Intoxicating Aroma

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Just goes to show that some parts of a bad habit are not bad for you ; ) sexychops *

I sat across the room and watched you as you talked, your eyes flickering over the face of the man in front of you, the conversation about, well I have no idea, I just watched. You reached and took the slim silver tube and slowly unscrewed the cap, your eyes never leaving the face of the man, your hands working without guidance, you placed the lid on the table and then tipped the long, Havana, possibly rolled on the thigh of some Cuban beauty from its tube and into your fingers.

You stood, shook the hand of the man and then sank back into your seat as he left, you lifted the cigar to your lips, letting your lips open and the tip of your tongue press against its tip, you then moved it over your lips, careful not to moisten the tip too much. I was hypnotized, your mouth, your hands, your eyes, you picked up the tube as you took your first deep breath, the bitter sweet smoke clouding around you.

You then stood and as you pulled your jacket from the back of the chair you threw some dollars onto the table and walked out of the door, I moved from my table and as I passed where you had been sat, I picked up the cigar tube and as I walked out of the same door, I lifted it to my nose to smell the intoxicating aroma.

I let myself into the room, the key card working its electronic magic with surprising easy, first swipe and the door opened and I was met with the sound of the shower, the cigar smell filling the room as did the smoke drifting up from the smouldering stub in the ashtray. I placed the tube on the bed and then slowly stripped, smiling as I heard your attempt to sing in the shower.

Reaching behind myself if found the zip as I slowly, slid it down, my fitted dress falling away from my back, gently I peeled it form my shoulders, just as you came from the bathroom, the white towel wrapped tight around your waist, the water beading, running down your chest, I smiled as I turned, standing in front of you, that smirk on your lips as I stood, heels, black, my legs clad in stockings that stopped just at that part of my leg, the point of not wanting to go back, letting my fingers slide slowly up, I cupped my tits before finding the clasp and undoing my bra, peeling it slowly, my tits inching out of it, my nipples slipping from it.

“I love a front fastening bra, don’t you?” I whispered.

The only words that had been spoken, nothing more needed, the air filled with want, need and desire, were more words needed, if they were, we did not use them.

You looked sideways towards the bed, your eyes glancing at the silver tube, a quizzical look making your brow frown, I moved towards you, standing just inches away from you but your hands were able to reach and slide up, around and over my sides and down over my arse, looking me up and down before kissing me, the taste of cigar so strong on your lips. A quick kiss, not the slow lingering tease of tongues sucked and lips nibbled, just a hard, lips smothered kiss before I pulled back and pushed you onto the bed, following the push letting me bend over you as you landed.

A smile, that smile, that wicked smile swept over your face as I straddled you, my heels, the metal tips grazing your outer calves, my lace thong covered pussy pressing against your towel clad cock. I looked down at you, dipping towards your lips but not kissing as I picked up the tube and as I twisted and turned it through my fingers I sat back up, that little twist of my hips making my pussy grind against you.

You did not ask, there was no need, you knew, you knew 100% why I had picked up the cigar tube and it was now in my hands, so I pressed my fingers against your lips and smiled as if it hush you, then I wriggled, moved, swung my leg over yours and glory hole secrets porno got up off you and moved across the room to the sofa and sat right on the edge as you turned and propped your head on your hand to watch me.

I held the tube and slowly slid my index finger into it, feeling the cold thin metal encase my finger, looking over at you, the towel now gone, still ruffled under you but your hand now wrapped around your hard cock as my legs open and closed teasing you, I teased myself. My eyes fixed on yours, lifting the tube to my lips I moaned as I felt the rounded smooth end brush over my lips, licking it, teasing my tongue around it before pushing it, the whole thing smoothly into my mouth, letting my lips open, my tongue long and flat as I eased it in and out of my mouth, sucking it just as you knew I would your throbbing cock.

Easing it out of my mouth I lent back and made a trail down from my chin to my tits, the hardness feeling delicious on my nipples, making them hard and throb, tapping it against them as I moaned softly. Leaving them for you I moved my tube encased finger down, letting my legs fall wide open I grazed it over the insides of my thighs before closing them tight around it then opening them again. I giggled at how cold it felt, even after having my finger inside, my skin shuddering, my arse moving against the edge of the sofa as the cold touch crept up and down my inner thighs.

