Jenny and Jack Pt. 01

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Author’s note: I originally submitted this story in seven separate chapters but later decided that some of the earlier ones did not stand alone satisfactorily. Here is Part 1 which consists of chapters 1 through to 7. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If the response is positive then I will submit the Part 2 which is already well under way.

Chapter 1


My name is Jenny Chen from Taiwan. I am a wife and mother in a loveless marriage and I would like to share my sexual awakening and adventures with you. Although I no longer love or respect my husband we stay together because of the kids and because of Chinese culture.

Most of the adventures are real, some fantasy and others a mixture of both. I will leave it to you to decide which is which.

My awakening, or perhaps I should call it my sexual liberation, began fourteen years ago when I was thirty-three years old. At the time I was sales manager for a manufacturing company and responsible for ensuring an efficient and professional service to our largest customer who was based in England.

The person I had day to day communications with was the manufacturing director whose name was Jack. Jack regularly visited Taiwan and from the first time we met, when I was only twenty six or so, I realised that I was attracted to him. Jack was sixteen years older than me but somehow that just added to the attraction. Each time he visited we would flirt with each other which was great fun but quite innocent on my part. It was only much later, around six years, one marriage and two children later that I finally surrendered to his flirting.

I had been brought up in strict Chinese tradition where sex outside of marriage was definitely not allowed.

During my younger years before I was married I discovered the secret pleasure of masturbating. It made me feel very guilty but I could not resist the pleasure it gave me.

Although naïve I knew how women became pregnant and I was curious about men but, because of my strict upbringing, I was frightened of sex. However I would often try to imagine what it might feel like to have sex with a man as I lay in bed pleasing my self with my fingers. I would experiment as I played with myself, tentatively pushing a finger inside me, trying to imagine what it might feel like to have a man actually put his penis in there.

These days I like my breasts and am proud of them but back when I was living at home with my four sisters I felt embarrassed by them. They were larger than my other sister’s and friend’s. In Asian bra size I am a 32C but in western size I am a B cup. Back then my sisters used to tease me, calling me ‘big tits.’ At the time this made me very self conscious especially when I started to notice men checking them out.

Whilst at university I had a few boyfriends but the idea of having any kind of sexual contact with any of them scared me and went totally against my upbringing. I did kiss and cuddle with these boyfriends but it seemed at the time that they were all fascinated by my breasts. I did eventually progress by allowing one of them to touch them but only by squeezing them through my jumper and bra. I remember how thrilling it felt but I resisted any attempt to go further.

My breasts, especially my nipples, had always been sensitive and I would often caress them as part of my masturbation technique.

When I first met my husband, he, like the other few boys before him, was always trying to get his hands up under my top. He was the only one who I eventually allowed to run his hand up inside my jumper. I can still remember how incredibly naughty I felt when, with his hand up inside my jumper one evening, he lifted the cups of my bra and held my naked breast in his hand. After that he pressured me to go further but I was always too scared. I remember him once pulling my hand to the front of his trousers and pressing it against his obvious bulge and on other occasions he managed to get his hand up under my skirt and briefly touch the damp patch in my knickers but that was as far as it went. Eventually I thought I was in love with him and, after he proposed to me, I agreed to marry him.

During our engagement I slowly gave in to his persistent demands for me to feel his penis and help him rub it until he ejaculated. I still remember that first time when I touched it, trying to hide my nervous excitement as I held a penis in my hand for the first time, rubbed it and watched with guilty fascination as I watched him ejaculate.

On my wedding night I can still remember how nervous I felt but with the expectation of how wonderful it might be to finally let go of my inhibitions and feel my new husband’s penis inside me. Sadly, I was to be disappointed.

