her something ‘fun’,” he shared with a wink. He’d only been going out with Karen for a few months but he doubted Maria would know that.

“How is Karen?” she asked trying to remember who she was.

“She’s good. Just busy with that project for your econ class,” Mike said.

Maria remembered Karen now. She was the bitchy blonde who seemed nice until her boyfriend, this guy, started talking to her. She didn’t know what the problem was as she had never done anything to her. Maybe, Maria thought, if she helped her boyfriend she’ll end up being nice again.

Maria looked at the lingerie Mark was holding and said, “Those look like fun. I’m sure she’ll like them.”

“Are you sure?” Mark asked taking his eyes off her cleavage to look at the assortment of sexy outfits he was holding. “I don’t know. I always find it hard to pick the right stuff. I wish there was some way to see it on a model…”

“Isn’t that one,” she pointed, “on the mannequin over there?”

“Yeah, but you know they fit mannequins different than real people. I wish I knew a model to help me out.”

Maria had modeled different outfits for boyfriends and some of her girlfriends in the past so she said perkily, “Maybe I can help! Karen and you deserve to have a great anniversary.”

“Really!? Thank you so much! Do you think there is anything else she would like?”

Maria looked at what he was holding as he held them up for her to see. There was a blue babydoll with matching thong and a strapless black corset with matching garter and stockings. Maria looked around but wasn’t sure what Karen would like.

Mark was looking at her body again as she looked around. She turned around to continue to see if there was something else that she thought would be nice allowing him to look at the way her skirt fell over her round ass. He couldn’t believe his luck. This sexy slut was going to be trying on lingerie for him.

“I don’t know,” she trailed off unsure what to suggest.

“Hopefully one of these will do then. Let’s go,” he said, taking her by her hand.

“What?” she asked, confused. “I thought I would try them on here.”

“Yeah, but I can’t go into the changing room with you,” he said matter-of-factly. “And you know pictures don’t do outfits justice.”

She nodded knowingly. He was right, she did find the pictures of outfits never fit the right way when she ordered stuff online.

He lead her by hand to the register, stopping once to quickly grab another outfit that she didn’t get a good look at. As they checked out he got the four outfits and she bought the thongs and bras she had picked up before running into Mark.

“Can you drive?” she asked.

“Of course,” Mark said, leading her out of the mall and through the parking lot to his Honda.

“How do we get to your place?” he asked as he pulled out of the parking space.

“My place?” she asked.

“Yeah, I don’t want Karen to come home and have the surprise illegal bahis ruined, right?”

“Good point,” she said, as she began to direct him to her parents house.

After the short drive, where they discussed school and their families, and a lot of ogling by Mike, they pulled into the driveway of a nice single family home where she lived with her mom, sister, and little brother. She had already told him how her mom was working and her sister and brother were at their respective schools.

“Okay,” she said, as they entered the living room, “I guess I’ll go get changed, then.”

“Sounds good,” he said as he began to follow her up the stairs.

“You aren’t going to wait here?” she asked looking to the living room.

“I wouldn’t want to cause any problems or confusion if someone came home early,” he said, placing his hand on the small of her back and escorting her upstairs.

“No one is expected home, though,” she said, getting excited about the idea of having this man in her room, sitting on her bed.

“I’d rather be safe than sorry,” he smiled.

“Okay,” she said, taking him by the hand and leading him to her room.

They walked into her cutely decorated room and Mark looked around closing the door and sitting down on the edge of her bed rather than the desk chair.

“Let’s get to it,” he said, looking at her hungrily before looking down into the bag to make his first selection.

Mark pulled the black corset out of the bag. It had a matching pair of stockings, a thong, and a garter belt. Maria felt herself grow damp looking at it.

She took it from him and walked over to the otherside of the room to change. Mark’s eyes followed her preparing to watch her strip down and change.

“Uh… turn around,” she said.

“Oh right,” Mark said, running his eyes up and down her body one more time. Mark turned around and noticed that Maria’s room had a mirror set up so he adjusted himself to watch her reflection.

Mark watched as Maria undid her top and her skirt and then bent over to pull off her black thong. His dick throbbed being so close to this sexy babe.

She pulled on the garter belt, the stockings, the clips making a loud clicking sound, and then the panties. As she pulled the corset on, she realized it would be an understatement to say it was too small. She closed all of the side clasps she could but realized Mark would have to help with rest. She turned to face him again, noting that he had stayed facing away, which made her wonder if he thought she was attractive as she found him.

“Could you clip this?” she asked, standing close to him, but turned to the side as she held her hair up.

Turning back to her, his hard cock strained against his pants. He ran his eyes over her body again. She looked better, or rather the outfit looked better on her, than he had hoped.

“Sure,” he smiled at her before placing his hands on the bottom of the corset and pressing it against her as he moved his hands up her body. “Gotta make sure it’s on tight.”

Once his hands were on her back and the other squeezing the corset to her tit he slid his hands to the clasps. He was able to close a few more but the top few proved to be impossible.

