Here Cums The Judge

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John Robbins had a secure niche in the legal profession. Though just 37 – young for a hot shit attorney – he had won a string of jury verdicts representing individuals wronged by large multinational corporations. He is single, tall, and athletic looking, with blond hair and steely piercing-blue eyes, and a face that makes jurors want to trust him. But to many who know him, and especially his opponents, he is the epitome of a ruthless shark, a bloodsucker who would do anything to win.

For reasons irrelevant to this story, his latest case had been transferred from his home state of New York to a state court in Minnesota. He hired local counsel, Tom, who helped him handle pre-trial discovery. There is an unusual arrangement in the court in the relevant Minnesota County – the judge isn’t assigned until the day of trial.

As John and Tom approached the courtroom the first day of what to them was a very important trial and saw the judge assignment Tom blurted out “Oh shit, Judge stones-breaker.”

Judge Sharon Stonebreaker was “affectionately” known as “stones-breaker” because she busts the balls of all the male attorneys who appear before her. While predominately fair, she is a hard-ass who makes everyone toe the line, and is brutal with male attorneys, especially those from out of town.

According to her judicial bio, Judge Sharon Stonebreaker, 40, is single, graduated the top of her class at Carleton College, and was cum laude at Northwestern University Law School. She had worked as a prosecutor after law school and was so effective she was appointed to a state judgeship at the tender age of 36. She appears as ruthless to her detractors as John does to his. She has a super model- beautiful face, but seems to do everything possible to look plain and ordinary, wearing her hair up, no makeup, and seemingly always in her judicial robe or a very conservative pants suits.

When Judge Sharon entered the courtroom as she had hundreds of other days for almost the last five years to “Here Comes The Judge- All Rise,” she had an evil smile on her face as she looked over at plaintiff’s counsel table. Tom whispered to John “Oh Shit; that look said that she’s going to have fun by putting down the hot shot New York attorney.” John winced.

As the trial opened Judge Sharon made it perfectly clear that it could last no more than five days. She sternly advised counsel that she had a vacation planned and nobody, but nobody was going to delay her much needed rest.

After the bailiff said “Here comes the Judge; All Rise” at each of her entrances, not only did Judge Sharon – despite John’s protests – determine that the trial would not last as long as he felt he needed, nothing else, in the case that he called (though not in front of the jury) ‘Jones v Evil Motherfucking Co.,’ went smoothly for him either.

It seemed that Judge stones-breaker really was out to bust John’s balls. She rushed his presentation of the case, ruled against him on almost every evidentiary matter, and held him in contempt on several occasions when, during bench conferences, he “sassed” her. The case finished on time and, as usual, the jury loved John and his pathetic client, and held BIG for Jones against Evil Motherfucking Co.

There was no proper legal way for Judge stones-breaker to toss out the jury verdict, so she entered it. But after the jury was dismissed she appeared to want to make sure that John ‘paid” for his perceived disrespect of her court by fining him $1,000 for contempt, and having the bailiff put him in jail for an hour until Tom returned with $1,000 cash to pay the fine. This pissed John off big time, but since he had the case on contingency and was getting 25% of the monstrous verdict against Evil Motherfucking Co. he just wrote it off as a bitch judge having a bad day.

As John was busy seething in jail he imagined that Judge Sharon was packing for her trip feeling smug that she had put the New York hot shot in his place. “

John was glad to leave Minnesota, especially since it was the middle of winter, and even more glad to get away from the Judge-from-hell. He had a hiatus in his schedule, so after cleaning things up the day he got back to NYC he decided to take a couple of weeks’ vacation in the tropical paradise of Aruba to savor his victory and purge the memory of the bitch judge from his mind. He had called ahead and his secretary had already made the arrangements by the time that he got back to the office.


Judge Sharon closed her eyes and took in the warm breeze as she de-planed in her tropical paradise destination more than a thousand miles away from the cold winter’s blasts of Minnesota. As she took a taxi to her resort she thought “Sweet” as she surveyed the myriad of men walking in shorts or swim trunks. She so wanted to get laid during her two week holiday, the more times the better. However, she was pretty beat by the time that she arrived and made use of the whirlpool bath in her room. escort ataşehir She managed to aim the jets just right and find the same kind of relief that she had for so many years. Her fingers traced the swollen nubs atop her pert breasts, caressing the hard nubbin at the crest of her labia. She growled as she felt the small satisfying release and then went to bed.

