Love Of My Daughter Ch. 01

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Until recently I considered myself to be a conventional, boring and completely respectable widow mother of my teenage daughter. She, Lauren, seems equally proper, a senior at high school, an honour student in fact. She is intelligent and considerate, and is active in her school’s social services program which meant visiting and helping elderly people to check they were well and to tidy their homes. I knew she likes to relax and enjoy herself with her friends, but unlike many teenagers she was always respectful to me at home and to other adults. The only cloud on the horizon had been that I was becoming physically attracted to her. The motherly hugs I gave her and kisses started to be prolonged and I felt a surge of excitement when I touched her. In bed I masturbated to thoughts of pressing my naked body against hers, and when I stroked my labia and clitoris, and when I pushed my fingers into my vagina I imagined it was Lauren’s fingers inside me, and my fingers were caressing her sex. Not long after that our relationship took a disturbing turn …..

Yesterday morning I was woken up as entered my daughter the bedroom with tea and toast to help me start the day. I realised I had overslept and she was up and ready for school. She was dressed in her formal attire, white cotton blouse and dark blue calf-length skirt and matching jacket. Black shoes and short white socks completed the outfit. Her hair was neatly platted. Hers was a traditional English school, and although it was no longer compulsory for the senior girls to wear the uniform, Lauren liked to continue with the tradition. The only concessions to modernity was a hint of makeup and that the skirt was fashionably narrow and slit at the side to just above the knee.

Since my husband died of a sudden illness last year, she had grown so mature and capable, and was now as much my best friend as my daughter. She was now 18 and would soon be leaving home for college. I would miss her …. It was so like her to leave me to rest and bring my breakfast, and I sat up to thank her. “How lovely honey, to think of your old Mom. I was so tired after last night.”

“I know, Mom, and I had such a lovely time with you that I didn’t realise how much I was tiring you out.”

In return she put her arms around and pulled me to her. Instead of the light peck on the cheek she kissed me full on the mouth and pushed her tongue right in, French-kissing me long deeply and gently squeezing my naked breast. My tongue met hers and we explored each other’s mouths. Not long ago I would have recoiled at such intimacy……

“I’ve got something here I know you will enjoy. Oh mom, you taste so sweet first thing. I’ve tidied up in the house so all you have to do is have a lovely day, you’re the best mom in the world. I must go now, so be good.”

Then added, “I’m so glad you don’t wear a nightdress any more, Mom, your boobs are really great, I love to see them like that with your lovely big nipples sticking out.”

Her words set off again the frisson of excitement in my core and tingling in my vagina, and the juices flowed out from the opening at my crotch and dribbled down my thighs onto the already stained sheet. Yes, I admit I masturbated furiously before giving in to sleep. Anyway I admit to being proud of my breasts. They are not as firm as Lauren’s, but bigger and have thick, long nipples standing out from the dark, wide areola. At 45 they still kept their oval shape and readily showed a sexy cleavage in my bra.

With little to do that day I lingered over the warm toast and hot tea and it was some time before I noticed the envelope on the tray, with Kelly’s handwriting. On it was the one word “Mom”.

I opened it, clearing it was one of the little games she likes to play with me, and I read the contents.

“Dear Mom,

I hope you weren’t embarrassed and do not feel at all guilty about what we did last night. I want you to know that I enjoyed our games enormously and I know you did too. I don’t feel anything wrong about we did and I want you to show me that you are comfortable with it too and that you trust me. So I am asking you to follow the instructions below.

Take your time over breakfast and your morning exercise and shower. You deserve the rest and relaxation. After that please find and dress in the clothes I put on the chair for you to wear. I want you to keep on every garment until I come back at about 6 o’clock, and I mean not to remove any item for any reason. Especially do not remove or pull down your panties if you need to go to the bathroom.

I prepared a your favourite salad lunch and some fruit which I know you like.”

I had come a long way from the conservative, unadventurous widow and mother that I had been these last two years. I felt a mix of emotions as I read the words, and understood their significance. Embarrassment, shame, guilt, humiliation, fear, excitement, …. Yes all of those, as I recalled how a few weeks ago Lauren had caught me watching her yenibosna escort in the bathroom, masturbating into my panties as I watched her urinate and defecate. Our new relationship had developed from there.

