I Know What You Did Last Halloween

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“Hello? Is there anybody out there?”

Jessica found herself sitting on a concrete floor in pitch black. She blindly felt around and found a chain cuffed to her right ankle. “What the—”

From the far end of the hall, a bright floodlight came on.

The sudden spark blinded Jessica. She placed a hand to her brow as the dots slowly faded from her sight. She looked back up with a squint, her sandy hair styled in a tight authoritative bun. She wore a white tank-top underneath her jacket and skinny black jeans with combat boots. A golden police badge clipped to her belt.

Three red doors lined the slender hallway. To Jessica’s right sat a lawyer from town, Ressie. The blonde, with locks upon her shoulders, dressed in a black business suit with matching heels. Next to her, another known face, a young football player named Johnny. He wore a white jersey, blue number ten, and acid-washed jeans.

“What happened?” Ressie asked.

“I think I had too much wine.” Johnny scratched through his blonde quiff haircut.

“That sonuvabitch invited us to his mansion…” Jessica scowled. “…and drugged our wine.”

The three of them looked to one another and then simultaneously said, “Price!”

Squeaky wheels sounded from down the hall. The bright floodlight shone from behind a dark silhouette riding a tricycle. It rolled closer and closer before coming to a slow stop in front of them.

“Chucky?” Ressie asked, unimpressed. “Try harder, Price. I’m not afraid of dolls.”

The psychopathic doll sat atop the tricycle in his suspenders and striped long sleeve shirt. His red hair combed down, cheeks rosy, and bright blue eyes were wide open. His head rotated to them, and a voice came from within, “Hello and welcome to my horror maze.”

“What the hell, man?” Johnny asked. “What are you planning?”

“Well, let me pose a question to you.” Chucky stared at the jock with a vacant look. “Why did you come to my party?”

“For the money,” Ressie uttered.

Jessica shrugged, nodded.

“Yeah. I’m with them.” Johnny gestured to the women. “Where’s the money you promised us?”

“You will all be cut a participation check of hundred-thousand dollars for your troubles,” Price said through the Chucky doll. “But! If you make it through my maze, you get my inheritance.”

“Why not just tell us that?” Ressie snapped. “Why drug us and chain us in this, uh, basement?”

“It’s atmospheric. I assure you, you’re in no danger here.”

“It’s second degree assault…” Jessica’s brows slanted inward with anger. “…and I will be arresting you.”

“Let’s just see how the night goes, shall we?” Price cleared his throat. “As you know, I’m an old oil tycoon with no family to speak of, no children milking from my teet. Had no time for it. I—”

“Don’t lie.” Jessica scoffed. “You ran brothels and peddled porn to get your fortune. The whole town knows.”

“…in my younger years…” Price said just above an agitated whisper. “…until I went legitimate into the oil—look, listen, I built this town with that money, built schools, donated to any charity this town asked, but for some reason I’m remembered for being a filthy sin-peddling sex-addict instead of a entrepreneur, instead of a great hero here.”

“Is that why you never come to town?” Ressie asked.

“I don’t come to town because I’ve been shunned,” Price growled. “They say I’ve sold my soul. They say sins of the flesh have ruined me. But! I say they’re hypocrites.”

The contestants exchanged glances.

“Anyways…” Price composed himself and spoke clearly through the Chucky doll. “I don’t have much longer, and although the town—the town I love—rejected their father, I want my money staying here with one of my ‘children.”

“How much is this inheritance?” Ressie asked.

“You’ll get this fine mansion estate, equipped with this underground maze.” Price paused briefly before saying with pride, “And, of course, a quarter of a billion dollars.”

“Oo!” Johnny lost his breath.

Jessica’s stone face softened.

Ressie placed a hand to her throbbing heart. “And, the maze, what is in it?”

Chucky’s wide, unblinking gaze rotated to each contestant. “You will enter my maze. In each room, you’ll be asked horror movie trivia. Answer right, you move forward. Answer wrong, you perform a sex act until you answer one of the questions right. You continue until you tap out or complete the maze.”

“Horror movie sex maze?” The scowl reappeared on Jessica’s face. “And you wonder why people in town look at you like pervert?”

Chucky’s sky-blue eyes stared through the policewoman. “In a movie, what’s better than blood and breasticles?”

“Men are disgust—Everything, every other genre of movie is better,” Ressie said.

“You’re going to do terrible at this,” Price chuckled softly. “And let’s not act like Magic Mike wasn’t a thing. You went because it was funny, right? Not because there were big sweaty hogs swinging in th—”

“I’m afraid we’re out.” Jessica motioned to Ressie for reassurance. “So, release me now and—”

“Ummm…” latina fuck tour porno Ressie bit her nail.