Rising the next morning refreshed Judge Sharon slipped into one of the three new swim suits that she had ordered on line for the trip since her schedule didn’t allow her much time to shop. “Damn, I hope they fit. Which one should I wear the first day?” she pondered until deciding on the floral print. A definitely more sedate suit, not a thong like the hot string one she brought for use once she spotted Mr. Right-Now, but skimpy enough to draw a willing man’s eye. After donning her nice big dark glasses and straw hat to protect her eyes and alabaster complexion from the island sun she wandered down to the poolside buffet, loaded up a plate and made her way to one of the lanai chaise chairs on the shaded side of the deck.

There were loads of men, but somehow none looked like the man of her dreams, at least not the dream she had the previous night when she had fantasized about fucking a tall blond man, athletically built and well-endowed enough to fill her just right. She hadn’t seen a face in her dream, but knew that if she saw him she’d find a way to fuck him.

While horny she wasn’t going to suck the first swinging dick that offered its services, but she was disappointed when after the first two days she hadn’t been hit on by anyone suitable. She had to content herself by using her fingers when thinking of the faceless tall blond guy.


John’s M. O. was to prowl for ass while on vacation; he was pro-active, the fisherman, not the fish, like Judge Sharon was.

The only thing that John loved more than winning a jury trial was doggy fucking a fresh pussy. But he was too tired to do much his first day in Aruba, and vegged out, cocky that he would get some tail the next day.

As John was prowling the resort swimming pool around noon the next day he got lots of admiring looks from female sunbathers. His six foot five height, sculptured abs, and blond hair usually made him stand out and at this resort it was no different. In his quest he saw a potential string bikini-clad target get up from a lounge chair between two other women and sashay away from him. She – who he nicknamed “Target” – was about 5′ 3″, 110 pounds, long auburn hair, with about the best ass, thighs, and back he could ever remember seeing. Since she had been sitting between other females John hoped that meant that she had no male companionship.

Target shook her divine ass up to the pool stand-up bar. She stood there primarily facing the bartender, for about ten minutes. John used this time to carefully study every curve of her physique, and the more he saw of it the more he liked it! Target rarely turned her head, but when she did she appeared to have a nice rack, and a cute face, though her oversized sunglasses and hat made it impossible to be sure at the distance John was from her.

When the person standing next to Target left, John heard opportunity knock, and shouldered in next to her at the bar. As he stood there he sensed Target looking him over and when she turned her head he glanced at her. She had a sly smile on her face leading John to believe that she liked his looks and that he may have hit pay dirt. Never shy, he asked Target “Say, that’s an interesting drink you have there. What is it, and do you like it?”

Target smiled and said, “It’s a Cherry Bitch – I’m not sure that it’s a guy’s drink, but to me it’s divine.”

“Never had one but I’ll give it a try since you seem to like yours,” he said in his most charming voice. But before he ordered he took off his sunglasses, extended his hand to Target, and said “Hi, my name is John.”

When Target looked up at his face her lips quivered and she got a “What the fuck is going on?” look on her face. Instead of taking his hand Target continued to stare at him for a few seconds, then took off her sunglasses and said “I see that you’re out of jail Mr. Robbins – how sad.”

Holy shit! How in the fuck was it possible that Sharon Stonebreaker and John Robbins ended up at the same resort at the same time!

Target/Sharon seemed to truly enjoy John’s angst as his jaw dropped open and he started stuttering. John had been at a loss for words so seldom in his adult life that he clearly didn’t know how to handle it. This was apparent when the only words he was able to blurt out went unfiltered from his brain to his mouth: “I can’t believe that a bitch judge has a world class ass!”

As Sharon’s smile became even more diabolical, John was in virtual nuclear meltdown when he realized what he had said. He turned beet red, started sweating, gave up trying to say anything else, muttered kadıköy escort “Sorry,” and hustled away.


