Hammer Time! Ch. 03

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Author’s note: Due to a surprising number of requests, I’m continuing my tale of construction-related experiences. I hope you enjoy!


Leaning back, I watched the top of the blonde head as it slowly withdrew from my abdomen. Jennifer looked up at me and smiled, then wiped her tongue across her top row of teeth. “Now, this is like old times, Brad,” she breathed, winking. “Why don’t you come around anymore?” Without waiting for an answer, she slid her lips around the head of my cock and moved forward once again, her eyes still on my face. I couldn’t speak.

Four months after finishing the addition to her parent’s house, I’d been seeing her mother on a regular basis, but Marlene didn’t want me telling her daughter, for fear of her becoming jealous, and slipping the truth to Mr. Weldon. You see, Marlene had found out about my having been with Jennifer and her friend Sandy, and was willing to overlook it if I didn’t see the girls anymore. I agreed. I was falling in love with Marlene, and though I knew she would never seek a divorce from her wealthy husband, we had begun meeting at my place whenever she could get free. Jennifer had been out of my life, since.

Until today.

One thing about the grocery store: it’s a great place to look at women! I’d been glancing down the deli counter at an attractive young mother with a young child in a stroller when a familiar voice whispered in my ear.

“Hi, handsome,” Jen had breathed, and immediately slid her arms around my waist. I recognized the voice, and wasn’t entirely unhappy to hear it again. She was one of the horniest teenagers I’d ever known, and, like her mother, she could make me hard with just a sexy smile. I leaned back into her.

“Hello, Jen,” I said, savoring the feel of those round, firm breasts against my back, and her hand, which was sliding toward the waistband of my jeans. I chuckled. “Are you gonna do me right here, hon?” Her soft moan told me she’d like to, but she pulled her hands from my waist, and let me turn to face her. I looked into her hungry eyes, then up and down her body. “You look fabulous,” I told her. It wasn’t a lie. She wore a thin purple sweater, her two prominent nubs practically exploding through the material, and a faded short jean skirt, with boots. Her long blonde hair was pulled up into two pigtails, making her look younger than her 19 years…and very, very sexy! My cock began to register its approval.

We chit-chatted for a few minutes, during which she ordered a sub sandwich for herself, and I watched the men in the store watching her. At last she suggested we leave, and have a drink together somewhere. This led to a few more drinks, and inevitably to my place, where she’d wasted no time making small talk.

“So,” she leered. “Ya wanna fuck me now?” I smiled at her and grabbed a big double handful of firm breast meat, confirming that she wasn’t wearing a bra beneath the sweater. (God, I love sweaters, especially when they’re holding a 19-year old body like hers!)

“Blow me, first,” I teased. I didn’t think she’d argue. She slid to her knees.

As I watched her head bob back and forth over my cock, I couldn’t help but think about the similarities, once again, between Jennifer and her mother. Both were gorgeous blondes with startling blue eyes; both were slim and athletic, and they shared a genuine love of sex. Of course, Marlene had 20 years on her daughter, but that only made her more attractive to a middle-aged guy like me. I wondered what I’d tell Marlene, if she heard about this, from Jen. As the charge built at the base of my nuts, though, I quickly forgot about that.

* * *

Marlene stretched across me, taking her glass from the bedside table. I watched her lean body, and the way her tits swelled over her ribcage, and couldn’t resist putting my hands on her again. She nestled into me as I stroked the smooth skin of her waist and ass. Laying her head on my chest, she spoke softly.

“Brad. Honey?” she asked, and I groaned, thinking she had some bad news for me.

“Don’t tell me,” I said. “He’s coming back into town this afternoon.” I dreaded it, when I couldn’t see her. Her husband wasn’t gone nearly enough.

She chuckled. “No,” she said teasingly. “We’ve still got another day, unless I call him and tell him some carpenter is stalking me. That might bring him home.” She paused, considering. “No, probably not even that,” she laughed.

I loved her laugh. It was like the sound of sunshine on an overcast day, if that could be heard. It exactly complemented kartal escort her good looks, and made her seem that much sexier to me. I waited, hoping she would give me the pleasure of more laughter, but she got serious again.

