Last Rites

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Little she knew of the impact he would have on her heart. She initially expected nothing from him. Merely mutual satisfactions of flesh desiring flesh and the touch of another with no hidden agenda. Or so she told herself.

She began reminiscing.

They met in the woods behind the old diner. The sun was turning in for the day and the sky slowly darkened. A few mosquitoes were the only things to discolor their first moments together.

How his touch awakened her loins. How his kiss awakened her heart. How his whisper awakened her soul.

Within his nutmeg eyes she saw many walls and many mysteries to the man which preoccupied her thoughts. Walls meant to keep out any vagrant that dared to wander close enough to reach out and attempt to touch the flames within his being, the fire of his dreams. She wanted to think she could penetrate his fortress. She wanted to think of those walls as beginning to falter in her presence. Maybe in her own mind, the only wall faltering was the one that brought him to touch her.

His hands rested complacently upon the swell of her hip as if she had been tailored to fit his grip. Her arms found themselves around his neck. Such a simple touch, but with that touch a lustful thought provoked. Drawn illegal bahis together, barely content just to touch.

There was no question to his wants. The questions lie within her. Did she posses the courage to indulge her carnal desires? Did she posses the courage to quench her feminine needs? Did she posses the courage to bring him into her heart, knowing the predetermined outcome?

Ignoring her logic, she leaned into him. Their lips danced a slow and erotic dance. With each passing moment their tongues stoking the fires within. Whether feigned or genuine, his kisses were interpreted as tenderness that she believed sincere. And with that belief of sincerity, came a greater curiosity.

Finally, when her curiosity won over her will to be taken, she herself did that taking. With harried hands she fumbled with a zipper and longed to guide him into the silken core of her velvet heart. But in this meeting, it was not to be. Time was not on her side. And so her needs were postponed, like a tele-marketer calling on her only day to sleep in.

With the proof-less knowledge that succumbing to his touch would only fuel her sleepless nights. She wanted to please him and perchance secure a second visitation from him. So with a feverish illegal bahis siteleri mouth, she moved to attend to him.

Instead of fulfilling her desires she turned blindly from the truth. Not realizing what even the most foolish choose to ignore, that this was merely a means to an end, that there was no future together for them.

And that this was simply a mutual desire for satisfaction. A mutual desire to have no strings attached. This desire left her yearning for completion, yearning for a touch, yearning, irrationally, for him.

It was unreasonable for her to expect anything from this handsome stranger. But all that was in her being wanted to satisfy him, to win him over, to make him stay. Even thought she knew this would be a dream that she would eventually wake from sorrowfully, with only herself to receive comfort from. But to satisfy him she would attempt dutifully.

As he leaned back upon the level boulder, he presented himself majestically. Usually not one for making comparisons, she gasped at the sight of him, which only increased her longing of fulfillment. She knelt before him and brought him to her mouth humbly, not feeling she could do justice to his needs.

Wrapping her tongue around canlı bahis siteleri the tip of his flesh, she inhaled his masculine scent and touched him gently. This brought a slight groan from his soft and sensual lips, which she visited one last time with tenderness of rose petals.

She could feel his eyes burrowing into her skull and felt self-conscious for she was sure that she must appear less than graceful. But give up she would not. For even if nothing else developed from this, she would have the memory saved with a certain fondness deep within the recesses of her mind.

Continuing to lavish her tongue upon his flesh, she slowly brought him to her lips, which caused another groan to escape him. Pleased with the signals she was receiving she continued. Taking him into her mouth caused a shudder to travel through him, which she felt upon her tongue.

She puckered her lips around him until he was firmly held and began her oral lovemaking. It ended with a tremor and eruption of which she could not control the contents from and a silvery streak left her lips to rest in the soft curled nest of his hair below her chin in a barely opalescent trickle.

After regaining composure for both of them, he ended their meeting with a tender caress and a warm embrace. Maybe she was wrong after all. Maybe there would be another chance to fulfill her desires. Maybe her willingness to please had lead to something other than their last rites. Or maybe it would it just prolonged the inevitable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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