Just This Once

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.

Debbie and I had been friends for a pretty long time but, because we lived so far apart, we didn’t see each other very often and stayed in touch primarily online. We didn’t have any history together but, back in high school and college, she’d dated my friends and I had dated her friends. She was currently engaged to a great guy who was also a talented and driven chef who had just opened his own restaurant. When I had the opportunity to be in the area, I definitely wanted to visit with her and check out his new place. It didn’t seem odd or suggestive when she offered me her guest room for the night, since I knew we’d be hanging out and catching up late into the night. We planned to visit Chef during a slow enough time during the day that he’d be able to spend some time with us and show me around. After that, it would be just the two of us at their place since he’d be working late into the night.

After hanging out at the restaurant for a couple of hours, having a great meal and getting the full tour of the kitchen, Debbie and I went back to her place where we were hanging out in her living room while having a cocktail. Among the many things we talked about and caught up on, we somehow managed to end up talking about which of her friends I’d slept with and which of mine she had as well as, for those we hadn’t slept with, what we had done. It was revealing and I know I found it somewhat arousing.

“So did you ever think about me that way?” she finally asked.

“What, back then or right now?” I asked.

“Seriously,” she said, “have you ever thought about jumping my bones?”

“Honestly,” I started slowly and carefully, “I don’t think I ever did back in high school but I have since thought about it, both then and now.”

“What, like you think back now about what it would have been like to fuck me then?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied, “but also what it would be like to fuck you now.”

“You’re full of shit,” she said, “I’m not buying it.”

“Well, I can actually prove it,” I told her, “Let me see your laptop.”

She handed me her laptop, which was sitting open nearby. I navigated to the website where I posted the erotica that I wrote pretty regularly and that typically featured people I knew. I found the first story I’d written about her under my profile but, before I clicked on it, I pointed out the date.

“See when this story was posted?” I asked, “When would that have been around?”

“Probably around the time we reconnected online,” she said, after a moment of thought.

“Okay, now read it,” I said.

She dove into the first story I’d written about her, where we bump into each other during a summer break from college, she invites me to a party at her house and we hook up, fucking and sucking each other into the night. I watched her as she read, noticing that she was shifting slightly in her seat and that her hand moved toward her lap a couple of times before she stopped it.

“That was really well-written,” she finally said, once she’d apparently finished. There was a little more color in her cheeks.

“Well, I think I got your boob size wrong, though” I replied.

“Eh, back in college they were smaller when I was thinner,” she said, “so I won’t deduct points. Any more?”

“Sure,” I replied, “try this one.”

I opened another story which was the second one I’d written featuring her, though this one also included another of our friends. We go on vacation together and end up in a threesome. As I watched her this time, I had a strong impression that, had I not been right there, she’d be stroking her pussy. I wondered if she’d let me do it for her, especially since it was my fault both that she had an itch in need of scratching and that she couldn’t scratch it.

“Are you getting worked up reading these?” I asked.

“Absolutely,” she replied, “You have a way with words.”

“Let me help you out,” I said, sliding my hand up along her inner thigh, under the hem of her dress. I didn’t know if it had been intentional that she’d worn a dress that I know I’d told her she looked sexy in when she’d posted a picture online, but she’d find out if she read all of my stories about her since there was one that had been inspired by that dress from that picture. She continued reading as my fingertips found her panties and caressed the front of them, feeling the soft flesh of her pussy through the thin material. She shifted a little grup sex and spread her legs so, after just another moment of caressing her pussy through her panties, I slipped my hand into them. My cock was growing hard as my fingers passed through her closely-cropped pubes before encountering her hot, wet pussy. I immediately slipped a finger into her, which was easy with all of the lubrication she was producing. As she continued reading, she was subtly rocking her hips as I alternately caressed her clit and pumped my finger in and out of her juicy pussy.

“I liked the first one better because it was just about me,” she finally gasped, “but this one was definitely hot, too.”

“Well I haven’t made you cum yet,” I replied, “either with my finger or my writing, so we’ll have to keep going.”

