Hot Waitress and the Married Man

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Susie met Steve at a restaurant. Susie was the very hot Asian waitress, wearing faux Alligator skin tights, dyed blue hair, many tattoos and showing off a toned bare midriff. Steve was eating a late lunch on his own, dressed in suit and tie. He was minding his own business, except for the fact that he simply couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Steve was mid-40s, married with kids. Wearing his wedding ring, and thinking what it would be like to be with that waitress.

Because it was around 2:30, Susie had a bit more time and few customers. She started chatting with the handsome, older Steve. Steve was more than happy to chat with Susie. It became clear that Steve was going to be visiting this place for lunch much more often, and always coming by after the crowds had died down.

After a few visits, and getting to know each other better, Steve asked Susie if she might be interested in chatting more outside of the restaurant. When Susie gave him her number, it opened up a new world of possibilities. Here was the story of their first date…

Steve sat on the park bench around 11am, under a sun drenched November sky. He knew that the next few hours would be filled with mystery and adventure. Most of all he knew that it would be filled with Susie.

Now Susie is no regular woman. Susie is something extraordinary. She is very smart. She can read people.

Susie is also a 10. A 10 face. A 10 body. An 11 ass.

But Susie mixes that face and body with a brain that is wired for sounds. Not just any sounds. I am imagining the sounds she will get you to make when you think you are at your peak and she squeezes more out of you, and the sounds she will make if you find out her secret place. This is a woman with a sexual desire and power that is very rare to find.

As Steve watched Susie approach the park bench, he was happy to see those eyes and that smile and that body. The afternoon’s adventure would be very interesting indeed.

As they walked and talked, they eventually found a diner as Susie hadn’t eaten yet and was starving. Between her steak and eggs and a hash brown (she could really eat, but not gain a pound), the next phase of adventure had begun.

The stories were told of family and what makes them each tick. It started to unwind like a spool of thread.

Why is Susie the unique creature she is today? Where did she come from? How did bursa escort she get here?

Speaking of Steve, Susie was also finding his story start to fill out. She learned more about his childhood, and his lack of interest in skydiving. But Susie needed to learn more. More about his desires. More about his family. More about what makes Steve Tick. Also, should she trust Steve??

She decided that if they were going to get to the really good stuff then they needed some alcohol in them.

After leaving the diner they walked to Mexican themed bar and had a drink or two. As they talked more, the drinks kept coming. Given the time of day, the bar was pretty empty.

Susie started to tell a story about watching some serious lesbian fetish porn as a teenager. It excited her in a way that other porn didn’t.

The story did paint an interesting picture of Susie. All of 18. Naked in front of the big TV. The screen spilling out the story of a young naked woman. Her barely beneath the surface desires being uncovered by whips, tongues, toys, fists, buttplugs and kisses covered in her own juices. Young Susie was lost in the images before her. Her fingers deep in her pussy, her headphones on so she could quietly hear every slap of bare hand against this young girls ass. Susie dreamed of being the girl spread out, her legs tied to the bedposts. Having her older friend tease her true feelings out. That was Susie. Too young and a little shy to let the world know what she really was. Too young and shy to share her deepest desires of getting roughly fucked by another woman.

When she touched herself, it made it feel real. When the young girl was being fisted on the big TV, Susie was not shy about treating herself roughly. It was a total fucking turn on for her. Susie found the butt plug that she hid under her mattress. She hoped nobody else knew it was there. The one she would sometimes put in and sleep with. With the young girl on the TV getting her ass stretched by a dildo from her older lover, Susie slipped in the bright red butt plug. She felt it stretch her little ass bigger, then a little more…just like on screen where the big dildo entered the young woman an inch deeper, then another inch more…slowly more until the dildo was fully buried in her small ass on screen. That was when Susie felt the familiar ‘pop’ as the plug was now snugly in place.