“Brad, I want to talk to you about something. It concerns my daughter.” I’m sure she felt me tense up, but she hurried to put my mind at ease. “Oh, I know you fucked Jennifer again, the other day. She told me as soon as she got home.” She raised up to look me in the eye.

“I know you can’t help it. Jen is…attractive. She’s young, and vital, and I’m sure she has the sexual appetite of a normal 19-year old.”

“Times ten,” I interjected. “She’s her mother’s daughter, after all.” She laughed that laugh again, and I kissed her.

“Regardless of all that, you horny carpenter,” she chuckled, “I don’t want this getting out of hand.” Her voice turned serious again. “Brad, if she’s doing it, I can’t think of anyone I’d feel better about her doing it with…”

I looked at her, my brow furrowing, waiting for the rest of her thought. She took a while, then continued, as I watched the emotions play across her pretty features.

“She and I had a long talk about you,” she said, smiling as she watched my eyebrows raise in surprise. “It’s okay, honey. It was all good, believe me. We came to an understanding, of sorts.” I waited.

She took a deep breath and continued. “Brad, I want you to make love to us both. Together.” She laughed at my expression. “Tough assignment, huh?” she joked. She put her hand on the side of my face, trying to gauge my reaction. I didn’t know quite what to say.

“Marlene, are you serious?” I asked. “I mean, it’s every man’s dream, enjoying two seriously beautiful women at the same time, but it’s…” I hesitated. I didn’t want to call it weird. Marlene wasn’t a bad mother; not at all. Jennifer had a healthy love of sex, but she wasn’t a slut, nor was her mother. She quieted me with a finger to my lips.

“Just promise me you’ll think about it,” she said. She bent her neck, and began to kiss across my chest, then down my stomach. She slid between my legs, kissing her way onto my rising erection, before taking my slippery cock between her lips. I closed my eyes and leaned back, feeling myself grow in her mouth. Think about it? The mere thought of two of the sexiest women I knew, pleasuring me together, had me rocking my hips, as Marlene let my cock take its pleasure in the warm embrace of her mouth.

* * *

The next afternoon, I got home from work to find a message on my answering machine.

“We’ll be there around 6:00 o’clock,” Marlene’s voice said. “I hope you’ve thought about what we discussed yesterday.”

I had, indeed, thought about it. It had been a long day at work, not due to anything concerning the job itself, but owing to my mind’s constant mulling over of her offer. I tried to put the weirdness of it all out of my mind, but it kept returning, leaving me feeling alternately guilty; and very, very hard. I tried to envision the two of them together, but I had spent so much mental effort keeping them separated, it was suddenly difficult. The visions I had were very graphic, and fleeting.

I had an hour to get the place, and myself, ready. I swallowed the first Viagra and headed for the shower. The apartment could wait. I needed to shave and get cleaned up. A little aftershave and deodorant couldn’t hurt, either. Then I would toss all the magazines into some sort of semi-orderly pile, throw out the old newspapers, and try to get the carpet vacuumed, if time allowed.

Soaping up under the warm water, the Viagra began to take effect. I let myself fantasize, though I knew that, in less then an hour, I wouldn’t have to. All my fantasies were very apt to come true. All the same, whether from the effects of the Viagra or the whirling images in my brain, I was rock-hard by the time I stepped out onto the cold tile floor. I had no time to take care of that, though. I had housework to do!

I had just made the bed when I heard the doorbell buzz. I had thrown on a pair of faded Levi’s and a Harley-Davidson golf shirt after I shaved, and I hastened to tuck the shirt into my jeans before I got to the door. I wanted to look nice for my date(s)! Running a hand through my long, damp hair, I swung the door open to see the two beautiful blondes standing there.

They looked like they could have been on the Swedish Bikini Team, except they weren’t dressed in bathing suits. They DID wear matching outfits: white maltepe escort bayan tank tops, black silk jackets left unbuttoned, and tight yellow slacks. They stood, playfully striking a pose like two of Charley’s Angels, and burst into laughter when they saw the expression on my face.

