Happy Ending Spa

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Big Dick

This is a story of a spa I would love to visit. As usual, I have some bi built in, Hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment.


I used to go to the spa every other week to get a pedicure and sometimes a massage. Since COVID, I have not been able to go. A few weeks ago, the state lifted restrictions on spas, so I could not wait to get a pedicure and hot oil massage.

I am in my 50’s and work out quite often. The gyms here have been open so I have been able to stay in shape. I am not a bodybuilder but like to keep fit. My body is stocky and hairy. I keep my hair and beard short and trimmed. I would say I’m a white male, but I am a typical well mixed American, so not so white and tan easy. I am about 6-1ft and thick. I tend to think I look a lot better naked than in a suit.

Prior to the lockdowns, I really started to make some good friends who just wanted to fuck. It took me a while to figure out how online fuck dating worked, but once I did, I had a nice thing going.

One thing I have learned is that when you find women who love big dick, they are always available. It doesn’t matter if they have been married for a long time, just got married or single, they are ready to fuck.

I have been a bit paranoid about getting the virus, so I just stopped answering texts and going out. That also meant no fucking, which has been really hard to do. When businesses started to open up, I decided it was time to let everyone know I was available again.

So, about a week ago I decided to go in and get the full spa treatment. There is a place nearby that I always liked going to. Usually, there are some pretty hot Asian girls that work there and I love to be around hot women. Asian women are simply beautiful to me.

When I would go before the lockdown, I would always wear tight shorts with no underwear. There is a specific pair I have that really shows off my big dick. I don’t have a 12-inch cock, it is just a big thick dick. It is about 8 inches long and it is wider in the middle than at the tip and end. I would say it is about 3 inches at the tip, then widens to about 4 inches then about 3 and a half inches at the base. I keep my balls shaved so they tend to sag like two large eggs in a bag.

When I wear those shorts with no underwear, it is like a big titted woman wearing a tight shirt with no bra- my big dick is easy to see.

I can tell you, my big dick is not for everyone. It just doesn’t fit all pussies. I don’t like pussies that are like a tight o-ring and strain and intensely squeeze my dick when I am fucking. It actually starts to hurt when fucking hard. I do like a nice tight pussy though, just not one that cuts off my circulation.

When I get my pedicures, I almost always get a semi hardon or more. The way the girls massage my feet and legs and smile just gets to me. Most of the time, at least in this spa, the girls dress for tips from men by wearing shirts that have open tops and flirt.

When I am wearing my special shorts and start to get hard, I like to open my legs a bit so the girls can get a good look. It is funny to see them staring at my crotch as I am creating conversations. I just act like I don’t see them staring and smiling and keep talking.

I decided to go into the spa during the week, in the daytime. I figured there would be fewer people than in the evening or weekend. I figured everyone would be going now that they are allowed to be open.

When I had walked in, to my surprise the place was completely empty. Normally there are always people, at the very least one other customer and usually more during the day. I had guessed COVID really slowed up business.

There is a counter when you walk in and a hostess that usually greets customers. That day, there was no one. I let out a quick “Hello” to see if anyone was there.

After a few seconds, I see an old man who looked like the owner, a lady who I figured was the wife, and what looked like their daughter poking their head out from the back. All of them came out from the back of the business.

The wife said hello and I said “Pedicure and Hot Oil Massage.”

I would guess the old man was my age and the wife was in her late 30’s to early 40’s and looked fantastic. It is hard to tell Asians ages. The daughter was around 20 years old and she was very hot.

All of them were dressed very casually- shorts, loose shirts, and wore a kind of apron. The old man was a bit fat, but not obese or anything. He was bald with a goatee, round belly, and butt.

I could see from behind that it looked like he was not wearing any underwear because his butt cheeks bounced as he turned to tell his daughter what I wanted.

Maybe they were sleeping there and I woke everyone up because the old man’s and the daughter’s hair looked like they had been sleeping. At least that is what I had thought at the time.

