If He Only Knew

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You cum in my mouth as your legs give way and you split your weight between my mouth, my hand pinching your nipple, my two fingers in your pussy, and the rock I leaned you against when I surprised you on your way to meet him in the park.

“What are you doing here?”

“Fucking you!” I said with that dirty sideways smile you love and hate on my face.

“But he is waiting for me. He has planned a romantic night. He is going to want to have sex later.”

As I look you in the eyes and slid myself inside you I say “well I guess you will be well lubricated with our sex when he is ready.”

You just gave me a dirty smile of your own and kissed me.

My hand was on your ass and my other hand was pulling your hair as I thrust into you over and over again. I knew I could not keep you for too long but I was enjoying myself and I had you close to your third orgasm when we heard him calling your name.

“Holy shit! He is looking for me!”

“I guess you’ll need to be quieter then.” I answered back, as I kept up my thrusting into you.

I was fucking you slower but I was using longer and harder strokes as he wondered our direction. You were whispering in my ear asking me to stop tell he was gone but I kept it up and started whispering in your ear.

“I know he’s close but I need your pussy brazzers porno on my dick. I need to feel your tits up against my chest. I need you ass in my hand and I need to feel you breathe and teeth on my neck. Feel me in you. Feel me thrust my cock into you little pussy. Feel my heat up against you. Feel Me Fuck You. Feel. Me. Fuck. You…” I repeat as I rammed myself into you on each word.

This does it and you orgasm has he approaches. To keep quiet you bite hard into my shoulder and rake your nails deep into my back. Then you can feel my dick throbbing inside you and you know I’m cumming inside you at the same time.

We sit there as still as possible as he blindly walks right by us in the dark. His feet shuffling through the leaves is louder then our heave breathing so he just keep walking by.

“I can’t believe you did that. We could have gotten caught for, what is it now, the third time!!”

“and think about it. I’m going to fuck you again after he goes to sleep tonight.”

“Oh! You think you are, do you!?”

“Yes and when he falls asleep you are going to come out of the tent in the nude and we are going to do one of our marathon fucks.”

“No! I can’t!” You said with desperation in your voice knowing that we will in fact be fucking again in a few hours.

I clip4sale porno take your hand as you step out of the tent. “I hate how much I need you!” You said.

Then I reply “it’s not the need that kills me it’s how much I love you.” As I lean in and give you one of those kisses that says everything we both need to hear and feel. You melt into my arms and I lift you off the ground and walk you away from your camp sight.

You fall into the mattress, crisp sheets and soft pillows in the bed of my truck and laugh that I have clearly planned this out. I clime up in the back and look at you with a scowl on my face.

“I said you were to be nude!”

“Fuck you! I am not wandering around looking for you in the nude. I had

no idea you were sitting outside my tent. We’re out there the whole time?”

“No! That would have been kind of creepy!” I laugh.

“Good. That would have been really kind of stalker scary .” Then we both started laughing.

I have drinks and one chocolate donut for us to treat ourselves to under the stars as we talk. We do this for a few minutes and then you lean over and whisper in my ear “why the fuck is your cock not deep inside me right now!”

I throw the drink out and jump on top of you.

In a few seconds we are touching and sucking colette porno and foundling each other like 16 year olds. You keep grabbing my dick and trying to stick it inside you and I am not letting you. I keep teasing you getting you hotter end hotter. You again grab me and lift your hips and thrust your pussy at my dick begging me to give to relief.

I stop everything and pin you down. I am hovering over you and you can feel my dick just touching your pussy. You moan “please.” But I won’t do it. I just move it over your clit as you squirm. You can feel my heat and my breath but you can’t get to me.

“Spread your legs as wide as you can.”

Your legs shoot out until you are doing the splits.


“I need you! I want you inside me! I will do anything if you just let me feel you inside me! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK MEeeeeeee!!”

On the last “fuck me” I drive myself into you in one long motion.

Can only take two or three thrust before you start your first orgasm. That night we have a happy fuck, a sad fuck, a loving fuck, and a lonely fuck, but we end with a fuck that make the rest seem small. I make love to you with more emotion then you know what to do with and you make love to me in the same way, but there is the unsaid things being communicated the whole time. Things like “you will always be the one I think of when I sleep with anyone else. I think of you every day. I will never stop thinking about you. You are the love that got away but will never leave my heart. Always! Always! Always yours!

Happy Valentine’s Day. Be mine!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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