I Have a Plan-Plans ALWAYS Work Ch. 02

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All characters are 18 or older

I Have A Plan — Trust Me — My Plans ALWAYS Work — Chapter 2

OR — A 36 Year Old PHD Mother Can Learn To Just Let Go

by Tx_Fun_Dr

Valerie and I both had on our new mini microkinis when the doorbell rang. I swear I think they shrunk since yesterday, as they looked and felt like they were even more revealing today. Hmmm just what the doctor ordered, I think. It was like who could get there first to answer the door. Valerie looked out the security peep hole to see Sr was front and center. So she backed away to let me greet our studs — I mean guests. I made sure to open the door wide so they could both see Valerie and I doing a slutty model pose just for them as I invited them in.

I swear it looked like major instant hard on to me. Even though it was only 10:30 am, I had a pitcher of Bloody Marys waiting for us out by the pool, so I swung my horny ass as slutty as I could while I lead our guests to the pool area. Then I poured each of us a big 20 ounce cup of Bloody Mary. I was about to start laying it on thick with Sr just as I was sure Valerie would be doing the same with Jr. I whispered a little reminder to her — “Remember Valerie – Hook, Line and Sinker – our mouths, pussies and asses are the bait — and we’ll reel in two HUGE HARD Big Black Cock Wonders!”

“WOW Helen — this is a great pool, great Bloody Marys and I must say one HOT SMOKING view – if you know what I mean, white girl!”

“You got that right Pops — Best and HOTTEST white stuff I’ve ever seen!”

“Mind your manners boy! I’d hate these two hot women to see your Pops beat you down a peg or two right here in front of them. Respect Son — Always show RESPECT to women if you expect to get their respect and all their sweet hot sexy loving back in return.”

“He sure is a handsome young man Marcus. He looks really good standing next to Valerie, don’t you think. And hope you don’t mind me saying, but I always think the sharp contrast of a back man up close next to a white girl is so damn hot and sexy ESPECIALLY seeing his Big Black Cock sliding into her pale white skin mouth, pussy & ass. Marcus Jr is so tall, so muscled out, and in ALL the right places too I notice. Just like his BIG BLACK DADDDY.”

“OH my — you are REALLY muscled out — So much so, half of you is hanging out from your swimsuit. Why did you even bother wearing a swim suit cause there’s no way it can contain such a HUGE muscle like yours. And why would a handsome black man like you ever try to hide such a BEAUTIFUL BIG BLACK COCK like that from horny white girls like me and Valerie. And from the way Valerie has been talking about Marcus Jr, I KNOW she thinks and feels just like her Mom.”

“I fell in lust for your huge hunk of Black Fuck Meat that weekend at the lake. I was so jealous of Margot watching her spread her white girl legs so wide for you just so I could then watch all well over 14 inches of that Black Beauty BAREBACK fuck her senseless all weekend long. Guess I still am super jealous of her in a way. I got so horny and my pussy was on fire and so damn wet the entire weekend and all the following week. In fact I still am hot and wet just thinking about it all over again – See.”

I took Marcus’ HUGE black hand and slowly stroked it between my now rather spread legs so his thick fingers were rubbing thorough my drenched exposed labia. At the same time my right hand was slowly stroking the entire length of his rock hard BLACK WONDER. DAMN he’s fucking huge! He crooked first one then two and finally three thick black fingers straight into my horny pussy.

I almost started cumming right then and there. If it weren’t for our kids in the pool, I’d have ripped his swim suit off and impaled my pussy on his Big Black Cock right then and there. But I had to hold back. Hook, Line and Sinker — Hook, Line and Sinker — ALL WEEEKEND LONG REMEMBER.

I just as slowly slid back into my chair causing his hand to pull free from my pussy, and stopped stroking his Big Black Cock. But I still kept my small white hand clasped around his HUGE black hand. Except when the kids weren’t looking I pulled his hand up so I could lick my pussy juices off his fingers. I had to bite my tongue to keep from smiling when I saw all the slick pre-cum flowing from the almost purple plum size tip of his cock.

As we sipped our drinks we just chatted more about old times and what kind of great HOT times can be ahead for ALL of us still ,as we watched how our kids were, shall we say, getting MUCH BETTER acquainted. We kept on til I saw Valerie sloshing out of the pool trying to put her bikini back in order enough to at least TRY to cover what little she could. From the way Jr’s THROBBING Big Black Cock was now completely out out of his swim trunks I would say the kids had REALLY got to know each other really well while they were in the pool.

