Good Kharma Ch. 01

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Kharma grew up in a small Pennsylvania Dutch town. Population was only a little over twelve hundred. Most people were related with one another or to those from the nearby town of similar population. For Kharma it was different, growing up in a mixed marriage, black mother and white father. Life wasn’t always pleasant, but it hardened her and made her a stronger more determined person.

As a teenager, she spent her days dreaming of living in the big city and being on TV. She attended Penn State University and got her degree in communications and even took drama to round out her studies. When the day came, she interviewed for an internship with a local TV station.

After her interview was over, she was immediately offered the position. Her good looks, nice figure and personality helped, but she won the job based on merit. At least that’s what she told herself. She would never fully comprehend how that job served as a springboard to her current position as the Fox 27 Morning Show hostess.

Her mornings started with a two in the morning alarm. She would get up, shower, get dressed and make the morning drive into the station where she prepped for the show. Then a quick meeting to go over the mornings topics before a final prep with the makeup crew. Her show started at six AM and ran for three hours.

After the show was over, they had a post production meeting and then she was off while the rest of the staff worked on the stories for the next mornings show. Kharma would occasionally have appointments set for interviews that she would tape and use in future shows, but most days she would round out her day with a brisk workout in the gym or a yoga session.

Today, she had a meeting with the CEO of a business who’s reputation was suspect, which was exactly why she wanted to meet him. She had read articles about the man and his company. Their controversial scruples as a business, known for their takeovers of smaller family run businesses had garnered them a rather nasty reputation. One he insisted was unfair and undeserved. She was going to give him is opportunity to prove otherwise.

The camera’s were ready to roll. The countdown began.

“On in five, four ,three, two…”

The producer pointed at Kharma when the camera was going live.

“Hello. Welcome to Good Karma. I’m Kharma Moore. Today we’re here in the East End speaking with CEO and President of Rochette Holdings, Mr.. François Rochette.

“Mr.. Rochette, thanks for meeting with me.”

“Please, my friends call me François.”

“I see. What would you prefer?”

“Well, my given name is François.”

“Well François, thanks for meeting with me.”

“It’s my pleasure, I’m sure.”

Kharma wasn’t ready for the man who was supposedly despised by many to be as polite as he was. His good looks didn’t hurt either. Average height, maybe a little taller. Dark hair with just a hint of grey at the temples. She guessed him to be early forties, although the profile she had was very vague. No parents, no living relatives, reportedly reclusive, no listing of education. It was as if he didn’t exist outside of Rochette Holdings, Inc.

Her eyes returned to her file, thin as it was, back to the physical specimen sitting opposite her. He had broad shoulders and muscular arms that couldn’t be hidden by the Armani suit he wore. Dark gray with a royal blue shirt, white collar and suitable tie of similar color. His easy manor was confident yet relaxed. He was so relaxed, it was like he gave personal interviews all the time, or so she thought to herself.

Kharma returned back to her notes. It was her intention to grill him endlessly about his companies practices and policies. She had her notepad full of questions that she intended to ask. She was going to be tough and show the station owners how ready she was for a prime time slot. She planned on having the upper hand, yet somehow, his casual, yet polite manner kept her off balance.

“So François. The reports are that your company gobbles up small family business and dismantles them. Can you comment on your business practices?”

“Well Kharma, my company does acquire companies of all sizes. Family business, small corporations and even some larger ones. But each time we do, the first and most important thing is to see what impact it has on the community. There’s no reason why a company such as ours can’t incorporate another under our umbrella and still maintain it’s facilities and employees. We offer better healthcare and retirement benefits than those we take over. Our conglomeration of companies is well diversified so that if one area is down, the others are able to remain profitable, which allows us to ride out the storm during turbulent times and keep the employees we have.”

His longwinded answer made sense to her even though he seemed to be hiding something. She just couldn’t put her finger on it. They would continue back and forth. Her asking a probing question and him having the perfect answer.

At the end of the interview, she paused, looked at escort ataşehir the camera and said.

“Well, there you have it folks. Straight from the CEO himself.”

She followed up with her usual signoff,

” I’m Kharma Moore wishing you Good Kharma.”

“And we’re out.” said the producer.

