Love’s Victims Ch. 02

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I awoke, feeling the sheet being pulled away from the bed. I feel my sister’s warm body slide against mine and her arms circle my chest. I turn and kiss her on the lips and pull her close. I put my arms around her and give her a passionate kiss, our hearts beating faster. I push her on to her back and kiss her again, running my hands up and down her naked body.

I lower my mouth to her throat and tease her nipples with the tips of my fingers. Her quiet moans reach my ears and tease my further on. I move lower, my mouth seeking her breasts. I lightly kiss and suck around her breasts, avoiding her nipples. I feel her hands reach the back of my head and push my face in to her heaving mounds of delicious flesh. I open my mouth wide and take as much of her as I can without suffocating.

I circle the engorged nubs with my tongue and suck hard the heavenly mounds. I gently nip her breast and eagerly suck the nipples like a baby. I release her one breast and attack the other even more fiercely. I move down her body, licking and teasing her. I lightly run my tongue up and down pendik escort her lower mound, seeking to arouse her even more.

I viciously attack her with mouth, tongue and gently with teeth. Her juices overflow my mouth and run down the sides of my lips. I obsessively suck and swallow her juices, while she orgasms again and again. I move up once more and share her juices with her. I feel her grab my enflamed manhood and guide it to her. I grab her hips and bury myself in her in one thrust, breaking her hymen. My sister has deceived me, this girl is my little adopted sister.

I slowly pull out and thrust back in, her moans and tight inside bringing pleasure. We go faster, then slower. I start to thrust harder and faster in to her, seeking to bring us to orgasm quickly. Our pace picks up even more, seeming more like two animals in heat. her orgasm starts to hit her, as mine grips me. Load after load is shot deep in to her womb, satisfying us both. My dick grows a little softer, but stays mostly hard in her.

I roll tuzla escort her on to her knees and enter her quick and hard, slamming in and out of her. She moans loudly and cries harder. I grab her hips and start to fuck her even faster and harder, afraid I might hurt her. Her muscles start to contract and try to grip me, while I continue my assault against her helpless pussy. I shoot big load after big load in to her, sapping my energy.

Me and her lay down and wrap each other with the other’s arms. I kiss her and fall asleep with her in my arms. I pull her close and settle her head against my chest, as my hands lay themselves on her back. I kiss her once more, passionately before we fall in to blissful sleep. Our naked bodies fit together, covered by the blanket. I look in to her eyes once more and put my leg over hers and bring right up against me and rest her head against my chest, kissing her eyes, forehead and kissing her lips lovingly once more.

Sunlight awakens us both. I look in to her eyes and kiss her, running ataşehir escort my hand down her side. She hooks her hands behind my neck and pulls my mouth to hers and captures me in a passionate kiss, her leg laying over mine. I feel the heat coming from her and smile. I push her on to her back and capture her breast with my mouth again. I stroke her thighs with my fingertips and lightly tease her lips. I move my hands and slide all the way into her with one thrust of my hips. She gasps and thrusts her hips to meet mine. I capture her lips again and start to thrust harder and faster in to her.

I fuck her harder and harder, seeking to bring us to orgasm again. Her cries of passion stir my passion and I grab her hips in a tight grip and thrust faster, my balls hitting her clit with each thrust. Our cries become intertwined as we orgasm. We stop as our bodies stiffen and lay back down as we come down from our high. I wrap my arms around her and hold her close, kissing her.

I give her a quick smile and get up, slipping a pair of boxers on and tickling her. I pull her out of bed and gently kiss her lips again. Our tongues battle, seeking each other’s mouth. I run my hands over her body and slightly push her back a little. I pull one of my robes from my floor and slip it on her, giving her breasts a couple of licks and sucking her nipples for a little bit, before pulling away and heading downstairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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