“There’s more?” she asked, sounding very surprised.

“Yes,” I replied, “but as you read this one, which is just about you, I’m going to lick your pussy.”

She just moaned in response, so I slipped my hand out of her panties, selected another story I’d written about her, this one about us having sex in her kitchen as she made cupcakes, then moved to the floor to kneel before her. I pushed the hem of her skirt up, revealing her panties, and kissed her soft, smooth inner thighs. I brushed my fingertips over the front of her panties again then reached for the sides and started to slide them down. As she raised her ass up off the couch to allow me to remove them, my attention was on her trim, brown bush as it came into view. She brought her legs together again so I could slide her panties down them then spread them again as I cast her panties aside. I didn’t kiss my way back up along her inner thighs again, electing instead to dive right in and started lapping at her juicy slit.

Debbie let out a lusty moan as I slurped up the juices flowing between her nether lips. She dropped a hand to my head and was rocking her hips more definitively now as she used her free hand to scroll through the story as she was reading. I slipped a finger into her, finding her pussy even wetter and more engorged than it had been with my hand inside her panties, and started to lick and suck her clit. She moaned even more as I devoured her and I was pretty certain that it wouldn’t take much more before she was cumming. I could tell that she’d finished reading when her other hand joined the first on my head and she was pushing her pussy toward my face even more. I kept up what I was doing, knowing that she was on the verge of a momentous orgasm and wanting to get her the rest of the way there. She was starting to tense up more and more the longer I was licking and sucking her clit.

Finally, she briefly went rigid, and apparently held her breath as well, then let out a ragged moan as her body started shaking. I continued eating and fingering her as she was cumming and her orgasm seemed to go on and on. Her pussy was flooded with even more lubrication and, between that and how hot and engorged it was, I was really hoping that I’d have the opportunity to slip my cock into her. When she finally settled back onto the couch and the continuous shaking was replaced by intermittent aftershocks, I raised my head, still admiring her pussy rather than looking up. I slipped my finger out of her and into my mouth then looked up as she spoke.

“I loved that story and having you eat my pussy,” she said, still trying to catch her breath, “You’ve obviously thought a lot about fucking me so I hope it lives up to your expectations.”

I started raising the hem of her skirt up so I could pull her dress up over her head because I definitely wanted to get her naked if I got to fuck her. She raised her arms and was soon sitting there wearing just her bra as I tossed her dress aside. I immediately reached for her succulent breasts and fondled them through her bra, feeling her hard nipples straining against the thin material. She leaned forward enough for me to reach behind her and unfasten her bra, then leaned back again as I slid it down her arms and revealed her big boobs. Her areolas were large and her nipples thick and hard so, after tossing her bra aside, I caressed the soft, smooth flesh and her nipples then lowered my head to lick and suck them. She ran her fingers through my hair and moaned again as I stimulated her nipples with my lips and tongue while still caressing her tits.

I had definitely wanted a look at her succulent tits for quite a while but the sex stories were just fantasy; I never expected to actually get to do either. So, since she’d cum already and cum hard, I took a moment to relish the opportunity to see and feel her tits. My throbbing cock reminded me that she’d said I was going to get to fuck her, too, so I finally released her tits and raised my head then stood up before her. She sat up and opened my jeans, taking them down then caressing my throbbing tool through my briefs before taking them down, too. As I was kicking my jeans and briefs aside, she pumped my cock then engulfed it in her hot mouth, sliding her lips up and down my shaft while I pulled my shirt off. latina fuck tour porno When she slipped my cock out of her mouth, she lifted her tits up and squeezed my cock between them. I briefly fucked the soft, smooth flesh and, when she lowered her tits away from my cock, I knew that I would be fucking them again.