“We’re gonna go inside for a while şirinevler escort guys — break out all the sandwiches in the fridge – give Jr the grand tour of the house — and see if there might be something fun to do – or if all else fails, watch something HOT & FUN maybe.”

Looking at the clock on the patio wall it was straight up 12:00 — Good girl Valerie – right on plan. Now for my step 2 for the next hour.

“Marcus — I need you to do something for me — No need to be shy now — I’ve seen what you’ve got remember — Strip those swim trunks off at the same time I take off this bikini — We’re going skinny dipping just like we used to do in high school – Come on — Don”t wuss out on me — Show me some RESPECT by honoring my wish – Would hate to have to knock you down a peg or two in front of your Son.”

We were both naked in mere seconds. I took his hand and then we were in the pool. At first we were playing like teenagers as we had in the past many many years ago. That is until I felt his rock hard Big Black Cock pressed up against my ass cheeks then his HUGE hands enveloping my breasts as I had my back to him in the pool. I couldn’t resist so I shot my right hand back to start stroking the entire length of his cock and pressing it’s length even harder into the cleft of my ass cheeks. “OMG Marcus — So Hard — So Huge — So BLACK – I want this so bad!”

Marcus is so damn strong. He pulled me back into him with such force it almost took my breath away. It also caused his swollen Nigga cum filled black balls to slap up against my swollen labia. He was dry humping the cleft of my ass cheeks so to speak. The water made for perfect flotation for me and lubrication for my ass cheeks. Hell at that moment if he took my ass in one deep thrust I would have died a very happy white girl. Looking at the clock the kids had only been gone for 30 minutes so I kept thinking — Hook — Line — Sinker — Hook – Line – Sinker With a gasping giggle I finally managed to pull away and make it to the steps. Using my index finger, I gave Marcus the “come hither” finger movement as I patted the lip edge of the pool where I wanted him to sit, which also gave me a straight line of site to the patio clock.

With a huge grin displaying his pearl white teeth that literally radiated in contrast to his coal black skin, Marcus waded over took a step or two up until he turned and sat down with legs spread wide and all his well over 14 inches of Rock Hard Big Black Cock standing straight up like a flag pole. My hands were double wrapped around that Black Snake — GOD – I couldn’t even close my fingers all the way around his girth. There was a good two inches gap between the tip of my longest middle finger and the tip of my thumb. This is WAY OVER just 14 inches. I’m getting my sewing measuring tape for sure later. I just gotta know how big is BIG!

As I looked deep into Marcus’ eyes, my hands literally started worshiping his Big Black Cock. Slowly I stroked him from his balls up to the tip that was still flowing pre-cum then back down just as slowly — over and over and over. Once I had a good river of pre-cum flowing, I just couldn’t hold back any longer. As I leaned forward, I made sure not to lose contact with his eyes.

My tongue slipped out to begin licking up his sweet precious pre-cum. I followed that with my mouth stretching wide so I could accommodate the throbbing purple plum sized head of that beautiful cock. WOW his Big Black Cock tasted so wonderful and his pre-cum was like an elixir that just added fuel to that fiery lust burning within me.

I wanted this — ALL OF IT! Slowly I lowered further only to pull back to add more saliva, then lower again — back and forth — even when it felt I was gonna gag I fought back — tears were flowing down my cheeks by the time my nose was pressed into his pubic mound and his balls were snug against my chin. HOLY SHIT I had managed to Deep Throat all fucking well over 14 inches.

I had to have ALL his Nigga cum now — I just HAD to have every drop. I was a mad woman on fire bobbing and sucking every inch down deep into my throat. I could feel my neck bulging out with each deep swallow of his entire cock. I used my right hand to massage his Nigga cum filled swollen black balls making sure to use my middle finger to slide into his ass to stroke his prostate. I felt Marcus’ HUGE hand on the back of my head making sure I took every inch on every downward thrust of my mouth.

His moaning started getting louder and his balls started to contract. Without warning I felt the first blast of his sweet rich thick cum burning deep into my throat, then the next and the next — I pulled back to let his cum fill my mouth swallowing as fast as I could but still there were small rivers of cum oozing from the corners of my mouth, running down my chin and dripping into the pool. After 12 super huge blasts of his cum, I felt his cock start to slowly deflate just a bit şişli escort for the first time today.

