His Muse

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(someone asked me to explain to her what a muse was… I thought this might be the best way to show her)

* * * * *

He closed his eyes He rolled over and looked at the clock, groaning to himself… 3:45 AM. It seemed as if it had been an hour ago, lying in his restless bed,that it had been 3:30. Accepting another sleepless night, he sat up and rubbed his eyes absentmindedly, hoping it would quell the dull ache in his brain. “No use fighting this any longer” he thought to himself. “I’m up”

He made his way into the kitchen and poured the final glass out of the bottle of Shiraz. As he swirled the wine in the glass, he wandered over to the window and gazed outside. The darkness that met him there held no comfort. It was so still outside, without even so much as a sway in the branches of the trees outside. He couldn’t get over how quiet it was in the house… outside… in his heart. Sighing to himself, he made his way through the house to his Steinway. It had been mocking him as of late; taunting him with the block it had placed in his head. It had been so long, with absolutely nothing. Feeling the emptiness more than he before thought possible, he sat himself back down on the bench that he had lately spent so many fruitless hours at. He put the glass to his lips, taking in a sip of the sharp burgundy wine before placing it down on the piano. He sat and held the wine in his mouth, feeling it move around in his mouth, tasting the slight overtones of berries and black cherry, before finally swallowing slowly, feeling the slight burn as it made its way down.

As he had so many times before, he placed his hands on the well loved keys. He had grown to despise this instrument that he had worshipped all his life. He had nothing left to give it, or so he felt, but still, night after sleepless night, he found himself back here, as if he were paying some sort of penance. He closed his eyes as, almost hesitantly, he pressed down a simple minor chord… then another… and it began.

As his brain began to swim with a combination of the sounds that filled the room and the evening’s worth of wine he had earlier, he sensed it somehow – faint at first, but definitely there. The unmistakable scent of jasmine wafted into his nostrils. The soft sound of her footsteps accentuated the ebbs and tides of his song. Each measure began to come easier to him as he felt her there standing behind him, just as he remembered. He tried not to jump as her right hand made its way onto his shoulder, just resting there. The music began to take care if itself as he felt her left hand on the back of his neck, her fingers sliding up into his hair, sending small shivers up his spine.

He began to move effortlessly up and down the keyboard as she slid her hand off of his shoulder and down over his chest. Her hair began to flow over his left shoulder as he felt her soft lips on his neck, just barely touching his skin. She rested there for a moment as he felt her warm sweet breath bursa escort on him. He tilted his head to the side slightly allowing her greater access as the song continued to pour from his fingers. He felt his eyes began to well up a bit as it all came back to him. As her fingers swept through the hair on his chest he floated fluidly from modulation to modulation, as if the very core of his soul was now connected to his instrument. Emotion began to overtake him.

Her lips brushed over his ear as she began to kiss and nibble on his earlobe, pulling it between her lips. The rate of her breathing became the tempo of the music; the rapid beating of his heart the syncopation. His hardness began to throb with desire for her as she swung her leg over him and straddled his lap He looked into her eyes for the first time in so long, with his hands still on the keys, playing a masterpiece that he was quickly losing control of.

He looked into her crystal clear blue eyes as her inspiration continued to flow into him. He could taste her lips already. It felt so good, so right,so complete, just to have her close to him again. Holding out longer then he felt possible, he lunged forward to meet her lips with his as the music reached a quick crescendo. His powerful hands masterfully pounded the keys now as he felt one with her, feeling her tongue snake into his mouth and explore him. As she kissed him wantonly, he wanted so much to use his hands to touch her – to caress her face, but the song was coming to him in waves faster than he could get out. His hands were somehow frozen to the keyboard as note after note, chord after chord, measure after measure flooded out He struggled to control the tempo as she softly moaned into his mouth, perfectly in tune with the weaving melody filling the room.

She pulled back from the kiss to again gaze into his eyes and see the awakened lust, love, and desire that were harbored there for her. He opened his mouth to speak to her but she quickly put her index finger to his lips and shook her head slowly. She leaned in towards his ear as her hand again snaked through his hair. “Whatever you need to say to me” she whispered to him, “say it through the song. It’s so beautiful… please, lover… keep playing it for me.”

He groaned as she begged into his ear, her free hand sliding back down his chest, over his stomach, and coming to rest on his cock. Her soft touch was just as he remembered – so tender and loving, yet skillful. She began to softly slide her hand back and forth over him as he continued to gaze into her eyes. He had forgotten how it felt to want her so badly. He had forgotten exactly what it was that she did to him.

