Karma , the Cowboy

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I’d been watching him all night… sitting with my friends and sipping my beer, trying to get up the nerve to ask him to dance. The dance floor was deserted, but I wanted that body against mine and I thought it would be inappropriate to walk up and ask if he wanted to fuck.

Finally, he looked over at our table… our eyes met over a shot glass as I tipped my head back and let the fire run down my throat. I winked at him and he grinned… half shy and half-predatory. I slid my chair back from the table as he slid from a booth full of rowdy men. I gasped as his legs unfolded and I saw his full length wrapped in wranglers and boots. I knew I’d always had a thing for cowboys, but now I knew why.

We met in the middle of the tiny dance floor and one of his friends fed the jukebox some quarters. I stepped into his arms as Garth belted out “Standing Outside the Fire”. We ground against each other on the dance floor… I felt his hard cock rub up against me as I pressed my breasts against his chest and then stepped away again. The song hadn’t even ended when he swept me into his arms and carried me through the doors of the bar and into the cold night.

When he stood me on my feet next to his truck, I couldn’t make myself stop touching him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and kissed him breathless. He tasted of salt, horses, and beer. His cock was throbbing against me and I ran my hand down between us feeling the heat and laughing as he gasped.

Somehow he managed to open the door of the truck and we slid inside. I was trapped under his body and our tongues were wrestling each other as our hands fought the buttons on our clothes. I nearly came when I felt his hands on my breasts. I slid my hands down the waist of his jeans and cupped his ass… pulling him tighter against me.

Almost at the same time, we remembered we were in a public parking lot and we grinned at each other. He stepped back and I followed him from the truck. He told me to follow in my car to his place and I agreed. I slid behind the wheel of my car as he started his truck and tipped his hat at me.

In my car alone, I slipped my hands under my skirt. I had never been so wet. I was driving down the highway rubbing my clit and feeling like my entire body was on fire. Finally, he pulled into a field and up a rutted road to a cabin.

He was out of the truck and opening my door almost before I could arrange my skirt back over my pussy. I slipped out of the car and he picked me up again. I whispered into his ear, “I’ve wanted you to fuck me all night “. I felt him shudder and I grinned as I ran my still wet fingers across his lips.

Shouldering the door open, he carried me into the cabin and sat down on the couch still holding me in his arms. Our lips met again and I could taste me on him. I lay back on the cushions and pulled him with me. It took about two seconds before our hands were exploring naked skin. Again, I cupped his ass in my hands and pulled his now naked cock hard against my pussy. I was grinding against him; both of us moaning like animals.

I wiggled out from under him and rolled stranded teens porno him onto his back. I kneeled on the floor, grinned at him in the darkness, and kissed the head of his cock. My tongue traced the tip… tasting his pre-cum and teasing more from him. My hand began massaging his balls as I nibbled and licked my way down his hardness. His hips were straining… trying to force me to take more of him. Finally, I climbed back onto the couch… straddling his chest and offering him my dripping pussy as I swallowed his cock….

I was fucking him with my mouth… milking his cock with my lips and tongue. I gasped as he flicked his tongue across my pussy lips… I wasn’t even sure he’d made contact. Then he spread my lips with his fingers and started teasing my clit with his tongue and teeth. His beard was rough and almost painful on the inside of my thighs.

His callused hands on my hips pulled my pussy closer to his tongue. I was writhing and riding against his face… cumming in spasms and drenching his tongue. I could feel the pressure building in his cock and balls. I moved away from his mouth and held my pussy above his nearly purple cock.

Slowly, I impaled myself on him and held him in me not moving. I leaned forward and nibbled his nipples… up to his neck… his lips…. I tasted my juice on his face and the taste of us together almost drove me over the edge. I kissed him then, our tongues sliding over each other, tasting and probing. I sucked his tongue like a cock as I started moving my hips. We were locked together… our bodies slick with sweat as I rode him furiously….

Finally, I broke the kiss and sat up… throwing my head back and arching my body, I felt him bottom out and the sharp pain made me scream. He was yelling too… as he filled my pussy with his hot cum. Load after load shot into me. My pussy tightened around his cock… milking every drop from him. It seemed like hours later that we stopped cumming and I collapsed on his chest.

His hands tangled in my hair as he rolled onto his side and kissed me. I dipped my head and licked a drop of sweat from his chin. I’d never felt quite so satisfied. “We’re not even close to finished,” I thought as I drifted to sleep… “Not even close”.

The next morning, I woke up to an empty cabin. The air smelled of coffee and snow. I slipped on his shirt from the night before and wrapped up in a quilt. I helped myself to coffee in the tiny kitchen and stepped onto the deck.

I was watching the snowfall when I heard someone walking through the cabin. I turned and waited for my cowboy to find me.

As he stepped through the French doors, I took a deep breath. A couple of times in my life, my beer goggles have gotten pretty thick, and I was sincerely hoping that this was not another one of those times.

It wasn’t. When he stepped into the sunshine, he was the same Marlboro man from the night before. He was about six feet tall, broad shouldered, and wearing wranglers. He had on a green flannel shirt that had seen better days, and a black cowboy hat. Past him, in the kitchen, I could see a duster student sex parties porno thrown over a chair. He smiled that same shy smile and came toward me.

