Interview Ch. 01

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I was interviewing for a high-level executive job with the president of the company, who happens to be a woman when I first met you as you greeted me on my way to the interview, an adorable 20-something, curvy, cute, with a plump tushy and a touch top-heavy, quite bubbly but still very professional.

The president is an attractive, tallish, slim older woman — in her early 50s. The interview is going well. About halfway through the interview, the president leans across the desk and tells me that they’ve been interviewing for the position for a couple of months and haven’t even called someone in for a second interview but she’s tempted to offer me the job right then and there, but she’ll need to see me perform.

I was shocked by this request, but she insists and asks me to take off my clothes, as she remains seated at her desk. I was hard as a rock and sticking up in the air. She asks me to turn around so she can get a complete look. She then leans forward and uses the telephone to call you into her office. Now I’m really shocked, but you weren’t as you enter the office.

You look at me erection and then back up my flat stomach and chiseled chest, and turn to your boss and ask, “Are you ready to make him an offer?

“Almost, but you know that he has to perform first.”

You nod and turn around to let your boss unzip your black skirt. It falls down around your ankles, revealing your garter belt, black stockings, and lacey panties. Your thighs are slightly plump and I can see where the tops of your stockings melt into your milky white thighs. You jump up on the end of your boss’ desk and start to unbutton your cream-colored silk blouse. You take off your blouse and your boss unsnaps your lavender bra. As you slip out of your bra straps, your full beauty is revealed: gorgeous, plump tits, still very firm with large aerolae but surprisingly small nipples.

“Lie back, Jessica,” says your boss, and as you obey, she slips off your black panties. You lock the tips of her stiletto heels into the outer ridge of the desk and open your legs.

“Show me what you can do,” the president tells me. I approach you and bend over to kiss your pert nipples. I then move a little closer to get my cock inside of you, but you close your thighs and your boss steadies me by my shoulders.

“Not yet. First with your tongue.” I’m not upset at all by this and wish I had thought of this first. I hope I haven’t blown the interview by going too fast with you. You just giggle. I decide to make up for it by totally devouring your pussy, which isn’t bald, but tightly trimmed. My tongue dances around the edges of your pussy lips, occasionally darting into your increasingly juicy center. Now I settle down to a regular, slow, deep lapping of your twat, starting by the entrance of your pussy, working through your lips and ending with a deep kiss of your clit.

I can feel your thighs tighten around my head. I can hear your breathing becoming deeper and faster. Your boss asks you, “Is he good?” and you are just barely able to whisper your answer, “yes” as you start to moan and groan.

As I worship your pussy, family stroke porno your boss is stroking my thighs, cupping and squeezing my ass cheeks, tracing her fingertips along the crack of my ass as I’m bent forward, caressing my balls, and gently scratching the underside of my erection with her perfect, red fingernails.

You start to buck against my face. I feel you cumming against me, and I drive my tongue in deeper, alternating with sucking on your clit. Your thighs are pulling me in deeper and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get you off. Your back arches and your whole body starts to convulse. I begin to lick you progressively more slowly. When I take my face from between your thighs, it’s completely covered in her cum. Once again, you giggle. “I think he passed the test,” you say with a smile.

“So far,” says the president and she tells me to put it in you. I move closer to you and smile at you. You’re already smiling, but this time you’re smiling at me, “You’re doing just great. Just fuck me like you ate me and you’ll be fine.” I nod and slide my cock inside of you. Your eyes glaze over before they become half shut and your mouth opens halfway as you moan as I bury my cock up to my balls. Your pussy is perfect: warm, wet, and just tight enough. I leave my cock all the way in her as I bend down and lick your neck, just rotating my hips in a circle, grinding my pelvic bone against your clit. I feel your legs in your black silk stockings climb up my sides as you cross your legs behind my back. I fuck you excruciatingly slowly and very deeply; just sliding out my cock an inch or two and slowly sliding it back in.

I feel you getting more excited and start to stroke it a little more. I’m no longer bent over and kissing your neck but standing straight up and looking down at your gorgeous, zaftig body. I’m holding one of your ankles in either of my hands and fucking you from the tip of my cock to the base of my balls. Your big tits are bouncing out of control. I know you’re about to cum and so does your boss.

“Whatever you do,” says the president, “do not cum. If you want this job, you have to get her off, but not cum yourself.” I’m not worried. I know I can fuck this gorgeous young thing all afternoon if I have to. I find the right angle that makes you start to lose it, and I work it. Maintaining a steady pace and rhythm, hitting the same spot, letting you feel the length of my cock as I visually take in how beautiful you look as you’re about to cum. Finally, you explode. You’re quiet and moan softly and for quite a while. When you’re done, I lean over and gently kiss your lips.

The president looks at me and smiles. “Very, very nice, but the interview is not finished yet.” Once again, she picks up the phone and calls someone else in the office. It turns out to be a guy about my age. I’m a little surprised and feel like blurting out that I’m not bi, but I’m going to wait to see where this goes. In the meantime, you’ve taken a seat in one of the armchairs in the office, but haven’t put back on a stitch of clothes.

The other guy casually greets female taxi porno you and asks how I did. “Fantastic,” you giggle. When you giggles, your big, firm tits jiggle just a little bit. I really want to fuck her some more, but the president has something else in store. The guy reaches out to shake my hand and says congratulations. “Not yet,” says the president, and he just rolls his eyes and says, “I know, Teresa.” He starts to get undressed as Teresa watches my reaction. At this point, I refuse to tip my hand.