She slowly untied the drawstring to his pajama pants. He found himself almost afraid to look down, in fear that these wonderful sensations would suddenly stop. Her fingertips snaked their way inside the waistband of his pants and just brushed against the head of his now straining cock as he again closed his bursa escort bayan eyes, letting the power of her touch and the passion of the music overtake him. Feeling that he was ready for her, she reached back up, knowing that his eyes were now following her hands, and slid her hands over her breasts as she began to unbutton the top of her lavendar gown, slowly exposing her soft flesh to his view. Once the buttons were undone down to her stomach, she playfully slid the gown down off of her shoulders, down over her breasts, and down to her stomach. She climbed off him briefly to finish removing her gown, and then sensually slid back onto him. He leaned forward in an attempt to kiss her again, only to have her lean away from his advance, biting on her bottom lip.

Slowly and deliberately, she cupped her breast in her hand and offered it to him. He gazed at her for a moment, completely amazed with what was before him, and then finally leaned to her and took her hard nipple into his eager mouth. She sighed in perfect time as she felt the warmth of his mouth on her, contrasted with the slight tickle of his beard on her breast. She reached up with her left hand and held him to her, as with her right hand she reached down again to massage his hardness.

He had long since forgotten about the music pouring out of him, but it was still there. It was as if he was no longer creating the melodies that were being played, but instead that he himself was an instrument – an extension of the piano – and the song that filled the room with luxurious sounds, although no longer his own, was that of an accomplished master. As he savored both the slightly salty yet sweet taste of her skin and the delicate touch that was arousing him to a fever pitch, the song – which he now knew was her song, played on and intoxicated him far beyond what the wine had done earlier in the evening.

Her touch on his cock began to show more of a sense of urgency and need as the tempo of the opus began to increase. She reached down with both hands now, pushing the material of his pants down, finally freeing his cock from its constraints. He suddenly felt his hands freed from the hold of the keyboard as he wrapped his arms tightly around her and stood up holding her, resting her on the keyboard itself. Magically, the music continued to swarm the room as she finished lowering his pants, kissing his lips hungrily.

He felt his now free cock gently pressing against her moist slit, and began to slide his length up and down over her, feeling her lips part slightly trying to accept him as the head moved over her.

Her eyes clouded with want, she spoke to him without words… the music blanketing him and surrounding them began to build, and he knew it was time. On an upstroke, he felt the head of his throbbing cock push inside of her. Not being able to hold back any longer, he pushed himself forward until he filled her completely. He rested there for a moment, not wanting the song to peak before escort bursa its time. Although her warm pussy gripped him tightly, her wetness allowed him to easily slide in and out of her, watching her breasts heave as he took her. The rhythm of the music changed to match their momentum, with each moan and sigh that escaped them fitting perfectly inside among the melody and countermelody that swirled through their heads.

He felt the softness of her golden hair against him as she buried her head into his shoulder. He began to drive into her faster now, the music showing him the way as he saw the inevitable climax of his work approaching. Her soft velvety pussy began to pulse around him as she cried out, the sounds of her ecstasy muffled against his skin. As her orgasm sereneded him, He threw his head back, staring blankly at the ceiling. He could see the music in front of him. It continued to build – increasing in tempo… increasing in momentum, continuing to drive him ever closer. He didn’t want this concerto to end, but he realized that he had lost control long ago.

He suddenly felt her entire body erupt into another orgasm as the music finally gave him his release. As the symphony in the room exploded into its ecstatic climax, he cried out in perfect harmony with her screams and pulsed into her, filling her with wave after wave of his seed. Her pussy convulsed around him as every ounce of his being sang out in a chorus of pleasure. They held each other savoring each note, each musical phrase, feeling the urgency of the song begin to subside. As she continued to milk his cock inside her, the music began to revert back to it’s original theme. It had twisted and turned through so many changes as it evolved, that it was as if they were hearing it for the first time. Completely spent, he withdrew from her and looked into her eyes. The song showed him a calmness that he had yearned for for so long. As he leaned in and lovingly kissed her, he heard the final sustained chord resolve itself.

With the echoes of the music still reverberating through the room, he picked her up in his arms, cradling her, as he continued the kiss. He carried her back through the house to his bed, slowly and tenderly lowering her down to the mattress. As he guided her head to the pillow, he pulled the sheet over her, covering her naked form. Sliding into bed next to her, he put his arm around her and held her to him, not ever wanting to let go.

“Why did you leave me for so long?” he asked her as he caressed her hair. “I was so empty here without you. How could you abandon me like that?”

“I was always here’ she replied. “I swear I could never leave you. All you ever had to do was call for me.”

He felt emotion begin to overtake him again, and he closed his eyes for a second to try and battle back the tears that were struggling to come through. A moment or two later, he opened his eyes to gaze again upon her… just as quickly as she had appeared, she was gone, the imprint of her body still fresh on the bed.

He smiled to himself as he placed his hand on the pillow that had just cradled her head. “Thank you, my muse” he said, as he once again closed his eyes… and finally… he slept.

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