Kidnapped Ch. 06

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When Lauren woke up there was no one in the bed beside her.

She felt somewhat disappointed. She’d thought that she would have been woken by a mouth on her skin, at least. Perhaps clichés weren’t all they were made out to be. She dragged her legs over the rumpled sheets and made her way to the kitchen.

A small sigh of relief escaped her when she saw Jack standing at the coffeemaker in his boxers, a cup lifted to his lips.

“Good morning sleepyhead,” he grinned. He held the cup out to her and Lauren smiled meekly.

“I haven’t brushed my teeth.” Jack held the cup lower and looked at her. He crooked a brow and then leaned in and kissed her.

“All right go then,” he smacked her butt as she walked by, blushing furiously.

Lauren swilled the water in her mouth and spat out the dirty liquid. As she rinsed her mouth she looked up in the bathroom mirror to see Jack walking up behind her. He came close to her and pressed the length of his body against her back. Snaking an arm around her stomach he drew her closer and nibbled the lobe of her ear.

“Were you disappointed that I wasn’t in bed when you woke up, mm?”

Lauren watched his roguish grin spread on his face in the mirror. She smiled a small smile and nudged him.

“No. Not at all,”

Jack moved his dark-haired head along her neck.

“Really? Mmm. I must say that I find it hard to believe, Lauren,” he spread the fingers on the hand that was on her stomach and she inhaled at the touch of his skin against hers. “I bet if I touched you now you’d be wet,” he whispered.

Lauren shuddered and bit her lip. She tilted her head to look back at him and lifted her lips for a kiss.

The phone rang loudly through the apartment.

Jack jerked in shock and Lauren clutched at him. He turned and went to the living room to answer it. Lauren followed him hesitantly.

“I told you, I’m out,” Jack’s brows were low on his forehead and his jaw was taut. Lauren hadn’t seen him this upset in a while. “I won’t do it. And don’t ever contact me again.” He paused to listen to the caller and then burst, “Do what you will! I don’t ever fucking give in.” He slammed the phone down on the receiver.

Lauren tensed when he turned to her, the lines in his body tight and his face turned into a scowl. She flinched when he reached out suddenly for her and a hint of sadness flashed in his eyes.

“I..” He dropped the hand that he’d raised to Lauren and relaxed his jaw.

Lauren took his hand in hers and drew it up to her cheek. She laid it against her skin and looked into Jack’s eyes. He looked back at her, a soulfulness in his face that she had never seen before. Lauren pressed her lips gently against the sides of his fingers and in the crooks of his palm. Jack opened his fist and caressed her face tenderly.

In wordless unison they came together and their lips met in a gentle embrace. Jack drew her closer with one arm and she reached one slender hand to graze his neck and the sides of his face. There was no heat in their kiss, just silent giving, the motion of their lips over the other a slow learning of illegal bahis each other. When they pulled apart Lauren was the first to speak.

“Well.. since I’m staying with you for a month, you have to come up with something to entertain me with. I won’t be content just staying in you know.”

A flash of relief at Lauren’s lack of questioning about the phone call flitted across Jack’s face and he smiled slowly.

“Of course not. Get dressed. We have places to go.”


“Where’re we going?” Lauren peered out of the car window. “I didn’t know you drive.”

Jack scoffed. “Don’t know I drive?” He looked in the side and rear mirrors and turned into a carpark by a small storefront. “I’ve been driving since I was 13.”

Lauren raised her eyebrows but said nothing. She let Jack take her hand and they entered a tiny shop with an awning done up in pastel hues and pictures of cupcakes.

“Ice cream? Isn’t it a little early for ice cream?” Lauren gaped at the colourful tubs laid out in the glass counters.

“It’s never too early for ice cream,” Jack declared, slinging an arm casually around her shoulder. He pulled her close and whispered, “And it’s never too early for sex, either,”

Lauren blushed.

“So, what do you want, my lady,” Jack gestured grandly at the array of chilled confectionery. Lauren laughed.

“Chocolate, I guess?”

“Chocolate? Chocolate is so boring,” he scrunched up his nose. “You take a seat and I’ll order for us.”

Lauren slid into a cosy booth at the back of the store.

When Jack returned it was with a large glass dish with colourful scoops of icecream, a sinful slathering of chocolate syrup, generous sprinklings of nuts and hundreds and thousands on top.

Lauren let her mouth fall open.

“I can’t-“

“Don’t worry about it. Dig in.” Jack handed her a silver spoon. “There’s your chocolate.”

Lauren flashed him a grin and took a gob of the luscious chocolate onto her spoon. She closed her eyes when she slid the cold spoon in her mouth.

Jack stopped eating and stared at her.

“Mmmm, that’s really good,” she murmured, scooping up more ice cream.

“That’s because it’s freshly hand-made every day,” Jack said slowly. He stared at Lauren’s mouth.

“What?” She pressed a finger to her lip.

Leaning in, Jack moved his face closer and closer to Lauren’s till she could feel his breath on her face. She stilled.

“You’ve got a lil’ something there,” he said softly. He leaned closer and licked the smudge of chocolate off the side of her mouth. Lauren opened her lips wider and let Jack slip his chilled tongue into her mouth. He licked inside of her and she shivered slightly, clutching at him.

Jack drew back and wiped his mouth with a napkin. When he looked back up at Lauren it was with those heated eyes and she breathed deeper.

“Come on Lauren don’t make me let good ice cream go to waste with that mouth of yours,” he said, smiling slightly at the end of his sentence.

Lauren breathed harder and took more ice cream in her mouth.