I think that we were both nervous as we got into bed together for the first time. He kissed me a few times and then, very briefly and clumsily, pulled down the top of the sheer silk night dress I had bought especially for the occasion hardcore porno and roughly grabbed my breasts. It was the first time anyone had seen my breasts and although he was now my husband I still felt incredibly shy. He then took my hand and placed it on his erect penis. As I mentioned earlier I had in fact touched him before we were married on a few occasions when he begged me to rub him until he ejaculated. This time I wrapped my hand around his erection, knowing that he would soon be pushing it inside me and then ejaculating. I remember feeling very tense as he thrust his hand between my legs under my night dress. His touch felt awkward but urgent as he quickly discovered that I was wet and just pushed a finger straight inside me. He then rolled on top of me. I shyly opened my legs as he fumbled between us. I felt him trying to get his penis in the right position and eventually reached between us and helped by holding it and guiding him to me.

I had read about how the first time could be painful. I could feel the head of his penis pressed into the entrance of my vagina. All I felt next was a slight discomfort as he roughly pushed himself forward with a grunt and entered me. Maybe my many years of fingering my self had helped.

Almost immediately he started thrusting in and out of me like a mad man. I remember laying there as he fucked me thinking how much better it was when I was alone masturbating. Within a few minutes he was breathing heavily and panting until I felt him ejaculate inside me. He lay on top of me for a while breathing heavily and then pulled out, rolled over and went to sleep. He did not seem to care about giving me any enjoyment and after a year or so of marriage often told me how useless I was in bed. I realised later that as far as he was concerned I should just be a grateful wife ready to please him whenever he wanted.

During the coming days, weeks and years nothing improved. I eventually tried to talk about it with him but his only response was to remind me that I was useless in bed. I persevered for while and, over the next few years presented him with two beautiful daughters but the sex remained the same until eventually I lost interest in having sex with him at all and reverted back to masturbating.

However my desires and my masturbation continued. I would often find an excuse to hide away alone in my bedroom and slowly bring my self to a shuddering orgasm as images of couples making love or a handsome man tenderly pleasing me and thrusting between my thighs filled my senses.

During the final year before Jack seduced me I would find myself imagining him making love to me as I masturbated alone in my room especially after he had visited and his image was still clear in my mind. I had started to become convinced that my husband’s cruel comments about me being useless in bed were completely true. However I had no reference because he was the one and only man I had ever had sex with. I had started to wonder if maybe sex with a man would always be disappointing for me.

As you will see from the ensuing chapters sex for me was to become fantastically enjoyable and adventurous beyond my wildest dreams thanks to Jack.

Jenny and Jack

Chapter 2

My Surrender

I always looked forward to Jack’s visits. He was arriving today and staying for a week. That meant a week of meetings and factory visits but I enjoyed his company and we would be spending every day together and most evenings we would be eating together in a restaurant.

Each time he visited my feelings for him grew and grew. Our flirting was becoming more physical, a brief touch of his hand my shoulder or me touching his knee as I talked. Sometimes our knees would touch under the table in a restaurant sending waves of teenage type excitement through my body.

That morning I was remembering the sensations I had felt during his previous visits each time we touched. It always felt like a strong energy passing between us. I had just stepped out from the shower and found my self gazing at the reflection of my naked body in a mirror as I stood there dripping wet.

Compared to Jack I was tiny, standing at 5feet 2 inches in my bare feet. Like most women I suppose I was not happy with my body especially after having two children.

I looked at my breasts and although they had dropped a little they were now slightly larger and I felt proud of my 33C size after breast feeding two babies. My nipples were now much larger than when I was a teenager, protruding at least three quarters of an inch. They had always been sensitive and I liked to touch them when I played with myself. Now, whilst checking my self out in the mirror I could not resist giving them a quick touch.

My waist at 24 inches and my hips at 33 inches are also a little larger than when I was younger, before my children but not much.

I stood there for a while daydreaming and a thought suddenly entered my head that made me blush and feel shy. I imagined hd porno that instead of the mirror it was Jack gazing back at my completely naked body.

My husband had never commented on my body and gave me the impression that he did not really care.

I looked in the mirror again and could not shake off the thought of Jack looking at me. Just the thought of being naked with Jack made me feel very shy but gave me an excited feeling as I imagined he was sill looking through the mirror at me. I turned sideways, holding back my shoulders and pushing out my breasts.

