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I’m lying on the sofa, waiting for you to get home from work. It’s hot and sticky outside, so I’m wearing just my white panties and a tank top and I have the fan directly on me. All day I’ve been trying to ignore the warm tingling between my legs. I know if I save it for when you get here, it will be so much better.

The TV is on, but I’m not concentrating on it. I glance at the clock and realize you should be here any minute. I am so relieved, knowing my release is near. At last I hear you come in the door and into the TV room. You look at me and smile, and before I can ask you how your day was, you come over to me and put your hand on my stomach. You play idly with my belly button ring, and ask if I’ve been waiting for you. I nod and grin at you.

Slowly you move your hand upwards, under my tank top. I put my hand on top of yours to try and slow you down. I want this to last as long as possible. But you grab my wrist and pin it down. Now I know that you want exactly what I do, and I start to get wet as you move past the built in bra in my tank top to my tits. You run your fingers over them and rub my nipples in between your fingers, making me shiver. The sensation of you tweaking my nipples goes directly to my pussy. Suddenly you pull my shirt off in one quick movement and run your fingers down my stomach and over my damp panties.

I squeal and lift my hips to try and get your fingers to touch me harder, but you only touch me ever so lightly, driving me crazy. I can tell by the look in your eye that you’re going to tease me, and I want it so bad. You run your middle finger down my panties, so lightly and gently I can barely feel it, but the heat in your fingers is making my pussy leak. Without warning, you pull your shirt off and tell me to stand up.

When I hesitate you pull me to my feet hard and turn me around. You move me over to the desk and push me down, so I’m bent over the desk, my ass towards you. I wiggle my ass a little and you smack it hard and tell me to hold still. I breathe loudly after you smack my ass, trying to hold in a moan. Slowly you start peeling off my panties, running your fingers over my ass. I move my hand to pull them off the rest of the way and you grab bursa escort me by the wrist and hold my wrists together.

“No,” you say.

I groan and ask you, “Please.”

I whimper and you push your hand far between my legs and slowly run your middle finger between the lips of my pussy, stopping briefly to rub my clit. I gasp and moan loudly, but soon you stop. I’m dripping wet and dying for you to let me come. All of a sudden you shove your finger into my pussy and start to rub my g-spot. I almost scream it feels so good, and you add another finger, fingering me harder and harder, all the while gripping my wrists.

You’re driving me crazy and I’m pushing back onto your hand while you fuck my pussy with your fingers. Your breathing gets heavier while you finger my wet cunt, and hearing you get turned on turns me on even more. I’m just about to come, and you can tell by the noise I’m making, so you stop.

“No, oh God, please, please, let me come,” I beg you.

You start again, this time even harder, and you let go of my wrists to grab my ass while you finger fuck me. Your fingers are buried deep inside me, and you’re doing so many things with them; spreading them apart, curling them up, just rubbing at my g-spot. I’m ready to come again, but as soon as you feel my pussy tighten, you pull out your fingers. I’m so frustrated, and I whine loudly, my hands gripping the desk.

You lean forward and grab my hair, pulling my head close to yours.

“I want to hear you beg.” You say roughly, moving your hands over my body.

“Please, I want to come, please, I need it so bad, please.” I say in a frantic voice.

You grab my tits and squeeze my nipples.

“Please what?”

“Please finger me, fuck, please, please fucking finger me.”

I’m practically screaming it now, and I know I’m so horny that I’m helpless to you. I’ll do anything you ask me to.

“Why do you want me to finger you baby?” you ask me softly, whispering in my ear, almost taunting me.

“Because, because it feels so fucking good, please, I’ve been waiting all day baby, oh please do it to me, you know how to finger my pussy so good.”

I’m so desperate I barely know what I’m saying, bursa escort bayan all I know is that I need your fingers inside me.

You let go of my tits and say,

“Good girl.”

You put your middle and index fingers into me hard, and start doing what you were doing before, making my legs shake. I’m moaning and whimpering and breathing heavily, and you just keep fucking my pussy with your fingers. When I feel that I’m about to come, I pray that you won’t stop, and this time you don’t. I scream as I start to come. My pussy grips down on your fingers and my legs tense up while my orgasm shoots through me. It’s wonderful and amazing, and you keep rubbing my swollen g-spot while I come, extending my orgasm.

I come down and breathe heavily, sweating. You pull your hand out and turn me around again. I look in your eyes, still trying to catch my breath. While looking me in the eye you unzip your pants and take out your cock, hard and throbbing. You push me down to my knees and tell me to suck it, now. I start to suck your cock, and moan with it in my mouth, tasting your pre-cum and sucking as much as I can.

I want you to fuck me with this so bad. You put your hands on my head and hold my mouth onto your cock, and I almost gag on it, but I keep sucking, swirling my tongue around the head. When I have most of it in my mouth, I suck hard, still feeling the smooth skin on the head of your cock with my tongue. What I want is to taste your cum, and I tilt my head back to open my throat more so I can take more of your cock in my mouth.

I suck and rub with my tongue until my jaw gets sore. You fuck my mouth with your cock, grabbing my hair, rubbing your cock inside my mouth. Pulling my hair, you pull me up. I wince, because this really hurts, and you rub my head gently and kiss me.

You carry me to the bedroom, one hand on my ass, one on my hips. When we get into our room you throw me down on the bed. I move back, scooting towards the pillows. You pull your pants completely off and move on top of me, pinning me down while kissing my neck. While you’re doing this I hear you reaching over for some thing, and soon I feel what it is.

You snap the cold metal handcuffs on my wrists, escort bursa put my hands above my head, and smile at me. This makes me so wet, like always, and when you push your cock into me I whimper and arch my back. I’m waiting for you to start fucking me, but you just hold your cock deep into me. I whine desperately, and try to move my ass and hips up to get your cock moving.

“Say it.” You order me, reaching down to hold me still.

“Say what?” I ask breathlessly

“Say what you want, baby. Tell me what you want.”

“Fuck me. I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck the shit out of me.”

You chuckle and pull out of me, and then thrust in hard. I moan and strain against the handcuffs. I know you’re starting to lose your self-control, because now you’re fucking me harder and harder, sweating. It feels so good, your cock hitting my g-spot, that I come almost right away, calling out your name.

You pump faster and harder into me, and I raise my legs up in the air and cross them over your back. You kiss me hard and move your cock sideways, back and forth in me. My vision gets blurry because this hits my g-spot so incredibly hard, and I come again, trembling and groaning.

You look me in the eye and fuck me now harder then ever before. I didn’t think that was possible and I gasp and moan. You’re fucking me so hard it almost hurts, and you look at my handcuffed hands and ask me if I like to be held down. I gasp yes, yes, yes, and then you stare into my eyes while you fuck me senseless.

My body is banging against the bed beneath me, your cock slamming in and out of me, fucking me so good I can’t control anything, and especially my sounds. I’m amazed when I start to come again and this time is the hardest. I scream and groan, and my pussy tightens so hard around your cock that you come too, and I feel your hot come explode in me.

You groan deeply and keep fucking me until you’re done coming. You reach up and undo the handcuffs. We’re both covered in sweat, panting, so you lead me to the bathroom where we take a cold shower together. You wash me and I’m so tired that I’m almost falling asleep. We get out of the shower, and you dry me off, and then yourself.

You pull me down into the bed with you, and I put my head on your chest and cuddle close to you.

“I love you,” I say.

“I love you too.” You say, kissing the top of my head.

With that, we fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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