Jessica whipped her head to the acquaintance. “Ressie, what was you just saying? It’s disgusting. Plus, you’re married.”

“It’s a quarter of a billion dollars though…” Ressie put her hand in the cop’s face, blocking Jessica out. “Don’t wanna hear it.”

“No one will know unless you tell them,” Price said. “This has been going on for several years with several contestants and all the town has are rumors. Many have come close to finishing my maze but no—”

“Come to think of it…” Jessica’s eyes drifted in thought as she recalled the last Halloween. Her face drooped. “Billy was here last year, wasn’t he? That Sonuvbitch said he was on a business trip in Flori—Oo!” She growled with her teeth clenched. “How come it didn’t hit me until now? How stupid…”

“So, I guess you’re in, huh?” Ressie muffled her laughter. “After all, revenge is a dish best served steamy and hot.”

Jessica folded her arms and turned away with a look of repulsion.

“When the chains release you, you will enter the doors directly in front.” Chucky backpedaled down the hall from which he came. Although the plastic face didn’t move, his smile now appeared sinister as it withdrew into the shadows. “Good luck…”

The competitors readied themselves: Jessica exhaled a shaky breath. Ressie wrung her wrists. And, Johnny popped his knuckles.

With the sound of an air horn, the three doors flung open, and the chains released their ankles.


Jessica stepped through the door and into a bathroom. The tiles on the wall and floor were grayish with black baseboards. The room looked straight out of a black/white movie, Jessica being the only thing which popped with color. Against the far wall, a shower ran behind a clear curtain. Steam arose over the top.

“Why don’t we shower up?” a voice asked.

Jessica spun to a hideous leprechaun perched on the porcelain console sink. He had a wrinkled menacing face with a green hue. She inched closer to the doll while her eyes darted around for the camera. “Now, Price, are you recording this?”

Price went silent.

“If this gets out, I swear to god, Price, I’ll—”

“Don’t worry your sweet little bottom,” Price said through the leprechaun. “If you win my inheritance, does it really matter what people think of you?”

“According to your little temper tantrum earlier ‘The town hates me,” Jessica mimicked Price’s whiny voice.

“Can we continue…” Price asked with little humor in his tone.

“A quarter of a billion, a quarter of a billion, a quarter of a…” Jessica repeated under her breath. She huffed through her nostrils while slipping out of her jacket.


Ressie followed a narrow hall to another bathroom. It appeared clean, orderly, with a bathtub against the far wall, filled to the brim with water and foam.

“I’m guessing that’s for me?” Ressie mumbled to herself.

“Pretty please,” a voice said from the puppet on the edge of the tub. He had a gaunt pale face, empty black eyes, and long white hair. He wore a black trenchcoat and wide-brimmed hat.

“Blade? From Puppet Master? I told you I’m not afraid of dolls.” Ressie’s eyes fell to the soapy bathtub. “I showered up before I came. I don’t really think—”

“It’s part of the game,” Price whined through the gothic doll’s speaker. “Just do it.”

“Fine…” With her eyes to the ceiling, Ressie tied her blonde locks in a ponytail. She kicked the black heels from her skinny feet. A hot-pink polish adorned her long toes. She shoved down her business skirt and hastily removed her top, bra, from her teardrop breasts with small pink nipples. She was thin; her shoulders, hips, and waist were evenly proportioned. She then made her way to the tub and dipped her toes inside to check the warmth. “Oo, nice.”


Johnny strode down a hallway of doors. A flower pattern covered the white walls, a blue carpet over the floor. He took a left and then another left. The speed of his walk combined with the sharp turns was almost dizzying. Upon the third left, he finally came to a door cracked open. He peeked through the slit before walking inside. “Hello?”

The décor was retro: a yellow strip ran high up the wall, bottom-half green and the top was white. Sinks were on his right and toilets on his left. At the far end set a bathtub. Even though a curtain was strewn across, he could still make out the blurry figure of a woman.

Johnny eased forward. “Excuse me, ma’am?”

The woman whipped the curtain away. Her black shoulder-length hair was slicked back. Her hazel eyes pierced through the visitor. She didn’t appear startled or ashamed of having her humble breasts and tiny dark nipples in the open.

Johnny showed a dopey smile, his brows jumped up above his ogling eyes. “Mila?”

Mila stood from the bathtub. Water trickled down her breasts, toned stomach, to her bald mount. She stepped out onto the rug. Her small feet decorated with a black lezbiyen porno pedicure.

“Mila…” Johnny sucked the drool back in his mouth and wagged the lustful thoughts away. “…I heard you quit the cheerleading squad and moved away?”

