It Was Saturday

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It was a warm Saturday afternoon, I was in the garden, hanging out the bloody washing when I saw my neighbour, Steve and his two daughters leaving the house, with full bags, and getting into the car. “They’re off to his Mum’s for the night,” Cate said as she saw me.

Cate was wearing a snug blue summer dress that complemented her blonde hair, and trim physique.

“I’m off out tonight, letting my hair down, no husband or kids to keep me awake!” she said joyfully. I agreed and said that I was off out too. Cate smiled at me, then went into her house. I turned around and went back inside mine.

Twenty minutes later, I heard Cate calling me from the garden. I went out and she said, “My bloody husband has drained all the hot water from the system, I can’t get a bath!”

I replied, “Well, you could come here and use mine, after all I only want a cool, short bath.” Amazingly, she agreed instantly and 10 minutes later, turned up in the same summer dress, carrying a towel and bag. I was starting on some beer (before the evening’s events) at the time, so I offered her a drink. She took the beer and we sat and talked for a while. Cate sighed and then mentioned, with a big grin, that she fully intended to enjoy herself that night. Her dress was quite tight, and as she supped the can, I noticed she had no bra on. She saw my glance, and smiled. She bent over to pick up the towel, and her loose breasts hung inside her dress, I knew she had seen my look, and she obviously knew I was watching her again.

At this juncture, I said that she could run the bath when she liked, so Cate got up, and went upstairs with me following her. Her arse looked very tantalizing as she climbed the stairs, her cheeks swaying. As we got there, Cate bent over, her perfect bottom straining against the material, and started the bath. I showed her my bedroom where she could get ready and Cate commented on the colour then drew down the blind.

She sat on the edge of the bed and removed her shoes, then lay back, her dress riding up her brown thighs. As she stretched back, her dress tightened, and I could clearly see the shape of her erect nipples. At this, I felt my cock beginning to harden. Cate parted her legs and said, “Oh, I really need to relax in a bath!” She slowly inched herself forward, causing the dress to ride further up her thighs, before tantalizingly showing a flash of black material that could only be her underwear. She stood up and started to unbutton her dress, taboo heat porno revealing her smooth, tanned neck, and I decided to move out of the bedroom before my cock showed itself too much! ReluctantIy, I shut the door and left her to her own devices. Cate suddenly said, “Could you nip downstairs and get me my bag, I’ve left it in your kitchen.” I went down to get it and heard her go into the bathroom and shut the door. As I climbed the stairs, I heard Cate get into the bath. Knocking on the door, she replied, “Hang on, I’ll open it.”

The door opened a fraction, and Cate’s head popped around the corner. She smiled and took the bag from me, then seemed to realize that the mirrors in the bathroom had revealed her nakedness. I said, “Don’t worry, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before!” I then told her that one day on returning from work, I had accidentally seen her in the garden, sunbathing topless. Cate said, “I knew you were there, you even slammed the window shut!” She blushed but opened the door. As she stood next to the bath, her brown skin shone as the water caught the light.

Cate turned around and climbed back into the bath, the bubbles surrounding her pussy hair. She stretched out and her proud breasts bobbed high. Cate then said, “So, what do you think of them?” I said, “Pretty damn good!” She asked me to come closer and stroke them. I knelt by the bath, and caressed her flat, brown stomach, her skin quivering at my touch. Slowly, I moved my hand up to her breasts, the nipples rising to meet my touch. Cate quietly groaned, and bent her knees out of the water. “Oh, that feels good!” she murmured. As I rolled her nipples in my fingers, Cate leaned back, and parted her legs, her pussy hair breaking the surface of the water. I looked down and saw a break in the bubbles, then glimpsed her neatly trimmed dark pussy.

Slowly, I drifted my hand down her breasts, to her belly, then further down. Cate had her eyes closed and was softly groaning as my hands moved. I reached her pussy hair and stopped, teasing the wet hair between my fingers. Cate opened her eyes, looked at me, then nodded slightly and shut them once more. I extended my index finger and drew it down between the lips. Cate groaned again and squirmed. I moved my finger back up to the top, then repeated the action. Adding another finger, I pressed my fingertips between the folds of her labia, then moved them down again. Her clitoris uncovered itself, so I gently stroked teach that bitch porno it with my thumb. Cate groaned a little louder, and raised her legs out of the water. I bent my fingers and slowly pushed them into her pussy, and Cate let out a breathy “Oh!”, her face flushed. Curling my fingers up, I could feel her lips against my fingers, and her pussy walls contracting as her muscles clamped onto me. I resumed stroking her inside as Cate began to breathe faster, her breasts rising and falling.

