Katie’s Favors Ch. 06

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The noon sun was high and hot as Katie and her friends Amber and Carol made their way to the hotel poolside, eager to catch sun, relax in the water, and sip expensive colorful cocktails with little straw umbrellas in them.

The Nova Luna beachside resort was a luxury establishment. This meant that despite being only a stone’s throw away from the magnificent crystal clear waters of the beach, the hotel still maintained an extravagant swimming pool, complete with island bar smack in the middle of the pool.

The hotel was booked out and despite being of modest size (all the better to be exclusive and pricey) there was still a good smattering of tourists relaxing by the pool. Most were older people, especially seniors, giving lie to the hotel brochure with its photogenic families and attractive young people. Despite the advertising, hotels were usually full of elderly rich people with lots of time on their hands, not good looking young college students living off instant noodles and cramming for finals.

Right now however, Katie and her friends were the bold exception to this rule. Strutting to the pool, the three nineteen year old college girls were the youngest and hottest women on the whole island. That alone would have been enough to cause a stir among the normal clientele. The matter wasn’t helped by the fact that Katie, Amber and Carol were all smoking hot in their own distinct ways.

The people around the pool were staring at them, but trying very hard not to appear so. The men were slack-jawed and vigorously undressing the three girls with their eyes, while hoping that their wives and girlfriends hadn’t noticed.

It was not difficult to see why Katie and her two friends were having such an effect.

Katie, the unofficial ringleader of their little gang, was ironically a little pocket rocket. Short and petite, Katie had a pixie-like cuteness which belied a cunning and methodical mercenary attitude which caught people off guard. Her face and shoulders were freckled, her eyes hazel and mischievous, and her auburn hair was tied back into a funky ponytail. Katie was clad in a tiny shoulder strapped yellow bikini which drew attention to her small but perky breasts, and a denim mini skirt that hugged her cute ass like a second skin.

To Katie’s right was Amber. Tanned, sultry and slender, Amber was the very definition of a drop dead gorgeous skinny bitch. Her olive toned skin was glistening and flawless. Her dark, almost raven black hair fell in a perfect fringe over a pair of stunning grey eyes. The rest of her hair had grown longer over the summer and now fell past her shoulders in sleek, straight locks. Amber was rocking a black and white horizontally striped tank top and a pair of white daisy-duke mini shorts that showed off her skinny waist and long tanned legs.

Carol, on Katie’s left, was a tall, busty brunette with the looks and demeanour of an angel. Innocent and sensible, Carol was gorgeous in a girl-next-door kind of way. Creamy fair skin, a sunny smile, and a bob of brown hair made her simply irresistible. Her most arresting feature however was her magnificent and ample rack, snugly encased in a trendy white halter string bikini set under a flowing girly aqua sundress.

The three gorgeous girls’ holiday had already gotten off to a strange and rocky start.

Through intensive Google searches the three college girls had scored bargain prices for a booking at Nova Luna on their college break. It had been a prize score — until they discovered the hotel had been overbooked and the girls had arrived on the tiny island with nowhere to stay and no plane back until the end of the week.

The situation had only been resolved in the most peculiar of ways when several male college “friends” of Katie’s had appeared — they had come to the hotel for a video game tournament of all things — and offered an unusual solution. The boys invited the girls to share their own accommodation for the duration of the trip. However, in return, a deal was struck that saw the girls providing a certain degree of sexual favors to the guys.

Desperate times called for desperate measures, and now the girls had won their resort holiday back, but at a price. Katie had negotiated a complicated deal that would see the girls able to enjoy their holiday while occasionally having to service the sexual requests of the three boys whose hotel room they were now sharing.

Not a few hours earlier the first sex deal on the schedule had taken place in their hotel room. Katie, Amber and Carol had all blown the boys, with very messy results, and spent the next hour cleaning themselves up and changing before they could make their way down to enjoy the sun and water for the rest of the day.

As the men around the poolside ogled the girls with barely concealed lust, the three girls found a couple of stools around an umbrella-shaded table and took seat to chat and plan out the rest of their day.

“Finally! Out in the sun, by the pool. This was the holiday I wanted!” exclaimed Carol.

“All we need are a few delicious drinks and we’ll be izmir escort bayan cruising our way to summer time bliss,” said Amber.

“It got off to a rocky start but things have worked out nicely,” beamed Katie, looking very pleased with herself.

“I wouldn’t call what we just had to do as ‘working out nicely’,” countered Carol. “But yes, at least we have a room now and our trip won’t be wasted.”

