Impregnating Gwn

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I. The Conversation

After taking Friday afternoon off, Tia and Tim Sloan were driving down to their beach cottage to enjoy an intimate weekend with Greg and Gwn. Tia was now three months pregnant from the planned pregnancy that she had arranged with Greg. The periods of morning sickness had subsided and she was getting real horny after missing last month’s session with them. From the passenger seat, Tim reached across and playfully caressed Tia’s slightly bulging tummy and commented, “little baby girl is going to get up-close and personal with her biological father tonight.”

Slapping Tim’s hand, Tia feigned some displeasure and said, “Hey, that’s not nice, it’s our little girl and you be nice. After all you are going to be the superstar stud this weekend.”

Tia was referring to the plan that involved Tim assisting Gwn’s attempt at becoming pregnant. Gwn’s inability to get pregnant with her husband was found to be related to Greg’s semen not the large penis trauma the doctors at first thought. The New Life Center (NLC) discovered that Greg’s semen appeared to trigger a rejection response in Gwn’s uterus and this permanent incompatibility eventually led Gwn to be artificial inseminated for their first child.

Greg and Gwn had almost given up hope of that little brother for their two year old girl, Geni. Gwn had been turned off with the artificial insemination process. Not knowing the sperm donor was a turn-off for her. Becoming pregnant in such a clinical, unloving manner, she felt, was an essential part of procreation. She wanted to hold onto a loving person as that most precious seed was deposited even if it wasn’t her husband’s. To Gwn there was something almost sacred in creating a new life. For her it had to be done with the utmost passion and physical pleasure.

Thus Gwn had refused to consider another child until Tia and Tim had come into their lives. So many coincidental things had brought them close. At first it involved Greg being selected as sperm donor for Tia. Then the couple that Gwn and Greg were sharing an open lifestyle with moved away as a result of a job move. Next Tia and Tim, by random chance, ran into Gwn and Greg at a neighboring town mall.

Simultaneously, Tia and Tim were considering expanding their sex lives with another couple and Gwn and Greg were looking for someone that would replace the previous couple. That led to Greg’s second impregnation of Tia and now Gwn decided that she would be willing to have another child if Tim could serve as a surrogate semen donor.


I. The Conversation

As the monotonous Interstate miles rolled by, both of them had gotten a little sleepy. Tia had elected to drive her BMW which put Tim in the passenger seat. She reached over and shook Tim’s arm as she noticed him nodding his head.

“Wake up, wake up, sleepy head, talk to me, I’m getting sleepy too.”

Tim managed a dazed smile, gathered his thoughts and commented, “Oh yes, good idea. He rubbed his eyes and stretched out in a quite yawn and thought for a few moments. After his mind cleared he asked, “Explain my role in getting Gwn pregnant this weekend.”

Tia thought briefly and said, “I have been so busy at the Lab getting everything ready for you two, I now realize that I haven’t fully explained how everything is to work.”

“The only thing I heard was that I would not have to have the sperm pellets injected into my prostate. That’s a relief.”

“That is correct,” replied Tia. The New Life Center (NLC) has now developed a new plastic material that will completely dissolve as it comes in contact with semen.”

“I still don’t get it.”

“We have made and fitted a diaphragm for Gwn that will slide over the opening of her uterus. The diaphragm has a bubble shaped enclosure at the center that will contain a very potent supply of Greg’s sperm. Greg’s sperm has been centrifuged so that the sperm has been separated from his semen and concentrated in a gel protein mixture. This sperm/gelatin mixture is then sealed in a nipple shaped area in the center of the diaphragm. Keep in mind that we have discovered that Greg’s semen, not his sperm, triggers the rejection response in Gwn’s womb. At first we thought it was Greg’s large sized penis that was inducing a traumatic rejection reaction.

“So that’s why The NLC developed that special diaphragm,” Tim asked, “and how did you select the plastic that dissolves?”

“They call it genetic engineering;” Tia explained further, “The Chemistry department at the University was able to design a chemical formulation for the diaphragm plastic that will dissolve in the presence of your semen. It’s amazing when it comes to understanding the chemistry.”

“Let me guess…and all of Greg’s sperm are released to complete the impregnating mission.”

“Precisely, my dear Watson.”

Tim’s mind began to wander. He loved to get into philosophical discussions with Tia when they had time alone; particular a discussion of a controversial nature. Tia’s background czech first video porno in sex research kept him abreast of some of the most interesting phenomena taking place in the area of procreation. It was interesting to hear Tia express her personal feelings versus her trained professional opinions as a sex therapist.