Looking at you, seeing your eyes fixed to my metal finger, then letting mine drift down your body to your hand sliding up and down your shaft, I could see the glistening of the pre cum on the head of your cock, my nipples throbbing, wanting, waiting, I can taste you, my mouth opening instinctively, needing that taste.

I moved slowly and lifted my right leg onto the sofa, my left leg staying planted on the floor, the crotch of my thong, pulling tight, just as I wanted, I moved my finger to the left then right, brushing it against my mound then stopping and pushing it down hard against my lips, forcing them to open, forcing my throbbing clit to feel the hardness, I threw my head back and moaned.

Rubbing it slowly now up and down, letting it force the fabric between my lips, making it soak up my juices, the juices that had been building as I had watched you, wanting you. I lifted the tip from the lace and held my hand out, I swirled my finger, watching the silver metal glisten in the soft lighting then as I eased my thong to one side, just hooking one finger then dragging, I knew you could now see the sweet pink flesh, you groaned as the tube moved back between my thighs making me gasp as the hardness slide over my lips then almost squealing as I slid it straight into my pussy, hard and deep.

Resting it there, my head back, back arching, my tits thrusting out, I pulsed my muscles, knowing that I could possibly crush the tube with my muscles if it were not for my finger inside, I eased it out, gripping it as it inched out. I blushed as I heard the slurping sound as it left my wet pussy, the sound of wet lips being sucked together then I grinned, the look on your face, watching this tease, hearing that sound you had heard so many times.

I knew you could see my wet pussy as I showed it you, my crotch pulled far to the side, my pussy smooth and so wet, feet from you, your eyes still fixed to the cigar tube as I circled it round in the air lifting it to my tits. Using the length I made my nipples wet, wiping the tube over and around my nipples until they glistened like my pussy. I lifted my arse off the sofa and with my hand and a wriggle, slowly slid my thong off my arse and down my legs until I was free, then threw it over at you, you hands never moving, your cock still throbbing, I knew you could smell my sex, the grup sex aroma of sweet drinkable juices coating that lace as it lay on the bed next to you.

Sitting up I cupped my left tit roughly and pulled my nipple hard, twisting it as I pulled, feeling the pain before dipping my head and sucking it, sucking it into my mouth, slurping my tongue around, tasting my cream, legs now wide open, showing you everything before slowly leaning back, letting my nipple stretch before it slipped from my lips. I moved my hand down, the metal now colder as I eased it in and out of my lips, the tip then another inch in then out, deeper then just around my entrance, smearing my juices then pushing them back into my pussy.

I cupped my other tit and did the same again, using my body, watching you, watching your face, your hand on your cock knowing I was taking us closer and closer. Biting, nibbling my nipple then licking, tasting, sucking as I eased the tube in and out in and out letting it drift over my inner thigh then back to the warmth of my pussy. In deep, twisting and turning it, the feeling amazing, the tube touching the top, pushing that tiny bit more to make me moan and gasp those muffled sounds.

Then I stopped, I pulled it from my pussy and twisted my wrist at you before I got up, showing you how much it glistened then I turned, reaching out placing my hand on the back of the sofa, my legs parted but straight. I knew you could see the silver tip as I pushed it between my lips, pushing it so that it grazed over my clit, through my lips and towards my arse. I slowly moved my finger up and down, just teasing it over my arse, pressing it against me but not letting it slide in, I twisted and looked over at you, my mouth dry, my whole body throbbing as I mouthed the words, “fuck me, fuck my cunt.”

I knew, I was too close, I wanted your cock to take me over the edge and keep me there, I knew if I slid the tube into me I would cum, this was a toy I want your cock not the metal and I want it now.

“Please,” I said my voice low, almost begging you. You moved, your hand never leaving your cock as you stood. I did not care if we came so fast, I want, no need your cock in me, I need to feel you thrust, I need to feel you take me.

I yelped as I felt your slap, your hands sliding over my arse cheeks then you slapped me again, that playful but hard slap making me flick my head round, glaring at you, but smiling as pushed my hand back, further between my legs and tapped the steel tube against your cock. You twitched as you felt its coldness, then without a thought I just slid it up from between my legs and into my mouth inches from your face, you watched as I let my mouth take it, just as you saw my eyes begin to close I felt your hand gripping my wrist and you pulled my finger from my lips, they pursed wanting to taste, to feel, to tease you more.

