Mail Lady Shows Off

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My mail lady often brings my mail down to my house when I am expecting a large parcel. I heard the doorbell ring and there stood Louise. I was looking down at her as she handed my mail. Her tits were showing and she wasn’t wearing any bra. When she looked up at me she knew where my eyes were and she gave me a big smile.

I doubt she was braless just for me, but I didn’t care.

“Nice,” I said to her.

I think she got my drift and off she went. Too bad I didn’t think quickly enough and ask her to come inside. I wondered if she would take my offer. A couple weeks went by and I heard the doorbell once more. It was Louise and I asked her if she would like something to drink.

“I guess so, but I can’t stay long.”

We walked into the kitchen and I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. She opened it and drank a big gulp illegal bahis down. She was braless just as before. I don’t know what came over me, but I had to act. I stepped close to her and I placed my hands on her two tits. I thought she might slap me and storm out of me house. Instead she let out a deep moan.

I placed my lips on her mouth and kissed her as I massaged those big titties. I frankly couldn’t believe my luck. Louise was getting into it and I figured the time was ripe. I pulled her shirt up over her head. God, those tits were magnificent! She was all tanned and her nipples were hard. I lowered my face and began to suck on each nipple.

As I worked on her tits I slid her pants and panties down to the floor. I was going to have her if I had a chance. I pulled back and stripped off my clothing. We stood naked in my kitchen as illegal bahis siteleri I boosted her up onto the counter. I pulled her legs apart and positioned my hard mushroom at her opening. I slid easily into her damp pussy. I knew this was going to be brief so I started to pound her pussy as hard as I could.

Louise’s pussy muscles had me in a fierce grip. It was obvious she needed cock. I just kept slamming my thick cock deep into her belly. Man, did Louise get loud.

“Fuck me harder, Brian!”

I thought I was going hard, but I increased my intensity. I pushed my dick in all the way until our pubic mounds hit. I know the sweat was pouring off both of us.

You’re mine now Louise,” I practically shouted at her.

I wanted to make sure this wasn’t the only time I would have Louise’s pussy to myself. I guess all that canlı bahis siteleri hard fucking worked. Louise let out a scream and she started to squirt. I had never experienced a woman who had done that before. Her juices were coating my cock as I drove into her up to the hilt. Sure enough, I lost control myself and I blasted a big load of seed into Louise’s pussy.

Our bodies shook as we came together there in the kitchen. I must have shot a few good loads of my cream into Louise. I kept pumping into her until I finally felt myself going soft. I held my dick in her pussy for as long as I could and then finally pulled out. All our juices came spilling out onto the kitchen floor. Louise looked spent. After we recovered a bit Louise went into the bathroom to clean up.

When she came out she told me she better go. She was already late on her mail delivery. I told her I wanted her again and she said the same.

“The next time I have a parcel for you,” she said.

Louise left and I went onto the computer. I had to make sure I ordered something for Louise’s next delivery.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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