Guilty by Association

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Megan Wells was used to the stares. Sometimes she ignored them, sometimes she acknowledged them. Other days-like this one-she would tease the man without giving him the satisfaction of knowing that she knew. It was part of her makeup, as an attorney, to always be in control.

She let the short, brown hair on the side of her head facing the man conceal her eyes. Her fingers pushed the hair on the other side behind her ear. Now she could see his reflection in the restaurant window above the paper she read. She took another bite of her salad.

Megan laid the paper down and pulled off the jacket of her suit. She leisurely put it on the back of her chair, all the while wishing she had opened one more button on her blouse before she left the office.

He was about forty, she guessed, with dark hair and eyes…features that made even modestly attractive men stand out to her. But this man was more than modestly attractive. And he obviously was fond of the thirty five year old woman across the room from him. He liked the flow of her short hair, the shape of her nose, her high cheekbones, her soft shoulders, her full, rounded breasts and her sweet legs. In fact, he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Just the type of man Megan loved to taunt over lunch.

Megan had no way to face the man squarely, so she would have to resort to using the outside of her thigh to draw him further into her trap. She stretched the leg closest to him over her other leg with due deliberation. Normally, she would give a slight tug on her skirt to pull it back down. Not this time.

The already almost-too-short-to-be-professional skirt now rode well up her thigh. Megan watched in the window as his eyes glued themselves to her legs. She felt a blush flow over her face at the thought that she was being watched so closely.

Megan squirmed in her seat to satisfy the tingle between her legs. And she would have given anything to be able to put her hands on her nipples to soothe them. These involuntary reactions were the only negatives that arose during her teasing games. But, she was willing to put up with them.

A few minutes later she switched the position of her legs. This was the next best thing to being able to face him. Megan finished it off by letting her shoe slip off and dangle, held on only by the ends of her toes. She read the paper and ate salad as though nothing unusual was happening.

In her mind, Megan was opening her blouse, pulling it off her shoulders and sliding a bra strap down until she could expose one of her aching nipples to the gorgeous man. But she was getting ahead of herself.

Eventually, Megan’s lunch hour was coming to an end. She slipped her jacket back on, collected her paper and stood up. She managed to pick up her tray with one hand and head for the area where customers were asked to deposit their dirty dishes.

Conveniently for Megan, her admirer was directly in the path she needed to take. She weaved among the other tables until reaching his. Making sure not to make eye contact, she brushed past him, lightly touching the back of his chair with her hip. Slowly, Megan emptied her tray and strode to the exit.

Once outside she felt the familiar feeling of exhilaration she got from a successful session of teasing. Only this one was a little different: she was truly attracted to this guy and would be disappointed if she never saw him again.

Megan walked the two blocks to her office building and rode the elevator up to her floor, recalling the man’s features in her mind. She closed the door to her office and settled into her high-back chair. Leaning as far back as she could, Megan extended her legs underneath her desk. Her eyes were closed as her right hand moved to her thigh.

The woman’s legs parted as her hand moved up, under her skirt. She pulled on the tight material until she had easy access to her soft, white panties. Megan’s fingers circled her pussy in a form of self-teasing. Finally, they found her clit and pressed down on it.

With long, unhurried strokes she rubbed herself, allowing her fingertips to press against the soft material and feel the damp opening to her pussy. Then she’d concentrate on her clit again. Deep inside her body a quiver grew more intense.

Megan thought about the man at lunch. She imagined opening his belt and pulling down the zipper of his dark suit pants. Her fingers reached inside his boxers and pulled out a beautiful cock that begged for her lips to engulf it.

Megan’s chair creaked from the ever-increasing speed of her rubbing. Her fingers never left her clit now, as she inched her legs farther apart. She desperately wanted to cum.

The first ring of the phone nearly caused her to tip the chair over. Megan pulled her hand away from her body as though it would be chopped off if she didn’t. It took two more rings for her to catch her breath, compose herself and pick up the receiver.

At the end of the conversation, she managed to make her way out of the office and across the hall into her secretary’s cubicle.

“Hey, how was lunch?”

Stacy was one of Megan’s closest friends escort ataşehir at the firm, not just her secretary. This might have proven awkward for other people, but Megan found Stacy fully capable of separating business from pleasure. They’d been a pairing in the office for two years.