Suddenly I felt foolish, grabbed a towel and continued to dry my self and get dressed, ready to leave and meet Jack. I pushed the thoughts away knowing that they were just silly fantasies that would never come true.

I met my boss at the office and then we headed off to meet Jack at the airport.

I found my heart fluttering as my boss and I waited for Jack to appear in the arrivals hall. I recognised him immediately amongst the crowd of people walking toward us. He was much taller than most of the other Asian men around him. He was around six foot tall with broad shoulders and a warm smile. I had always liked the way he walked, with a confident stride and his head held high.

I rushed forward to greet him offering him my hand to shake. He took my hand and held it before leaning into me and giving me a big kiss on the cheek. “You are looking as pretty as always Jenny,” he remarked as he released my hand and greeted my boss.

We were soon out of the airport and on our way to his hotel. When we arrived, my boss suggested that Jack should go to his room and take his time to freshen up after his long journey before joining us for dinner. Jack then disappeared up to his room while my boss and I made our selves comfortable in the bar and ordered some coffee while we waited.

After a while my boss suggested that I should go up to Jacks room and just check he was OK and find out how long he would be. I felt a little awkward as I made my way to the elevator and up to his room. I did not want to rush him, especially as he had been travelling for sixteen hours or so.

I stood outside the door to his room, rang the door bell then waited. I was about to ring again when the door opened and he was standing there.

“Sorry about keeping you waiting,” he said with a huge smile, “I was just having a shower. Please come in.”

His smile felt welcoming and warm and I could see a sparkle in his eyes. For a moment I was lost for words as I just stood in the entrance to Jack’s room and looked at him. He was naked except for a small towel wrapped around his waist. He was still dripping wet but every bit as handsome as my fantasy image. His shoulders were broad and his chest strong looking. The towel only reached a short way down his thighs revealing his strong leg muscles.

I blushed as I realised he had caught me checking him out. He then gazed directly into my eyes as he said, “Jenny, I know I should not suggest this because we are work colleagues but I would love it if you would come inside my room and stay a while.”

“Really!” I stammered in reply, realizing for the first time that maybe he felt the same about me as I did about him.

“Yes, really Jenny, but I don’t want to frighten you away or spoil our friendship so if I am being too forward or inappropriate please just tell me and I will understand.”

I hesitated, knowing that I should decline, go back down stairs to my boss and wait until Jack came down to join us.

However deep inside I felt torn. If I accepted and entered his room I felt sure he would expect me to surrender to his sexual desires and I felt very uncertain if I was ready for such a great change to my morals. On the other hand just the thought of Jack taking me into his arms filled me with joy.

I looked into his sparkling blue eyes as I said, “Jack, I feel very flattered but I think it would be wrong.”

He smiled back, looking a little embarrassed as he said, “I’m sorry if I was too forward and fully understand. He then leaned forward and kissed me on my forehead before saying, “Still good friends? He asked.

“Of course Jack, I’ll go back down and wait for you.

“OK, I’ll be about ten minutes,” and, he said with a mischievous grin, “if you change your mind later you know where I am!”

We both laughed as I blushed, turned away and went back down to re-join my boss.

Jack joined us shortly after and we decided to eat in the hotel restaurant. The three of us enjoyed a pleasant meal and shared a bottle of wine. As usual Jack and I flirted and were soon brushing our knees together under the table. The wine was already affecting me making me giggle a lot.

When we finished the meal my boss and I both said goodnight to Jack and arranged a time to meet him the following day. As we watched him enter the elevator and go back to his room my boss said, Jenny, can I offer you a lift home?”

My mind was full of conflicting latina fuck tour porno thoughts as I replied, “no thanks, my house is only a ten minute walk away so I will get some fresh air and walk home.”

“OK, he said, “I’ll see you tomorrow then.

I made my way to the ladies room as my boss walked out of the hotel.

