Love in the Military

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Author’s Note: I tried to limit the military slang but some was inevitable to help the flow of the story. Also, this is a work of fiction!


“Welcome to Marine Camp Jalalabad,” said Staff Sergeant McGrew. “This will be your new home for the next seven months.”

“Oh great,” said Sergeant Bishop. “I can’t wait to hang out with Marines for seven months.”

“Do you have a problem with Marines?” asked McGrew, eyes narrowing.

“Oh no, they’re all really smart and nice and fun to hang around,” said Bishop, exaggerating her smile and rolling her eyes.

“Oh great, a sarcastic army sergeant, just what we need to liven up the place,” rumbled McGrew, he grabbed one of her three packs. “Follow me, I’ll take you to your tent.

Bishop grabbed her gear and fell into step behind McGrew. She stared at his back as he walked quickly toward the row of permanent structures nearby, he looked like a typical Marine, rugged and lean. As Bishop walked behind him, she was determined to match his pace, despite the two gear bags she carried. God, she hated Marines, she thought as they walked in silence. They were all arrogant, single-minded and obsessed with being Marines, they thought they were the greatest thing in the world, they had no sense of humor and tended to look down on other services. This one was probably an ass, just like all the rest.

It was just after sunrise in Afghanistan, the air was crisp and the sun was rising in a blaze of crimson light. As they walked, she saw a group of Marines running in formation off in the distance. It was a remote outpost manned by Marines, she had volunteered to deploy but had expected to go to an Army base, unfortunately, the Marine post had needed a motor transport chief to coordinate all their vehicle patrols and maintenance schedules and she got selected because she was the best.

He brought her to a line of large green permanent tent structures, off to the side was a small grey building. There were multiple rows of tents and she could see a line of brown tents in the back.

“The small grey one is mine, the showers are the brown ones in the back, the female shower is marked,” said McGrew. “If you need anything, just come let me know, you’ll get used to the layout after a few days, but if you need help finding your way around just ask.”

As he talked, he walked between the rows and came to the last tent in the second row.

“Here is your tent, we have a few other girls on base, so we’ve two tents designated for female enlisted, you share with the rest of them, the tents can house 12 so you should have plenty of room,” said McGrew.

“Anyone here?” he yelled out, when nobody answered they entered the tent. “Any questions?” he asked as he dropped her gear on a rack and turned to look at her.

Catching her breath from the pace he set she walked by him and dropped her bags on the metal rack. She looked around the tent.

“No, I’m good,” she replied, then deliberately turned her back and ignored him. She bent over and started opening her gear bags. After a few seconds she realized she hadn’t heard him move, she looked back over her shoulder. “Ahem,” she cleared her throat as she caught him staring at her ass. “I said I’m good.”

“Yeah, ok,” he replied and left the tent. McGrew was a little disconcerted that she had caught him staring at her ass. God, what a bitch, he thought as he walked away. Typical soldier, no discipline, they think this is all a joke and that all Marines are stupid. Still, he had to admit that she had a great ass.

It was mid-October and McGrew was four months into a 12-month deployment. It was his fourth deployment in five years. He liked deploying and he loved being a Marine. He had wanted to be one since he was a kid, and at 18 he’d enlisted. It had been the best decision of his life, he’d served 10 years so far and was going to stay in as long as they let him. The base they were on housed just over 300 Marines and support personnel. It was a remote outpost situated near the mountains bordering Pakistan.

Two months later.

“Damn I hate dealing with you,” McGrew fumed. “Why do you give me a hard time every time I come here?”

“I’m not giving you a hard time, I’m just making you fill out some paperwork,” Bishop replied with clenched teeth.

They glared at each other over the desk between them. Both stood with their arms crossed in front of them.

“Nobody else has to fill out this paperwork,” he said and took a step around the table, his six foot, 190 pound muscular frame dwarfed her.

“Nobody else comes back every single damn time with bullet damage all over my vehicles,” she said as she took a step toward him. She was only 5’2,” 115 pounds but she refused to be intimidated by this jerk of a Marine. “I have to write reports explaining all the damage on these vehicles, I don’t think having you help write them so I can justify the mechanical expense is really that big a deal.”

“Yet every time I come here you always find a reason to make me do more paperwork,” said McGrew raising his voice and inching closer.