“I did… only a few hours.” Mila embraced him and wadded the crotch of his jeans in her fist. “Husband is stationed in San Antonio but deployed to Guam.”

“While the dogs away, the cat will play,’ isn’t that the saying?” Johnny’s half-cocked smile stretched further. “S-so you’re a contestant?”

“No, no. I had my chance.” Mila unbuckled Johnny’s pants. She slipped her hand underneath the band of his boxers and squeezed his long flaccid cock. “But Price called me back, said I could roleplay against a contestant for a hefty little sum. Sooooo… well, you can’t turn that kinda money down.”

Johnny went to kiss her, but a voice interrupted their embrace.

“For your first question…” Price said through a doll on the toilet. The little girl doll dressed in a long white dress, red waist band. Her blonde hair was in two pigtails with bangs just above her creepy distended eyes.

Johnny flinched when spotting the demon doll. “Annabelle?”

“What is the num—”

“Buzz off, Price.” Johnny growled toward Annabelle. He gazed back into Mila’s hazel eyes, but his words were still intended for Price. “Can’t you see I’m busy?”

“As you wish.”


“Dah-dah-dee-dah-dee.” Jessica sung to herself while showering just under the shower head. The hot water washed the soap from her tan bell-shaped breasts, to her legs, between her sparkling silver toenails, and down the drain. “So, when does this game actually start?” she asked before sticking her face under the water.

“It started as soon as you walked through the door,” Price said through the leprechaun on the porcelain sink.

“Okay…” With a soap bar in hand, Jessica wiped down her arms and behind her neck. “Dah-dee-dah-dah…”

Amidst her singing, the door creaked open. Jessica lathered herself with the soap and hummed as a dark figure approached the shower. Spindly fingers, with dirt under the nails, clutched the edge of the curtain and drew it aside.

Jessica spun around, covered in soapsuds. Upon seeing the attacker, she screamed and cowered against the wall.

The stranger donned a floral printed dress with a wig of grey hair in a tight bun. The face was shadowy, but the stubbly chin gave the gender away. He reared a dildo over his head like a knife, but froze in that position.

Jessica heightened a brow at the attacker, confused by his balk. She shot a glance toward the door and then back to the stranger again. “Are you sup—”

“In the movie Psycho,” Price said through the leprechaun, “what was the name of Norman’s hotel?”

“Ummm…” Jessica thought about it while eyeing the attacker with a bewildered expression. A clock ticked, which sped up her response. “Ha! You’re tricky. Motel. Not hotel. Bates Motel.”

“Correct!” Price cheered. “Once you dry, you may continue. But I’m afraid you’ll have to continue without your clothes.”

The cross-dressing attacker dropped the dildo to his side. While slouching, he gathered Jessica’s clothes, boots, and moseyed out the door, defeated.

“If I got that answer wrong,” Jessica asked to Price, “what was he gonna do with that dildo?”


With her body submerged beneath the bubble bath, Ressie rested her head back on a blue bathtub pillow, shaped like a seashell. Her eyes closed, and given the predicament, surprisingly, her thoughts were at ease.

Unbeknownst to her, a dildo extended from atop the drain with a long metallic arm. It emerged from the water between her spread knees, wiggled, before diving back under with a soft splash.

Feeling the ripples, Ressie’s eyes shot open. She glanced down at the bubbles as they bobbed on the surface. She creased her brows but rested back once again.

“Now for your first question…”

Blade, the puppet on the corner of the tub, sounded in Ressie’s ear. She flinched, splashing water over the brim of the tub, and whipped her head to the doll. “Price! I was enjoying myself.”

“Sorry. But the game must go on…” Price said. “First question, in the film Nightmare on Elm Street, how many knives did the killer Freddy Kr—”

“Five!” Ressie said with confidence. She then laid her head back against the blue bathtub pillow. “One for each finger.”

“Oh, no.” Price sighed. “He only had four.”

The dildo came alive underneath the water. The tip inched just inside her tight pink pussy, vibrated, which sent shivers up Ressie’s spine. She bucked and then flopped back against the seashell pillow. Her legs shot out of the water, knees locked, and toes curled. She reached between her thighs and felt a vibrator pressed firmly against her pussy. “Oh! Fah-kah!”

“Okay. Now for your next question…”

“Ye-yeah!” Ressie’s face contorted. The vibration rattled her entire body. Her legs splashed against the water. Waves sloshed over the side. She liseli porno trembled while leaning further forward. “Next question, nex-ext question!”

“How many movies feature Freddy as one of the main villains?” Price asked.

A tickling pressure locked Ressie’s body. She whipped her head back, eyelids clamped together. Veins appeared in her forehead. “Fuck if I know—Oh!”