As if the chance pool bar encounter wasn’t bad enough, the situation got even worse for John. He and Sharon crossed paths in the hallway of the resort; Sharon’s room was only two away from John’s on the same floor.

John made every attempt to avoid the bitch judge with the world class ass the next few days but ran into her often at the resort, and even in town. Whenever that happened he muttered a quick “Hello” while looking down, as Sharon smiled broadly and said “Hi Counselor.” But after she walked past John never failed to turn and ogle her ass while thinking “what a goddamn waste.” They even once ended up on the same tour boat. While John stayed away from Sharon about the only sites he really saw on the trip were her ass, thighs, and rack. The bulge in John’s pants gave new meaning to the bailiff’s admonition “All Rise!”

The fifth night of John and Sharon’s mutual – but separate – two week stay at the resort tragedy hit. The wing of the resort that they were staying in caught fire and a number of smoke detectors there were out of service. Since it was winter break for some elementary schools in the Northeast U. S., there were a number of families with small children staying there.

John had only fifteen minutes before returned from a nightclub in town and he was still dressed when the first operating smoke detector finally went off. Most of the rest of the guests in the resort wing were asleep. John was alone in his room – he had really been knocked off his game by Sharon’s presence and goddess body, and wasn’t finding and/or picking up any worthwhile booty.

At first John thought that it was a false alarm, but when he opened his door and saw smoke filling the hallway his first instinct was to get the hell out of there. As he headed for what he hoped was the nearest exit he heard a mother crying out for her children. John couldn’t see where it was coming from, but his arm was grabbed by another woman in a nightgown who said “this way” and lead John to the mother’s smoke-filled, flaming room.

In the room was a disoriented mother and three small kids, the smallest one held by the mother, the other two frantically clinging to her nightgown and screaming, fostering her disorientation. The woman who led John to the room grabbed one of the mother’s hands and led her and the child she was carrying out of the room while John picked up the two screaming kids and followed.

John and the others rushed through dense smoke to the stairwell. The door at the bottom was blocked by something on the outside, and the nearest window was about five feet off the ground. John smashed the window with a fire extinguisher, getting only minor cuts, jumped out and told the other woman to throw the kids to him and help the mother out, which she did. But the smoke got worse, and after she helped the others out, the other woman was having a hard time moving, and coughing from the smoke. John was able to pry open the door from the outside, run back in, and get the woman to safety before she was overcome by smoke.

By then paramedics and firemen were on the scene. The mother, her kids, John, and the other woman were hustled over to an ambulance and examined – fortunately no serious injuries to any of them.

It was only then that John saw who the other woman was. Standing there in nothing but a shorty nightgown and slippers was Sharon with soot on her face and gown, even more in her hair, and covering most of one leg. She looked so sexy and vulnerable John almost came in his pants right there. At this point John mused “What the fuck – after this shared experience I don’t care if she is the judge from hell, she’s also fucking hot – I’m going for the gold!”

As John stared at Sharon her tear-filled eyes suddenly turned toward him. When she recognized him she uttered a very audible gasp and then wiped her eyes, obviously trying to appear strong.

“Are you all right?” John asked as he walked up to Sharon.

“I think so,” was her meek reply, not anything like her bench demeanor.

“You know that you’re responsible for saving the lives of a mother and three kids, don’t you?” he rhetorically asked her.

Sharon obviously was trying to regain her composure and had a look on her face like she was going to deflect credit to him so John quickly followed his previous comment with, “Let’s find another hotel, there’s nothing else we can do here now.”

Sharon stared back at him and as more tears welled in her eyes said “I don’t have any money, or clothes for that matte;, they’re burning up right now.” That was confirmed when they both looked back at the building to see flames shooting out of the windows of their very rooms.

“I have my wallet with me” John told Sharon. “I’ll advance you the money and you can pay me back when you get replacements for your credit cards maltepe escort bayan and some wired cash from your office.” To John’s pleasant surprise, she agreed.