I had half expected to see some sort of exotic outfit and was relieved to find what looked a rather conservative looking set of clothes, white cotton-poly shirt and tie, dark blue jacket and matching skirt that would come to just above the knee, white cotton-lycra bra and white panties, and sandals. It was only after a few minutes I saw she had put out an old school uniform of hers. At least he briefs were conservatively full-cut and good quality. I realised they were the last of three pairs that my daughter had bought me last Christmas as suitable for her vanilla-minded mom. They were new, that is they had never been worn, and I didn’t expect they would survive after one use. The other two pairs had been ruined during previous activities between us. Idly, I fingered the smooth material, thinking about how it was going to feel against my skin, against my crotch – strange that such conservative, proper undergarments would excite such depraved feelings. I was nervous and excited at the anticipation of what my daughter would make me do. I feared and at the same time hoped it would be filthy, degrading and humiliating. I loved it when my daughter made me do something dirty.

I took the clothes with me to the gym to put them on after my shower. As it was Monday the gym was ladies only, and it was customary for the members to dress more provocatively than was normal during the regular mixed sessions. I decided to wear the revealing athletic uniform Lauren’s school track team, a bright green bikini outfit made of a stretchy, shiny spandex-polyamide. It was too big for her now, since her sports training had made her lose the puppy fat of a couple of years earlier but it fitted me, just. It might have been a bit pretentious for a 38 year old widow but I liked the way it clung and showed off the contours of my body.

I worked out extra hard, spurred on by the thrill of last night, and the promise of the evening to come. I thought of nothing but sex, remembering last night with Lauren, and imagining the instructor ordering me to masturbate in front of the whole class. The thoughts drove out all feelings of pain from the workout and I was sweaty and hot after the class. By the time I finished and went to shower my outfit seemed to be sprayed onto my bust and lower region. I peeled it off and let it drop on floor, stepped in and let the warm spray flood my senses, losing myself in the sensations and thoughts of pleasure. I looked down at my mound, which at Lauren’s urging I had shaven completely bald. I could see my outer labia puffed out obscenely, displaying my vulva and almost inviting penetration. My hand strayed, involuntarily to between my legs. I trailed a fingertip around my lips and felt my creamy nectar bubble up inside me and seep out, only to be washed away the cleansing spray. I also was becoming aware that my bladder needed to empty ….

I was just finishing in the shower when the sound of a door opening brought me back to reality just in time, as the aerobics instructor entered and stripped to take her shower as I stepped out, naked in front of her. She was tall and lithe, and I envied the six-pack abs, tight butt and hard sculpted musculature of her legs, showing prominently as she moved. I imagined going down on my knees before her taut, honed body, and lapping her sex. As I dried off I saw my garish outfit on the floor, with the crotch of the tight shorts displaying and a darker shade of green where my pussy juice had seeped into the material. I wondered if she had noticed too.

I dressed slowly, savouring the feeling of fresh underwear and took my time drying my hair while clad just in my bra and panties. I sensed the instructors eyes on me and again felt the squirmy sensations in my belly and the wetness in my vagina. I had only worn my panties a few minutes and already they were damp. I wondered how I would get through the afternoon before Lauren’s return from school.

The walk back at least helped to take my mind of the terrible waiting and the workout had left me quite hungry by the time I reached home. Plenty of raw salad, with cottage cheese – I was sure she planned that I would have be full later on. I saw she had prepared a bowl of mashed banana, a favourite of mine, but there was something unusually aromatic and exotic about the taste and I wondered what she had added.