“I guess that’s gotta do,” she said, stepping away from him, with her nipples barely covered by the outfit.

Maria stepped back turning to fully face Mark, showing off the sexy outfit. Mark’s cock stained against his pants as his eye’s moved from her stocking covered feet, up her shapely legs, panty covered mound, her wide hips, to her petite waist and the beginning of the corset, up to her tits, bulging out of the too small top, and then her beautiful faces.

“Well?” she asked, as she walked toward him and then turned sharply showing her thong eating ass as she preened like a model on the runway.

“So fucking hot,” he said, pulling his phone from his pocket and beginning to film her.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m getting some pics so I can compare later,” he said matter-of-factly.

“But you said pictures don’t do outfits justice,” Maria said, stopping and placing her hands on her hips in what was meant to be imposing but just came off as overwhelmingly sexy.

“Yeah, but I’ve seen it on someone so the pics will help jog my memory.”

“Oh,” she said, acquiescing, “okay.”

“Strut again, sexy,” Mark said, continuing to focus on her with his phone.

Maria performed another loop in her room drawing close to Mark and walking away again. Mark made sure to film her tits threatening to escape the corset and her ass moving away from him.

Maria stood there for a moment, allowing Mark to gawk at her before saying, “Next…”

“Yeah,” he said, finally pulling his eyes from her body. He pulled the blue babydoll and thong set out next and went to pass it to her, but intentionally tossed it to far, causing it to land on the floor. “Oops.”

Maria turned around and bent at the waist to pick up the clothing, allowing Mark to vividly imagine illegal bahis siteleri fucking her from behind. The weight of Maria’s boobs moved completely forward and she spilled right out of the top. She squealed as she stood up, holding the blue set in one hand and covering her completely exposed chest with the other. She looked over her shoulder, biting her lip, and it took all of Mark’s self-control to not ravish her immediately.

“Turn around,” she implored, but he ignored her causing her to say it again before he turned away.

She walked back to her spot, placing the blue set on her little desk, and began to unclasp the corset. She had just unclipped the final clasp when she heard Mark make a startled exclamation.

“Oh no!” Mark cried out, spinning around. Maria, startled, spun around, forgetting she was uncovered from the waist up. As her tits bounced against each other, Mark exclaimed, “look at this,” gesturing with both hands at his raging hard on that had been freed from the confines of his pants, which were now bunched around his ankles.

Maria, unsure what to do, stood with her mouth open and tits fully exposed looking at his meat. Her thighs rubbed together as she imagined having him buried inside of her.

It took her a moment before she finally replied with, “Wha… what? What’s going on?” She didn’t look up from his cock until Mark spoke.

“I don’t know what to do,” he said. “Just looking at you in that outfit caused this to happen.”

“Yeah…,” she said, looking from his cock to his face and back.

“I’m concerned that my opinion of the next set will be influenced by this,” this time thrusting his cock at her, “and I won’t be able to give a fair opinion.”

“Yeah… okay…,” Maria haltingly agreed, unaware that she had moved closer to him.

“Can you help?”

“What?!” she asked surprised.

“I would take care of it,” he thrusted again, “myself, but I hurt my shoulder and the doctor said to not use my arm.”

“Oh… uh… we can wait. I guess,” she said, unable to take her eyes off his cock, unconsciously taking another step nearer him.

“I can last a long time,” he said, “especially if I don’t do anything with it,” his dick bounced several times. “So if we want to get done before anyone gets home…”

“Yeah, okay,” she relented walking to him before sinking to her knees him.

Hesitantly she wrapped her hand around his cock and began to stroke. As she felt the warmth move from his dick to her hand, she imagined him pushing her down on the floor, pulling the now soaked panties to the side, and pounding into her. With each stroke she knew if he did anything she’d be his willing partner, but he continued to watch her stroke him. She was so focused on how good he felt in her hand she didn’t realize he was recording her again.

Her mouth watered at having him so close. She could smell his musky aroma as she sped up trying to make him cum. When she felt his hands cup both of her breasts she moaned loudly, tossing her head back and jerking furiously. She continued to jerk as his hands mauled her breasts and tweaked her nipples.

Maria felt a wave of disappointment as Mark released her tits but the disappointment was quickly replaced by a mix of relief, excitement, and a little concern as his hands grabbed the back of her head pulling it down to his cock. She resisted momentarily before giving into her desire. She took the head into her mouth, licking it in a swirling pattern. She continued to jerk him as she took his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Mark’s hands need not have even been on her head because once she started there was no stopping her. Maria loved sucking cock and Mark was learning how good she was first hand.

Mark finally moaned, releasing her head and pulling his cock from her mouth, as he cam. Cum splattered across Maria’s face and into her hair as she stroked him. His spurts became less forceful as her strokes slowed, the last of his cum dropping onto her tits. She dove back down on his cock, licking it clean, enjoying the sensation of him in her mouth.