“Funny Carol, I could have sworn you were starting to have fun towards the end of our party with the boys there,” teased Amber.

“I had to do it anyway, might as well try and enjoy it right,” shrugged Carol.

“You sure you aren’t starting to enjoy Lyle fawning over you?” asked Katie cheekily.

“Eeew, don’t even start with that,” said Carol. “Just remember I’m going through with this crazy scheme of yours because of you. Why can’t I get a hot personal trainer to fawn over me instead?”

“I think I saw some hot guys over by the gym earlier, you should both come on the prowl with me later,” suggested Amber with a wink.

“Ha, I am way too exhausted to do anything but sit out here and tan,” said Carol. “Besides, with the deal we made with the boys, I don’t know how I’m going to find the energy to go out looking for more sex.”

“You forget how insatiable our foxy Amber is,” said Katie.

“What can I say, I have strong needs!” laughed Amber.

“Oh no,” said Carol. “Speak of the devils, look who’s coming our way.”

Amber and Katie turned their heads to see three nerdy college guys they had just come to know a whole lot more intimately making a bee-line for the girls.

Greg, the self-appointed alpha of the pack was wearing a smug grin and a loud oversized t-shirt with a phrase sprawled across it that might have meant something at comic-con but fell dead before the three trendy girls. Following Greg’s lead was the lanky Lyle, and next to him the newest nerd of the group, Howard, a big and burly African-American.

“Looking very fine, ladies!” Greg exclaimed happily as he and the other two boys ogled the girls in their hot pool-side outfits. “Out enjoying the sun already are we?”

“Hey Carol!” Lyle waved enthusiastically at Carol.

Carol rolled her eyes and tried to ignore him.

“You guys recovered quickly,” said Katie. “You were all pretty much passed out when we cleaned up and left.”

“We have a whole exciting day ahead of us!” said Greg cheerfully. “Lots of important choices to make. Tough choices indeed considering how lovely each of you is, but we’ve come to our decisions!”

“Already!” Amber exclaimed. “We’ve only just got down to the pool!”

“Oh, don’t worry, we won’t be claiming our rewards just yet,” said Greg. “At least not all of us anyway. No, we actually have a new proposal.”

“We’re not interested in any more of your proposals, Greg, you’re already getting more than you deserve,” said Carol.

“On the contrary my bodacious Carol, this proposal might be very appealing for you,” said Greg. “You see, we’ve just had a very meaningful discussion about who we’re going to choose today for our special favors. Lyle of course was very insistent that he have first pick on you, Carol.”

The girls all looked over at Lyle, who seemed to have entered a trance-like state with his eyes fixed on Carol’s ample chest filling out her white bikini top and aqua sundress, displaying plenty of deep creamy cleavage.

“How flattering,” Carol deadpanned sarcastically.

“However, I myself, having already enjoyed both Katie and Amber on past occasions, was also very keen on trying you Carol, and completing my triad of you sexy girls.”

“I think I’m going to pass out,” said Carol.

“Howard too expressed great interest in savouring your… bounty, Carol,” said Greg.

“There is no way I’m sleeping with all three of you in one day!” protested Carol.

“Need I remind you that our agreement clearly states that we each get to choose one of you each day to have our way with,” said Greg. “There was no clause on mutual exclusivity.”

Carol paled. Beside her, Katie and Amber had their hands over their mouths trying to keep from laughing.

“Don’t worry! We have no intention of all spending our choice today on you, Carol. Not the least because Lyle is very keen to have you first and to himself. Therefore, we come to our proposal!” said Greg theatrically. “Howard, if you please…”

Howard stepped forward and cleared his throat. “As you may remember, girls, me and the guys are staying at this hotel because of the video game tournament being held here. That tournament concludes tonight. Greg, Lyle and I are all in the running to claim first prize. However our competition is fierce. We need a distraction and a team mascot. So we decided-“

Before Howard could finish Lyle excitedly interrupted, “we want you to dress up as Lara Croft!”

“Huh?” all three girls said in unison. The conversation was getting increasingly difficult to follow.

“Lara Croft. You know, Tomb Raider? Angelina Jolie?” said Lyle.

“Ohhhhh,” said the girls escort izmir together.

“I don’t look like Angelina Jolie,” said Carol.

“Not exactly, but you look like the hot young nineteen year old Lara Croft from the new Tomb Raider. Super foxy.” Greg nodded seriously.