“Oh, fine,” Megan said as nonchalantly as she could.

Stacy looked up at her boss with a little suspicion, but didn’t pursue it. “Anything going on this afternoon?”

“Just more work on the Hidalgo matter. I can’t get a handle on this one, for some reason.” Megan specialized in immigration law and was in great demand lately, despite operating out of the Midwest as she did.

“Think you’ll get out early?” Stacy asked.

“I doubt it. And I’d rather not have to come in over the weekend.”

“Can’t blame you there,” Stacy said.

Megan looked down the long hallway and focused on the three men standing outside a corner office. Her gasp startled Stacy.

“What?” the secretary asked anxiously.

“Oh, my God. Come here.”

Stacy rolled her chair over to the opening to her cubicle.

“See that guy…the one with the dark hair, in the middle?”

Stacy leaned her head out and peered down the hall. “Yeah?”

“Do you know him?”

“His name’s Carmona. Nick Carmona,” Stacy said. “He’s a new associate. Litigation, I think.”

“He works for US?” Megan asked in disbelief.

Stacy rolled back behind her desk. “Yeah. We don’t get many cute ones, do we?”

Megan was too busy exploring the possibilities in her mind to answer her secretary. She did think to say, “Don’t be asking for a transfer. I won’t approve it.”

“Ok,” Stacy said. “I’ll find a way to get him down here so you can drool on him in person.”

“You’re the best.” Megan smiled at her assistant and headed back to her office.

Stacy didn’t have to go out of her way to make a connection. Less than half an hour later, Nick and two partners from the firm appeared at Megan’s office, lightly tapping on the open door.

Megan switched her eyes from the computer screen to the door. They immediately locked in on the dark man in the middle of the threesome.

“Hi, Megan,” one of the partners said as they entered the office. “We’d like you to meet Nick Carmona, our newest associate.”

Nick’s hand reached out to her, accompanied by an alluring smile.

“Hello.” His voice was deep, but not overpowering.

Megan rose from her chair and their hands met above her desk. She extended the handshake a second or two beyond the norm.

“Welcome,” Megan said softly.

“Nick’s going to be in litigation,” the partner said as the two associates continued to gaze at each other. “He has a little experience with immigration matters, as well, and we wanted you to know he’s willing to offer whatever assistance you need with that Hidalgo case.”

“Wonderful. I’ll probably take you up on that,” Megan said directly to Nick.

“Maybe we can talk about it over lunch one day,” Nick said.

Megan smiled, unable to prevent herself from wondering how much he suspected she knew about their noontime antics today. “That would be great.”

The group chatted for a couple minutes before the three men headed down the hall for more introductions. Megan knew she could count the seconds before Stacy walked in. It was about five.

“Lunch, huh? I’m surprised you didn’t propose dinner,” Stacy said dryly.

“Don’t rule it out,” Megan said. “In fact, I might just skip dinner and go straight to dessert.”

It was the following Monday that Megan received Nick’s e-mail asking if she wanted to meet with him…at her convenience, of course. She decided Tuesday was convenient and the plans were made. A brief consultation with Stacy resulted in mutual agreement that Megan’s light blue silk blouse over a navy skirt-the one that outlined her butt so well-was appropriate.

At the appointed time on Tuesday, Nick arrived at Megan’s door. She let him make the choice of where to eat and, not surprisingly, he chose the same place they had first “met”. Megan acknowledged that she sometimes ate there, but gave no indication she noticed him the previous week.

Their conversation started out business related, but eventually drifted to more personal life history stuff. Megan found out Nick was divorced. He found out she was single by choice but wanted to start a family soon. She learned he once skydived and he managed to discover that she once took part in a Mardi Gras parade wearing nothing more than body paint.

Nick quickly decided Megan was even prettier when she blushed and timidly pushed her hair behind her right ear. Several times during the meal he gazed at her blouse and imagined a colorful airbrushed design in its place.

By the end of lunch they were seriously fascinated with each other.

Stacy got the full rundown later in the afternoon, able to fill in some of the blanks based on research of her own. Nick’s secretary was more than willing to tell what she knew and Stacy got it all. Besides being fun, Stacy considered it part of her job. At least that’s kadıköy escort bayan how she justified it to herself.