“Sit and prepare to be ridden,” she said, patting the couch beside her. I sat with my cock standing from my lap and, as she swung herself over to straddle me, my hands went right to her tits again. She reached for my cock and lowered herself onto it, causing both of us to moan, while I caressed the soft, smooth flesh I’d just been fucking. Her pussy felt outstanding; it was incredibly hot and wet and pretty snug. As she started slowly riding up and down on my cock, the pleasure was intense and, based on the noises she was making, she must have been feeling the same. We had not kissed yet at this point but she remedied that once she had a good, steady rhythm going. While I continued to fondle her tits, she pressed her lips against mine then slipped her tongue into my mouth. We made out passionately for the first time while also fucking each other for the first time.

The longer she rode me, the harder she was riding me, which ultimately made it more difficult to continue making out. When she had to stop, she straightened up on my lap and threw her head back, moaning as she rode me harder and faster. I released her tits at this point so I could watch them bouncing enticingly and reached around for her full, round ass, squeezing and caressing it. I could feel her pussy becoming even hotter and wetter as she continued riding me and started pushing up into her each time she dropped down on me. It seemed as though she was building up to another orgasm which I hoped would be as long and intense as the first one appeared to have been. In spite of how incredible her pussy felt, I was not in any danger of cumming too soon myself so I was confident that she would cum before I did. I intended to continue fucking her but definitely planned to change things up a little first.

I brought my hands up from her ass to her curvy waist to essentially pull her down each time I pushed my cock up into her. My gaze was still on her bouncing tits but my focus was on making her cum and she was nearly there. She dropped down hard on my lap and just remained there as her orgasm coursed through her, causing her entire body to tremble. She still rocked her hips subtly so that she could feel my cock moving inside her but mostly she just sat there moaning and shaking. When she finally went still, she let out a long sigh and continued sitting there with her eyes closed and a smile on her face.

“You haven’t cum yet,” she said once she opened her eyes.

“That’s because I’m not done fucking you yet,” I replied, “and I bet I can get you to cum again if you think you can focus on reading while getting fucked.”

“There’s another story?” she asked, incredulously.

I had her climb off of me and grab her laptop, setting it on the table at the end of the couch. I queued up the last story for her, where she’s wearing the dress that was currently on the floor, and I take her both in it and out of it. I had her get on all-fours facing the laptop and, as she started reading, I got behind her and slipped back into her hot, slippery pussy. I started fucking her slowly, wanting her to be able to read rather than banging her head into the laptop screen. It was nice to just ease my cock in and out of her and savor the pleasurable feeling of her pussy. Once I had a steady rhythm going, I reached forward for her hanging, swinging tits and cupped the soft flesh, feeling her hard nipples against my palms.

Based on a number of things, not the least of which was how far away I lived and the fact that Debbie was engaged, I fully expected that this would be the one and only time that the two of us would be naked and fucking together. Given that, I was savoring every tactile sensation, from her tits against my palms to her snug pussy engulfing my tool. Of course I’d definitely have copious visual memories as well as recollection of the taste of her pussy. If she’d let me shoot a few photos or some video so I wouldn’t have to solely rely on my memory, I would certainly take advantage of that, too. The point is, though, that I definitely wanted to remember everything about this night because I was pretty sure that we’d both be okay with it being a one-time thing.

I knew Debbie had finished reading the story when she lowered her head, reached one hand back underneath her, presumably to stroke her clit, and started pushing back against my incoming thrusts. I had to pick up my pace to keep up with her and, because reading had apparently aroused her even more, making her pussy hotter, wetter and more engorged, I could feel my own orgasm beginning to build, as well. I released her tits and took her by the hips again, my own hips smacking against her ass and making it jiggle. I finally got to the point where I wasn’t even trying to keep up with her building pace lezbiyen porno and just gave a hard thrust each time her ass hit my hips. Her moaning was getting louder and longer so it didn’t surprise me when she finally gave a hard shove backwards then just held there as her body started trembling.