Ressie’s feet exploded out of the water once again. She rolled her ankles, spread her toes, as her legs quaked. “Fuckin’ twenty! Jeez-uss!”

“Ooooo…” Price sounded disappointed. “Afraid you’re incorrect again. There have only been eight.”

“Bull-shhhh—Ah!” Ressie’s large soapy breasts jiggled on the surface of the water, pink nipples became taut. “They make one every goddamn year!”

While vibrating, the dildo slipped further inside her tight pussy. It worked in and out.

Ressie clutched the edge of the tub. She pressed her feet firmly against the far end, locked her leg, but her knees trembled, tapping the bottom. The tickling pressure built and built until it flooded her eyes. “Fahhh-kahhh!”

“Name the actor who played Fre—”

“I can’t, I can’t, I can’t,” Ressie said with a rushed speech as she climaxed all over the thrusting vibrator. “Uh! I’m done…”

As soon as the vibration stopped, dildo retracted, Ressie sunk underneath the water, only to reemerge a second later with a big gasp. She climbed out of the tub, wringing wet, and flopped to the rug. She pulled her knees to her breasts and curled into a ball on the floor.



In the middle of the retro bathroom, Johnny stood with his jeans around his ankles.

With a folded rug under her knees, Mila knelt in front of him, the top of her feet flat behind her. She worked his shaft and sucked up and down on his veiny erection. Her head bobbed at a frenetic pace.

Johnny’s back bowed, face tightened. A tickle ran up his hard cock and exploded out the end. He filled her mouth with his thick seed.

Mila swallowed the glob and licked the remainder from his tip, like icing on the spoon.

“Where the hell did you learn that?” Johnny said with a shiver.

“Oh, you haven’t seen the half of it.”

Johnny reached down to grab his trunks when Mila snatched his wrist. He looked up with a smile. “Oh, I don’t know if I can go ag—”

“Get your beta-cock down here.” Mila snatched his semi-hard member and gently tugged him to the floor.

“Okay, okay, okay…” Johnny submitted his hands. “…be easy.”

Mila grinned mischievously as she shoved Johnny to his back and climbed on top. She reached between her legs, grabbed his cock, and stroked him until it hardened in her palm. She then sat down on top of it. The cock eased inside her warm center. She gasped as he filled her to the hilt.

Johnny palmed her breasts, flicked her hard nipples with his thumbs. He then glanced back to Annabelle. “Umm… I think I’m ready for a question now.”

Mila’s motion gained speed, bounce. She pushed off the floor with her knees, toes, and rode his length. She dragged her nails across his muscular chest. “Aw! You already tired of me?”

“Oh no,” Johnny said. “But, I need to save some for this game, feel me?”

“Oh, I feel you.” Mila started riding him faster, as if accepting a challenge to make Johnny climax before answering a question. She planted her hands on each side of his head, leaned in his face, and gyrated at a furious pace.

“Am I not disturbing you anymore?” Price asked through the Annabelle doll. “You finally got time for my questions?”

“Yeah. Go, go.” Johnny gazed into Mila’s hazel eyes as her cozy pussy did numbers on his cock.

“In the film The Shining, what room did Jack Torrance see a ghost?”

“Two ummm…” Johnny shut himself away and tried to concentrate. “Twooooo-seventeen.”

“Wah, wah, wah…” Price mimicked a depressing horn. “It was two-thirty-seven.”

“Ahhh!” Mila appeared to be feeling her own orgasm as well. Her breasts flopped back and forth with her wild ride.

Johnny was caught between two worlds: one of cumming and the other of coming to an answer. “Next!” he shouted to Price.

“Who wrote the book that the movie was based on?”

“Stephen…” Johnny’s voice died down as his cock stiffened even more. The tickle trickled up the bottom of his shaft again. As he filled Mila with his seed, he answered, “Stee—Ee!—phen King.”

“Ooo!” Mila clung to him and shuddered in his ear. “Mm-mm-mm…”

Johnny exhaled a rattling breath and dabbed the sweat from his forehead. He tapped her arms, hoping she’d release the tight squeeze around his neck. She ignored him while continuing to convulse on his lap. He tapped her again. “Hey, can I…”

Mila caught her heavy breaths. She pecked him on the cheek and rolled off to the side.

“Sorry, um, gotta run.” Johnny scrambled to his feet and cupped his limp, sore cock. “You understand, right?”

Mila just lay back and motioned for him to scram.

Naked, Johnny hurried out the door and into the next room, a bedroom. There was a chest-of-drawers to his right, but a growl that came from his left. He slowly rotated his head.

A blonde woman, hair in disarray, splayed across a bed in a light-green nightgown. Her wrists and ankles tied to the four posts. She glowered at him with glowing green eyes.

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