Light Of The Sea

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Warning: Content maybe more than one can handle. Read at one’s own discretion.

Enter…. Welcome to my domain and where I rule your every move. This world is one of many, hidden behind my smile and mazes of walls…. dare to enter….

Awaken by a rattle, at the sliding glass door. You jolt your head towards the door, to see what could be the cause. The wind? No, so you rise to investigate. Looking out towards the ocean, you see a dim light heading towards the shore. As it approaches, it grows brighter, stronger. Its radiance becomes enlightening, and in so you are compelled to see it closer. Opening the door, you pass through and head down to the shore. By the time you reach the shoreline, the light has set down, upon the wet sand. With a blast, the bright flash sets you back away, temporarily blinded. When you regain visibility, the object has disappeared. Looking about you find the empty night. Brushing the incident off, with a feeling of uneasiness, you proceed back to your room.

Deep in contemplation, you stumble your way into the room, only to be set back in awe. For the form of a beautiful woman, in a long, white, silken gown, is lying upon your bed. The robe clings tightly to her body, making her angelic and demure. Her entangling, auburn curls accentuate her piercing, blue eyes and rosebud lips. At first glance, she is an angel, of your dreams, and then she smiles, intriguing you more.

Raising her hand, she beckons you, to come to her. güvenilir bahis Hypnotized by her all, you find the strength to walk to her. You halt at the edge of the bed, to await her next move. With the same outstretched hand, she grasps your hand, filling you with a feeling of peace and love with her darkened eyes, the temptress pulls you into your bed and brings your face, inches of hers. Her long eyelashes, curled and slowly turned downward, hides her mysterious thoughts. With all the softness of a butterfly, she caresses you lips with hers. Succulent and full, they press harder and deeper. Teasing your lips with her tongue, she eases you lips open, so that her sweet taste may mix with yours. Her tongue entangles with yours, tickling your upper mouth, sending sensational shocks through your blood. Your break away from the embrace, only to stare into her magnificent blues. Entranced by them, you lean back to her, engulfing yourself in her arms. Pressing her body against yours, you find each other’s hands roaming, tearing at the barriers, which hold her gown together. You struggle to undo the buttons, for the want is great.

Within moments, her satin frock is slipping down her body, highlighting the voluptuous curves. Without word, the look in her eyes, tells you what she desires, your touch. Without hesitation, you lean your lips to her neck and kiss with titillating pecks. Moving downward, you follow the trail to the valley, between her breasts. There you inhale her aromatic türkçe bahis scent. Wafting through your senses, the fragrance drives you forward. With your tongue, you glide over one nipple, sucking it between your teeth, nibbling. You caress the other with your fingertips, causing her nipples to harden, her breath deepen. The slightest blow, of your warm breath, sends goose bumps, across her skin. Slight moans escape her throat, increasing your cravings, to move further on. Taking a deepened breath, you control your urges, to slow the boil in your veins. Gripping the other taut breast, you taunt it with your tongue, causing it to peak. Her body shudders from your rough, foreign touch.

Trailing your way down her ribs, laying kisses upon her skin, reaching her belly button, you encircle it, moistening the center. Shrills of delight fill your ears, as you drive her skin wild, with each touch. Moving to her coppered treasure, you are instilled by the velvety, soft bush. One as your lips have never caressed. Placing kisses on her delicate hips, you move to her inner thighs. She spreads them ever so lightly, like a rose blossoming, for the first spring. Her aroma overtakes your senses. All your dreams answered. Moving your mouth to her secrets spot, you send breaths of warmth, filling her innermost places. Shaking, her mesmerizing voice, beckons for more. You slide your tongue, between her lips and entrails her button with a slow motion. Arching her back, she cries out her güvenilir bahis siteleri hidden pleasures. Engulfing in hr whole, you draw her flavor into your mouth. Fiercely, she grabs your arms and pulls you to her face. As you glare into her eyes, you know the depth of her thoughts, her inner most desire to be fulfilled.

Broadening her legs, submitting to you, she lays herself at your doorstep. You glide into her, ever so compassionately. Gently, you move deeper, to relish in her heat. Nails dig into your back, at the full of you fills her. Intensely. Coveting the feel of her, wrapped all around you, you pause to enjoy the sensuality that seers throughout her body. Aroused by the intense inferno, you move with invigoration. Screams evade her mouth, forcing yourself move at a greater pace. You slam deeper into her. Driving all the force , you have withheld, you unleash it upon her delicate body. You embrace the power to release yourself into her domain.

Cries fill the night air, as she welcomes the last of your spent thrusts. Collapsed and unmoving, you bask in the silkiness of each other’s skin, pressed together. Sweat and juices, inner mixing, leaving the scent of satisfaction on your nostrils. Drifting off to sleep, you let your tired eyes fall. Slowly, your hearts slow and all is calm, after the storm.

A chilling breeze, whishes through the room, awakening you. A moment of unawareness, as you try to remember what had happened. Yes, a glitter of memory, the angel. Looking about frantically, you find her not. Disappeared. Was she just a dream? Lying upon the bed is a lock of auburn hair. Raising it to your nose, you bathe in its incense. Your only memory of her…she wasn’t a dream.

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