“You look like a couple of movie stars,” I chuckled. “Get in here, before somebody thinks we’re being staked out by secret agents!”

Marlene put her hand to my face as she passed me in the doorway and whispered, “Hmmm…staked out, huh? Sounds like fun.” It was clear what frame of mind she was in. Jennifer, however, was even more blunt. She wrapped her arms around me and opened her mouth as she kissed me. Her tongue pushed its way between my lips and licked at my own as she ground herself against my crotch. Pulling away at last, she smiled at me and stated, “We’re gonna fuck you senseless tonight.”

“Jen! You don’t have to tell everybody down the hall,” her mother said. She took her arm and pulled her toward the couch. “C’mon,” she ordered. “Let’s try not to be crude. I’m sure Brad has something for us to drink, first.” She suddenly seemed kind of tense, as they both removed their jackets and hung them over a chair.

“Indeed I do,” I chimed in. I glanced at the two of them as I headed for the kitchen, noting the way they looked at each other as they sat. There was a definite tension in the air, and it wasn’t entirely sexual. I sensed that Marlene wasn’t entirely sure about her decision, but resigned to it. I wondered if jealousy would come into play, when we began to really get serious. They were, after all, women!

I was relieved, when I brought them their drinks, to see them laughing together, and sharing some secret which they wouldn’t divulge. “You’ll see,” was all Marlene said, as she pulled me to the couch between them.

Making out with the two of them was wonderful. Sharing me equally, one would kiss me, while the other ran her hands over my shirt and jeans. It wasn’t long before Jennifer was tugging at both, anxious to have me naked. As I kissed Marlene’s neck, she dragged my Levi’s down off my legs, and disposed of them quickly. I’d already swallowed my second Viagra, and I had a hard-on that would scratch glass! Jen soon had it firmly imbedded in her hot young mouth.

Marlene allowed me to remove the white tank top that held her perfect breasts. As I sucked at her nipples, I unsnapped her slacks, but she held me from going any farther. “Her turn,” she said, nodding at her daughter, and I pulled Jennifer up to me as Marlene took her place between my legs.

Jennifer undressed herself for me, proudly displaying her own perfect set of tits, but, like her mother, she kept her pants on. She looked at Marlene, and they smiled knowingly. Then they stood, took my hands, and led me to the bedroom. Marlene retrieved a chair from my breakfast nook, and they bade me sit there, instructing me not to move. As if to insure my compliance, Jennifer pulled my arms behind me, knotted one of my neckties around my wrists, and secured them to the chair back. Next, my legs were secured to the chair legs. She laughed when I asked what I was supposed to do in this position.

“You don’t do anything,” she said mysteriously, pulling the door shut. Marlene was drawing the blinds, which darkened the room considerably. Then she pulled the sheet and blanket off the bed, leaving only the fitted sheet. Jennifer asked me, “Got any candles?” Marlene knew where they were, and retrieved two, which she set on either side of the bed, on the tables there. The flickering light was a little eerie, but showed their bodies off spectacularly as they stood at the foot of the bed.

That was obviously their intent. Winking at me, Jennifer pulled a small plastic bottle of oil from the rear pocket of her slacks, and turned to her mother. Marlene obediently slipped her pants down over her hips and stepped out of them. She waited for Jen to do the same. Neither wore panties. Jennifer wiggled her ass at me as Marlene allowed her to pour a small amount of oil across her chest and shoulders. When Marlene looked over at me, my dick was pointing straight up.

“Careful,” she teased. “We wouldn’t want you to pop something!”

I watched intently as Jennifer massaged the oil into her mother’s skin, leaving her glistening in the flickering light. Marlene closed her eyes as Jen’s hands roamed over her body, allowing the girl to turn her around, so she could apply more oil to her back side. As Jen kneeled, working the oil escort pendik over the smooth skin of Marlene’s ass, I could see Marlene moving slightly, pushing back against her daughter’s hands. Her legs spread, and Jen’s hand slid between her thighs.