Holding my wrist you pulled my hand towards your lips and I watched as my toy, my cigar tube, MINE, slide into your mouth then back out again, one long slow suck, then you pushed my hand down towards my nipples now smirking as you kept going my hand trying to twist out of yours, your grip now almost hurting as you pushed my finger down then up between my legs. You teased the metal between my lips, pressing it up hard against my clit before dragging it down to my pussy then sliding it into me, I gasped then moaned my free hand grabbing yours, trying to pull it back, knowing I would cum.

I said over and over, “Please don’t, please, don’t.”

Then you placed your other hand on mine, my legs now so wide, our hands fighting all over a metal tube, you pushed, you pulled, you fucked me slow and deep, my knees bending each time you pushed my finger in deep, your mouth pressed against mine, kissing me, taking my moans, hd porno my breath, taking me closer, closer. I wanted to screamed knowing full well you were not going to stop, I was about to cum and you knew it, you fucked me, in out in out over and over watching my head drop forward, my tits heaving as I panted, then you got your reward.

Panting, “yes, yes, yes, over and over then the, “oh god yes,” the words you knew so well, knowing I was there, no going back.

In one movement, my pussy throbbing, my cum pumping from deep inside you pushed me forward, ripping my finger from my pussy, your hand now on my shoulders, pushing me face down into the sofa, your other hand letting go of mine to grab my hips and pull my arse to you, I wanted to stop you I wanted you to wait, wanted you to suffer, I did not want to cum that way.

Too late the head of your cock was against my pussy, I tightened my muscles, I wanted to make it hurt you, I could feel your whole body weight pushing against me then your cock entered me, I gave up, that one, single feeling all it took to win, to stop my fight, the head easing in, slow my pussy still pulsing, I knew you could feel it.

“Your cunts so wet Kells, the catch in your voice, oh fuck Kells,” you grunted

Then hard, oh so hard you thrust, pushing me forward, my face buried in the sofa, my hands trying to claw at the cushions, trying to push back, the tube still cladding my finger stopping me, you pumped, hard fast, deep, thrusts building until you once again took me, my body shuddering as my second orgasm thundered through me but this time you came, your hands slapping my hips as you grabbed them to hold me still, your fingers digging in as your cum pumped deep into me.

We groaned together, body’s draining together, pulsing, nerves tingling, the rush of the raw, animalistic fuck subsiding as your hands relaxing on my hips letting me pull slowly forward and then push back, your cock softening but nestled so gently inside my cum filled pussy.

I twisted round, we smiled and I lifted the tube to your lips, my cum drying on the metal as you flicked out your tongue and slowly, still looking at me you licked it. Your cock twitched inside me, I grinned as I pushed and nudged you back, your cock slipping from me as I pulled quickly forward, tying myself in knots to keep my finger in your mouth, I wriggled and twisted until I was facing you and slowly lowered myself back down onto the sofa, sitting, my legs on either side of yours, my arm stretching up leaving my finger in your mouth, my eyes now looking at your wet cock right in front of my face.

I lent forward and kissed the tip, so softly, feeling almost like my hot breath was making more of a contact than my lips, my finger slipping from your mouth as I lay back, I reach forward and let the tip of my nails on my free hand brush over our balls, your cock twitched, I saw the sigh leave your chest, the wanting but not getting sigh.

I lay back, lifting my right leg up and over the back of the sofa, my left now draped over the front, my wet cunt on show, your fingers reaching and finding my tits, pinching and squashing my nipples, kneading my tits, mauling them, your cock still wet and free, I leaned, I had to taste, my resolve to tease you almost completely gone as I slid my mouth around your cock and let you push it along my tongue, closing my lips around it I sucked, I moved my head forward and back, eating you, licking, sucking, tasting us, our cum, just as your hand slid round my head I pulled back, your wet cock slurping as it slipped from my mouth.

“Bitch,” you snarled as you grabbed then tugged my left nipple hard making me lift, making me groan that deep belly groan the one almost pain but too much pleasure, so I smiled, knowing it would make you twist harder but at the same time you could see my silver finger tapping against my clit.

“Are you going to risk not seeing what I was going to do next by making me cum by teasing my tits?” I purred at you

Just one question enough to make you relax your fingers …………………….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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