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Hello Readers. Thank you to all of you who have sent me feedback. I appreciate all your comments. I am in my last year of University and have been crazy busy, so not much time for writing lately. Still, I couldn’t resist jotting down one quick short story. I did a quick proof but apologize in advance for any errors I missed. I hope you enjoy.

Happy humping,



Kerri Sutherland squirmed a bit impatiently on her seat and glanced at her watch. It was 6:05. Her appointment had been at 5:30. She stifled a sigh and continued leafing through the magazine on her lap, a weekly gossip rag that stayed in business by telling all about the latest scandals among celebrities. Not exactly thought provoking material, but it was a guilty pleasure for Kerri to have a few minutes without her three-year-old, Tye, pulling at her skirt and demanding her undivided attention. Even though waiting in a doctor’s lobby wasn’t her idea of fun, it was nice to have a few minutes alone.

She smiled at the irony. That was the primary focus of her visit to her gynecologist. She and her husband were ready to try for a second child, and her doctor had suggested she come in for a check-up to make sure she was healthy before they tried to conceive.

As most women did when visiting their gynecologist, Kerri had prepared carefully for this appointment. She had bathed just before coming, shaving her legs and armpits, and slathering her favorite body lotion on her body. Knowing that her doctor was going to be poking and prodding around in her private area was unsettling enough, and Kerri certainly didn’t want to worry about personal hygiene while lying bare on his exam table.

She had dressed carefully too, choosing a sleek red dress that lovingly hugged her full breasts and tiny waist before flaring over her curvy hips to mid thigh. She wore a strappy pair of high heels, and when she assessed her image in the mirror, she had nodded her approval. She looked sexy but not sluttish. At 30, her breasts were high and firm – a fact that she found somewhat miraculous after nine months of breastfeeding. The dress showed off her long, lithe legs, and when she moved, the clingy material molded to her bottom and thighs.

An older woman came out of the back rooms and spoke briefly to the receptionist before leaving. The receptionist/office assistant, a young brunette, retrieved a file folder and then smiled at Kerri.

“The doctor will see you now.”

She motioned for Kerri to follow her down a hallway and into an exam room. Kerri had just set her purse down when her doctor entered the room and shut the door. He nodded briefly to the receptionist and smiled warmly at Kerri. She could have sworn he snuck a glance at her breasts before turning his attention to her chart. The receptionist went to a drawer and pulled out a gown and sheet.

“I apologize for keeping you waiting. It’s been a hectic afternoon.”

“That’s okay,” Kerri said, trying to ignore the warm feeling in the pit of her belly.

It really should be illegal for a gynecologist to be so damned good-looking! He was tall and muscular with wavy chestnut hair that was cut short. His eyes were a deep blue, and they always seemed to hold a hint of mischief. He had been her doctor for years, and Kerri had entertained a number of fantasies about him. Even though she was happily married, that didn’t stop her from imagining all sorts of steamy scenes with the sexy doc.

“So you are here for a check-up before trying to get pregnant again, is that right?”

“Yes,” Kerri said with a nervous laugh, “just to make sure all the plumbing is working.”

He laughed, and his rich, low voice caused a tremor to start in her upper thighs. “I’m sure it is, but it’s a good idea to have an annual exam. We’ll give you a few minutes to undress. Please put this gown on with the opening in the front, and you can use the sheet as a cover.”

As he and the receptionist walked to the door, Kerri heard him speak quietly to the other woman. “I’m sorry to keep you later than six, I know you have plans tonight, but I need you to be in the room when I do Mrs. Sutherland’s exam.”

Kerri cleared her throat and gave a small shrug as they both turned to look at her. “It’s okay with me if you want to go home. I don’t mind not having a third party in the room.”

“Are you sure?” the doctor asked with one brow quirked in question.

“Yes really,” Kerri smiled at the receptionist. “Please don’t feel like you have to stay late because of me.”

The receptionist looked questioningly at the doctor and seemed to hesitate. He shrugged and motioned her out. “Alright then, I’ll see you Monday. Please don’t forget to lock the front door on your way out.” He turned back to Kerri. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

When the door closed, Kerri quickly undressed. She folded her dress and set it on the chair, being careful to tuck her bra and panties inside so they wouldn’t be visible. Then, she slipped into the gown and perched ataşehir escort bayan on the exam table, pulling the sheet up under her armpits. The temperature was warm in the room, and she bit her lip nervously, noticing that her nipples were visible even through the gown and sheet. She hoped the doctor wouldn’t notice.

