In the Car Ch. 02

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A big problem with fooling around in cars is that there is just not enough space so you have to be creative. The point in question for me is this really horny girl. We have met once before and share various conversations online and via text message. She is a size 14, a very sexy full figure, nice curves and really nice to hold. She is nearly always turned on (I would be foolish to think it was just my influence!) and has beautifully wet pussy. Last time we met in the car, I got a lovely blow job and after kissing her come flavoured mouth, got her off with my fingers. It was a very erotic experience and thoroughly enjoyable, but it has left me wanting to taste her snatch and generally fool around with her ‘downstairs.’ Here is how I hope it happens.

I slide the passenger seat back as far as it will go and then recline the seat as low as it will go. She parks across the way and walks towards my car. She is wearing a skirt as requested and I watch the sway of her hips show the curve of her arse as she gets nearer. She opens the door and gets in, I instruct her straight away to kneel on the seat and face backwards. She is virtually on all fours, her upper body being supported by the top of the chair. I manoeuvre myself to the foot well on the passenger side and kneel on the floor. As I had planned, my head is just level with her behind and I waste no time in lifting the flowing skirt up to expose her gorgeous arse.

Again, true to my requests, she is wearing a thong, the thick string runs neatly down the crack of arse before widen to a patch of material that sits close on the swell of her pussy mound. I place my hands on each cheek and move my face forward, my tongue out to touch the cloth covering her slit. I taste her sweetness already, I love how wet she gets, female fake taxi porno and lap up the flavour as her thong gets wet through. I am deliberately aiming low on her so that my tongue rubs over her clitoris, making her moan and wiggle her crotch in reply. I make my tongue firm and start to poke at her hole, still through the material and bring my thumb up to take over on her clit. I exaggerate the movement with my thumb and rub around the whole of her pussy, her thong now moving freely on her wetness and start to slip between the juicy folds. I bring my spare hand up and tug the thong string upwards. The gusset pulls into her pussy lips and I lap generously at the flaps of her labia and now gently pinch at her clit, still wrapped in the sodden material.

Then I pull the thong far to the side and plant my tongue squarely onto her wet hole, grinding my chin on her clit while I lance my tongue as deep as I can into her. The taste is divine and the clamminess of her sex that has spread onto her thighs causes my cheeks to stick slightly to her as I move around inside her, trying to drill my tongue deeper while still trying to catch breath. She is nearly wailing in delight as my thumb resumes its work, rubbing on and around her clit. My tongue now begins a trail, pushing in her snatch then lapping up, making a point with the tip, it leads up to the perineum and starts to tease her arsehole with the cutest of touches and then back down to her clit to start the pattern again.

The more I lick and lap and poke at her holes with my tongue and an caress her with my fingers and thumbs, the more her body start to move; sometimes just a gentle wiggle to the side and sometimes a sudden spasm that arches her back high or low. But all genel porno the while I notice that she is pushing back harder onto my hungry tongue, really grinding her pussy and arsehole onto my face. I pull back to watch and leave my finger poking on her pussy. Her next push back slips my finger into her and she arches her back up in sweet surprise. I push it delicately into her and feel her tightness grip my knuckle. She accepts my finger easily and I cannot resist putting a second one in her. Like a child makes a gun with their hand, I hold two fingers in her divine snatch and let my thumb rest on the entrance to her arse. She is into a rhythm now and she moves herself back and forth making her wetter and wetter as my fingers fuck her fuck her pussy. I love the view, but cannot resist the lure of her arse so I lean forward once more and let my tongue replace my thumb – I firmly rim her while I finger her sopping wet fanny.

The combination is the recipe I was after and she is suddenly pushing hard back and I feel her hand on mine, pushing my fingers in and out of her frantically. She has given up trying to control her breathing and she now gasps raggedly and cries out. I use my thumb on her clit for the last time and she yelps, nearly crying and her final collapse onto the seat and her whimpers signal her coming. I let go of her clit and slide my fingers out, they are so wet and sticky! I move face to her once more and let my face get covered in the juices all over her wet mound and the tops of her legs.

Her breathing subsides and I get up from the floor. My rock hard cock hits the seat as I rise and I cannot resist pushing it on her wet pussy. To my delight it slips in with ease and I push in to the hilt. I lean forward and breath into her ear, glory hole secrets porno telling her how horny her wet pussy makes me and how hard I am. She tells me she knows how hard I am, with a giggle, but that her pussy cannot take any more right now. She somehow pushes me back and manages to turn over in a slick move. As she moves down in the seat, she tugs on my cock and invites me up her body. I bang my head as I rise, a sudden reminder that we are in the car! I lean forwards and take my cock in my hand and wank on it as I approach her mouth. She says nothing to me, but opens her mouth and puts her tongue out. I take my tip and place it on her tongue and then tilting my hips forward angle my hard six inches downwards into her mouth. I feel her hand on my arse cheeks, encouraging me deeper and I oblige, feeling my cock reach the back of her hot mouth. I fuck her mouth gently, making her gag a couple of times. She gently slaps my arse and lets her hand wander down and between my cheeks. I feel her fingers exploring and finding my own hole, I can tell they are wet and know that this horny minx has been finger her snatch, making them wet for me.

A finger pushes on my hole and then slowly slips in. She doesn’t need to penetrate too far before the sensations get too much for me. I lift myself up (with another bang to the head) and take my cock in hand. She pumps my arse with her finger as I wank over face. I look down to see her mouth wide open and her eyes shut ready for me to come. I can hold back no longer and I cry out as my come begins to shoot from my hard swollen member. I watch as I squirt in her mouth and then a splatter in her cheek and nose. I deliver three more good shots onto her face before my body stops jerking.

Her finger leaves me as I move back down her body to kiss her. As I get level with her face I hear her gulp down and see that her mouth is empty. I kiss her deeply and feel her finger between our faces, scooping up some come and then mingling with our tongues.

I can’t wait to meet her again, in her skirt and thong…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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