Lingerie Parties

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As Gina’s dad, Paul, went through the racks of teddies and night gowns, I watched his eyes light up at the prospect of his wife wearing each item for him. Little did I know he was scanning the racks for something for me to model for him.

I had been selling lingerie at peoples homes for several years, and loved meeting new people as well as earning extra cash. People booked parties well in advance so I always had plenty of time to prepare for each crowd, as every group seemed to have varied tastes. This particular party was being held at my friend Gina’s house, and I was able to get there way a head of time, set up, and relax, instead of the usual rushing around I had to do. This was a crowd that loved it all.

Gina lives with her parents, who are like second parents to me. Gina’s mom was away, but when I arrived Gina’s dad was available and willing to help me set up. Moving all the boxes of items into the house for me, I was able to get things on the racks quicker. While I was getting the paperwork started for the party, Gina’s dad asked if he could browse the racks.

“Looking for something for Mia?” I asked him

“I might be.” He winked at me.

“One more box to go, “ I said. I wasn’t sure how this would go over, but the final box was filled with all the sex toys, and I was a bit worried it might embarrass Paul to have me set them up in front of him. I had no choice, and moved to pick up the box.

“Let me help you,” Paul said as he grabbed the box. Placing it on the table, he opened it, and began pulling toys out of the box.

“You sell these too?” He asked me. “Wow.”

“They seem to work well with the lingerie. I actually sell more toys than anything.” I was quick to inform him. His interest was peeked, and he continued pulling things out of the box. “I wish Mia was into these.”

“Why not buy one, and see what happens.” I encouraged him. “Pick out an outfit and add a toy to the box. Take her away for a weekend, and surprise her. You might be surprised.” I added.

He headed for the lingerie racks and once again started perusing the items. It was like watching a kid in the candy store. Paul was tall, and handsome, and while I had never had any sexual thoughts about him, watching him now, I wondered how he was in bed. I imagined him excited about the smallest details of lovemaking. I found my thoughts wandering off about him, thinking of me teaching him how to use the toys on me..

He quickly brought me back to reality with questions about pricing. He then said, “I wish Mia were here to try these on. I’m not sure which one she would like best.”

“I’m sure she would love anything you bought her.” I said.

“Wendy, would you consider trying these on for me, so I can see what they look like off the rack and on someone.”

At first I was kind of surprised he would even think to ask, but I felt myself thinking about my recent pendik escort sexual thoughts, and thought why not?

“Sure. Pick out what you might like to see Mia in, and I will model them for you.”

Surprisingly, he seemed to be picking out very simple, and plain nightgowns, so I wasn’t too concerned about what he might be thinking. He handed me a pile, and I headed for Gina’s room to try them on. I was grateful the house would be ours for the next several hours.

One by one, I modeled the long simple nightgowns made in satins and silks, and he ordered each one. I was grateful, but told him it was not necessary to do. He told me he wanted to do something like this for Mia for a long time, and now was a good time.

I was removing the last nightgown and he knocked on the door. Opening the door, I saw he now had another pile of items.

“I really want to see more.” He asked.

Taking the pile, I closed the door, and told him it would not be a problem. By this time, I truly was enjoying modeling for him, and found it to be a turn on of sorts.

The first item was a black teddy trimmed in red lace. I walked out in the living room, and his eyes said it all. “WOW, that is very gorgeous.” Stammering slightly, he added, “Oh, and you are too.”

I thanked him, and headed back to the bedroom. I tried on several teddies, and he again wanted to buy them all. I knew he was sexually aroused, and would soon know just how much. The last outfit was a green satin crotch less teddy trimmed in black lace, and worn with black lace stockings. I came out of the room, and went to the box full of extras, and pulled out the stockings and garter. I headed back to the bedroom and decided he was getting the full effect.

I came out of the bedroom, and headed over in his direction. His true immediate response was to lick his lips and he added. “You look smashing.”

I couldn’t resist, and added, “And good enough to eat?”

“Oh Wendy, I am so aroused by you. I would love to make love to you.”

He moved towards me and pulling me into his arms, he gently kissed my mouth. I responded back eagerly, and found kissing him to be natural, and sexually arousing.

We moved to the couch, and he pulled me onto him, and we continued kissing, our tongues skillfully playing off one another. He moved his hands to my breast and found my nipple. Gently squeezing it, I responded to his touch.

“Oh God, this feels so good.” I whispered to him. I began licking his neck, as he continued fondling my breast. His hand reached down between my legs and he began touching my already very wet pussy. “You excite me.” I told him

“I haven’t even started.” he said. We switched positions at his urging, and I was now under him. His mouth coming down on my now exposed breast. He moved over the surface seeking out a nipple, and aggressively began sucking it. Moving his hands to open the rest escort pendik of the teddy, he grabbed both my breasts together and licked and sucked both nipples together. His mouth was so warm, and I could feel his breath on my exposed skin. I could feel the wetness between my legs continue to build, and knew I wanted him to touch my pussy and know first hand the effects he was having on me. His hand, responding to my thoughts, moved to my wetness. His hand moved over my slit, and stopped at my clit. He began massaging it, and I could feel small gasps of air escape from my mouth as my breathing began to increase.