As I pulled free, the head of his cock actually made a PLOP sound when it pulled out of my mouth. I kissed and licked every inch, suckling his balls, even rimming his ass. After all that, I still wanted more. I NEEDED to be fucked by every inch of this Big Black Cock in my horny married white girl pussy AND my horny married white girl ass. Glancing up I noticed it was 12:55pm. In about 5 more minutes my plan is about to be complete.

“WOW stud — I sure hope there’s more Nigga cum in those big black balls, And I better not need to get the bicycle tire air pump out of the garage to get that Beautiful Big Black Cock hard again. We are by no means finished. I think we BOTH need refills on our Bloody Marys, then I think we need to go find the kids to make sure they are staying out of trouble. So come on stud, and forget the swim trunks, cause I’m not putting mine back on.”

With my right hand was wrapped around Marcus’ cock , I lead him through the house “in search” of the kids. If all was going to plan, they would be in Valerie’s room fucking like rabbits. Slowly, I took him up the stairs. As we got to the top step, I made the Shhhhh motion.

“Damn Jr Give me ALL of that Big Black Cock — Don’t you dare stop BAREBACK fucking your white bitch – Fill my white girl pussy with all your Nigga cum — Every damn drop — I want it ALL Nigga – Make me your white girl Big Black Cock Fuck Slut. It’s what ALL white girls should be now!”

That was followed by the loud sound a SLAP then another then two more.

“YESSSSS beat my ass Black Daddy — Make me yours — Take your white girl slut!”

“That’s right white girl — You gonna be MY slut now – Except I gonna save some of this black fuck meat for your Mom too. Pops and I done planned we gonna make BOTH you white girls our Big Black Cock Fuck Sluts from now on bitch. Get that ho ass and tight pussy of yours pumping on my Black Snake bitch!”

“Hmmmm – Now that looks fucking damn hot — All that coal black skin cock sliding balls deep into that pure lily white skin pussy is so intoxicating to see – And I thought I was the sneaky one with the master plan. BOTH of us are gonna be your Big Black Cock Fuck Sluts, huh???? As in Daddy and Son, share and share alike. Hope that includes an occasional Big Black Cock DP. Like Mother like Daughter — Like Father like Son.”

“Come on — my king size bed is this way. Time for my new Big Black Daddy to show these kids how a REAL MAN makes this married white girl his new Big Black Cock Fuck Slut. And I hope you don’t mind if your son and my daughter join us in a while. Just part of my plan you know.”

“Shut up slut — That was my plan all along, too. Jr is gonna bring her to your room even if he has to drag her by her blond hair. Now get up on that king size bed and spread those married white girl legs wide — Your Big Black Daddy is gonna be fucking your pussy and ass into next week! We gonna show BOTH our new sluts what a Big Black Cock DP is before sunset. And both of you better learn Ass-to-Mouth real quick cause you both gonna be doing that a lot before we all leave early Monday morning!”

OH MY GOD – I thought my 16 inch life like Big Black Cock Dildo was good — But the real things is WONDERFUL. I’ve never felt so stretched open and fucked so damn deep in my life. Marcus had that plumb sized cock head pressing against my cervix with each stroke slowly stretching it open a little at a time, then a little further, then a little further til it finally popped through straight into my womb. I felt nerve endings excited that have never been touched before in my life. I was cumming with each thrust of his cock.

My cervix and vagina were now wrapped around his cock at least 6 inches down from the head of his cock that was by now fucking up against the back wall of my womb. My legs were wrapped tightly around his muscular waist. This Nigga wasn’t going anywhere except deep into my pussy and ass. DAMN I felt like I was being taken to orgasm Heaven — they were just non stop — lots of rolling mini orgasms quickly followed by HUGE mind blowing orgasms then everything starting all over again and none of them ever stopping.

I know I must have squirted over quart of my girl juice all over Marcus from cumming so hard so many times in a row. What’s worse, I didn’t want it to stop and I was looking forward to sampling what Jr had to offer as well as my first ever Daddy Son Big Black Cock DP. GOD I was the one who took the Big Black Cock bait hook, line and sinker. And from the wails of orgasms Valerie was shouting out, I know she did too. Reel us in Niggas — these white girls are all yours now!

My eyes widened when I looked over to see Valerie laying beside me up on her knees. Jr was balls deep in her ass, fucking her like the wild man from Borneo. And Valerie was screaming out obscenities and taksim escort pleas for more Big Black Cock. She began to wail loudly as she starting cumming again, when she felt her ass being filled with hot Nigga cum. Jr just keep thrusting deeper and deeper making sure she was filled to overflowing with his Nigga cum. When he finally pulled his cock free, the head made a very very loud POP, as he came free from her ass.