The sigh Marlene brought forth filled the room. It was followed by a lot of little sighs, as Jennifer rubbed slowly backward and forward, making sure I had a good view of it all. My cock was throbbing like some demented machine, and I was squirming in my chair, pressing my legs against my aching ballsack. Finally, Marlene took the oil from Jennifer, and began applying it to her in the same fashion.

Both bodies were glistening in the candlelight when they were through, and they advanced on me, smiling lustily. “Nice show,” I said, as they rubbed their oily hands over my chest and body. I opened my legs, inviting them to relieve the pressure in my nuts, but they studiously avoided doing more than brushing against my cock as they kissed and massaged the rest of my body.

“Aw, come on,” I finally said, when I felt I could take no more. “Help a buddy out, here,” I pleaded. This was met with laughter from both women.

“Mom?” Jennifer suddenly said.

“Yes, Jen. What is it?” Marlene’s voice was smoky, laced with lusty overtones.

“Wanna lie down?”

I watched, groaning to myself, as Jennifer led her mother to the bed, where the two blondes slid onto the sheets, side by side. They began to kiss, legs entangling as their bodies melded into one gleaming, tanned mass of muscle and flesh. It was the sexiest sight I’d ever seen. When Jennifer pushed Marlene onto her back and straddled her, the sight of those two gorgeous pussies grinding together almost made me cum.

Marlene then rolled Jen over, and she took her turn on top. Their moans were building in volume and intensity, and I strained against the bindings that held me to the chair. Both women climaxed at some point, moaning noisily for the other’s benefit, and I was so close I could feel my blood pounding in my neck.

Mercifully, they soon rose, and, together, they kneeled between my outstretched legs. Marlene’s eyes were hooded as her hand took my cock, and she slowly began to stroke me. Jennifer leaned in next to her mother, her mouth invitingly open. She licked her lips and begged me, in a breathy voice, to give it to her. It didn’t take long.

My whole body tightened as I felt my load burning up through my loins. I groaned once, and Marlene released her grip on my dick, leaving it to bob in the air as the cum barreled up my shaft. I squeezed, groaning out loud, and the first volley hit Jennifer squarely on the forehead. Another pulse, and she was catching most of my second ejaculation in her mouth, though some landed across her upper lip and nose, and hung there.

Marlene slid her oily hand along my shaft as I pulsed again, and it pushed my climax along. I closed my eyes and let her milk the stringy issue from me with long, deliberate strokes. I imagined I was inside her, her pussy taking the place of her hand, and I came in great pulsating gobs. Jennifer greedily took what she could catch.

At last they released me. I was exhausted, muscles sore from tensing against my bonds. With one great sigh, I pulled them both onto the bed with me, and tried to catch my breath while my hands roamed their magnificent bodies. They began to kiss again, soon ignoring me. I could only lay back and watch.

This went on for hours, and when it was done, all three of us lay tangled in a breathless mass of oil and bodily fluids, dozing lightly. Jen was the first to rise, as perky as ever after her workout. She headed for the shower, while Marlene and I embraced.

“Thank you,” I finally murmured into her lips. “I know this probably wasn’t easy for you.” She kissed me deeply and grunted. “I was jealous every minute you were with her,” she admitted. “But, if it means keeping you close, I’d rather be here, with you both.” I tightened my grip on her, trying to show my love without having to speak the words.

We kissed again; and then again, moving against one another. I didn’t think I had enough energy for another time, but I began to grow, and she felt it against her leg. “No, Brad,” she said, laughing. “Not again! I don’t want you to kill the both of us!”

We were still laughing as Jennifer bounded back into the room, naked and wet. “Oh, come on, you guys,” she said, looking at my semi-erection. “Honestly, I can’t leave you two alone for a second!” We all laughed, then, until she looked pensively at her mother.

“What?” Marlene was curious.

“It’s nothing,” her daughter said slowly. “I was just thinking. Mom, do you think I could give Sandy a call?”

I rolled my eyes and turned to Marlene, waiting for her decision.

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