Tim asked, “Have you ever looked back on the past few years and rationalized how we have reached this point in our lives? Is it wrong or is it right? Do you feel comfortable with this new found lifestyle?”

Tia responded, “I’m very comfortable with it. I think expanding our sex lives is a normal progression. Sex is for pleasure and procreation…most of the time for pleasure. Yet, they don’t have to be tied together like so many people have done in the past. I do like the idea of it being special and something that we can share with very close friends. I’m convinced of that more now than ever.”

“How so,” Tim asked?

Tia went on, “I think the four of us are good examples. To say that one does not get the very excited from having sex with a different partner is totally unrealistic. And in our case we have found that special couple. They have helped us achieve a natural family and given us immense pleasure in doing so.”

“Do you think that you could be so overwhelmed with the sex that you would want a divorce and live with Greg alone?”

“Oh heavens no,” exclaimed Tia. In the first place the sex would lose its strangeness and the intense excitement would wane. Next, you are the other half of me. We complement each other. Our personalities coexist very comfortably. We exist as one, in life, as in sex. We have a home and a family. I’m not giving that up.”

Tim smiled and said, “Thanks dear, just wanted to hear you say it again.”

I knew you did and I love you for it. Then she smiled and mischievously added, “But I love to fuck Greg!”

Mockingly, Tim said, “And I… I… I… love to fuck Gwn.”

Both of them laughed out loud as they drove up to the beach cottage.


II. A Productive Weekend

As they drove up and parked in front of the cottage the sun was setting over the horizon, providing a warm soft mood for the evening’s activities. Tia spotted Greg and Gwn at the railing on the raised deck. Gwn held up a glass of wine and Greg held out two beers in outstretched arms.

Tia laughed endearingly, “Look at those crazy people up there. That little hussy has got to be so horny right now.”

“Why,” asked Tim?

Gwn had to go by NLC this morning and get the diaphragm put in place. In addition she was given the gender pill and an LBDplus.

“What’s an LBDplus,” Tim asked?

That stands for “Libido Plus” and is the new pill coming on the market for frigid women. I arranged for Gwn to get one this morning. So you’d better get ready for a ride tonight. Even right now I know her pussy is so swollen. She possibly feels that she has two small pillows between her legs and her panties are probably soaked with pussy juice.

“Hell, she’s a hot little number without all that medication,” said Tim.

“That’s true, but we want to make sure she has multiple orgasms this weekend and the LBDplus will help that.”

As they got out of the car, they were interrupted by Greg’s call, “Come on up here and have a beer or glass of wine. We will help with the luggage later.”

Smiling, Tia whispered to Tim, “Look up there at Greg. Doesn’t he look like some big stallion rearing up on his hind legs? He looks like he’s ready to mount some young filly. Praise the Lord, I’m ready…just call me Miss Filly,” retorted Tia responding to her own risqué innuendo.”

Tim looked up, grinned and whispered his response, “I guess you can say that judging by that tent in the front of his shorts.”

“Yes sir. You got that right…mmmm…can’t wait.”

The cottage was located in a rather secluded area of the beach and as a result when Tia and Tim reached the top of stairs they were greeted by their weekend partners in a rather intimate embrace. Gwn was only wearing a short terrycloth robe tied at the midsection. She gathered Tim in here arms and planted a very intimate kiss on his lips. She lightly caressed the front of his shorts and said, “I can hardly wait to get this inside me. My pussy is a mess already.”

Tim reached inside her robe and explored the panty less area between her legs. “I see what you mean. Your lips are really puffy and you are so wet. Tia said you would be like this. Have they put in the diaphragm?”

“Oh yes!” was Gwn’s reply. “I got a huge supply of Greg’s sperm floating around the front door of my womb just waiting to get out and attack that egg. Don’t make me wait too long for those little swimmers.”

Tim glanced over at Tia and Greg and noticed that they were involved in some very intimate activity as well. Tia had her hand inside his shorts gently caressing his cock.

Tim turned his attention back to Gwn and said, czech game porno “I don’t think you can wait any longer.” With that, Tim gathered the little woman in his arms and…..

Gwn turned and waved at Greg. She spoke as Tim carried her into the cottage, “Excuse us we are going inside, we have some breeding to do.”

Tia broke free from Greg’s lips long enough to say, “Go ahead, I know you two are in a hurry. We will be in soon.”