Once inside I checked my self in one of the mirrors. I brushed my hair, pleased with the recent change of style to a short bob. I touched up my make up and then straightened the white cotton blouse I was wearing. The conflict was still buzzing in my head. Deep down I knew that I was going to visit Jack in his room but was still trying to deny that I was ready to be so bold.

Until now I had always buttoned my blouse right up to my neck but, maybe it was the effect of the wine or maybe that my mind was made up, I’m not sure, but I unfastened a few of the top buttons so that if I leaned forward I could see my cleavage in the mirror.

Satisfied with my appearance I made my way to the elevator. I was still full of doubt as I entered and pressed the button for Jack’s floor. As the doors slid shut I knew that if I stopped and hesitated I might never find the courage again.

Arriving on Jack’s floor I made my way to his room. I felt nervous as I pressed the door bell with a trembling finger, knowing that the next hour or so would probably change me for ever.

The door opened and Jack poked his head out around the door hiding the rest of his body. His face lit up as I stuttered, “I changed my mind.”

“Come in Jenny, please, please, come inside. I was just getting ready to go to bed.”

I tentatively walked through the entrance and turned as Jack closed the door.

I gasped and found my self staring at him as he stood there dressed only in his underpants.

“I’m sorry I mumbled, feeling my cheeks blushing furiously as I tried to drag my gaze away from the big bulge in his underwear, I did not want to disturb you.”

He did not reply, he simply held out his open arms. Without any hesitation I moved forward almost falling between them and into his embrace. I reached up and linked my hands behind his neck as he held me in his strong embrace. I rested my cheek against his chest enjoying the wonderful warmth as he held me. I felt his hands tenderly stroking my back, pulling me in tighter against his strong body.

My conscience was still telling me that this was wrong; all those years of my strict upbringing and the fact that I was a married and a mother added to the conflict in my head.

I felt his big hands move slowly down my back, lower and lower until he was caressing my buttocks and pulling me tightly against him. I could feel the bulge that had attracted my gaze earlier growing and pressing against me. All of my long held instincts were still telling me this was wrong but the trembling of my excited body, the tingling in my breasts and the warm moist feeling between my legs were now telling me otherwise.

His hands felt so good as they gently but firmly caressed and squeezed my buttocks. Part of me still wanted to stop him but I just trembled with excitement and did nothing as I felt his hand seeking out the fastening of my skirt. He seemed confident and skilful as with one quick movement of his fingers I felt the waist band of my skirt go slack. A few seconds later he had pulled down the zip fastener and then pushed my skirt down over my hips.

Once over my hips I felt it slip down and crumple around my feet. I moved my arms down from around his neck and hugged his waist as he then pushed my shoulders away from him. I was now leaning back from the waist as we gazed into each others eyes. With our eyes locked I felt one of his hands come between us. Once more he demonstrated his confident skill as one by one I felt him unfastening the buttons on my blouse. There was no fumbling or hesitation just a quick confident flick of each button with his fingers. I felt shy as he unfastened the last button and shifted his gaze down to my exposed bra covered breasts.

I released my embrace as he encouraged me to take a step back. I could feel my cheeks redden still further as he said, “Jenny you look wonderful,” as he pulled my blouse fully open and gazed down at my cleavage.

He slipped the blouse off of my shoulders and, with my help, off of my arms and then tossed it onto a chair.

My cheeks were still red and I felt an incredible feeling of nervous but excited arousal as he knelt in front of me. He looked up into my eyes as he eased his fingers beneath the waistband of my panty hose. The conflict in my head had faded to the distance but was still there faintly telling me to stop him but as he started to pull my panty hose down over my thighs I knew I no longer had the will power to resist him.

I lifted each foot in turn as he rolled the fine nylon off of my feet. I then looked down and watched him pick up my skirt and panty hose and put them on the chair with my blouse.

Other than my husband, no other man had ever seen me undressed and I suddenly felt pleased that I had chosen to wear my favourite underwear this morning.

The bra and knickers were matching blue lace. The bra was cut quite low and the knickers quite brief.

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