The old man showed me where to sit and started the water. A bit later the wife came over and asked me what kind of pedicure I wanted kartal escort bayan and I told her the “deluxe.”

She ran off as the water warmed and came back with a tray full of great smelling stuff. As I watched her work, I could see that she had some great tits. I laid had my head back and started to fantasize about fucking her. Not long after my dick started to harden.

I started to slowly shift in my chair and widened my legs so she could get the full view and began talking with her. It was just small talk like how long have they been open, where is everyone, I am glad they are open now, you know, just making conversation.

The pedicure lasted about 45 minutes. Afterward, my feet felt great and my body was relaxed. I love pedicures.

The wife turned off the water and said something to the old man in, well, Asian. The old man came over and in broken English asked and motioned me to follow him to the back rooms.

The spa has some nice massage rooms in the back. They are all white and really look great.

As we were walking, the old man turned to me and asked “Wha massage you wan?” I said “The deluxe.” He stopped and looked at me and then asked “You wan happy endy?”

I knew exactly what he was asking me. I had never had a happy ending massage but had certainly heard of them. My body kind of had an electric shock and without thinking my mouth avoided my brain and I said “Sure!”

The old man started talking loudly, calling for someone in the other room speaking in Asian. I had guessed he was calling his wife. The old man led me to a private room, handed me a towel, smiled, and said “Put on and lay here OK?” Then he left the room.

I took off my clothes and wrapped the towel around my waist and laid face down on the table. After a few minutes, the daughter came in with a tray of oils. She was at that point only wearing the apron. I could see her nice naked ass when she turned to put the tray of oils down. When she turned to face me, I could then see the sides of her rather big tits. She was hot and my body was getting excited. I was also a bit nervous.

As the daughter started to work on my backside, the smells of everything were amazing. She began in the middle of my back and worked outward and started to really do a great massage. I was in heaven.

I was not sure what to do. Should I grab her ass? Should I finger her? I just laid there and decided to let her set the pace.

She started to work on my legs and it felt great. Then slowly, sensually she began to work on massaging my inner thighs. Then she moved her hands underneath the towel and started massaging my ass. If you have not had your ass massaged with oils, you are missing one of life’s greatest things.

At this point, I definitely had a hard-on and me lying face down on my dick was getting uncomfortable.

She signaled for me to roll over onto my back and raised the towel so I could turn over under it. This was when the daughter saw my big dick. She seemed to gasp at it. She laid the towel back down slowly. My dick stuck out the top of the towel and laid on my belly.

She walked out of the room and yelled something Asian down the hall. I heard walking and knew it was the old man. They were right outside the room and I could tell there was arguing. If I had to guess, she was complaining to her dad I had a big dick and he was telling her she was going to do it.

After a few minutes, they both walked back in. No one was saying anything. The daughter began to continue the awesome massage.

At first, the old man was kind of out of my sight. I could hear him doing something but could not see him. A few minutes later I saw his backside wearing the apron and noticed he has now naked.

I could see his big round butt cheeks swaying as he was moving. Even though he was older, the chubby on his body made his skin look smooth and tight. I had guessed that working around spas for years probably was why his skin was so soft and healthy.

I had no idea where this was going but at the same time, my body was enjoying the entire moment. It was very erotic.

The smell in the room was out of this world and the daughter’s little hands rubbing my body felt great. It was very relaxing. I figured where ever this was going, it was going to be an exciting first for me.

The old man grabbed some oil from the tray and began massaging my legs and feet, while the daughter was working on the upper half of my body. This was the best massage I had ever had.

The old man said something to the daughter, it seemed she agreed with him and turned to get a different bottle of oil. Then he nodded his head and looked at my dick which was now lying on my stomach fully erect and said something again to her.

She removed the towel and placed it on the table behind her. Then she pointed the tip of the bottle at my rock-hard dick and squirted a large amount of warm oil all over my fat cock and balls. Then she took her hands and started escort maltepe to massage my thick cock.