Tim carried Gwn to the bedroom and lowered her onto a soft queen sized bed. The windows were raised and the doors left ajar. A gentle ocean breeze blew through the cottage. Sounds of the late afternoon waves rolling onto the beach provided a romantic symphony for the evening’s activities. Modesty and privacy would not be needed this weekend. Her robe had already fallen open and she merely discarded it as she lay down…legs splayed wide. Immediately Tim hovered over her, lowered his lips to her nipples and began a gentle suckling. Deep breathing accompanied Gwn’s soft moaning sounds. His hand cupped the engorged lips surrounding her pussy. That sensitive area was so soft, so erotic, so open, and so ready. Urgent whispers escaped her lips. “Please put it in, I can’t wait…it’s so empty…I need you.”

Gwn opened her legs further as an inviting gesture for Tim’s slow advancement. She anticipated an immediate penetration. Instead Tim stopped short to observe those tender lips. He was amazed at how the swollen entrance had opened up to present a beautiful clitoris. As the little bud emerged from its protective hood, he bowed to place his tongue gently on that sensitive spot. He placed his hands beneath her diminutive ass cheeks and raised her vulva to his tongue. He kissed that most tender area.

Gwn could hardly withstand Tim’s oral pleasures. Her desires were heighten further as the inside of her thighs brushed his unshaven face stubble. His masculinity reigned over her submission. Things were going too fast. She couldn’t let go. She had to hold back the first orgasm. Faintly she cried, “Tim…Tim…you have got to stop…just for a moment…listen to me.”

Tim’s carnal quest was interrupted by her cries. He raised himself up and looked into her hungry eyes.

Gwn gathered Tim’s face in her hands and pleaded. “Tim, I want that first orgasm with you inside me. I am so hot, I can go off anytime. You just tell me when you are cumming. We will come together. We will make a baby. Come to me.”

Tim paused briefly as he placed his cock at the entrance to Gwn’s vagina. He marveled at the passion in her eyes. Her legs opened further and her trembling hands closed around his cock, gently pulling him into the most pleasurable place a man can go. He inched his way in ever so slightly and then retreated. She would grimace and tighten her legs as he tried to withdraw. Her face revealed every loving erotic emotion a woman could offer. On reversal there would be more penetration. His cock experienced a gentle warm massaging as he continued the sweet invasion. Her pussy squeezed as he pulled back. Then with one last plundering charge, he slammed his pubic bone into her clitoris. He buried himself completely.

A long satisfying moan escaped Gwn’s lips. Tim was at the place he was supposed to be. Their bodies rocked in unison; one breeding organism floating in a sea of ecstasy.

Gwn’s medicated libido sensitized every nerve ending in her body. Her breast, her nipples felt the gentle moving air of Tim’s rapid breathing. The odors given off by their copulation fueled more secretion. Their bodies began to perspire as their lovemaking continued. She gasped as each inward stroke crashed into her swollen labia. The intensity of their copulation accelerated their quest for completion.

Tim supported himself on outstretched elbows and gazed into Gwn’s beautiful passion filled face. She transmitted pleasure from her entire body through the millions of receptors within his cock. The same cock buried in the most sacred parts of her love canal. He too, in complete harmony with Gwn, sought the ultimate eruption.

Gwn began to spastically clutch at Tim’s arms. Both their bodies were like runaway trains. “Now…now…now…Tim…I’m coming.” Gwn’s heels slammed into the mattress; her body arched off the bed. Her vagina lurched onto Tim’s charging phallus. Her arms flew around his neck holding on tightly as her body shook uncontrollably.

Simultaneously, Tim’s cock hardened and swelled further. He seemed to exhibit immense strength as Gwn flailed beneath. A full charge of semen was blasted in several bursts onto the face of Gwn’s diaphragm covered womb. The plundering and pillaging of Tim’s cock performed its mission well.

Tim found Gwn’s lips and held her tightly as their bodies spasmed through the orgasm. Soon they calmed. Tim turned and lay on his back, keeping Gwn’s diminutive form fully impaled.

As Gwn shifted, she caught Greg and Tia peeping through the partially open door. When their czech gangbang porno eyes met Tia gave her a silent clap of the hands indicating that they had performed well and had put on quite a show. Gwn rolled off Tim, lay on her back and nestled into the crook of his arm. She waved them into the room.

Tia ran over and gave them a hug then spoke first. “You two were great; that was so hot. Watching is almost as much fun as doing it. Well maybe not quite as much.” They all laughed together.