“Like I said, you’re the only one bursa escort who brings back my vehicles all fucked up,” Bishop said, raising her voice and glaring up at him. They were barely a foot apart at this point and both were full of adrenaline. McGrew had just spent the day on a vehicle patrol and had come to turn in the vehicles, it was late at night and they were both tired and cranky. As they glared at each other she noticed the dark stubble on his chin, off-handedly she thought it made his brown eyes and attractive features even more striking, but hell would freeze over before she’d admit that. With his short dark hair and muscles visible in the green t-shirt he was wearing, he looked lethal.

“So you’re blaming me for getting shot at?” he yelled.

“Don’t give me that shit, I never said that, either fill out the paperwork or you don’t get the vehicles next time,” said Bishop.

The tension in the air was palpable and they were both breathing hard. As they stood glaring at each other McGrew noticed her chest heaving, her breasts strained the green t-shirt she wore. This was the first time he’d seen her without her blouse and her tits was bigger than he imagined, they looked like D’s, he reflexively glanced down and saw that her nipples were poking her shirt. He quickly looked back up into her eyes, they were a striking green and right now they were filled with anger.

She had grabbed some paperwork, so she hadn’t noticed his glances. Since he didn’t want her to notice what he’d just been looking at, he quickly said, “Never mind, just give me the paperwork. I assume I can give you this in the morning, I’d like to go eat now, if that’s ok?” His voice was full of sarcasm.

For just a second, she’d relaxed, as close as they were, she could smell the sweat and dust on him, it was manly and wasn’t unpleasant, she’d even noticed his glance and she could feel how hard her nipples were. Then he added the last sarcastic comment and the stray thoughts she had about him evaporated.

“Just make sure you get it to me,” she snapped.

Two days later.

He looked around the chow hall, every seat was taken. Finally, he spotted an empty seat, and then he saw who else was sitting at the table. He groaned inwardly, he didn’t want to fight but damned if he was going to let an army sergeant stop him from eating.

“Anybody sitting here,” he asked as he walked up.

Bishop looked up at him, for a second her eyes narrowed, then she just shrugged and told him to sit.

As he sat down, he inwardly vowed to make an effort to be nice. He smiled at her, she looked down and focused on eating while ignoring him, they ate in silence for a few minutes. Finally, McGrew tried to break the ice.

“Was my paperwork done right?” he asked.

“Yeah, it was fine,” she said curtly.

He felt his temper rising.

“Excuse me sergeant, what have I done now that’s pissed you off?” he whispered.

“Nothing, it’s just every time we talk we get mad at each other and I don’t want to deal with it, ok,” she replied.

“I wouldn’t get mad if you weren’t such a bitch to me,” he said.

“Now I’m a bitch? Why are you such a jerk to me?” she replied.

“Me! You always give me a hard time,” he said. “Look… never mind, I’m not hungry anymore.”

He stood up to leave, “You know, I’m not half the jerk you think I am.”

As he left the chow hall he couldn’t decide what to do next, finally he went to the gym and burned off his anger working out. Afterward, he took a shower, dressed in black running shorts and a gray USMC shirt and went to his room. As he lay in his rack reading a book, he drifted off to sleep and was woken with a knock on his door. He stood, glanced at the iPod next to his rack, 2135, and went to the door sleepy eyed. Outside stood Bishop, she was wearing a gray ARMY t-shirt, small black shorts and her long black hair was in a tight bun, she carried a small backpack.

Immediately weary “Yes?” he asked.

“Hey, I need a place to stay, can I rack up with you?” she said.

He froze, what the hell he thought, as he stood there.

“Look, let me inside and I’ll explain, it’s freezing out here,” she said, as if to emphasize her point her breath fogged the air.

“Uhmm… yeah, sure,” he said. He moved to allow her inside, as she passed him, he smelled lavender.

“You smell nice,” he said reflexively.

She just stared at him.

He felt awkward after having said that, looking down he mumbled. “It was just a compliment.”

“Oh, thanks,” she replied.

The room was small, there were two single metal racks with mattresses and standard military white sheets and green blankets against either wall with a footlocker underneath each, there were two chairs and multiple shelves in the center wall between the cots. Various gear adorned the shelves and an M16 was leaned against the wall by the door. Two small curtained windows were on either side of the door. The room was lit with a single bare light bulb.

McGrew closed the door and crossed the room, grabbing a chair he told her to sit, taking her bag he put it against bursa escort bayan the wall next to his gear locker.

She sat down as he sat on the edge of his rack.