The next act in the play was scheduled for Thursday afternoon, as Stacy found out by pulling up Megan’s calendar on Wednesday. Apparently, the offer of assistance had been accepted and Nick and Megan were to meet in Megan’s office to discuss the now infamous Hidalgo case.

Stacy smiled with approval when her boss showed up Thursday morning in a sleeveless knit sweater and short skirt. The secretary could only dream of having the attorney’s body when SHE reached thirty-five. Without the help of added support, Megan’s breasts pushed out and up like a teenager’s. Her shoulders were smooth, giving way to nicely shaped arms with bronze skin.

And those legs. Those incredible legs. Stacy wasn’t into other women, but if she was….

Thursday seemed to drag on endlessly for Megan. Her desire to get some qualified help on her most difficult case was overshadowed only by her desire to spend more time with the dark haired helper. She convinced herself she would make every effort to keep the meeting professional and on target. She put the odds at 50/50 of THAT happening.

Nick was five minutes late, which made Megan only slightly panicky by the time she heard him say “Hi” to Stacy and enter her office. Megan closed the door behind him as their small talk began. They took seats next to each other at a small, round worktable in a corner of the attorney’s office.

Nick wasn’t wearing a suit coat, which Megan was beginning to observe was his style. Everything he did wear, however, was impeccable. She, too, allowed her imagination to run free on occasion around him.

In due course, they began to discuss the details of Megan’s complex case. The next couple hours absolutely flew past as they exchanged ideas and strategies. They were both excellent listeners, despite lapses when both of them were concentrating more on the other person’s features than the subject matter. To say they were comfortable with each other was a gross understatement.

As six o’clock approached, they agreed to end the discussion for the moment and resume another day. They stood and began organizing the dozens of files that lay spread out on the table. Manila folders were exchanged with papers seeming to fly everywhere.

Just as the top of the table was re-emerging from under the pile, their bodies touched when Megan and Nick reached for the same folder. They laughed for a second, but remained close. A force seemed to keep them together. They looked into each other’s eyes…no more than a foot apart. Their faces drew even closer together, until they almost touched.

There was one last look, their heads tilting, before they kissed. Megan closed her eyes. She reached behind Nick’s head and held him in place, not wanting him to get away. He put his hand on the side of her face, caressing it lightly. They both knew if they broke it off and looked at each other, it might never happen again. So they entered into a prolonged, passionate kiss.

As their tongues darted back and forth across each other’s lips, Megan and Nick came together. His strong arms engulfed the woman and Megan felt her knees weaken. Only then did she sense her breasts flatten against the man’s chest and his cock press against her waist. If they didn’t stop soon, she would lose all control.

The final vestiges of control were lost when his hands swept across her ass. His fingers came to rest on the outer edges of her cheeks, pressing the material of her skirt onto the panties below.

“Megan, I don’t…” Nick tried to say between kisses.

Megan answered him by covering his mouth with hers, nearly forcing him back down into his chair. Nick managed to stay upright by pressing his leg against the edge of the table.

Almost unconsciously, one of Nick’s hands moved around Megan’s body and onto the side of her breast. It was simply a habit that he feared would now bring this session to an end. Instead, Megan moaned and pushed her chest into his hand.

She felt his hand surround her breast. No longer able to breathe and stand properly, she put her head on his shoulder. Her own instinct was to place her hand on his cock. So she did.

Now it was going to be impossible for them to NOT do something rather dramatic. To simply stop it at this point would be far too uncomfortable, with one…or both…of them feeling really guilty. Megan could tell by the firmness of the man’s cock that he wanted to continue. If Nick had placed his hand on top of Megan’s panties, he, too, would have his answer.

So, without any comment, Nick’s two hands slid inside Megan’s sweater and found their way to her breasts. She kissed the side of his face. His fingers clutched at the firm, round breasts under her tiny bra. She thought for a moment he was going to pull it off, and she loved every second of it. Her nipples tried to bust through the thin material.

“Oh, Nick. That feels so good.” Megan began stroking his cock the best she could through his pants. Then she had to stop as Nick began to escort bostancı pull her sweater over her head. She willingly raised her arms and let him finish. With the sweater deposited on a chair, Nick began to kiss the exposed skin of Megan’s breasts.