She had barely gotten settled when he reappeared and closed the door behind him. He opened her chart on a small table and took a seat on a rolling stool as he clicked open his pen.

“Did you get a new office assistant?” Kerri asked. “That’s not the woman that is usually here.”

“No, my usual office assistant is on vacation for two weeks. She’ll be back next Monday.”

“Oh, I see.” Kerri was secretly pleased that the doctor’s usual assistant – an older, matronly woman – wasn’t being replaced by the younger, sexy brunette. Kerri didn’t like to think about why she should care, but she did.

“Okay Kerri, let me just refresh my memory here. You gave birth in 2003 to a boy.” The doctor glanced over her records as he continued to recite her history. “Looks like you had a healthy birth, no complications. And your son’s name is,” he paused as he looked for the name on her chart, “Tye, is that right?”

Kerri smiled and nodded. “Yes, that’s right.”

The doctor gave her a questioning glance. “And did you breastfeed him?”

“Yes, for nine months.”

“Good, good.” He scribbled a note on her chart. “Your periods have been regular?”


“When was your last menstrual period?”

“About ten days ago.”

“Oh good, so you should be fertile for the next few days,” he said as he wrote. “Good timing for you and your husband to start trying to conceive. How tall are you, Kerri?”

“Five feet, six inches.”

“And your weight?”

“One hundred and twenty eight pounds.”

“And how tall is your husband?”

“He’s six feet, two inches and I think he weighs about 170.”

He made more notations in her chart. “And you were on oral contraception until three months ago, is that right?”

“Yes. I stopped taking the pill, as you advised, and my husband has been using condoms since then.”

“Good. And you’ve been taking a prenatal vitamin with folic acid?”

“Yes, the one you recommended.”

“Wonderful,” he said with a smile. He set his pen on top of her chart and came to stand in front of her. “You’ve been a perfect patient, and it sounds as if you are ready to get started on baby number two.”

Kerri felt a slight flush rise in her cheeks as she nodded. The doctor tilted her head up and began feeling along the back of her head, jaw and neck. His hands were firm and warm, and Kerri stifled a shudder of awareness. She could smell his clean, masculine scent, and she took deep breaths to enjoy it more thoroughly.

“I’m just checking your lymph nodes,” he murmured. “Let me know if there is any tenderness where I am touching you. So are you and your husband hoping for a boy or a girl this time?”

“It doesn’t really matter to us.”

The doctor reached for a blood pressure cuff and wrapped it around her upper arm. He cradled the weight of her arm under his as he adjusted the stethoscope. His torso felt lean and firm along her outer arm, and Kerri stole a glance at his profile as he watched the meter on the wall. She thanked her lucky stars for the millionth time that her doctor wasn’t some old, bald relic. Visits to the gynecologist were so much more fun when the scenery was this enjoyable.

“Your blood pressure is 110 over 62,” he murmured, removing the cuff. “Very healthy. Now I want to listen to your heart and lungs.”

He placed the stethoscope on her right side just beneath her collar bone. He listened intently before moving to the other side. When he placed the stethoscope on the inner swell of her breast, Kerri hoped he wouldn’t notice that her heart was beating a bit faster. His hands felt wonderful. He lifted her breast and listened underneath, cupping the fullness of her breast in his palm. Kerri had to concentrate to keep her breathing slow and steady.

“Excellent. Please turn and face the head of the table so I can listen to your lungs?”

Kerri bent one knee and swung sideways, presenting her back to the doctor.

“Would you mind dropping your gown to your waist please?”

Kerri complied, shivering slightly as the cool air slid over her skin. The doctor lifted her long, chocolate colored hair over her right shoulder. His fingers seemed to sift through the silky locks as he let them slide over one naked breast. He leaned in close, speaking to Kerri from over her left shoulder, and she was very aware that from his vantage point, he had a perfectly clear view of her other breast. He was close enough that his breath feathered along her neck when he spoke.

“Breathe slightly deeper than usual, in through your nose and out through your mouth.”

Kerri did as instructed, grateful for any distraction from his hands moving along her escort kadıköy back. He placed one hand along her ribcage to steady her, and the tips of his fingers brushed along the outer curve of her breast. Her breathing sped up, and again, she hoped he wouldn’t notice. It seemed like an eternity passed before he finished.