When the other guy is completely undressed, Teresa stands, as do you. You start to walk across the office when the other guy gently grabs you and pulls you closely and kisses you, before he presses down on your shoulders until you’re kneeling in front of him about to take his cock in her mouth. “Not now,” says Teresa. “Remember, you work for me, Jessica; so do you Curtis.” Jessica rises and unzips Teresa’s dress, unhooks her bra, and kneels down to slip off her thong. Teresa’s not wearing any hose, but standing in only her stiletto heels and her jewelry. She walks forward to Curtis and me, and takes one cock in each hand. “Alright, Curtis, wait your turn.”

Teresa puts her arms around my neck and brings her body close to mine. My cock is still wet with Jessica’s cum and as the tip touches her flat belly it slides up against her torso. Her lips meet mine and she starts to tongue-kiss me. She pushes me down to my knees and puts one foot on an armchair leaning forward against a wall to brace herself. My jaw is almost tired from the workout I gave Jessica’s sweet pussy, but I’m determined to make this woman scream, so I completely devour her pussy, which is already dripping wet. She’s shaved bald and she’s pulling back her hood to expose her plump clit. I lick it, suck it, kiss it, flick my tongue back and forth against it, drive my whole face against it as she pushes me by the back of my head deeper. Before she can cum, she moves away and tells me to stand. “Fuck me,” she orders me.

I walk toward her, put my hands around her waist, lift her in the air so she can wrap her legs around my back, and she slides down my torso, impaled inch-by-inch on my cock. I’m holding her slender body in the air and lifting her up and down on my shaft. She’s as light as a feather and her little tits look perfect as she flies up and slams back down on my prick. I take a seat on one of the armchairs, keeping myself inside of her. She kneels and straddles me, bouncing up and down on my prick. She’s getting close and calls Curtis. “In my ass, Curtis.” With that, and without any lube, Curtis double-holes her. We fuck her mercilessly for another 10 minutes as she cums repeatedly. I can hear Curtis moan in her ear that he’s about to cum. She orders him, “In my mouth,” and he take it out and stands to her side as she turns sideways, deepthroats him, and lets him explode down her throat.

Curtis steps back and takes a seat next to Jessica. Teresa asks me, “Are your ready to fuck my ass?” I nod and she slips off of my cock, stands up, bends over her desk and offers me her asshole. female agent porno I follow her closely and as soon as she’s in position, I bury myself in her ass. I’m holding her shoulders down on the desk and reaming her backdoor as she cums more and more. You’re looking deeply into my eyes. Your eyes are filled with lust as you watches me buttfuck your boss for what seems like an eternity. I tell Teresa when I’m ready to cum and she pushes back against me, slips down to her knees, and deepthroats my cock, looking up into my eyes. I pump my juice down her throat and stay standing after I cum while she continues to suck on my semi-hard cock.

But it’s only semi-hard for a short while. Within a minute, I’m hard again, impressing Teresa as I grow to feel length and girth in her mouth. I lean back and take it out of her mouth. I ask her, “Can I fuck Jessica in the ass?” Teresa looks at me admiringly and says, “I like a vice-president that takes care of the staff.”

You have a big smile now, but I make sure this is what you want, “Do you like it in the ass.”

“Not always;” you respond, “you have to be very gentle at first, and I’m not like Teresa, I need some lube.”

Teresa reaches into her desk drawer, takes out some K-Y, and squirts a little in my hand. I stroke some on to my hard cock and use two fingers to lube up your asshole as you bend over the desk. Curtis is laughing and asks Jessica, “I thought you didn’t like it in your ass, Jessie, you never let me do that.”

You giggle (slightly nervously), “Are you jealous?” Everyone laughs until I bring the tip of my cock to your willing little rear entry. I can feel how tense you are and I massage your back and shoulders as you bend over the desk. I whisper to you, “I’ll be very gentle and will stop as soon as you ask me to.”

Her head is turned to the side and I can see her smile as she says, “Okay.”

I work my cock into you inch by inch with a lot of small, slow strokes getting progressively deeper until almost my whole cock is inside of you. You push your chubby little bum back against me to take the last inch inside of you. You’re incredibly tight as I start to fuck you with a little more vigor. I lean forward and place one palm on the desk. With my other hand, I reach around her, down your slightly rounded belly, across your feathery soft bush, until I find your clit. I start to work your button as I fuck your asshole. I’m so glad that your clit is so responsive because your asshole is so tight that I’m about to explode. I finger and fuck you until you buck up and down on the desk, tightening your ass around my cock as you cums. When you’re finished, I whisper that I have to finish, and you turn your head sideways to ask me, “Do you want to cum on my tits.”

It’s all I can do to nod as I step away from you, taking my cock out of you and allowing you to turn around and kneel in front of me. You tilt up your head to look at me as I stroke my cock, aiming for your tits, which you are holding out in front of you, ready for my load. My first spurt hits your chin, but all the rest are on target. When I’m finished, I see you looking up at me, smiling, cum dripping from your chin, my jizz covering your full rack. I take a step forward and wipe my once again semi-hard cock in my cum that’s dripping from your chin and give you the tip of my cock so you can lick it clean.

Teresa simply says, “You have the job. Let’s all get dressed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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