After lunch I went out and as I decided to treat the day as a holiday I spent some time browsing the shops, and looking at the exotic underwear and lingerie at the new store that had opened in town. There were several items I couldn’t resist trying on – a peach coloured bra and panty set with delicate floral embroidery, a white satin teddy with pink lace edging, and a lovely blue yeşilköy escort and white baby doll set. As I took them to the cabin I wondered about keeping my panties on as instructed but decided that to appreciate the garments I should be naked. But as soon as I felt the material on my skin I became excited once again and removed them before my secretions dripped out and stained the lovely pristine garments. Even so, I became so excited when I tried on the satin teddy and felt it up against my shaven mound and my wet opening that some of my cream spurted out and soaked into the crotch. I refolded it as best I could and put it back, hoping it would not be noticed until I was gone.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in a state of intense arousal, every thought reminded me of my situation, in sexual thrall to my beautiful daughter. By the time I returned home my anticipation was mounting, as was the fullness in my bowels and bladder. Towards the end of the afternoon my panties were wet with the juice oozing from my vagina, while the pressure on my bladder and fullness of bowels increased. My daughter’s instruction compelled me to resist the instinct to enter the bathroom, pull my panties down and relieve myself. I tried to ease the discomfort by letting a few spurts of pee dribble into my panties, and by releasing a little wind, but it brought relief for only a few minutes. I let go a couple of wet sloppy farts and felt something sticky and nasty escape into the seat of my panties, and realised I had soiled them front and back, though I dared not look further. I knew Lauren would want to examine my condition and I wondered how I would face my humiliation.

Six o’clock passed, five, then ten minutes, until at a quarter past six the door opened. I was wearing the school uniform and Lauren hugged me warmly and kissed me deep in the mouth with her tongue.

“Oh Mom you look great in my old uniform, doesn’t it fit you well, and your titties look so big pushing out like that inside that little shirt, it makes you look like a real tart. At least you’re wearing proper decent underwear or you’d have all the boys at the school having their way with you.”

She asked about my day, but before I could say anything she said she must change ran up to her room. But within a few minutes she returned, wearing nothing but a plain white PVC pinafore apron, the bib looped around her neck and the apron cinched around her waist, with and the front skirt coming down to just below her knees. She has coiled and pinned her hair into a tight bun, though a few wisps strayed out. Despite the plainness of her apron she never looked lovelier to me. It was the perfect garment for getting dirty and messy. I always get turned on when Lauren talks to me in this suggestive way, making me feel I am a naughty teenager, craving for sex.

“Now, I’m sure my big grown-up mommy had a lovely day and little Lauren wants to hear all about it. So sit close against me and part your legs for me …. Yes, like that. Oh, and I hope you don’t mind that have to wear this plain old apron for any dirty little jobs I might need to do.”

I told her she looked beautiful. Her bare arms and shoulders showed a light even tan with no lines and the bib revealed just the hint of her small, firm breasts. As she move round I could see all of her back, buttocks and legs revealed, with just a two-inch wide band around the back securing the sides at her waist. I leaned against her and breathed in the fresh, delicate aroma of her youthfulness and health. She put a hand on my leg and hently stroked the inside of my thigh, but stopping just at my panties.

I told her about the gym session and my visit to the lingerie store, and she immediately wanted to know more.

“I was very naughty and when I took some things to the cabin I got undressed to try them on.”

She gave me a gentle slap on the inside of my leg. “Oh, Mom, that was naughty. I told you not to take them off, as I was afraid you’d be dribbling fuck-juice from your slutty wet cunt. I hope you didn’t soil anything you tried on.”

I confessed I leaked into the pretty teddy and left the store without saying.

She slapped me again, harder, and then two more times. It was not real pain but the sharpness and shock brought a tear to my eye and a sense of submittal.

“Tomorrow you must go back and tell them, and accept what punishment they give. But remember Lauren still loves her Mommy and if she has to give a punishment it is for Mommy’s own good. You realise that don’t you.”

I sniffed and nodded She stroked me tenderly where she had slapped and kissed it better so I would cry any more. I wanted my daughter to dominate and humiliate me and started to imagine myself in the store and confess how I leaked my juice into the crotch of the sexy garment.

“Now I want you to tell me if you went to the bathroom at all today. I have to know if Mommy had to go to zeytinburnu escort the bathroom, and does she need to go now”

“I didn’t go potty at all today, as I’m afraid to go alone in any place outside and I feel I’m being dirty if I do it in my panties. I wanted to wait till you came back and help me do it properly like the other big girls do. But I had to do a tinkle after my gym. But now I need to go potty very bad and tinkle now as well”

She felt the wet crotch of my panties and sniffed.