“Your lungs sound perfectly clear and healthy. Have you ever had any problems with your back?”

As he asked, he ran his fingers lightly down her spine, tracing her vertebrae. Kerri shivered, and gooseflesh rose on her arms as her nipples crinkled into tight buds.

“No,” she said, glancing toward him. She thought she saw him smile from the corner of her eye.

“Good. Please turn to face me.”

Kerri blushed lightly as she did so. The gown was still puddled at her waist, the sleeves around her elbows. The doctor met her eyes briefly before assessing her breasts. He lifted her hair and dropped it down her back, leaving both breasts exposed. He studied them intently.

“Do you do a monthly self-breast exam?”

Kerri cleared her throat and nodded. “Yes, just like you taught me.”

He smiled. “It’s nice to know my patients follow my advice. Can you show me the steps?”

Kerri slipped her arms free from the sleeves and nodded again. “Okay, well you told me to first stand in front of a mirror and look at my breasts, to check for symmetry and that both nipples seem about the same.”

“Very good,” he said smiling as he lifted her breasts into his palms. “And as I can see, your breasts appear perfect.” He cupped them and squeezed slightly, his smile widening as they more than filled his large palms. “They are both about equal size and shape. What is the next step?” His hands fell to his sides, and Kerri almost groaned with disappointment.

“Umm, then you said to press my hands together over my head, like this.” She demonstrated the move, and her breasts lifted, the nipples pouting proudly toward the ceiling.

“And what are you looking for?” he asked, scanning her breasts.

“Umm, I’m looking for any dimpling or pulling. I think you said if my skin looked like an orange peel that would be bad.”

“That’s right,” he said with a grin. “But as I can see, your breasts are smooth and firm. Then what?”

“Then I do the same thing, but with my hands on my hips, pressing inward, like this.”

Again, Kerri demonstrated, and his grin widened. Her breasts were thrust toward him, practically brushing against his shirt. She held the position as he seemed to take an inordinate amount of time scanning her breasts from every angle. When he finally met her eye, Kerri blushed.

“Your husband is a lucky man.”

Kerri knew the comment was inappropriate, but she bit her lower lip and shyly returned his smile.

“Lay down on the table please, and I will finish the exam.”

Kerri swung her legs onto the table and adjusted the small sheet to cover her from the waist down. The doctor lifted her arm placed it over her head before beginning to gently check her breast for lumps. He was very thorough, covering every inch of her breast with his strong fingers, and Kerri could feel moisture oozing down her inner thighs. She stifled a groan, knowing that very soon, he would know all too well the effect he was having on her.

When he had repeated the procedure on her other breast, he gave a nod of approval. “Good, Kerri. Your breasts appear perfectly healthy. No concerns there.” He met her eye and cocked his head slightly to one side. “I want to check your nipples thoroughly too, just to be sure you won’t experience any problems with breastfeeding.”

As he spoke, he began to gently squeeze both nipples, stroking his thumb across their sensitive tips. They responded predictably, hardening even further as her breasts swelled and heat welled beneath her skin. He expertly squeezed with just the right amount of pressure, until Kerri released an involuntary groan of pleasure. His mobile lips quirked before the brief smile disappeared.

“Did you have any problems with cracking or soreness on your nipples before?”

“Umm, no,” it was hard to answer when his hands were distracting her so completely. “No, everything was fine.”

“Good,” the doctor murmured. “Now, I want to test your response to oral stimulation of your nipples. In a healthy woman, you should feel contractions in your uterus in response to suckling. Is that alright with you?”

He waited until she nodded before he bent and suckled her nipple into the hot cavity of his mouth. His tongue swirled in delicious circles around her areola before he suckled hard. Kerri gasped and arched toward him, loving the feeling of his hand cupping her breast to hold it steady. Sure enough, she felt pangs of arousal in her lower belly, and she squirmed slightly on the table. When his teeth grazed her nipple, she moaned.

Hearing the sound, he smiled inwardly and pulled her nipple sharply with his teeth. This prompted another moan, and the paper crinkled maltepe escort loudly beneath her as Kerri writhed on the table. He moved to her other breast and repeated his stimulation, using his fingers to keep her first nipple from feeling quite so abandoned.

