Learning To Read A Woman’s Body

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We were comfortably resting on my couch. It was her first time to my place and we agreed that she would come over provided no sex was involved. Up to this point, we had met for lunch, met for a dinner and went to a movie together. I had very much enjoyed her company to this point, and had discovered a few items about her that you just cannot know from internet chatting alone. First, she had very long blonde hair that framed her face in a very seductive manner, and second, that she had a tendency to look slightly downwards whenever our eyes would meet. Both traits would be important to the future of this true story.

Watching TV, I started instinctively to caress her neck and shoulders, occasionally caressing her arms and hands as well. She knew this would be happening as I was very open about my tendency to caress. She had told me that she would be fine with it and not to worry. She had also told me (through our frequent chats) that she had been on many dates and had excellent “control” over the men she dated. Her meaning was that, typically, she called the shots when with a man. This included sex, where she enjoyed being more controlling, as she put it.

While caressing her neck and shoulders, I would occasionally run my fingers thru her hair. I would start with my fingers near the back of her neck, and slowly allow my fingers to slide up to the base of her head. After softly caressing her head a moment, I softly gripped her hair ever-so-slightly and received my first “lesson” about her body and responses to what I was doing. When my hand touched her head, she would start pressing back against my hand. When I ever-so-softly gripped her hair, she let out an involuntary, barely audible moan and her breathing changed slightly.

I asked her if she was feeling comfortable with my caresses of her head and hair, and she replied that it felt nice, so I continued. Only I started getting a little more aggressive as I did. Now I would grip her hair more firmly as I caressed and found that as I applied ever-more subtle pressure with my grip, I was rewarded by ever-more noticeable reactions from her each time I did. Now I turned my attention to other areas of her body to see what else I could learn about her reactions.

I started touching her arm again with very light touches of my fingernails. As they trailed along the inside of her arm, barely touching her elbow at the crook of her arm, I heard her breath take a sudden jump so I lingered there for a few moments. This was a woman that thoroughly enjoyed being teased I surmised. illegal bahis For all her statements about naturally being a controlling woman, I was starting to learn that he had natural submissive tendencies that even she was not aware of. This was a VERY interesting game to me, so I continued my exploration in more provocative ways.

First, I gently lifted her hand and started kissing it lightly. I made sure to barely touch the back of her hand with my tongue as I did. I wanted her to feel my tongue, but in a subtle way at first. I continued kissing her wrist and then her arm. She just looked at me as I did this, her arm in a slightly awkward position of being held straight out by me at this point. This exposed her inner elbow to my mouth, and I took advantage of this by very, very softly nibbling on the inside of her arm. I made sure to gently lick the crease along her elbow as well, taking my time as I did. Again I was rewarded with a reaction. This time, she had to shift her body around more and more. She was actually starting to wiggle her bottom around.

Knowing that I was making her squirm and that I was reading her every movement properly was enough to make me hard. We had agreed that no sex would be involved that night, and I used this to great advantage in light of the discovery that she could barely conceal her sexual excitement when being teased like this. At this point, she rested her head on my chest while I slowly stroked her hair along the side of her face. I started caressing her face softly with my thumb, each stroke bringing my thumb closer and closer to her mouth until I started barely touching her lower lip. I caressed her lower lip softly, making sure that I also caressed the place where her lips meet. At first, I could feel her chest heave slightly as she inhaled deeply, and then came the first of her attempts to kiss my thumb. The kisses were very innocent at first, gradually becoming more urgent as she would occasionally touch my thumb with her tongue. I waited until she started trying to suck my thumb to remove my thumb from her lips. She let out an audible moan of disappointment at that, until I reached up and gripped her hair slightly, pulling her face up for me to give her the first kiss of the evening.

