Hiking Adventures

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My wife and I were taking our annual hiking trip to the foothills of the Catskills. It was expected to be a glorious weekend and we had checked into an inn not far from the trailheads of various peaks around the area. I was quite happy in general with my life.

We enjoyed a restful sleep after having had a long drive. The next morning, however, I woke up feeling quite uncomfortable. It wasn’t a sensation that I was accustomed to and it seemed to be a throbbing ache in the lower regions of my stomach. At first I put it down to just having eaten too much the previous evening. French Onion Soup and Crepes, I thought at the time, didn’t really agree with me.

As it stood, I didn’t have much time to lament my own condition, we were scheduled to hit the trail that morning.

I briefly mentioned having an ache to my wife then manned up and headed out, armed with a bottle of water and a pair of hiking boots that Sir Ranulph Fiennes would have been proud of.

We hit the trail head shortly after 6:30 am. It was a bit chilly, probably, I surmised because of a breeze from the east.

My wife, Marie, kept a few paces ahead of me. That had always been our routine, her in front, me in the back, so I could provide support lest she fell backwards. Uphill climbs can be tricky. It did allow me a gorgeous view of her beautiful legs.

Marie had always been involved in some sport or physical activity, as far as I’d known her and definitely while growing up too. She was 5’5″ and was in the best shape of her life, I reckoned. Her heritage was French-German and consequently she had blonde hair and the sort of eyes that looked either blue or gray, depending on the colour of the sky that they reflected; most times they were a beautiful blue.

We had been married about 6 months at that point. Our wedding had been a simple and elegant affair. In particular, I quite bursa escort enjoyed the sight of my wife’s best friends and bridesmaids all lined up in a row. Trish, the nurse, Sera the doctor, Jessie the other nurse and Catherine or ‘Cat’ my wife’s sister. My favourite of her friends was Kelly, she was helping with all the co-ordination. I had often thought that Kelly looked and acted so incredibly similar to the adult actress Julia Ann (14 years younger of course), that if I didn’t know any better, I would have thought they were related.

Bringing my mind back to the present, I was beginning to feel quite horny inspite of the dull ache that continued to persist. I was fixated on my wife’s ass and legs.

At this point, we had been walking for close to an hour. We reached a section that was basically all rock and had to climb on all fours in order to get above to level ground. I was right behind Marie and had a perfect view of her ass, round and inviting in her cut-off hiking shorts.

“Marie, What say we take a little breather here?”

“Sure, sounds good, did you want to get something to eat?”

Boy, did I ever!! I grinned and she instantly knew what I had in mind.

“You’re a naughty boy, stop it!” she giggled as I nuzzled and kissed her neck. My hands were squeezing her ass and I made my way with my mouth all the way up to her ears and nibbled ever so gently. I knew that drove her wild.

“Oh Colin!” She moaned. I took a step back and pushed gently down on her shoulder with my right hand. She took the cue and went down on her knees. Undoing my hiking shorts, she dropped them to the floor.

“Do to want me to suck your cock?” She purred. “Your big juicy cock! I can’t wait to suck your balls too!”

At this point, I was rock hard and extremely aroused! She had been rubbing my cock through my boxers while verbally getting me turned on. bursa escort bayan I gently lowered my boxers and pushed her head towards my groin.

“Mmmf” she grunted as she took in her first few inches of my now engorged purple dick.

She swirled her tongue all around it while it was in her mouth and with a free hand she kneaded my balls. Her finger curled it’s way through my short, trimmed hair. Her eyes looked up at me, blinking every second and closing shut every other second while she concentrated on sucking me.

I didn’t notice it but her fingers was now rubbing the crevice between my balls and asshole. It was Amazing!!

“Oh God Marie” I sighed, “That’s fuckin’ incredible!”

She made an “O” with her lips and moved slowly over the tip of my dick. Over and over.

Before long, I was ready to blast a gallon of cum. “I’m going to cum!” I grunted. She still had my cock in her mouth.

“Mmmf” she tried to move away, no doubt so I could come elsewhere but I pushed her face into my groin with my hand and started fucking her face with vigour.

I could see that was having difficulty and was just about gagging but I was blinded at that moment. She slapped my thighs but I just hammered away at the back of her throat. The sensation was only felt at the front and tip of my cock since she no longer had her mouth in an “O” but it was enough.

She tried to push away and just then, I exploded!! There must have been half a cup of jizz, it just kept flowing and flowing.

“Son of a bitch!” she finally exclaimed after being completely doused in my cum.

“Fuck, that was incredible!” I sighed. She was mad, I was sure of that but that was the best blowjob I’d had in a while!

She was on all fours coughing a little, cum oozing out of her mouth.

I was a little out of breath but I knew that I had to recover some brownie escort bursa points, and quickly.

“Let me get you off.” I offered. She made as if she would get up and leave in a huff but I grabbed her hand.

“Oh come on, I’m sorry.” I flashed her a smile.

Her resolve faded and I quickly guided her onto a clean patch of smooth rock floor. I saw that she was wet through her hiking shorts. We kissed and entwined our tongues. Gently, I undid the buttons on her shorts and slipped my hand into her electric blue panties.

“Uhhhhhnghnbgh” she moaned. We stopped kissing and I slipped off her shorts entirely and pushed the crotch of her panties a little to the side. I got into position in front of her pussy and used my right hand to massage her clit while using my left to gently stroke on either side of her labia. She was getting pretty worked up by now.

“Oh Colin, that’s good, yes, that’s good!” I flicked my tongue over her engorged clit. It tasted heavenly, if heavenly was just the tiniest bit salty.

I then repositioned my hands to enable spreading apart her pussy lips, after which I slowly inserted my tongue while moving it up and down. That just about drive her over the edge.

“I’m coming I’m coming!!” She shrieked. There was a shudder and a shake and I knew that she was overcome with a pretty solid orgasm.

By this point, it was approaching 9 am, we had walked for an hour or so and fucked around for another. We decided to rest up for a few moments before continuing on. But before long, the ache that had persisted throughout the morning seemed to get stronger.

“I think I should stop Marie, it’s really beginning to hurt.”

I might fuck her throat when she doesn’t expect it but she knew I didn’t lie to her.

We headed back to our car and before long we were headed back to our inn to checkout. I wanted to get to a hospital.

“Maybe Trish will be at the Riverside doing her shift today?” Marie suggested.

In spite of the pain, I got just a little excited at that thought. Maybe this ache, whatever it was might be beneficial after all!

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