I smiled back at him, and winked. I laughed as he blushed. He stopped, inches from me and bent to kiss my lips. It was my turn to blush when he stepped back and offered his hand to me. “My name is Jim, it’s nice to meet you.”

I laughed again, and shook his hand. “And mine, is Karma. Yes, it’s my real name, and it’s very nice to meet you.” I didn’t let go of his hand, but brought it to my mouth and sucked lightly on his fingers. “Looks like we’re snowed in cowboy. What ever shall we do?”

He blushed again, and I promised myself that I would make him do that an awful lot between now and whenever the snowplow came by and freed my car. He took my hand and led me back into the house. My heart was pounding and I could feel my thigh muscles tingle as he walked toward a bedroom.

I sat on the bed as he turned to the dresser and opened drawers. He began tossing me clothes. I must admit, I was disappointed, but I dressed in the too big jeans and shirt. I must have looked like an extra on “Hee-Haw”. He handed me an old leather jacket and grabbed my hand again.

Once outside, I followed him to a small barn that I hadn’t noticed from the house. It was warm and smelled of animals inside. I asked him where the horses were just as I heard one whinny from behind the barn. He just smiled and beckoned me to follow him. We walked through the barn and out to a small ring. Inside was the most gorgeous stallion I had ever seen. He was pacing the fence and looking wildly all around. Jim caught my eye and his grin was predatory again. I smiled back, knowing what he had brought me out to see.

Jim opened a gate between the round pen and the barn and a mare trotted into the pen. She wasn’t nervous at all, but seemed to measure the stallion with her eyes. He bobbed his head and then slowly walked toward her. When he was close enough for their noses to touch, she wheeled and ran to the other end.

As the stud approached her again, Jim wrapped his arms around my waist. Have you ever watched horses fuck?”

I just smiled. I had grown up on a farm, and had seen all kinds of animals fuck, including horses. I must tell you though, horses seem to do it for the pleasure, and it is the most blatantly sexual thing in the world. “No, I haven’t. He won’t hurt her will he?”

“No, he won’t hurt her. It’s very physical, and none too gentle, but she’ll enjoy it.”

I wondered if he was talking about more than the horses. My thighs tingled again and I kissed him lightly. “I’ll bet she enjoys it more than you imagine.”

While we’d been talking, the horses had been playing the same game of tag in the ring. The stallion would approach and the mare would wheel and run. But, as we turned back to watch, she stopped and offered herself to the stud.

The stallion’s cock had been hanging out and dripping a steady stream of juice in anticipation of this moment. As the mare lifted her tail, he reared submissive cuckolds porno onto his hind legs and plunged forward. He rammed into the mare with so much force that she stumbled forward. She screamed as he thrust forward yet again, but it didn’t sound like a scream of pain.

The stallion was thrusting with such force, that the mare continued taking small steps forward, just to keep her balance. His muscles were contracting almost spasmodically, and the mare was making deep sounds in her throat. I could see the blood trickling from wounds on her sides; bite marks and scratches from hooves.

I was swaying on my feet and leaned back against Jim’s chest. He moaned and his arms came around me. He cupped my breasts in his hands and teased the flannel of my shirt against my already swollen nipples.

I unbuttoned my pants and let them fall. With Jim behind me, I climbed up two rails on the fence. I felt Jim’s breath on my ear at the same time I felt his hands on my ass. He teased my clit with his thumbs and I was moaning like the mare.

Once his thumbs were soaked with my juices, he started massaging my ass with them. Slowly, he pressed one thumb into me and I nearly came. The other thumb was sliding into my pussy, then rubbing my clit. Jim leaned forward and traced his tongue from my swollen clit to my asshole. He wet his thumb in my pussy again and this time was a lot less gentle as he pressed it into my ass.

I came then, in huge shuddering gasps. He was fucking me in both holes and still licking my clit. The horses were fucking and screaming in front of me and I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

I heard the zipper on Jim’s jeans as he removed them. Then he was lifting me from the fence and sitting me down on his cock. I held on to the top rail as Jim fucked me. My eyes were still glued on the horses in the ring and my ears were filled with their feral screams. I was cumming nonstop with Jim pounding into me, I know my screams joined those of the horses as he filled me again with his cum.

The next thing I remember, Jim was lifting me and carrying me into the barn. He gently dropped me to the ground in a freshly cleaned and bedded stall. The smell of fresh straw and the headier aroma of animals surrounded me. Jim smiled that devilish grin again and disappeared. My mind was full of images from the night before and the horses that I could still hear fucking outside.

I don’t know how long I lay in the straw with my eyes closed and my mind racing. I was in a strange sort of semi-consciousness. When I heard Jim approaching the stall, I noticed that the light had changed. It was later in the day by a couple of hours.

“Have a nice nap?” There was that devilish grin again, and I was beginning to get attached to it.

I stretched and smiled at him. “Yeah, I dreamed of a handsome stranger who kidnapped me and turned me into a sex slave. Care to make it come true?”

The man was blushing again, and I didn’t know how much more I could take. I also couldn’t fathom how a man who could do the things we’d been doing could blush so easily.

He came to me then, and sat down next to me in the stall. He pulled me against him and kissed my breasts. His hands ran down my sides and to my pussy. I couldn’t believe I wanted him again. I held my hand over his and moved it in small circles over my pussy. We kissed again and I reached for his denim-clad cock. I was rubbing him through his jeans and kissing him softly on the neck.

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