Lead Astray

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I had wanted Jess ever since I first met her, on the first day of my new job at Carter and McDowell’s, a small time accounts and business adviser company. She was truly stunning, without fault, her dark blonde hair framed her gorgeous face and her tanned, slim body was obviously something she had worked hard at. A tight stomach, delicious, perky tits and a firm, round ass that left men’s tongues wagging.

However there was a snag which I learnt of after inquiring about Jess’ availability with some of my male co-workers.

“Let me tell you Rob, that piece of ass is a no go zone. Married. Husband won’t let the woman out of his sight. Don’t blame the son of a bitch.”

They were right. He dropped her off in the morning, made surprise visits during the day and picked her up at night. He even rang her during the work parties, often resulting in Jess leaving early, more often than not in floods of tears. Despite this I couldn’t help but notice an attraction between us, we constantly found ourselves admiring each other from across the table during board meetings. We would smile shyly as we walked past each other, and on the few occasions we were able to have a conversation, the tension was tangible.

However, a few weeks ago I had decided enough was enough. Her husband didn’t deserve her and she didn’t deserve that sort of treatment from her husband. I had made up my mind; I was going to have her myself.

So recently I had volunteered to take on and advise a new client, who’s health was faltering and who wished for their business and financial matters be tied up properly for the next of kin. In order to properly do so, I explained to my boss, I would like to work alongside someone who had expertise in tax management.

“I was thinking perhaps Jess? We’ve always worked very efficiently together.”

He considered it for a minute or so, whilst I crossed my fingers in my pockets.

“Fine, but we need this done soon Rob. Mr illegal bahis Kelly is an impatient man.”

I left the room with a barely concealed smile. So far so good. Next was to ask Jess if she could stay late tonight to help. I knocked softly at her office door.

“Come in”

She was sat at her desk, hair tied back, in the ensemble I most often pictured in my fantasies, a thin, white blouse tucked into her tight, black business skirt. Her breasts looked magnificent, as her chest slowly rose and fell. She looked up and gave me a shy smile.

“Hey Rob, what can I do for you?”

“Actually I need to ask a big favour” I scratched my head, trying to look sincere, “I’ve been working on the Kelly file for the past few weeks but he’s getting impatient, I think I’ve pretty much tied everything up but I need a second opinion from someone and wondered if you had time this evening to run by my office? It may take a few hours. It… It’s fine if you can’t.”

I looked up at her, hopefully. She bit her lip in that inadvertently sexy way, “I’m supposed to be having a night in with Jack tonight… but if it’s only going to be a couple of hours… I mean… I guess I could…”

“Great” I said, turning on my heel, “come down to my office about six-ish? Thanks so much Jess.” And I left before she could reply.

I spent the rest of the day going over the plan in my head, it wasn’t particularly complex, I just needed to relax her, make my move and see what happened. But still, my stomach was tied in knots. Finally six o’ clock came, and there was a soft knock at the door.

“Come in” I said in what I hoped was a casual voice, in came Jess, and once again I marvelled at her incredible physique and the way her clothes tightly hugged her tits and ass. My dick began to stir in my pants as I began to think of how in a few hours, she could be on her knees with my length in her mouth.

“Lets get going then…” We had been working on the illegal bahis siteleri Kelly file for a good two hours and I could see Jess was getting tired and anxious about not being with Jack. Now was the time.

“God I’m beat!” I exclaimed, stifling a yawn.

“How about we have a break?”

“Sounds like a good idea to me” she smiled leant back in her chair and stretched, her tits straining against the thin white cloth of her blouse.

“Great! I’ll order in some food, Chinese sound alright?”

“But… I…”


I left the office with my phone and ordered some chinese food and a bottle of red wine. As I walked back into the office Jess was up out of her chair, leaning on the window sill and staring out at the cars far below us. I resisted the urge to stand behind her, hoist up her skirt and fuck her there and then, but the thought had led to my cock once again hardening and I sat down quickly.

“So… How are things with you? How are things with you and Jack?”

“Good… I mean… I was supposed to be seeing him tonight, he was pretty angry when I told him I had to work late.”

“I’m sorry about that”

“No not at all! It’s fine, I’m glad I can help.”

Our eyes met and we both looked away again, spending the next few minutes in silence. The attraction was evident. But for her to admit there was something between us would be much harder. There was a knock at the door and a young man arrived with our food. Soon we were tucking in.

“God this is AMAZING!” She laughed, halfway through both a chow mein and a glass of wine. “I didn’t realise how hungry I was!”

“Me neither… You should slow down!” I smiled, she was already relaxing. “More wine?” I asked as I topped up her glass.

“Trying to get me drunk?”

“Maybe” I retorted as she finished the glass. I could see her physically relaxing, she let her hair down, unbuttoned her blouse slightly and was laughing and canlı bahis siteleri smiling, to be honest I had never seen her so happy.

“You look incredible Jess.”

She looked up at me and then down to her feet, “thankyou Rob”, she smiled to herself. “No honestly, you always have Jess, I think you know I’ve always thought you were incredible.”

“Don’t do this Rob…”

“You did know! So why have we never talked about this?”

“I have to go” she got up, red in the face and walked towards the door, knocking the wine onto the Kelly file as she brushed across the table. “Oh fuck” she shouted and hurried to clean the mess.

This was it I thought and walked round to her, standing behind her I placed my hands over hers on the table and softly kissed her neck. “No… Rob…” she whispered breathlessly, I brought my hand round to her front and carressed her body, taking hold of her flat, toned stomach, her legs, grasping hold of her soft breasts. She let out a soft, low moan and brought her hand up to my neck, pushing her ass against my throbbing cock. Quickly, forcefully, as if all those bottled up feelings were suddenly being released I dropped to my knees, lifting her skirt up I revealed her silk, white panties, I tore them off and nuzzled and bit her ass. Growling and encouraged by her moaning. I span her round and attacked her pussy, savouring her juices, marvelling at her well trimmed cunt, I sucked at her, licked her, attacking her clit with my wild, exploring tongue. I felt her coming closer to the edge and I increased my lust, desperate to make her come.


she screamed suddenly, I stopped, looking up at her I saw her guilt ridden yet lustful face, her heaving chest and watched as her whole body quivered. This was it, this determined what happened with us. She shook, two sides of herself fighting, until finally she grabbed my head and pushed my tongue inside her, she lifted herself onto the desk and gyrated, hard, fast, begging me to keep up, screaming without care, out of control as she ground her cunt against my face “make me come Rob… make me commmmmmeeeee” and she came, bucking her pussy against me, squeezing at her tits as her juices ran.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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