Kerri knew she should demand that he stop. This was definitely not part of a proper gynecological exam, but heaven help her, his mouth and hands felt divine. It was completely beyond her to deny herself this much pleasure. Kerri didn’t want this to end. By the time the doctor straightened, they were both breathing fast, and she glimpsed his erection straining against his pants.

“Did you feel anything in your uterus, Kerri?”

“Oh yeah,” she said in a breathy whisper.

“You should tell your husband to be sure and have lots of foreplay, particularly breast stimulation when you are going to try and conceive. Those contractions you are feeling actually serve to help draw the sperm up into your uterus, and your chances of success will be better.”

“I’ll…,” Kerri cleared her throat nervously, “I’ll be sure to tell him.”

The doctor smiled and brushed his thumbs over her glistening nipples. “I don’t think you are going to have any problems breastfeeding again, either. I was biting pretty hard on your nipples just now, and you didn’t seem to mind,” he said with a grin and one raised eyebrow.

Kerri felt her cheeks turning red, and she nibbled her bottom lip. His hands were still on her breasts, and her voice sounded strained. “No, umm, I didn’t mind at all.”

The doctor finally released her breasts with a small sigh of regret and moved to the foot of the table. He pulled out the stirrups and guided her feet into them.

“Okay, Kerri. I need to do a pelvic exam and collect a few swabs to screen for sexually transmitted infections. Is that okay with you?”

“Do you think that is necessary? I mean, I tested negative for all those things the last time. I know my husband is faithful, and I certainly haven’t had sex with anyone except him since we’ve been married.”

The doctor’s expression was skeptical, especially as he assessed her breasts that he had so recently been enjoying. Kerri looked up at the ceiling and stifled a groan. She would be hard-pressed to convince him that she wasn’t promiscuous when she had just allowed him to maul her.

“Okay, okay, whatever you think is best.”

She waited nervously as he got out the proper equipment. She was dreading the moment when she had to spread her legs, because she could feel moisture dribbling down from her pussy. He would take one look and know that she had loved every minute of her “breast exam”.

“Alright, Kerri. I need you to slide down to the end of the table.” He placed his hand at the edge of the table top. “All the way until you feel my hand against your bottom.” His palm contacting her naked bottom caused her to jump slightly. “Good, a little farther…perfect.”

He pulled the stool close and sat down, nudging her knees out wide to the sides. He folded the sheet back to her waist, leaving her fully exposed. He flicked a switch and adjusted the bright light so it was shining directly on her pussy. Kerri bent her neck to one side so she could see his face. He met her gaze and grinned.

“Just relax. I’m going to examine your external genitalia.”

As he said the words, he ran his hands up her inner thighs and pressed her knees even wider open. With both hands, he parted her labia and stroked the inner faces of her lips. She shivered involuntarily. Kerri was immensely grateful that she had trimmed her pubic hair into a neat little bush. He eyed her pussy intently as he stroked her wet lips.

“Everything appears healthy and normal,” he murmured. He flashed her another wicked grin. “Like I said, your husband is a very lucky man.”

Kerri stifled another moan. What kind of a wife was she? She shouldn’t be having these kinds of feelings for her doctor! He seemed totally absorbed in examining every one of her folds, and by the time he was satisfied, Kerri was panting.

“Okay, Kerri. I’m going to insert the speculum. In your case, I don’t think I will need to use any lubricant. You are already very wet down here.”

Kerri stifled a mortified groan and squeezed her eyes shut as he slid the metal instrument inside her. He worked it in gently, and it was a few moments before it was fully inserted.

“There we go, are you alright there?” When she nodded, he smiled. “Good. Your vagina is quite tight. You have amazing tone in your vaginal muscles.”

Kerri flushed but continued to meet his gaze. “I’ve been doing those Kegel exercises you told me about, you know, where I squeeze the muscles around my vagina.”

“Well they’ve certainly worked for you. It makes sex more enjoyable for both you and your husband when your vagina is nice and tight. Keep up the good work.” He reached for a small wooden spatula. “Okay, I’m going to take a Pap smear and the other swabs now. Just breathe deeply, this shouldn’t hurt at all.”

Kerri could feel tickling sensations on her cervix as he took the various samples. She closed her eyes and tried to think about something other than the sexy doctor between her legs, but it was a wasted effort. He was simply too tempting to be ignored.

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