“Anyway, the generator went down for the female tents, the workmen say it’s going to be a few days before they can get the part and it’s freezing, so I need a place to stay,” she said, as she talked she shifted in her seat and stared at the ground.

“Ok, I get that, what I don’t get is why me,” he said.

She looked into his face, he had a quizzical expression, she quickly explained.

“It’s simple, you have a private room, all the other girls have found “friends” to stay with,” she said as she made quote marks with her hands. “I’m not worried you’ll get the wrong idea and I don’t really have any friends here who I can stay with, all the other guys would think it was a hookup and besides most of them are six to eight in a room and I don’t want rumors to get started.”

“Ok, I guess in a warped way that makes sense for you to come to me,” he said. “Yeah, fine, obviously you can see I have an extra rack, I’m warning you, if you snore, you’re gone.”

She gave a small laugh. “I don’t, I promise, thanks, I know you’d find it hard to believe but I don’t have a lot of friends around here.”

McGrew smiled, “I would never believe that!” he mocked.

She looked at him, for a second he thought she’d get mad, then she laughed. After a second he laughed too.

“I guess I can be a little bitchy,” she said.

“Don’t worry, I get told all the time I’m an arrogant jerk.”

They smiled at each other.

“Ok, I was kind of asleep so are you ready to hit the rack?” he said.

“Hell yes,” she said. “I’m beat.”

“Feel free to keep your gear on the shelves next to that rack, weapon by the front door, next to mine and put whatever you want in the footlocker underneath the rack,” he explained. “Any questions?”

“Nope, I’m good,” she said.

She started arranging her things, he took her weapon and put it next to his, as he turned back around his hand was on the light switch.

“You still need the light?” he asked.

She straightened and looked around.

“Yeah, one second, just want to let my hair down,” she said as she undid her bun. Her dark hair flowed to the middle of her back, she picked up a brush and ran it through her hair a few times, afterward she looked at him.

McGrew watched as she brushed her hair, with her hair down and a smile on her face she went from cute to gorgeous. The transformation was amazing, she had a small mouth, high cheekbones, a cute little nose and light brown skin. Her dark hair and skin made her green eyes stand out like emeralds. She finished brushing her hair.

“K, I’m ready,” she said.

McGrew hit the light, temporarily night blind he made it to his rack by memory, as he lay down he heard Bishop rustling around, after a few seconds he heard her get into bed.

“Everything ok?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she laughed. “Just had to ditch the bra and stuff, still have the shirt but the bra is really uncomfortable to sleep in. You know what I mean.”

“No, not at all,” he laughed. “I have no idea how uncomfortable a bra is.”

“Yeah, I guess you wouldn’t,” she laughed.

As they lay there they began to talk. At first about their lives, then why they joined the military, and their families; she found out he wasn’t as arrogant as he seemed, just confident in his abilities, he also had a good sense of humor and she laughed often at his comments. He learned that she was focused and caring and a little lonely. All the guys just wanted to sleep with her and all the girls seemed to hate her because of her looks and brains. This made her stand-offish toward them, which alienated her even more.

“Wow, never realized that,” McGrew said. “Girls are kind of bitchy like that, aren’t they?”

“Yeah, I think it wouldn’t be as bad if I was just pretty or smart, then they could feel like they were either prettier or smarter,” she said.

“That’s too bad,” he said. “If it helps, I don’t think you’re prettier or smarter than me.”

Laughing, “Thanks,” she said.

“Seriously though, sorry if I’ve been a jerk to you or anything,” he said.

“No problem, sorry if I’ve been a bitch,” she replied.

McGrew looked at his iPod, it read 0100.

“Wow, we need to get to sleep,” he said. “This has been cool, I’m glad it happened.”

“Me too,” she said. “Good night.”

G ‘night,” he said.

Morning light pushed through the curtains, bathing the room with low light. McGrew’s eyes cracked open, still sleepy, he lay there enjoying the warmth of his bed. He heard a rustle from the other bed. He watched as Bishop got out of bed, her gray ARMY shirt was tight against her skin, the first thing he noticed was her nipples pushing against the fabric, the second thing he noticed was that she had taken off her shorts. His eyes snapped open, she was wearing very small sheer red panties, as she stretched, he could clearly see a racing stripe of dark pubic hair. McGrew thought back to her comment, ‘bra and stuff,’ escort bursa now he understood what ‘stuff’ was. As these thoughts raced through his head, he realized she wasn’t moving, he looked up and met her eyes. She was watching him, she had caught him staring at her and now she was smiling. For a second, he didn’t know what to do, then he realized something.