“Anyway, as I was saying,” said Howard. “We want you to dress up as Lara Croft, as close as possible, and be our team mascot. Cheer us on. Distract our opponents. Help us win the tournament.”

“Why would I want to do that?” asked Carol suspiciously.

“Because if you agree to this, all three of us have agreed to forfeit choosing you for our sexual gratification today,” said Howard. “Instead, whichever of us three guys wins the tournament will get to have sex with you tonight. That means you only have to sleep with one of us instead of three.”

“And if none of you win, then I get off free?” asked Carol.

“Yes,” said Howard.

“I don’t get it, why would you guys be willing to trade in your free pass for sex for that?” asked Amber.

“Well actually, we’d be getting more sex,” said Greg, “just not all from Carol. You see, we forfeit choosing Carol, but the deal is that we still have our sexual free passes of the day to spend as we like on either of you two foxy ladies, Katie and Amber.”

“You cunning bastards,” smiled Katie. “I’m not sure whether to be disgusted or impressed!”

“So what do you say, Carol?” asked Howard. “Do you agree to our proposal?”

“Alright guys, you have a deal,” said Carol. “If it means only having to sleep with one of you rather than all three, I’ll dress up as whatever you want.”

“Careful honey, they might just take you up on that,” teased Amber.

“I’m totally going to win you, Carol,” said Lyle. “This is my mission, I can’t lose!”

“What does Tomb Raider wear anyway?” asked Katie.

“You mean what does Lara Croft wear?” corrected Howard.

“That’s what I said,” said Katie.

“Actually you said-” began Howard before Greg elbowed him sharply in the side, silencing the big nerdy man before he got carried away in a pointless debate when Greg had just skilfully negotiated more sex from this trio of super hot college girls.

“There’s different outfits,” shrugged Howard. “The most famous one is a green tank top and mini brown shorts. Combat boots. Hair in a ponytail.”

“I have shorts that could work I think,” said Carol.

“I’ve got a green tank you can borrow, Carol,” said Amber, “and combat boots.”

“You brought combat boots to a beach holiday?” asked Lyle, suddenly very interested.

“There’s a whole island attached to this beach, you know,” said Amber, raising her eyebrows. “I like to go hiking.”

“Hold on, just picturing you in a sports bra and those boots, hiking up some trail all sweaty,” said Lyle. “Fuck me, I have to get some of that later… Sorry, Carol. You’re still my special busty girl.”

“Like I care,” said Carol, rolling her eyes at Lyle.

“Great, then it’s all set! We’ll meet you back at the room at seven before the tournament gets going tonight.” Greg said, very pleased with his success. “Now, that brings us back to you two girls…”

“Us?” asked Katie and Amber.

“Haa! See, now it’s your turn to suffer their attention. Good luck girls! I’m going to tan…” said Carol, happily making her escape.

As Carol whizzed away, all three guys turned to watch her go, checking out her perky ass through the sundress.

“Uh, I’m going to go, check on the deck chairs,” mumbled Lyle. “Make sure they’re safe for tanning and all.”

With that Lyle hurried after Carol, intent on not letting her out of his sight it seemed.

Amber chuckled. “That one’s got it bad for our Carol.”

When Carol finally disappeared from view, the remaining two boys turned back to their current prey, eyes lighting up with renewed sexual interest as they drank in Katie and Amber’s bodies.

“Do we have to dress up too, guys?” asked Katie.

“No time! I for one am suddenly very stiff in the pants again after seeing you three girls in these summer outfits,” said Greg, scratching his chin thoughtfully. “I really need a blowjob.”

“Me too,” said Howard, ogling the tanned sultry Amber in her black and white striped tank top and mini white shorts.

“So are you going to use your daily sex pass on us or what?” asked Katie cheekily. She knew exactly what the boys were getting at, but she wanted to tease them.

“Um, I had in mind that other part of the deal we made this morning,” said Greg, “you know, about how we could buy BJs with special favors, like buying you guys drinks or whatever. So I can save my pass for something more vigorous later.”

“Oh yes, I remember that,” smiled Katie. “So, go ahead and ask us then.”

Howard leaped in, not missing the opportunity.

“Amber, can I buy you a drink?” asked Howard, putting on his best attempt at a deep, sexy voice.

Amber pouted and brushed her raven hair over her ears, as if weighing the decision carefully.

“I want the Nova Luna Coconut Frusion Deluxe,” izmir escort said Amber. “Make sure it has the little umbrellas in it.”

Howard frowned as he looked over at the big blackboard menu at the nearby pool bar.

