Hot Night on Winter St.

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Big Dicks

Ok, see you soon, I typed.

My anxiety grew more and more as I clicked close in the small window. I have only been talking to him for 2 weeks, but I had to meet him. The phone rang. “Hello?”


It was Mike. “Hi,” I didn’t know what else to say. I was excited and nervous all at the same time.

“Hi.” His voice was sweet and sexy, calm yet cool.

“So, are you nervous at all?” “I mean I never met you before and now I am coming over at 9pm on a Thursday night.” He giggled nervously on the other end.

“I am a little but I want to see you.”

We have been talking online erotically for 2 weeks; I couldn’t wait any longer.

“I am pulling up to your house right now I bursa escort will see you in a few.”

My heart was pumping now. Did I look ok did I smell good? Jesus Christ! “Hey, how are ya?” His eyes and his smile were amazing.

We had been talking now for a while. I didn’t have much more to say to him. His eyes glistened in the moonlight his body so nervous. I wanted to just grab him and corrupt his pure mind. “Its so nice out tonight.” He put his hands in his pockets of his jeans as though trying to stop himself from doing anything he might regret.

“It really is nice.” I replied. I looked at him and as he turned his head I grabbed him, I couldn’t believe what I was doing. His lips felt so perfect on mine. Two bursa escort bayan minuets felt like 2 hours I didn’t want to let go of him. His had rose and placed upon my cheek, caressing me as though we had been in love for years.

Shirts, followed by pants laid on the floor making a trail to the bedroom where he gently laid me back, kissing my neck on the way down. I moaned with ecstasy I haven’t been with a man for a long time. I felt his hard cock poking my pelvic bone awaiting. Kissing him was so erotic on its own I could do it for hours, but I also wanted to feel how he was inside. With out hesitation I pulled off my white thongs that had been rubbing me there all night. I was excited.

“Oh my god, you escort bursa feel so wonderful.” His cock was fully inside my wet throbbing pussy.

I wanted this so bad.

Sweat was beading up on our bodies as I sat on top. Leaning over I kissed him passionately. Then I licked his neck to his chin. He grasped my breasts with both his hands and pulled me down once again to suck each nipple. The sex was nothing like I had ever had. “You are so incredibly gorgeous.” His smile was honest and true.

“So are you.”

The anticipation the excitement he would cause each session online. The occasional talk on the telephone. Teasing each other, so much that I would have to use my vibrator after each time. Our bodies loved being with one another. It was like god made it to be that way.

His moans and his hands were like magic wands, knowing exactly what to do; to make me climax. Screams of orgasms ripped through my apartment.

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