“You came to my room,” he whispered, eyes still locked with hers.

She didn’t reply, just nodded and turned to make her rack. McGrew’s eyes widened, her panties were a thong. Her tanned ass was completely exposed, just a thin red stripe bisecting her cheeks. He admired her ass while she made her bed. It was tight, the skin smooth and unblemished with the cheeks bubbled out just a little, when she stood this created a clean line between her ass and her legs. After she finished, she turned around and saw him watching her.

“You just going to watch all day or are you getting up?” she asked.

“Free show,” he yawned. “If I have a choice, I’d watch all day.”

“Next time, take a picture, it’ll last longer,” she laughed.

McGrew smiled and watched as she put on her shorts and then stuffed her bra into her pack.

“I’d stay longer, but I don’t want people seeing me leave here, so I’ll just go to my room and then the showers,” she said.

“I understand,” he replied.

“Am I cool to stay tonight?” she asked.

“No problem,” he said.

“Have a good day,” she told him as she walked out the door.

Later that night, McGrew lay in his rack reading.

Knock, knock.

“Come in,” he said.

“Hey roomie, miss me,” Bishop said as she walked in wearing her full uniform.

McGrew smiled, “Strangely I did.”

“I know what you mean,” she said. “I’ve been looking forward to this all day.”

As she talked, she started to change, she sat on her rack and pulled off her boots and socks. Then she stood and casually pulled off her bottoms and top, she turned her back to McGrew, he glanced up from his book and once again admired her toned ass, this time the thong was white with tiny red hearts.

“Cute panties,” he remarked as he went back to reading his book.

“Thanks, now no peeking, I’m about to change shirts,” she said and then lifted her shirt over her head, she quickly reached back and undid her bra and let it fall. Without missing a beat, she scooped up her gray ARMY shirt and pulled it on. She turned back around and smiled. “There, all ready for bed.”

“What, no shorts?” he asked.

“Didn’t see the point after this morning, unless it bothers you and you want me to wear them,” she said in an exaggerated mocking tone.

“I’d never say that in a million years,” McGrew laughed.

She smiled and lay face down on her rack. Pulling her pillow under her chin, she started talking about the day she had. McGrew put down the book and listened. Soon they were talking about everything again, hours passed and neither one felt tired despite having stayed up late the night before. Suddenly, in mid-sentence, Bishop yelped.

“Son-of-a-bitch, cramp,” she yelped and reached back toward her left calf.

“You ok?” he asked.

“NO,” she said. Her teeth were gritted and she was trying to grab her muscle, but that only made it worse.

McGrew got up and came over to her.

“Let me,” he said and pushed her hands away.

He started to massage her leg, at first Bishop tensed up from the pain, he watched her bite the pillow and heard her whimper. Gradually as he massaged the cramp out, she began to relax and her whimpers stopped. Minutes passed, his fingers probed and kneaded her muscles back into a relaxed state.

“That feels really good,” she said.

“Want me to continue?” he said.

She looked over her shoulder, their eyes met, suddenly Bishop became aware of how little she was wearing, it was one thing to tease and let him look, but entirely different when he was inches away from her practically bare ass. This close, she noticed how attractive he was, she could see the gold flecks in his brown eyes. His lips look soft and inviting, his hand rested on her calf, she could feel its warmth on her leg, she could also smell the soap on his body, as if he’d just taken a shower. Not trusting herself to speak, she just nodded and turned her face back to the pillow. She felt his fingers start to massage again. For a minute she was tense, her body enjoyed his touch, and she was aroused by the thought of him seeing her dressed in so little clothes. She wondered what to do, what was happening, finally… she decided to relax and just enjoy it.

McGrew could feel how tense she was as he started to massage her, he could tell that she was afraid that he was going to try for something more. He decided that he would just give her a massage and nothing else. He shifted his body and began working on her feet, using his thumbs and fingers he rubbed her soles and soon heard her moaning. He smiled as he worked, he was enjoying this as much as her. Her shirt didn’t quite reach her panties so he had an unrestricted view of her ass. It was easy to keep rubbing for her when his view was so amazing. He worked upward to her ankles and calves. She let out occasional moans to let him know when he hit a particularly good spot. He started working on her thighs, moving closer and closer to her ass.

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