“I’m illegal bahis siteleri not. You kissed me.” She attacked the ice cream and Jack hid a grin.

They left the ice cream parlour about half an hour later. Jack strapped himself in his seat and started the engine. He looked at Lauren, who seemed lost in thought. Sighing he reached over and drew her seatbelt from her side and pulled it over her chest. His fingers brushed her skin over her white tank top and he stopped.

Lauren raised her eyes to Jack’s. He looked at her for a long time. He couldn’t believe that she was there, suddenly, in that moment, couldn’t believe that she was right there next to him, having ice cream with him and letting him pull a seatbelt over her. Couldn’t believe that she was taking his hand from the seatbelt and placing it on the soft flesh of her breast and encouraging him to knead her gently.

Jack swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry. He had never felt this way, never felt this vulnerability before. He tilted Lauren’s chin up to his and took her mouth with his. He laved her tongue with his, feeling shocks run up his body and centering in the juncture of his legs, where a hardness was quickly forming. His fingers pushed aside the fabric of Lauren’s shirt and flimsy bra and thumbed her nipple.

Lauren’s soft moan urged him on and he dipped his head to lick her nipple slowly. His hand moved down her torso and between her soft thighs. She spread them for him, caught on a breath, and arched toward his hand as he felt her through her shorts.

A sharp rap on the windows jerked the both of them up. A security guard frowned down at them.

“Get a room, you horny teenagers,” he muttered, and hobbled away.

Lauren blushed for the umpteenth time and Jack turned back to the wheel. He heard the click of her seatbelt and opened his mouth to suggest the next destination when he felt her hand grasp his cock. He looked at her in surprise.

“Can we go back now, please,” she said softly. Jack opened and closed his mouth. He nodded slightly and revved the engine.


They had barely gotten through the door when Lauren tugged at Jack’s shirt while feasting on his mouth. He kissed her back hungrily and tossed his shirt aside, pulling up her tank top to go with it. They stumbled to his bedroom, kissing eagerly all the way, and somehow Jack found himself with his back on his bed and Lauren straddled atop him. She smiled wickedly and trailed a finger down his chest.

“You’re bad, Jack. You teased me with that ice cream bit,” she said, smiling wryly. Jack opened his mouth to argue but her mouth over the fabric of his shorts stopped him.

“What is this?” Lauren cupped his growing hardness and pulled the buttons out of their fastenings on his trousers. Jack opened his mouth once more but she tugged his shorts and underwear down swiftly and his stiff member jerked up in the cool air. “Oh my,” she whispered, taking it gently in her fingers. Jack clenched his teeth and watched her.

Lauren gripped his cock firmly and stroked him once, twice. canlı bahis siteleri A drop of precum gathered on the head and his eyes were dilating with pleasure. Grinning she leaned down and took the head of his cock into her mouth, laving it with her tongue and then pulling it deeper with the suction of her lips.

Jack shuddered as he felt Lauren’s soft sucking lips take his aching hardness deeper into her mouth. He jerked involuntarily, thrusting his shaft deeper into her throat. She gagged a little and drew her head back, only to sink back down on his cock with renewed vigour.

“God, Lauren you’re killing me,” he said through gritted teeth, and used all his strength to pull her up to him. She kissed him and he felt his own musk on her lips, and it turned him on even more. Flipping her on her back Jack laved her neck with his tongue and her moans brought him to the curve of her belly where he bit at the flesh. He ran his tongue up the wet seam of her panties and she exhaled raggedly.

“My, you’re wet,” Jack laughed. He pulled Lauren’s panties down and dragged a finger through her wet lips, teasing the swelling nub at the top. She gasped and he sucked the moisture off his finger while looking at her. The drowsy heat in her eyes grew fiercer and Jack felt his own passion rise. He leaned forward, dipping his head between her legs, his long hair falling over his eyes and her skin, and drew his tongue over her cleft. Lauren gasped harder and fisted his hair. He stuck his tongue out and lashed her clit with it, stopping to lave her up and down and then circling her flesh with his wet, warm tongue.

“Oh god it feels so good,” Lauren started to breathe deeper and Jack slid two fingers down her slit and thrust them deep into her. She bucked against him and he ate her as he fingerfucked her.

She came in deep, prolonged shudders and Jack smiled as he drew himself back up, her moisture shining on his lips. Lauren kissed him, exhausted with her orgasm and climbed on top of him. She spread her legs and they both groaned when they felt his cock probe the flesh of her moist opening. Lauren looked into Jack’s eyes. She leaned down and laced her fingers through his hair as she whispered in his right ear, “I love you, Jack,”

In one easy motion she slid down onto his cock and swung her hips hard against his rigid flesh. Jack held her tight and raised himself on his knees, bucking furiously into her. He flipped her swiftly and raised his arms up, fuelled by her words and his desire for her. He plunged his heavy cock into her wet pussy over and over, the dull pleasure blooming inside her, the sharp ache increasing with each frenzied thrust.

Finally he uttered a strangled “Fuck,” and rammed into her heavily. She spasmed around his cock and he shot jets of cum into her.

When the post-orgasmic haze had lifted he raised his head and looked at her. His semen was smeared on her thighs and mound. Fear started growing in him and he grabbed his shirt from the corner and frantically tried to wipe the residue away.

Lauren stilled his movements and held him in her arms.

“Shh, it’s all right,” she murmured. He slumped tiredly against her and they lay in silence on the bed.


Note: Sorry for the delay; I have assignments due so the work will be slower..but it will come, I promise. Thanks for the comments. 🙂

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