She was squeezing my dick with her hands while moving up and down my shaft. Then every so often she would take my huge balls in her hands and roll them around. I had noticed this oil was a lot thicker than the one they were using on my body.

I could see that my dick was now all shiny, completely covered in thick oil. The oil was getting everywhere. With every thrust I could feel my balls signaling they were going to release. I hadn’t come in days, so I knew when I came it was going to be a gusher. I usually have a lot of cum, but when I wait a few days between masturbating it blows huge.

The old man was continuing massaging my legs and had moved up to my inner thighs. He grabbed my legs and opened them so he could have access to my lower balls and ass.

At that point, the daughter was massaging my thick cock and the old man was rubbing my balls and ass. I didn’t think I could hold off much longer, but I knew I needed to fight off cumming to see where this was all going.

After another minute, the old man said something to his daughter and she nodded her understanding. Both of them stopped massaging me. She moved off to the side of the massage table and took off her apron. I took a good long look at her and she was totally hot.

Then the daughter slowly climbed up on the massage table and began positioning her pussy right over my head. I remember thinking “Here we go!”

I could now see a perfectly smooth waxed pink pussy staring me in the face. She then lowered down so I could begin sucking her pussy. She started moaning as she was sliding her little pussy back and forth on my face. I could feel her wetness building on my mouth.

I reached up and grabbed her ass so I could get a better position on her pussy. Her ass was so smooth, her pussy tasted excellent and it smelt and tasted so good. I knew I was hitting the right spot from her moaning.

Then I felt the table start to move and shift a little and realized the old man was also climbing up on to the table. He was getting up from the end where my feet were so I could feel him moving up my legs.

I felt his dick dragging along my legs as he was getting up on top of me. Not knowing what was going on caused more sparks and excitement all over my body.

I could not see him, but I felt him crawl up so he was on his knees and sitting on my dick. He moved his knees kind of tight to the side of my ribs and swayed back and forth, rubbing my cock with his ass. I could then feel his balls rubbing against my dick.

Like the daughter, the old man had no hair on his ass or balls, so the sliding with all the oil really did feel good and sensual.

I was in another world at this point. This whole experience was new to me and my body was rocked with excitement.

I felt the old man lift up off of me and grab my thick hard dick. He started to rub it up and down a few times and then grip my balls then repeat. After a few of those, I felt him position my dick at his ass hole. He rubbed my cock back and forth and kind of circled it around as he slowly began to try to get it to enter his ass.

He kept trying to sit down on my dick and then would lift and go back up. He did this several times and I could hear him grunting.

After several moments, I started to feel the tip of my dick entering his ass. The old man really started to grunt loudly as my dick started to stretch his ass open. Slowly he began to move up and down again and then finally I felt the tip of my dick enter. Just that little bit made me almost explode.

He kept bobbing up and down and little by little my dick started to move deeper in to his ass. The thickness of my dick’s mid-section started to really stretch his ass open. Then in one big move, he put a lot of pressure down and completely took my whole cock.

I don’t know of too many women that could do that.

Right as he bottomed out, he screamed out loud in pain. The daughter turned around to see if he was alright. The old man then just sat still for about 20 seconds or so breathing hard.

The feeling of his ass pussy wrapped around my dick was simply amazing. I could feel every bit of his ass canal was wrapped perfectly around my big fat dick.

The daughter turned to look at her father and at that point I could see the old man’s face wrenching from the girth of my dick, trying to adjust. He was breathing quick breaths trying to get it under control.

I saw he had a nice sized shaved dick with a band around his cock and balls that made his balls seem to stick out. I could feel his smooth balls laying on my stomach.

I watched as he continued to slowly move up and down adjusting to my fat dick deep in his ass. His dick was hard and it was a decent sized cock, my guess would be around 6 inches long and about two and a half inches thick. It was a great looking dick.

After a few more minutes he seemed pendik escort to be taking it well. I could not believe how hot and tight his ass was. Hot like in temperature. The hot, wet squeezing feeling was incredible.