“Oh you are so wet. I love it.”

“Paul, taste me.” Was all I could utter to him.

He pulled his hands up to his mouth and tasted the wetness now covering his fingers. “Oh yes,” he said.

He moved down between my legs, and as he did, my legs moved to his shoulders. He sought out my clit and began sucking on it. I could feel my legs begin to quiver with each stroke of his tongue as it swirled around my clit. His tongue moved up and down my wetness, sucking it in. My hands grabbed his hair and I found myself pulling him into me, harder and harder. His fingers opened my slit, and then pushed into my pussy. My hips began rising off the couch, and with each lick, I could feel the waves move in. He continued to fuck me with his fingers, and as the wetness grew, he sucked it away. “Cum on my face, baby,” he said.

I needed no encouragement to feel the final burst of pleasure. His tongue, now driving into me, was the last thing I remember before I felt myself explode on him. The waves of my orgasm hit me like a violent surf hits a beach during a storm. “Ohhhhhh, Paul, don’t stop.” While the last waves rippled, his tongue lapped at my clit, helping to finish me off.

He picked up his head at last, and his face was soaked from all the evidence of my pleasure. He moved up to me, and began kissing me with all my wetness embedded in his mouth, and on his lips. The taste of my pussy was now being shared. As we kissed, he placed his cock on my wet slit and teased me. He rubbed his cock up and down, and finally with my hips pushing into him, he moved into me, slowly, again with teasing gestures. I felt like I had to beg for him, and would have, if he then didn’t push deeper into me. Paul was well built, and every inch of him was now deeply in me. His thrusts were slow and deliberate. We continued to kiss, and Paul was now back pulling at one of my nipples. He moved in and out of me, and I wanted him to fuck me harder and harder.

“Take me hard.” This was all I said as our eyes caught each others attention. He smiled back, and said, “All in good time.”

He pulled out of me, and asked me to go and pick out my favorite toy.


“Go, pick out what you like, “ were his directions to me.

I walked over to the toy box and picked out a Blue dildo pendik escort bayan which was battery operated, and affectionately know as “Big Blue” to all the sales reps. I walked back, and handed the toy to Paul. Laying down again, he immediately went to work on my pussy, with both his tongue and “Big Blue.” He sucked and licked my clit while the vibrator was being pushed into me. The feel of the small battery pulses, were felt on my wet pussy walls, and with the special tip of the dildo, the G-spot was now easily accessible and well massaged. The sensations were again building, and I sensed Paul was being as easily pleasured by this act, as I was on the receiving end. He moved “Big Blue” in and out of me like an expert. The combination of his tongue and the pulsating dildo were cultivating an explosive force that would soon be felt by me.

“Fuck me harder, please fuck me harder,” I begged.

“Oh yeah baby, I love fucking you with this toy.”

I could feel my hips push info his face and the dildo. I knew I was going to cum hard, and I did, almost pushing Paul off the couch. He caught his balance and his face emerged from between my legs, once again soaked, and he licked his lips. “Oh god that was too good. I loved using that on you, but now it’s my turn.”

As Paul made the effort to move onto me, I knew I wanted to pleasure him a bit first. “Wait. Let me suck on you first,” was all I could ask.

Paul moved onto his back, and I slid down between his thighs, and eagerly took him in my mouth. He was so hard, and I could taste my pussy on him. I licked and swirled my tongue around his smooth soft head, teasing it with my teeth. I loved listening to Paul’s moans. Taking him in my mouth, I let him slide in and out of my mouth. The length at first a challenge, but soon I found it too be of no difficulty to take almost all of him in my mouth. My hands reached around to fondle his balls, sending shivers through him. I loved the feel of his cock gently gliding over my teeth. I could taste his pre-cum, and knew I was on the right path to pleasing him fully. I moved around to position myself on his face, and he was soon moving his tongue over my clit. He was returning gentle bites, and we moved in a rhythmic strokes, both moaning, both sweating. I took his cock faster and faster in my mouth, and could feel it begin to pulsate.

Long strokes, gentle biting, and before long, he was begging to fuck me. I moved around and sat on his cock, easing it into me, with my guidance, and soon could feel the initial thrust through the tight muscle at my opening. I moved up and down on his cock, maintaining a certain speed, almost teasing him.

However, I was the one who couldn’t hold back, and before I long I was bouncing on his cock, while his fingers rolled my nipples. The pleasure built, and soon waned after we both climaxed together. I could feel his cock twitch in me, and I returned the sensation by tightening my walls around him. A final piece of pleasure shared.

Paul and I enjoyed each other on other occasions, and he was soon one of my best customers, both of lingerie and toys, for both Mia and me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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