She was so turned on, but she didn’t want to make this afternoon sexual between them. She was just trying to help out her classmate and her boyfriend. She didn’t expect it to lead to all this, but hopefully she could find someone to help relieve her pressure tonight.

She scooped the cum off her face and ate it before rationalizing that she wouldn’t want to waste it even if it wasn’t what she had planned for this afternoon.

“Much better,” he said, watching her eat the cum off of her. He felt the blood return to his his cock watching as he watched her eat the cum off of her face, neck, and ample tits.

“Sorry,” she said, realizing how she must look, like a wanton slut. “I’m gonna get cleaned up.”

She looked at his cock one last time, biting her lip.

Mark relaxed on the bed as she left the room. He heard her turn on the sink down the hall. And then heard her come back down the hall. When she walked back in he hadn’t canlı bahis siteleri moved. His flaccid cock clearly visible where it had fallen after she had milked it.

“Are you ready for the next outfit,” she asked, holding a hand over her tits protectively despite Mark literally cumming on them moments again.

“Good idea,” he said, clearly looking through her arms before looking down her body.

She walked past him, close enough to touch, but the space between then remained unfilled except for their sexual tension.

“Please turn around,” she said, again looking over her shoulder at him.

Mark chuckled as he sat up. “Okay.”

Maria turned back to look at the blue babydoll and panty set while Mark resumed watching her in the mirror. His cock started to stiffen again as he watched her pull off the remains of the black lingerie.

She pulled the blue thong on snuggly covering her mound. And then pulled the babydoll over her head and looked at herself in the mirror. The thongs material was thick and dark enough to hide her lips but the babydoll was lighter and sheer. She could clearly make out her hard nipples and large areolas.

She turned around and Mark once again revealed in her body. The sheer material accentuated her every curve. Even her large, perky tits where highlighted by how they held the material up and away from her flat stomach.

“Damn…,” escaped Mark’s lips.

Maria blushed as she walked toward him and then away, returning to her runway walk. This time as Mark recorded her she ate it up reveling in the attention, especially as she saw his cock rise to attention.

“Hold on,” he said, when she was within reaching distance again. “It always feels different when someone is wearing it,” he explained, as he ran his hands from the straps on her shoulder, down her breasts, and then along the bottom of her tits, pressing the material against her skin along the way. After long, tantalizing moments of moving his hands down her body, the babydolly’s material ran out and his hands slid across her bare stomach to her waist and then her hips.

Maria’s breath was ragged as he slipped his hands around the thong and tugged it off her hips. Her hands fell on his shoulders as she lost her balance at the surprise removal of her underwear.

“What are you…,” she moaned as his hands ran down her legs pulling the tiny bit of fabric with them, “…doing?”

“I don’t know if I should give her the whole outfit or just the babydoll,” he explained, as he let the thong fall to her ankles and began to slide his hands back up her legs.

“Twirl for me,” he said once his hands got back to her hips.

Obediently Maria spun in place, showcasing her now mostly bare body. Mark’s cock bounced hungrily. Maria began to walk another circuit pantyless, exposing her shaved mound, and then stopped again right in front of Mark and his engorged cock.

“And now the last one,” she said, holding her hand out but once again having her eyes glued to his manhood.

“Well, it seems we have the same problem again… I guess you’ll need to help me out.”

Before he’d even finished speaking she was already dropping to her knees in front of him. She immediately started to bob on his cock, hungry for another load. She was so horny she started to play with her clit as she sucked and licked him.

Mark pulled off the last of his clothes before he stood up. His hands wrapped into her hair and then began to fuck her face. Maria was loving the feel of his animalistic desire and all this action pushed her over the edge. She orgasmed as he shoved his dick further into her mouth.

Mark released her head and then pulled her to her feet before pushing her onto the bed. Maria spread her legs, gyrating her hips as she reached for him, biting her lip. Mark climbed on top of her lining his cock up with her opening. She was so wet that he slid in easily even as his girth forced her walls apart to accommodate him.

He began to fuck her hard, deep, and fast bottoming out in her quickly. Their bodies pressed together with only the sheer blue material between them. They rocked together, rhythmically, the sounds of their fucking filling the room.

Mark rolled them over putting Maria on top. The sheer babydoll accentuated her bouncing breasts as she rode him. His hands worked up from her hips under the material to play with her tits. She moaned louder and louder as she fucked him. She cam again, this time with him completely buried in her.

“I’m gonna cum,” Mark said. Maria’s response was to ride him faster and harder.

“Fuck yeah!” he exclaimed pulling her down onto by her hips as he cam inside her.

She lay her head on his chest savoring the feel of his cock deflating inside her while his hands kneaded her ass checks.

When he had gone soft and slid out she climbed off of him but then licked and sucked his cock clean again. He wondered how he could train Karen to be this sexual.

Maria excused herself once more to the bathroom as Mark enjoyed the afterglow.

When she came back, she had on the red crotchless teddy. This outfit didn’t even have cups for the breast but rather a little material to help keep the breasts perky, a problem Maria, in her youth, had yet to acquire.

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