“That’s like a fifty dollar cocktail,” said Howard.

“Yep,” grinned Amber. “But afterwards I’ll suck that big black dick of yours so deep you’ll think you’re drilling for oil.”

“I’ll be right back,” said Howard stiffly, before striding with all the purpose of the Terminator towards the bar.

Greg was now smirking sleazily from ear to ear as he looked between Amber and her perfectly sculpted Amazonian bronzed legs and Katie with her tiny waist and adorable freckled face.

“Since Howard’s picked Amber, how about I buy you a drink, Katie?” asked Greg smugly.

“No thanks,” said Katie, smiling.

Greg took a moment to process this.

“Huh?” asked Greg, dumbfounded.

“I don’t feel like a drink right now,” said Katie. “I’m just going to chat here with Amber. Then maybe go for a swim.”

Greg looked crestfallen.

“Feel free to ask again later,” teased Katie with a Cheshire smile.

“Damn it, I can’t wait that long!” complained Greg, before turning to Amber. “Can I buy you a drink, Amber?”

“Howard’s already getting me one,” shrugged Amber.

Greg swore loudly, and a few of the older hotel patrons at the poolside looked over disapprovingly.

“I’m so freaking hard, I need some relief!” Greg pleaded to the two girls.

Staring at Katie and Amber was not helping Greg’s situation either. Their young bodies were slender, nubile and perky in all the right places. Their skin looked perfectly smooth and even had a glistening sheen of sweat from the tropical heat. Moreover their outfits were jaw-droppingly hot, highlighting every delicious feature from their perky tits to their flat stomachs and their flawless legs.

The more Greg looked the more urgent his need became. His raging hard-on was already throbbing away painfully. But he could not look away. The girls were just too enticing.

“Gosh, you guys are insatiable!” laughed Amber as she checked out Greg’s bulging crotch through his shorts.

“You could go cool off in the pool and then come back later,” suggested Katie.

But it was too late. By now, Greg had already made up his mind. He had wanted to leave his daily sex pass for tonight, where he could savor the experience, and maybe even swing a threesome if he won Carol at the tournament. But his cock had rebelled and demanded satisfaction immediately.

And with two hot young women right in front of him to choose from, it was pointless for Greg to resist.

“Damn it! Come with me, Katie, I’m using my sex pass now!” said Greg finally.

“Alright, but don’t be too long, I want to enjoy the rest of my day with the girls,” said Katie.

“Don’t worry, it’s going to be way too quick unfortunately,” said Greg through gritted teeth.

Amber couldn’t help but burst out laughing and waved goodbye to her friend as the petite Katie was seized firmly at the wrist by Greg and almost dragged away for his sexual satisfaction.

Just then, Howard returned with an incredibly tall and colorful cocktail, complete with tiny umbrellas.

“Ah, right on time Howard!” said Amber. “Now let’s see what you’re fifty dollars has bought…”


Meanwhile, Greg and Katie did not even make it to the lobby.

Such was Greg’s desperation that no sooner had they turned a few corners down the winding hotel grounds did they quickly and quietly slip into an empty sauna room that was supposed to be closed for cleaning until the evening. The room was still hot and steamy from earlier use, and Katie found herself already dripping with sweat only moments after entering.

Far from being disappointed, Katie actually appreciated the thrill of the public adventure. Although no one seemed to be around this area, the excitement of possibly getting caught was already making her wet with excitement. Greg was not the most tender or skilled sexually of the guys Katie had been with, but he made up for it with sheer energy and bravado, always pushing things to their limits with little care for the consequences.

Katie had mostly found it irritating, especially when it left her with an unfortunate mess to clean up, but there was a certain rough attraction about it all. Greg always knew exactly what he wanted, and he went and got it.

Right now that was translating into Greg roughly pinning the petite Katie against the timber wall. Pressing his broad and somewhat chubby body against the college girl, Greg kept Katie trapped with her back against the wall, her small yellow bikini-clad tits pushed into a surprisingly respectable cleavage. Greg looked down at the sight of her cute breasts forced together by the weight of his own body pushing up against hers and groaned with delight. She looked and felt fantastic. Soft and pliable. The perfect petite little fuck doll.

Greg mashed his lips against Katie’s and drove his tongue down her throat. Katie whimpered and moaned — Greg couldn’t tell whether out of pleasure or annoyance, but didn’t particularly care which. His hands were all over her, sliding over her body, groping, cupping and feeling up every bit of her he could.

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