John and Sharon hailed a cab to a nearby hotel. Hoping that the darkness hid his prying eyes John ogled Sharon’s thighs and chest when her offered comforting words as they rode along. They got adjacent rooms in the nearby hotel, convinced the manager to open up the in-hotel boutique for Sharon to get a dress and shoes for the next morning, got complimentary toiletry packages, and went to their respective rooms.


John didn’t get much sleep that night. While of course he thought about the tragic fire he was mostly thinking about how Sharon looked in her shorty nighty and trying to figure out if there was some way he could shove his raging hard-on up what was sure to be her sweet pussy.

The next day John and Sharon ate breakfast together then went shopping for new wardrobes. True to his promise John bought her anything she wanted while she kept scrupulous track of the receipts that so she could pay him back. Together they also arranged at a local bank for new credit cards to be delivered to Sharon in a few days, and for cash to be wired to her.

Considering what was now foremost in John’s mind he made every effort to be pleasant and humorous around her. He was thrilled by how easy Sharon made it. In fact, she acted like she might actually like him. She laughed at his jokes and sighed when he spun corny poems. He got embarrassed, entertained, and encouraged when at Aruba’s answer to Victoria’s Secret she held up a crotchless teddy and with a sly smile asked “Do you think that I’d look good in this, Counselor?”

Now that she wasn’t on the bench or throwing him in jail he really liked her too, and was almost as enthralled by her as his cock was. “Uh, I think that you’d have to model it for me before I could tell,” he replied with a diabolical grin.


It wasn’t but eighteen hours after they had checked in to the new hotel before Sharon gave John an opening wide enough to drive a truck through – and he entered with all the subtly of a tank!

After lunch as they walked back to their new hotel from their shopping extravaganza Sharon paused beneath a nice shady tree, some tropical thing whose name they didn’t know. She looked up into his eyes and with as much calm as she could muster said, “John, I can’t thank you enough for your kindness.”

She reached up and slipped her hands around his shoulders, her tits unrestrained since she hadn’t yet changed into her newly purchased bra, and pressed against his lower chest. She leaned her head back to look into his eyes and while alternately cooing and giggling continued, “You’ve made me so sorry that I was such a bitch in Court – and here in Aruba too.”

John’s excitement was building when she then fluttered her eyelids, stroked his shoulders, and administered the coup de grace: “But there is something I need to know. Do you really think that I have a world class ass?”

Some people think that the shortest measurable period of time is a nanosecond. If so, then it took a nanosecond from the time that John’s brain processed the word “ass” until his hands were groping Sharon’s perfect bubble butt, and his lips scorching hers. After a soul piercing three minute long lip-lock they didn’t need to say another word as they literally scurried back to the hotel, threw their packages on the floor the second that they entered Sharon’s room, and yanked their clothes off.

John backed Sharon onto her bed, and immediately threw his mouth at her pussy. As he started indulging Sharon wailed “Get your dick in my face you bastard.” John quickly spun into a 69 without missing a slurp.

Sharon’s cunt was even more delectable than John had imagined it to be. He couldn’t believe that she was as hot for him as he was for her, but the nectar leaking from her divine pussy lips indicated otherwise. As he was running his tongue on the inside of her gash and abusing her clitoris with one hand, with the fingers of the other hand he was gently twisting a rock-hard nipple. Simultaneously her mouth and tongue were providing his tool optimum stimulation as her hands caressed his testicles!

After ten minutes of sucking, moaning, slurping, guzzling and gulping, with John doing his best to smooth out Sharon’s G-spot as she skillfully encouraged his testicles to maximize their production of sperm and testosterone, they concurrently needed a fuck worse than at any other time in their collective memories. There was no need for verbal communication as John extracted his cock from Sharon’s mouth and turned her onto her hands and knees; there was no need for patience as he drove his erection into her dripping cunt; there was no need for gentleness as they pummeled each other like a pair of head-butting rams.

As John was reciprocating in Sharon’s delicious vagina, he had hold of an ass cheek with one hand, and a nipple with the other. As Sharon was meeting each of John’s vigorous plunges with an exuberant backward thrust of her own, she held one hand between her legs in the path of movement of his balls, and stroked them with her fingers.

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