It’s Good To Be Brad

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It hadn’t taken long, Brad thought as his secretary, Meghan, slobbered all over the head of his hard ten inches. Her ruby red lips circled the thick, long cock about halfway down, while her fingers worked his balls.

No, Brad’s good looks usually broke down the walls women put up around themselves. He was just shy of 6’3”, with icy blue eyes and chiseled features set off by his lightly curly sandy blond hair. He was also in good shape, with biceps that strained every shirt he owned. The capper was the member that Meghan continued to suck like her life depended on it.

Brad had definitely hired her for her looks – including the ones she had thrown towards his crotch during the interview process. Meghan stood about 5’4”, with short, curly brown hair and a trim figure, firm, but not big tits and a great ass. Her gorgeous blue eyes always seemed to have a mischievous dance going on in them, and her face was a mixture of girl-next-door pretty and model beautiful. It helped that she was eminently qualified to be his secretary.

She had been on the job a week, and their days were filled with glances, touches and small little comments that fuelled the sexual fire building between them. Casual Friday had been an excuse for her to wear a low cut collared pink shirt and tight blue jeans that betrayed no hint of a panty line. When the hour of three rolled around, Brad made his move.

“Meghan, would you come in here?” he said through the intercom. He felt his cock hardening to its huge limit. Thankfully he had worn chinos with a bit of room for it to move.

She strolled in with a smile, her firm tits bouncing slightly with each step. She walked to the front of his desk and bent slightly, allowing him to see down her shirt to the top of her lacy pink bra. He felt himself licking his lips.

“Um, Meghan, how’s the first week been so far? I hope getting used to all of our clients hasn’t been too hard for you,” Brad said. As CEO of his own advertising company, he rolled with some high-powered clients, and he had hoped a new secretary wouldn’t slow down the roll he was on. She hadn’t.

“Nothing’s too hard for me,” Meghan replied pointedly. She grinned coyly and continued. “Your clients have been nothing but helpful to me, Mr. Stewart.”

“Brad,” he said. “Please call me Brad.”

“I don’t know if that’s right, calling my boss by his first name,” Meghan replied. “I mean, we’re still not that familiar with each other.” Her gaze drifted down to his firm chest, well defined in his golf shirt.

“Have a seat,” Brad said. “Let’s get more familiar.” His eyes couldn’t tear themselves ankara escort away from her cleavage.

She leaned right down to eye level with him and said, “Are you sure?” His mouth watered as he could see her globes more clearly down the low cut of her shirt. Her nipples were hard. He looked into her eyes to see she was smirking, knowing she was turning him on.

She straightened up and turned around towards the door. His face took on a perplexed look until Meghan locked the door, turned around and slowly peeled her shirt over her head. The pink bra was indeed very lacy and sheer, allowing Brad to get his first glances of her small aereola and tiny nipples, hard as pebbles.

“You’ve been trying to see all this since I walked in,” she giggled. “So, I decided you needed a show.”

His mouth was suddenly dry. “I’m, ah, sorry?” he managed weakly.

Her smile became seductive. “Don’t be. I’ve been dreaming about what’s in those pants since my first interview. She swayed her hips as she approached the desk. “Maybe you should stand up.”

He did, slowly. His cock was rock hard and straining the front of his chinos. Her eyes bulged a bit and she leaned down on the desk, finally laying on top of it and sliding forward until her lips were even with his turgid member. Her manicured nails slid the zipper down, unbuckled his belt and quickly dropped his pants to the floor. His cock tented the front of his boxer briefs, which Meghan had wasted no time in pooling on the floor, taking his tool in her eager mouth.

Yes, it didn’t usually take long, but this girl was more aggressive than most, and Brad loved it! She was bobbing up and down on about half of his cock, and it felt amazing. Her tongue circled the sensitive head, drinking down the precum that kept oozing from his slit.

His hands found her silky, curly tresses and lightly caressed her head as she bounced it up and down. She began moaning , and the vibrations sent a jolt up Brad’s spine. He found himself holding the back of her head and working it farther and farther down the length of his shaft.

She pulled away, leaving a long trail of saliva and precum attached to the tip of his cock. “This is huge,” she whispered. “Will you fuck me nice and gentle?” She looked up into his eyes. “Or, will you pound my little pussy with it…Brad?”

He looked down and smiled. “I’m sure once I gently fuck the whole thing into you, you’ll want me to pound your pussy with it,” he said with a wry grin.