He licked and kissed wildly, even nipping at her nipples with his mouth through her bra. Megan’s moans increased as Nick slid her bra straps down her arms. Seconds later, one of her fully uncovered breasts was in his mouth.

Megan reached behind her and unhooked the bra, letting it fall to the floor between them. Nick alternated between her two tits, licking and sucking each one passionately.

She fumbled with the man’s belt, managing to open it blindly. Her fingers found the button above his zipper and nervously unfastened it. She immediately pulled down on the zipper before losing it in their ever-increasingly frantic movements.

Megan’s hand rested on Nick’s bulging cock, the thin fabric of his boxers the only thing keeping her from grasping it. Their bodies separated for a second and Nick’s pants fell to the floor.

That must have been a signal for both of them to get serious. They stood apart from each other and looked into each other’s eyes. If there was any question if they would continue, Megan eliminated it when she kicked off her shoes and began to unzip her skirt.

“No. Please leave it on,” Nick pleaded.

Megan’s heart jumped, as she feared he wanted to end it. But she watched as he removed his tie and, like her, took off his shoes and the pants that covered them. His next action totally surprised her-he gently reached under Megan’s skirt, put his hands around the waistband of her panties, and pulled them down her legs. Nick pulled them over her feet and laid them aside.

When he stood in front of her again, he simply said, “Put your hands on the table.”

Now Megan’s heart raced for a different reason. She turned to the table and rested her palms on the wooden surface. Nick moved behind her. Her entire body quivered when she felt him pull up on the bottom of her skirt, raising it over her hips and resting it on her back.

The cool air hitting her exposed ass was surprisingly refreshing compared to the heat emanating from her pussy. She heard movements but didn’t look back. She assumed he was removing his boxers.

Megan’s proof came when Nick’s hands touched her hips and a rock hard cock tapped against the top of her ass. She repositioned her hands, gripping the edge of the table in preparation of what she hoped was about to happen.

Voluntarily, she spread her legs apart. She felt the cock slide down the crack in her ass before falling off her body. One of Nick’s hands was then moved between her legs and up to her clit. Megan twitched as his fingers searched for the throbbing nub, then rubbed it back and forth. She could have cum instantly if she wasn’t so nervous.

“Please fuck me, Nick. Please,” Megan moaned.

The tip of the man’s cock touched the entrance to her pussy. He could see the moisture in the bright light of the office. With both hands back on her hips, he pushed his cock forward while pulling her body back.

He was shocked at the ease with which he entered her. Yet, the lips of her pussy wrapped around his cock like a glove and offered wonderful resistance as he began to fuck her.

Megan was nearly in tears at the beautiful feeling of his cock entering her over and over again. It had been so long. Too long. She wanted this to last forever.

However, when Nick moved a hand around her body and grasped one of her breasts, kneading it roughly and squeezing the nipple when he was done, she knew it wouldn’t take long for her to cum.

“Oh my God. Yes, Nick. Fuck me harder,” Megan cried out.

Nick increased the speed and pressure. His thighs smacked against the woman’s ass loudly. One hand continued to grip her breast while the other pulled her back into him. Megan held the shaking table, listening to it creak as the man behind her pounded his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy.

“Yes. Yes. Harder.”

The words drove Nick closer and closer to an orgasm. He was afraid he’d cum way too soon for her, but neither of them viewed this as lovemaking. This was a good, old-fashioned fucking…exactly what both of them needed and wanted.

“Come on, Megan. Cum for me. I want to hear you cum.”

She would have gladly screamed with pleasure for him if they hadn’t been in her office. Even so, she knew when the time came she would have trouble controlling herself.

A few minutes later, it was time.

“Nick. Yes. Now. I’m going to cum. Yes,” Megan stammered.

Nick felt her entire body tense up as she thrust her ass back into him and tighten her grip on the table. She let out a long, muffled whimper, followed by a series of short, sharp gasps as she came. Megan called out Nick’s name and repeatedly begged him to fuck her harder.

Nick nearly lasted until she was done, but began his own orgasm while she still cried out to him. His cum streamed inside her, shot after shot hitting the back of her pussy and combining with her own juices. Megan had to push against the table to counteract Nick’s forceful thrusting of his cock into her. But it was a marvelous feeling and sound. Their bodies colliding; the sound of his wet cock sliding in and out of her pussy; it was all amazing.

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