By curling my fingers round, I could probe deeper into her cunt; suddenly Cate let out a small squeal and I felt her hot muscles clamping rapidly around my fingers. Slowly I withdrew them and put my hand across her mound, feeling the heat as she climaxed. Slowly lowering her legs, she stretched out once more, opened her eyes, and said, “God, I needed that, it’s been so long!” Cate turned to me, and saw my erect cock in my shorts. She reached out and touched it, slowly rubbing the length of it. Cate then told me to stand up and strip off my clothes.

I pulled down my shorts and took off my Tshirt. She helped me out of my boxers, and watched as my cock moved towards my stomach. Holding it in her hand, she rubbed her thumb over the end. “Mmmmm, I think you need a reward!”

Cate pulled my foreskin back as far as it would go, and motioned me to put it in her waiting mouth. I slowly put it in, and Cate took nearly all of it. She started sucking, and I could feel her hot tongue surrounding my helmet. She pulled it out, licked slowly around the tip, then once more took me deep. Like a boiled sweet, Cate sucked and rolled my cock around her mouth, and I could feel my cum rising. I told her that it was close, but she continued sucking. Suddenly, I couldn’t take it anymore and yelled out, but Cate put her arms around my legs and began sucking as though her life depended on it. Her face was lit up as she gulped down my cum, and I realized that I wanted to fuck her again and again.

Cate climbed out of the bath, her wet body thrusting against me. We left the towel and I pulled her to the bed, pushing her onto my bed. She lay back with her legs outstretched and started to rub her mound. I knelt between her legs, removed her hand, and licked the water from her labia. Cate lifted her legs up so I could reach her pussy better. I could smell the bubbles on her lips, and as I licked the edges of her wet cunt, I could taste team skeet porno the juices from her last orgasm. I greedily savoured the squelching sound as I teased her pussy with my probing tongue.

Cate gasped and pulled me up beside her, climbed over me and took my recovering cock into her mouth. She knelt astride me, stretched out, then lowered her sopping fanny onto my face. I reached up, parted her lips, and resumed sucking and nibbling her wet lips, tasting her juice and bubbles! She was sucking my cock again, her hand pumping my shaft, and through her actions, I could feel it getting back to hardness.

Then Cate jumped off me and sprawled on the bed. She opened her legs, raised them in the air, and screamed for me to fuck her. I didn’t need telling and pushed her legs either side of her wet hair. Her pussy lips had parted from this, so I put the head of my cock just inside her hot cunt. She screamed, and begged me to fill her. Slowly, I pushed forward into her, until I could feel that I could go no further. She opened her eyes, and I could see pure lust as our eyes met. I withdrew nearly all the way, then banged back into her. Cate screamed again and begged me to fuck her harder and harder. I withdrew, then slammed back into her and started pumping my cock in and out. I could feel her muscles clamping on my cock, coaxing my cum out.

Soon Cate was panting and moaning as we fucked, and I felt that we could go forever, so I pulled out and spun her round so she was on her front with her pert bottom in the air. The crack of it was a beautiful sight, and before I sank my glistening cock into her, I ran a finger down it. I moved her legs open, held onto her smooth hips, and slid my cock slowly into her pussy once more. Cate gasped again as I held her tightly, my cock sliding past her clitoris, and we resumed our fucking. Reaching around her front, I could feel her dripping fanny and my cock sliding in and out of her, so I started to rub her clit also.

Cate was moaning and I could feel my cum rising again. She suddenly screamed out that she was coming, and in an attempt to finish together, I started to speed up. Cate was gasping and breathing faster, her cunt was squelching as I hammered into her, when suddenly, I couldn’t hold back any longer and I felt my cock begin to shoot my cum into her rippling cunt. Cate screamed and began to pant quickly, pushing back onto me, her muscles clamping on my pumping cock. I quickly pulled out, turned her around and pushed her back onto the bed, so I could ease my cock back into her and feel the precious waves of her orgasm pulsate through her groin.

As we lay together on the bed, our breathing slowing, Cate smiled at me tiredly, and said, “Pheww! I don’t think I want to go anywhere tonight, after all!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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