I Danced Ch. 02

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For more background, please read the first chapter. As always, all involved are over age 18.

I arrived in town two days before the wedding, and while I was excited to be back with close friends, I was perhaps more excited to see Travis again. It had been a while since I had last gotten laid, and it seemed Travis was a sure thing. However, the time leading up to the rehearsal and dinner passed slowly and without note, and there was no chance for any alone time. I began to doubt myself – would anything even happen between us? I had to find a way to let him know I was still interested – and to determine whether he was, as well.

The day of the wedding was cold and windy, exacerbated by the fact that we were on a river boat. After the ceremony, everyone crowded downstairs for the toast and meal, but I stayed up top to indulge in a smoke. Without warning or notice, Travis joined me, and my heart raced with the potential implications as we made small talk. A short time later Travis’s dad joined us, and I took advantage of our positions along the railing to press up against Travis, my left leg and breast pressed into him; it was exciting dvd full porno to converse benignly with his father while sending a silent message to Travis at the same time.

Once at the hotel’s reception, I immediately hit the bar. I had a room reserved there for the night, and was planning to get a little wild, whether I got laid or not. Every few beers or so, I joined a group outside for a smoke. Up until this point, nothing had happened with Travis, and I was getting a little desperate – and a lot horny – for him to make his intentions known, before I cut bait and cast for another prize.

Almost as one, our smoking group made their way back inside, leaving us alone. With liquid encouragement raging inside me, I lunged at Travis. Before he could blink, my arms wound around his neck, my breasts were pushed against him, and my lips were upon his.

“God, I’ve been dying for this,” I moaned through my kisses. “Please…are you gonna fuck me tonight? I want it so bad…I need your cock so bad…please, tell me you’ll fuck me.” I was shameless, letting him know the intensity of my lust for him. ensest porno His hands gripped my ass, pulling me tighter against his hardening cock as he returned my kisses.

“Tonight,” he promised. “Now, though, someone might see us,” and he reluctantly pulled away.

I turned my back and lit another smoke, anxious to get my breathing under control. Just seconds later, his parents pushed through the outside doors, joining us in the fresh air for their own nicotine fix. The excitement of having been almost caught added fuel to the fire already burning inside me.

Later in the night, Travis and I again left for a smoke break, as nonchalantly as possible. This time, though, we ended up in Travis’s own hotel room rather than outside. Travis lit my cigarette for me before lighting his own, a move I always appreciate.

After a few moments of silent smoking, I fixed my gaze on Travis. “So…looks like we’re finally alone.” He nodded, holding my gaze. I rose slowly from my chair, stubbing my cigarette out as I walked towards him. He calmly surrendered his own half lit smoke to the ashtray I held out fake agents porno to him, his eyes still on mine. I reached a hand out to him, ushering him up from his chair. Silently, I led him to one of the beds in the room, turning him until his knees hit the edge and he fell gently into a sitting position. Hiking my dress up a bit, I climbed onto his lap, straddling his crotch.

We kissed fiercely, letting all our restrained passion out into each other’s mouth. Moaning, groping at each other, we held on tightly for a few minutes, our bodies rocking together in a mimicry of that most taboo act. Travis slid a hand under my skirt, finding my silky panties already damp. I could do no more than whimper and hold on as he began to stroke me, his fingers thrusting deep inside my wet core. My hips continued rocking against his fingers, my arms holding tight onto him as he coaxed me closer and closer to orgasm.

“Please,” I begged, “please don’t stop, please don’t….ohhhhh…yes…yesss…ohhhhhh.” The jumbled words flowed from my mouth as the juice flowed from my pussy. A squirter by nature, I felt copious juice drip onto the back of my dress as I kissed Travis in appreciation for my release.

Without asking, Travis got up and lit me another smoke, sitting next to me and gently stroking my back while I calmed myself down.

“We should get back to the party,” he said. “But we’re not done yet…”

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