I Have a Great Secretary Ch. 03

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I own a very successful and very lucrative real estate brokerage company in the Midwest. And what’s great and unusual about it is that it’s a two person operation: just me and my executive secretary Donna Mills, who is maybe the best secretary in the Midwest, and a terrific asset for the company.

She’s enormously smart and efficient. She’s a hard worker who knows her shit and does it well. And she’s also a very attractive and sexy young woman: blonde hair. blue eyes, big, full, firm 38-D tits, a body to kill for, and an out-going, flirty personality that attracts men to her like a moth to a bright light. Which is valuable to a company like mine whose clients are mostly male.

Especially because she’s also a bit of a sexual addict. So not only is she willing to exploit her looks, but she’s also amenable to “entertaining” clients – if you get my drift – to help get a deal done.

Like just last week, for example. We had a young Californian guy named Tom in the office who was interested in buying a big apartment complex we had listed for sale. And he was immediately smitten by Donna as soon as he met her.

“Damn,” he told me in my office, “that secretary of yours is a gorgeous fucking woman.”

“You like that, huh?” I asked.

“Hell yes,” he said. “Is she married?”


“Does she ever fool around with your clients?”

“Uh…yeah. It’s been known to happen,” I answered. “Do you want me to set something up?”

“Absolutely,” he said. “If you can do that it’d be sort of a “seal the deal” type of thing if you know what I mean.”

“No problem,” I said. “I’ll talk to her and call you later this evening.”

And when he left I told Donna about our conversation and asked her if she’d be interested in one of our “special services bonus” deals.

“Yeah,” she said. “He’s cute. How much are we talking?”

“I’m thinking $500”, I said.

“Really?” she said. “This would be a big commission, so I’m thinking $1,000,”

“Shit. Don’t get greedy on me Donna,” I said. “He’s a good looking guy who you’d probably fuck for nothing. grup porno Right?”

“Well, yeah. I guess that’s true.”

“So let’s meet in the middle. How about $750?”

“Okay. It’s a deal. Here in the office?”

“Yeah. I’ll tell him you’ll be working late tonight and he should stop by.”

“Sounds like a plan,” she said. “Tell him to come by about 8. I’ll put on something sexy and leave the door unlocked.”


Thanks to the voice and motion activated cameras in my office I was able to watch what went on that night the next morning.

Donna left and came back wearing a tight, thin, see-through white blouse with no bra under it that showed all of her big, full, firm breasts, and a short, tight, little blue skirt. My dick got hard just from looking at her on video. And it seemed to have the same effect on Tom when he got there.

After some small talk about the weather, he got right to the point.

“I guess you know why I’m here, darlin”.

“Yes I do, Tom.”

She knelt down in front of him, unzipped his pants, pulled out his still-limp – but HUGE dick, and started sucking it. Just the head at first. Then more and more until her nose was buried in his pubic hair, and she was gagging and choking. And his dick got hard and stiff in a hurry. And as her head bobbed up and down on his cock he started moaning and groaning.

“Oh shit, baby”


“You do that good, babe”

“Uh huh.”

And as she sucked him he reached down and ripped open her blouse and started fondling and squeezing her big tits. Then he grabbed the back of her head with both hands and started fucking her mouth real hard and fast.


“Yeah baby.”


“You like that?”

She smiled up at him. “Mmm hmm.”

And after 2 or 3 minutes she pulled her head back and let his huge schlong plop out of her mouth. “I want your big hard cock in my pussy now,” she said.

And she laid on her back on her desk, and pulled her skirt up around her waist, hd porno and spread her legs for him. “Fuck me Tom.”

He did. He pushed her legs up until her knees were up around her head and started fucking her. Slowly at first. Then faster Then faster, Until his 10 inch cock was pounding in and out of her cunt like a jackhammer.

“OH God,” she whimpered.

“Oh yeah, babe.”

And as he thrust his hips down, she arched her pelvis up to meet his thrusts. And as his big, hard cock pounded in and out of her pussy he reached down and played with her big, full, gorgeous tits.

“You’re fucking amazing, baby,” he said. “That feels sooo fucking good!”

“Uh huh.” she whimpered. “It’s good for me too, Tom. Don’t stop!”

He didn’t. He positioned his legs wider apart and started fucking her hard,

and fast and deep. Burying his long dick completely up her pussy with every downward thrust. And after about four minutes her body stiffened up and she obviously came. And after about two more minutes she came again!

“Oh shit, Tom! Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

He did. And it looked to me like she came two more times. And then his body started jerking and shaking and he came. Real hard and long. And then he rolled off of her, and they both layed on her desk trying to get their breath.

“Damn, Tom,” she said. “That was fucking fantastic! I’ve don’t think I’ve ever been fucked that good before.”

“Thanks, darlin'” he said. “But we aren’t done are we?”

“No!” she gasped. “I want to do it some more.”

“Great,” he said. “Then roll over on your belly. I wanna fuck you like a dog.”

She did. And he stood behind her and slid his big, half-hard dick up her pussy. And fucked her real slow and easy for awhile. Until he got hard again. And you could tell by her reactions when that happened.

“Oooh,” she moaned. “You got hard quick!”

“Are you compaining, baby?”

“No! I’m just impressed.”

“Thanks, babe. Are you ready to rumble again?”

“Hell yes, Tom. Let’s do it!”

They did. His huge, thick latin porno cock pounded in and out of her cunt from behind, and her big, full tits hung down and jiggled seductively as he fucked her.

“Oh God. Oh yes,” she moaned.

“Yeah, baby. That’s good.”

“Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh.”

“Shit, baby!”

“Don’t stop. Don’t…stop.”

“I won’t darlin, I wanna to see you come a couple more times.”

And that’s exactly what happened. As his huge shlong plunged in and out of her pussy she came HARD twice, about a minute apart. And after another couple of minutes her body stiffened up and started quivering and jerking, and she came again for what looked like 30 or 40 seconds.

Then he stood back.

“Now it’s my turn, darlin'”, he said. “Get down on your knees. I wanna fuck your mouth like a cunt.”

She reacted like she was in a trance, and as soon as she knelt down in front of him he slid the blood-engorged head of his thick 10 inch cock between her lips. Just a little at first. Then a little more. Then about half. And she took it eagerly.

“You ready, babe?”

“Uh huh. Uh huh.”

Then he widened his stance, grabbed a big handful of hair on the back of her head, held her face steady, and plunged his whole cock down her throat. And at first she started gagging and choking.

“Ach! Mmph!”

But as he fucked her mouth faster and faster, she seemed to handle it better. In fact, she grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper.

“Umph! Nng! Mmph!”

“Damn, baby! You’re fucking good at this!”

He proceeded to fuck her mouth relentlessly – real hard and deep – for about 6 or 7 minutes. And she took everything he had. And all of a sudden his back tightened up, and his legs started shaking, and he came. Real hard and long. And just as he was finishing he pulled his cock out of her mouth and spewed cum all over her face and neck and tits. Then he crouched down and fucked her tits for a couple of minutes as she smiled up at him and licked gizz off her lips.

Long story short: he rolled a joint and they smoked it and relaxed for about 15 minutes, Then she sucked him back to life, and he fucked her two more times – once in her pussy and once up her ass.

And he came in the next morning and signed the papers to buy the apartment complex at full price.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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