I just left my cock buried inside her as she was cumming and she gave a few random pushes backwards. I had been getting pretty close to cumming myself but I didn’t want to continue fucking her and blow my load deep into her pussy. I would have been content to sit back on the couch and have her kneeling on the floor blowing me, but there was something I wanted even more. When I was certain that she’d finished cumming, I slipped my cock out of her pussy and asked her to roll onto her back. She didn’t ask as I’m sure I wasn’t the first to request this. Before I straddled her ribs, I took the opportunity to admire her naked body laid out on the couch but that just made me even more aroused so I positioned myself over her and squeezed her tits against my cock. As I started sliding my cock between her tits, I moaned and immediately felt my orgasm building again. I was looking down, admiring her succulent boobs while caressing her hard nipples as my cock slid against the soft, smooth flesh. She was watching my cock as it peeked repeatedly from her cleavage. I thought about the fact that I had only briefly experienced her oral skills but, the way her tits felt against my cock, I doubted that I’d be able to stop fucking her tits long enough to move up and slip my cock into her mouth again.

My orgasm continued to build as I savored the feel of the soft, smooth flesh against my tool. My cock grew harder as I got closer to cumming but I tried not to fuck her tits harder, not just because it might be uncomfortable for her, but because I wanted to draw out the pleasure I was feeling as long as possible. Finally, I let out a grunt and started to spew onto her chest. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and actually managed to catch a stray spurt. I continued fucking her tits even once I was spent, just relishing the feel of them against my softening cock. I only stopped when it was becoming difficult to continue. I climbed off of her and knelt on the floor beside her as she spread my cum around on her chest then licked it off of her fingers.

“Do we need to be concerned about Chef walking in on us?” I finally asked as I fondled her tits again.

“No,” she replied, “he always calls before he heads home so I’ll take the chain off the door. If he suspected something was up and tried to catch us in the act, he’d be held up by the chain.”

“I can’t imagine he suspected something since I don’t believe either you or I did,” I suggested.

“No but I guess you must have realized that my choice of dress tonight wasn’t completely random,” she replied.

“But you didn’t put it on with the intent to seduce me, did you?” I asked.

“I don’t think so,” she replied, “not consciously at least.”

“Can I ask you a favor?” I asked.

“Are you kidding?” she replied, “After all those orgasms, you can ask me for anything.”

“Would you let me take some pictures of you in, or partially in, that dress?” I asked.

“If they are just for you,” she said, “absolutely, but let’s gather everything up and do it upstairs. I’m not expecting Chef home anytime soon but now that you’ve planted that seed, I’m feeling like we should be a little more cautious.”

We gathered our clothes and finished our cocktails, putting our glasses in the dishwasher, then headed upstairs. In the guest bedroom, I had Debbie put her dress and panties back on but not her bra. Her panties only stayed on long enough to get a few shots of her holding her dress up to reveal them then a few with her dress up and her panties down, just enough to expose her pussy, at her knees and at her ankles. The remaining shots were with her boobs partly exposed or fully exposed then with less and less of the dress actually where it was intended to be, ending with a few of her fully naked. All of the photos were automatically uploaded to the cloud so I’d be able to delete them from my phone as soon as I’d confirmed the upload. By the time she was naked again, my cock was fully erect and she took it in her hand and pumped it.

“I’d like to ride this again,” she said, “then I’m going to suck it and swallow your load.”

I smiled and kissed her as she stroked it then lay on my back on her full-size guest bed. She climbed onto the bed, her tits bouncing and swinging and attracting my full attention. She straddled me and my gaze dropped to her trim brown bush as she guided my cock toward it. Sitting straight upright, she lowered herself onto my cock and we both moaned as her hot, slippery pussy engulfed it. I had an excellent view of her entire body as she started moving slowly up and down on my tool, so my gaze was roaming from her tits down to her trim bush and below to watch as my cock was repeatedly exposed. As she got a steady pace going, I was entranced by her bouncing boobs and reached over to the nightstand to grab my phone which I’d conveniently placed nearby. I switched the camera to video mode and mainly recorded her bouncing tits, though I got some nice footage of my cock slipping in and out of her below her trim bush as well as the look of somebody experiencing a high level of pleasure on her face.

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