With her bursa escort bayan little ass full, she imagined being licked deeply between her legs. She would rub and rub until her secret happened again. She would be sure to have the towel ready to try and stop her gushing wetness of an orgasm. Sometimes she caught it. Other times she was so lost in the great feelings that she worried about cleaning up later.

Suddenly Susie came out of her haze and Steve was watching her. He had his hand under her ass, and he could read her mind as he felt her pussy twitch and squeeze.

Susie wasn’t sure how long she had been daydreaming but Steve was beyond turned on. He placed her hand on his hardened cock and kissed her suddenly dry mouth. Her tongue searched for the depths of his mouth while she reached under her pants to touch herself with her other hand. Surprise, surprise, she was slippery and wet. Steve saw this last move and dreamed that Susie’s fingers were his tongue.

Susie knew what she was doing. She always knew. Susie wanted him. Right. Now!!

Steve could no longer control himself. He stood up, took Susie’s hand and led her towards the bathroom. Susie had promised herself not to let this happen but she was beyond the point of no return.

As they both got through the door, Steve bolted the door. He turned Susie around so her back was against the small space of open wall. Steve got down on his knees and pulled down Susie’s tight yoga pants in one quick move.

Susie could see herself in the bathroom mirror as he pulled aside her little panties and tasted Susie for the very first time. Like a man emerging from the dessert, Steve was not slow and patient as he claimed to be. He looked up at Susie and said “patience is a waste of time”, as he proceeded to dive in one more time, as Susie felt his hungry tongue and entire face rub against her swollen clit.

With that he stood up, grabbed Susie’s neck on both sides and they kissed like animals who wanted to swallow each other whole. Steve then grabbed Susie’s shoulders and turned her around. She turned her head and whispered heavily in his ear as his hand grabbed at her slick spot between her legs. She said “are you just going to play nice or are you going to fuck me hard and make me cum all over you”.

Susie then pushed her ass backwards away from the wall and into Steve. She looked over her shoulder escort bursa and saw herself in the mirror. She saw Steve’s pants come down, as she could finally feel his hard cock rub against her soaking pussy. She could see him spread his legs a little and grab her waist. She saw him thrust at the same time as she felt him burst through her tight wet pussy. It was like an itch that had been driving her more and more wild for the past few hours was finally being scratched. It was relief and pleasure and lust all mixed together.

Susie could feel him pull her closer as he reached around to rub her clit as he continued to thrust heavily and deeply inside. Looking over her shoulder again, it felt like she was watching porn in the mirror and this guy was fucking the mostly hidden girl so hard and fast. She could feel her clit being rubbed. She wondered if the girl in the porn was getting into it. She watched the scene play out while she could feel an orgasm building. The woman in the mirror had those eyes that were starting to look a little upwards and to the side. Susie was turned on by it all but especially by the hot girl being fucked in the mirror. She looked like she was headed to a blissful orgasm. Susie was turned on by that girl. She could see it all happening in the mirror. The woman’s’ eyes went back further, she started moaning loudly and she was clawing at the guys ass as he started groaning and he slowed his pace to four or five hard thrusts.

She could see it happen. She could hear it happen. She could feel it happen. Only as the woman in the mirror started to focus her eyes did she remember that the orgasmic hottie was actually Susie. It was her orgasm. It was Steve moaning and thrusting. It was this tiny bathroom at the Mexican bar. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this but Susie sometimes couldn’t control her passions. She liked Steve and liked toying with him. She wasn’t quite sure how the toying crossed the line. But the line was crossed in a wet and sweaty heap. Somehow Susie and Steve had this connection that surprised her. It took her further than she expected she would go.

After straightening themselves up they emerged from the washroom all innocent. The act didn’t last long. The waitress gave them a long look with a dirty smile. She said “I had a feeling you might end up there. It sounded hot!”

On the walk home, both Steve and Susie stopped to kiss many times. The untold mystery and adventure from early afternoon had unfolded in strange ways. But they were hot and passionate ways and it would surely lead them to more trouble in the near future. Steve and Susie could hardly wait.

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