Tim sat up and with a mischievous grin on his face asked, “I wonder if Gwn is pregnant now?”

“If not, there ought to be a lot of Greg’s live sperm swimming in search of that magic egg,” Gwn playfully responded. “I don’t think I’ve ever had so much semen pumped into me. Tim flooded me. I didn’t think he would ever stop coming. He was great.”

Everyone smiled with Tia commenting, “I can tell, look at all that leakage. Here, let’s get a pillow and towel under your butt.” She looked at Tim and implored, “reach in Gwn’s pussy and remove the diaphragm ring. If everything went well that’s the only thing left.”

Tim started to insert his middle finger when Gwn admonished, “be careful I’m still very sensitive down there…go easy.”

Tim gently eased his finger deep into Gwn’s over-sensitive vagina and after some twisting and turning withdrew nothing but the top ring of the diaphragm…”Ta…Daaa…nothing but ring.”

Tim held the ring high and the others clapped and congratulated Gwn with a pair of high fives.

“It looks like we are going to have that little boy after all.” With that statement Greg bent down and lovingly embraced his wife. Tears welled up in Gwn’s eyes as he placed a tender kiss on her lips.

“Thanks honey and thanks to Tia and Tim. That’s much better than artificial insemination. “

Everyone had tears in their eyes.

Gwn turned to Greg and asked, “Have you two had a go?”

Greg replied, “Not yet. We just got so turned on watching you it was impossible to leave. Then we just decided to watch the whole thing. I hope you didn’t mind?”

“I’m glad you did,” Gwn responded.

Tia then laughed and pointed at Tim, “Look at him; he’s half asleep and completely wiped out. He’s not going to do anybody any good for awhile.”

Gwn sympathetically patted Tim’s chest and replied. “He’s OK, he did great job. I’ll let him nap for awhile then we’re gonna have some more fun together. To celebrate, he has promised me a first class A fucking.”

Tia’s sex therapy training revealed itself as she instructed, “That’s good. You need to keep your butt elevated on that pillow for about an hour before you get up. In the meantime Greg and I are going over to our room and make up for lost time.” Playfully she stroked Greg’s cock a couple of times and said, “Come on big boy, I need some of this.”

Somewhere between the two bedrooms, Tia’s sheer wrap lay strewn on the floor. She hastened to spread eagle herself on the brass frame bed. Smiling and looking at Greg she was presented a scene of his half hardened dick climbing onto the squeaky bed. The image was even more animalistic as it dripped a long string of precum. She smiled at his wanton display and teased, “Have you no shame…have you no manners?”

“Not when it comes to fucking this little pregnant princess,” Greg huskily responded. He crept up between her open legs with that dripping cock and lubricated the inside her swollen labia. With a pair of shaky hands, Tia tried to assist; pushing him to her opening. Greg resisted the penetration. He wanted Tia to beg.

And beg she did. “Come on Greg, put it in. You know I can hardly wait. It’s been almost three months dammit.”

Greg was enjoying the effect he was having on Tia. With a big lusting smile he asked, “What do you want Tia?”

“All you damn men want is to hear us beg. Well, here it is, fuck me, fuck me with that big hard cock.”

With Tia’s frantic urging, Greg gradually parted her lips and began entering slowly. That first feeling of tender encasement was so warm.

“Aaaaaaaaaah….so nice” Tia whispered as she felt that first internal invasion. She arched her vagina up and into Greg’s midsection. The penetration stopped. “What’s wrong?” Greg just smiled with that little shit-eating grin that turned her on so much.

Greg’s slowly pushed forward with his hips. The corona ridge popped through the opening. Tia squeezed as if to capture and prevent any withdrawal. He responded, “Damn, you are so good.” He lowered his lips to hers and inched forward.

The kiss raised her passion more. Her arms encircled his shoulders. Her body begged for an instant goring; a conquering thrust. She used her legs to pull. Oh no…The son of a bitch was good…he held back. In a cloud of lust, Tia allowed her mind to wander briefly, ‘this guy is such a wonderful stud, tremendous breeder …what an animal.’

Greg continued to slowly advance into her body.

She shook her head in total submission as Greg nestled against the opening of her pregnant womb. “Be gentle”, she urged. She shifted slightly.

Greg tenderly nudged the end of his penis against her cervix in a loving show of affection.

Tears welled in Tia’s eyes as she softly said, “that’s sweet.”

He continued to press deeper.

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