Meghan held his cock while looking into his eyes and raised herself up on his desk, kneeling on it in front of him. She held escort ankara it fast as she looked deep into his eyes, leaned in and kissed him lightly. He tasted the salt of his cock on her lips, and she broke the kiss quickly. She looked back into his eyes and with her free hand, began to unbuckle her belt and unfasten her jeans. She pushed them down her hips until he could finally tell for sure that she wasn’t wearing panties.

He made his move then, yanking them the rest of the way down her hips. He held her then, his saliva-slick cock rubbing along the sopping wet entrance to her love channel. He lifted her up slightly, and she moved her legs out from under her into a sitting position. He dropped her jeans down to her ankles and stepped out of his chinos, kicking off his shoes at the same time. He made a point of not taking her jeans off, instead leaving them around her ankles. He quickly spun her around and bent her over, in the process roughly popping her lacy bra over her tits. His fingers lightly caressed and circled her hard nipples as he bent her over, spreading her legs as far as they could go with her jeans still on her. His hands traveled down to her hips which he held as he gyrated his hips, maneuvering his huge cock around to position it at her pussy.

“Oh, god, Brad, fuck me hard,” she whispered. She was overcome with lust, moreso than at any time in her life. Her pussy was literally dripping in anticipation of his huge cock. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks to give him a better angle at her pussy.

He looked down and saw what she was doing and it made his cock even harder. He saw her tiny little anus and filed that image away for later, feeling the dewy opening of her pussy waiting for him. He reached down and guided the head into her, and she whimpered at the feeling of the large fuckknob working its way into her.

He felt himself slide in and marveled at how tight she was, yet how easily she seemed to accept his girth.He slid in about halfway, and stopped, savoring the feeling. Her velvety channel gripped his schlong nicely.

She loved the feel of his meaty cock, so much nicer than the dildo she had been using for the past few months. The warmth of a good dick inside her was something she had missed in the last little while.

“Fuck me. Hard,” She said softly.

Brad thrust firmly and buried the entire length of his cock in her, which was met with a gasp of pleasure from Meghan. She braced herself on the desktop and tried to fuck her pretty little ass back onto his huge cock.

Brad pulled his shaft almost the entire way out and then drove ankara escort bayan it home with the precision of a piston. He felt it hit bottom again, combining with an audible moan from Meghan, and started picking up the pace. He drove his cock into her deep, rewarded with louder moans and the feel of his balls slapping against her dripping clit.

Each thrust was deeper than any man had ever been inside her before and Meghan was loving it. Her moans grew in intensity as she was building on the way to her release. She felt his heavy balls smacking up against her clit and the thrill shot up her spine. She was being fucked good and she was enjoying it!

She was trying to stifle her moans a bit, but it was hard when his cock was sending jolts through her pussy with each thrust. She felt his hot breath on her ear as he leaned into his thrusting, and the tickle added to her ecstacy.

He felt the cum boiling in his balls, and her pussy was gripping him so wonderfully, that he was going to blow his load soon. He thought about slowing down, but couldn’t! Her sexy body, plus the week of tension, took over and turned him into a sex-starved animal. They weren’t having sex, they were rutting, like horny pigs.

As she got closer and closer, her moans turned into sharp squeals, peppered with the odd, “Harder, harder!” or “Yes! Yes! Yes!” She felt her body flush, and her insides start to quiver and then she let go, feeling the wave of orgasm hit her. Lights flashed behind her eyes and she thought she might have screamed. She bucked against him as she came, her pussy clamping down on his huge prick and juices flowing around it.

He felt her buck, then felt her channel contract. Her scream was piercing and he was briefly thankful for soundproof offices. He tried to keep fucking, but his thrusts were becoming more erratic as he came closer to cumming. He groaned deeply, growling, “I’m cumming.”

“On me,” was all she whimpered. “On me.”

He managed to pull his cock from her just as he started shooting his jizz everywhere. The first huge glob touched down wetly along the crack of her ass as he pulled it out, aiming for her back. The second shot landed in a rope down her back, hitting the nape of her neck. He kept cumming hard. Ropes draped down her back in a Rohrshact design. When his orgasm subsided and her second that was triggered by the hot cum splashing against her back finished, she slumped on the desk and he leaned back against the wall, both catching their breath. A last drop of cum hit the carpet behind his desk. Meghan reached back and scooped up some of the cum with her finger, and sucking the finger into her hot mouth, savoring the texture.

“Wow,” Brad groaned. “That was the hardest I’ve cum in a long time. My wife doesn’t even get me to cum like that lately….”

TO BE CONTINUED (or will it? Vote please!)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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