“OK baby girl– time to teach my slut daughter what one of the duties of Big Black Cock Fuck Slut is. Jr — get over here and feed my slut daughter’s Mom’s mouth your cum covered cock. Little girl you best pay attention — Your Mom is gonna teach you how a white girl does Ass-to-Mouth on a Big Black Cock.”

“And while you watch, I think that white girl pussy of yours needs another dose of Big Black Cock. I think our Big Black Daddy is gonna show all of us how it’s done right — uptight — outta site — and deep in your groove. Baby he’s gonna be fucking you straight up into your womb!”

Jr was kneeling there grinning at me, as I was taking every inch of his cock down my throat knowing full well he had just had this fuck meat balls deep in my daughter’s ass. In a way that made it even more of a nasty slut turn on. Especially when I saw Valerie almost drooling as she was watching every move and every suck I was making on Jr’s still almost hard cock. To be honest all I tasted was his sweet rich thick cum as I licked it and sucked him clean.

Marcus Sr knew how to fuck a woman. Valerie was moaning much louder and much more often than she did with Jr. Guess it’s like they say about a fine wine — Just gets better with age. I know I sure feel that way about myself now — especially since my Big Black Cock Fuck Slut has been set free from being locked away deep inside me since high school. Jr was getting hard again and was raring to go. Somehow I got the feeling I was next on his hit parade.

“Hey Pops. The slut got me ll clean and hard. Why don’t you let that little play thing rest. It’s time for her Mom to have that total slut Big Black Cock DP experience. Call it Pops — You want ass first or pussy first — But as we agreed, we each get both before we fill her with our Nigga cum. So little girl hope you learned from your Mom — You’ll be doing Ass-to-Mouth on BOTH our fuck sticks not to long from now.”

“Son – She’s gonna get every black inch of my throbbing cock up her married white girl ass. She needs a REAL MAN to fuck that married lily white ass. You can pop her ass second and fill it with your Nigga cum while I’m doing the same to her pussy. You be the lucky girl who gets to do Ass-to-Mouth on your Big Black Daddy’s cock before I fuck your Mom’s pussy again. Lay down Son, I’ll get her to crawl up and lower her married slut pussy onto your cock, then her ass is MINE!.”

It was almost like my fantasy day dreams but it was real this time. I quickly crawled up and over Jr til his throbbing 14+ inch Black Fuck Stick was lined up with my pussy. I could have slowly lowered down on him, but I dropped down til I felt his smaller cock head pop past my cervix and into my womb. I was already shuddering with one climax after another.

I felt the weight of Sr shift the mattress behind me before I felt his massive black hands spreading my ass cheeks. Then he blew my mind when I felt his thick black tongue worming into to my ass. OMG he knew how to tongue fuck a white girl’s ass too. I was having anal and vaginal climaxes one after the other. I felt disappointed when his tongue slowly pulled free of my ass.

That disappointment was quickly replaced with the fire of his plumb sized purple cock head was spearing into my ass. Inch by inch, I felt his massive girth spreading my ass open wider and wider causing a sweet combination of pain, pleasure and passionate lust as he was taking my married white girl ass and making it his. When I felt his balls nestled up tight against my labia and knew he was also up against his Son’s cock – for the first time in my entire life, I felt completely filled.

My orgasms started non stop the moment they each started moving — First Jr out while Sr went in, then Sr out while Jr went in — over and over in unison. I even reached out and took Valerie’s hand holding it tightly as my orgasms washed over my entire body causing my toes to stay curled and felt like every hair on my body was on end. This was GLORIOUS! This was making me their total married white girl Big Black Cock Fuck Slut and I loved it.

I heard wailing echoing around the room then I realized that voice was mine. I was coming so damn hard I knew I had to be flooding Jr with what felt like gallons of my girl juice as I was squirting almost non stop as well. It felt like hours but I’m sure it was only 30-40 minutes of uninterrupted lust filled bliss.

Then I felt Sr slowly pull his hard cock from my ass. I even heard the very loud echoing POP when his cock head pulled free. Looking over, I saw him holding Valerie’s head back and feeding his cock into her mouth and down into her throat. I know it was nasty, but it was so damn hot to watch my daughter being a total slut for this HUGE black man and taking his cock directly from my ass deep into her throat. I also felt rather proud of her, in a slut Mom sort of way.

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