She had a look on her face that I needed to learn. It was a combination of lust with a sort of confusion. I realized that she had not been “played with” this way before, and she was VERY aware that her reactions were not what she expected of herself. I made sure to continue the teasing when I kissed her. illegal bahis siteleri She wanted and expected a deep, passionate kiss. I only lightly kissed her on the mouth, using my soft grip of her hair to slightly turn her face away right afterwards. I used that angle to start lightly licking the corner of her mouth very softly, allowing my tongue to lightly lick her lower lip exactly where my thumb had been playing earlier. She tried to move her head and use her tongue against mine, but I increased the pressure on her hair to prevent that from happening. I continued to barely touch her lips with my tongue and made sure to apply extra pressure in the corner of her mouth this time. She tried sticking her tongue at the corner of her mouth for me to play with, but I suddenly stopped kissing her and restarted caressing her hair and head again.

Now when I placed my thumb against her cheek, she turned her head immediately and started tonguing it while trying to suck on it. I quickly moved my hand to prevent that from happening and started caressing her side at this point. I would allow my hand to firmly caress her side down to her hip, then very slowly, but lightly caress up wards until my hand touched the very side of her breast. I made sure to barely touch her breast each stroke, only also allowing my hand to proceed further and further down her breast, while still not quite touching her nipple area. She attempted to shift her weight to allow me better access to her breasts, but I held her shoulder in place and continued my caressing as I was doing.

At this point, she started trying to take control. She had been returning my caresses by moving her hands along my chest and shoulders. Now she decided to be more aggressive to get what she wanted. Her hands started slowly gliding down my chest towards my cock. She was trying to tease me back by running her hands along the waistband of my pants, and as soon as she started trying to touch my cock thru my pants, I quickly grabbed her and turned her to face me – her shoulder in my lap. At that point, I kissed her very hard while running my hand thru her hair. She let out an audible moan at that. I suddenly gripped her hair tightly and pulled her head away. She gasped as I tilted her head forcefully back and exposing her neck to my tongue. I held her hair firmly as I tongued her neck and throat, lightly trailing my tongue up to her chin. I slowly let my tongue move up over her chin and rest against her bottom lip. I lightly teased her lip by making my tongue slide softly from left canlı bahis siteleri to right along the bottom of her lip. Then I kissed her hard again. Only this time, I released her hair and cupped her face gently as I did.

At this point, I allowed her to move as she wished. She immediately went for my belt. I stopped her and told her, “No sex, remember?” At that, she said she wanted it, but I refused. I told her I am a man of my word. I would not have sex with her that evening. She looked me in the eyes and told me that he could convince me, and then proceeded to move down and start mouthing my cock thru my pants, blowing hot air on my head and then gripping the head into her mouth. She pressed her tongue hard against my head to make sure I felt it thru my pants, and in response I gripped her hair tightly and forced her head away. She tried a few times to get back onto my cock, but I wouldn’t let her touch me. I knew she was very, very sexually stimulated at this point, and I was about to find out yet another thing about her that neither of us knew.

As she struggled to get to my cock, I told her that when we DID have sex, that I was going to part her thighs (which I forcefully did at this point), place my fingers into her pussy (and I stroked her pussy thru her pants as I described it) and then go down on her. I described in great detail what my tongue was capable of doing and how I would lick her, when I heard her slightly moan and tremble….she had just had a small orgasm by my words! I kept talking to her while caressing her hair and head. Each new pronouncement of intention was met by another orgasm. After she had four orgasms, I told her it was time to take her home.

As I drove her home, she told me that no one had ever controlled her like I did. That she had experienced something that confused her about herself, and that she wanted more. I told her that she would get more, much more…next time we met. After walking her to her door, we kissed lightly and I left. On coming home, I had a message on my answering machine from her asking to chat online a moment. I sent her a message stating I was online and she told me she wanted to chat a while. I told her no, that I was going to bed. She replied with a question, asking me if I KNEW that she had cum four times that night without being sexually touched. I told her I knew that, and had learned a great deal about her. More than she realized. I told her that we would be having a tremendous time together in the near future. She asked me to give her one example of what I learned, and I simply wrote out the words, “Cum hard for me right now baby!” At that, she came…simply by reading the words. She wrote back, “OMG!” and I said, “Goodnight.”

The next story covers our first sexual experience together. Stay tuned.

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