“There is not much piss smell, did you take them off?”

I explained that I did it while in the shower, when there was nobody else there.

“You’ve been very good, Mommy, to wait until I came back. Lauren is very pleased with you for being such a good girl. And I don’t mind that you used the shower, it is much cleaner to do it there and then let the shower water make it all go away. I think we’d better get you out of that uniform but keep your panties on and stand in front of me.”

I removed my outer clothes, slowly and methodically placing them on the chair, as I know she likes. She had a hand under her bib and the other over abdomen, stroking herself through the apron. I became excited knowing she was caressing herself as she watch me undress. I unclasped the bra in front, causing my ripe breasts almost to plop out. I admit it felt good to leave them free and I knew that Lauren’s eyes were fixed on my womanly globes as they bounced, unrestrained. My nipples were stiff and stood out obscenely. I stood right in front of her, in my panties, and slowly turned round. She would be able to see the shiny wetness of my sticky juice at the base of the crotch and on my thighs, the yellow stain in the front of my panties and perhaps a trace of stool in the seat. In just my white bra and white panties I felt more naked that if I were fully nude. My nipples had been engorged for almost all day and now they were swollen and pressing hard against my bra, showing clearly through the white material. My panties must be showing obvious signs of my secretions and excretions.

“Yes, you have been so good to and hold it in. You made a wonderful effort not to wet or poop your panties. But I can see you got them slightly wet and maybe they are soiled as well.”

She touched all around my crotch and felt the wetness then pressed a finger into my vagina. I was so wet and slippery she easily pushed the material right inside my sopping wet pussy, forcing out even more of my juice and I heard and felt it bubble and ooze.

“There is some more wetness that is not pee. Has Mommy been playing with herself down there?”

I admitted I masturbated on several occasions, but I got wet even when I didn’t touch myself. I knew I was naughty said I hoped she wasn’t mad.

“No, I am not mad. It is quite normal and healthy for a grown up girl to feel herself, to stroke her cunt lips and tease her clitty and even to put her finger right inside her cunt to make herself have a climax. Mommy must never feel ashamed about frigging herself, and I want you to do it every day, several times. Later I will tell you to show me how you do it.”

I felt so humiliated and aroused to hear these words, my own daughter talking about masturbating, and wanting me to masturbate in front of her. Suddenly she jerked my panties up so they were forced into my buttock cleft, and pulled them back and forward. I had tried to avoid contact with me back there but now any excrement lodged at my anus would be smeared onto the inside of my panties. Because my bowels was so full, and only by an effort of will had I not voiding into my panties, the effect was to provoke a short eruption of wind and another chunk of stool. It was obvious and I blushed deeply in shame. Lauren ordered me to slowly peel them down to my knees. As I did so I was shocked to see how soiled they were. She prodded the sticky brown filth with a finger and felt the depth and consistency, then pulled off a piece and held it up to examine it more closely.

“Ah, yes, you have made them very soiled. In fact you’ve got them absolutely filthy. I can see a thick layer where came out of your shit-hole lust now and earlier where it has become encrusted, and several places where it is smeared. But I know Mommy couldn’t help it. You must never be ashamed about soiling your panties. Ladies have to wear them close and snug over those places where their bodies leak fluids they don’t feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about the smell or anything getting out. Ladies’ panties are meant to get soiled like this. Yes, Mommy got her panties into a lovely state, didn’t she.”

“Now I think I must look between your buttocks to see if you are dirty there as well. So part your bum-cheeks with your hands the way I taught you …… yes, that’s a good girl……. “

One of the most humiliating displays I have to make to my daughter is to hold open my buttocks and expose the dark puckered exit of my anus. I never even saw my own rear hole until Lauren ordered me to look round and see myself in the mirror. I knew it was browny-red where the delicate skin crinkles before it merges with the membrane inside. What made my ordeal even more degrading was the knowledge that I had pooped a little in my panties and my hole and the inner zone of my crease would be soiled with excrement.

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