He then said something and motioned to his daughter to move back. She lifted off my face completely and put her tits in my face. I grabbed, sucked, and licked her tits and nipples like a starving baby.

The old man started to take longer up and down thrusts on my fat cock and I could hear the sound of my dick going in and out of his ass mixed with oil.

I felt the table move a little and then I saw him adjust his position and put his hands on his daughter’s hips. He started to pull her toward him. He said something to her again and she moved further down so were staring each other in the face. Her tits were barely touching my chest.

The old man said something to her again and she began to deeply kiss me. We started to make out with our tongues. It was passionate and sexy.

I felt the old man clamp down on my dick with his asshole and felt his hips start to push forward. At that point, I realized he was going to fuck his daughter while riding my dick.

I could feel him swaying back and forth, working his dick into his daughter’s pussy. It was slow at first and then he started really fucking her. He was hammering up and down and back and forth on my dick and fucking her at the same time. Meanwhile, she is licking and sucking my tongue. Our faces and mouths were drenched with saliva.

My big hard dick was being moved in all directions. My dick was deep into his ass and it would kind of bend forward as he would shove into her and then back as he pulled back. I could feel the sensations all the way down to my asshole.

I began to feel electric sparks going through my body. My skin was on fire. This was truly out of this world. I knew from all this sensory overload I could not last much longer. The old man kept moving back and forth, grinding his ass into me while my big fat cock was deep into his ass.

I reached up and grabbed the daughter’s tits and held on to them as the old man pounded into her pussy.

Then I felt his ass clamp down on my dick hard, he let out a loud grunt, pulled out of his daughter’s pussy, and blew his load all over her pussy and on to my belly. It was a huge load.

That took me over the top and I began to pump my hips up to get as deep as possible into his ass as I blew a giant load deep into his stomach.

The old man kept going up and down for another couple of minutes. My balls felt like they unloaded over and over like a fire hydrant and yet there was still pressure from his ass being too tight.

He then stopped and lifted his tight hot hole up off my dick and I shot another two large streams of cum that blew out of my cock, shooting all over his ass and balls.

Once my dick was out of his ass, he sat back down on my now semi-hard cock. I began to feel the huge globs of cum leak out of his ass and onto my dick and balls and down my inner thighs.

The daughter was still on all fours and the old man moved up and laid his chest on her back exhausted. I could feel both his cum dripping from her pussy and his ass pussy leaking on me. Everyone was breathing hard.

We all stayed in that position for a minute or so. Then the old man said something and both of them lifted up off me and then got down off the table.

I was laying on my back, my semi-hard dick was laying on my thigh and I could see the massive amount of cum everywhere.

Then, silently, the old man grabbed his apron, put it on, and left the room.

The daughter, still naked, grabbed some hot steam towels and began to clean up all the cum and wipe my dick and body down with the hot towels.

Was it over I thought? I laid there for about a minute and the wife came in and said something to the daughter. I didn’t know what they were saying, but it definitely sounded like the wife was not happy with the daughter.

The daughter grabbed her clothes up and left the room while the wife continued on the massage. After about 30 minutes my massage was finished.

When the wife signaled that we were done and I got off the table and started to get dressed. My whole body was both relaxed and my mind was in euphoria. The wife grabbed up the towels and headed outside the room.

Once I had my clothes on, I left the room and saw the wife throwing the towels in a basket. We started walking down the hall and as I was walking, I could see a room up on the left that had a curtain for a door and it was partially open.

When I walked by the door, I saw the old man on a massage table fucking the daughter again. I stopped to look because it was awesome to see.

She was on her stomach, and he was on top pounding away from behind. She had her legs closed and his legs were on the outside of her legs. His ass cheeks were still shiny covered in oil, mixed with cum and sex juices.

Then I caught a good look. He was fucking her ass.

He was just pounding away. The old man was saying something to his daughter and I could tell by his face he was angry. He was fucking her ass good and hard and I saw his balls slapping away on her ass with each thrust.

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