“Great piece Kharma. Mr.. Rochette. You should be in politics.” he scoffed, clearly not buying into the answers provided during the interview.

“Don’t mind him. He doesn’t trust anyone. I thought you represented yourself and Rochette Holdings well.”

“Thank you Kharma. I have to admit, I was expecting the worst. My sources said you were tough. but I thought your questions were well thought out and got to the point.”

François had other plans for Kharma. He knew he’d have to be careful with her, but his attraction to her was strong. Her long dark curly hair, dark complexion, full lips, big brown eyes and a figure that many starlets would kill for were speaking to his loins.

Never one to worry about sexual liaison’s, his wealth attracted many women. He smiled as he thought about the measures he would have to take to bed this woman. Challenge accepted! he said to himself.

Kharma too was a little surprised by the interview. She had heard similar things about him and was prepared for the worst. As the interview ended, she took a moment to imagine what his life might be like. To be on the inside.

“Well thank you. I thought your answers were insightful.” she said.

“Perhaps we will meet again sometime.”

“I think I’d like that.” Kharma replied.

She gathered her things and was escorted to the door by François’ body guard.

“What’d you think?” He asked the hulking man.

“Good looking. Smart. Trouble.” came the honest reply.

“Yes. That’s what I thought too. Should be fun.” François said, then turned to leave out through a hidden door.

Kharma spent the rest of the day in production meetings and the editing room preparing her story for the next morning’s show. She was already thinking about the next episode and began her research on a shelter for abandoned and abused animals.

By time she got home it was already early evening. She still had to get her workout in, fix something for dinner, or just skip it like she had become prone to do. Set out her clothing for the next morning’s show and pay some bills.

Kharma would never complain about the lack of a social life, but there were times she wish she had someone around. Celibacy had become the norm. It was easy enough to occupy her mind with other things but on those occasions when she needed sex, her work life didn’t permit much opportunity to get some. So she kept her magic wand handy.

It’s large bulbous vibrating head always brought her to an incredible orgasm, yet, she would prefer the real thing anytime. After her vigorous workout, she went home, cooked a simple plate of broccoli and rice and then hit the shower.

Her somewhat spacious apartment had a great view of the city. Feeling refreshed, she walked out onto her balcony. Noises from the street below wafted up to her in the warm fall air. The sky was already dark and the city lights were brightly lit. PNC Park was across from where the three rivers, the Monongahela, the Allegheny and the Ohio all met. It’s stadium lights filling the night sky.

Below and to her left she heard the noises of a couple arguing. To her lower right she heard a woman giggle, laugh and then shriek and exclamation of excitement. She could only imagine what might be happening, until she heard another noise. The sound of a woman getting some. Something that was all too frequently missing in her life.

Kharma was about to return to her apartments interior when she heard the couple shouting out their climaxes. For an unknown reason, she found herself eavesdropping. Their sexual prowess reaching a crescendo of animalistic grunts and moans of pleasure. Kharma became wet and reached beneath her terry cloth robe and slid her finger over her clit.

As the couple below continued their balcony sex, Kharma returned to her apartment interior and found her magic wand. She imagined herself on her own balcony getting fucked from behind, her naked breasts bouncing back and forth with each thrust from François.

She stopped suddenly.

“Where did that come from?” she asked herself.

While the thought wasn’t repulsive, it was just so random. She turned her vibrator back on and let the thought of François Rochette fucking her doggy style roam through her head. His broad shoulders and strong arms grasping her hips as he thrust his cock in and out of her. She closed her eyes and came hard.

“Ooooh God! I’m cumming!”

She moaned aloud her orgasm which surprised herself having never done that before. Cum. Yes, Moan? Yes. But to actually verbalize the words? No, she had never done that while solo. What was this power he had over her fantasies, she wasn’t sure. But it was a great orgasm and Kharma wound up sleeping kadıköy escort bayan very soundly.

The next morning’s show was as routine as they came. Everything went smoothly, which, when Kharma thought about it, wasn’t routine at all. Normally, people were rushing all over. The teleprompter was working perfectly, The sound technician, the cameramen, the shows producer and directors were overly pleased with the crew and especially Kharma. She was to say the least, confused.

“Bob? What’s going on? Why is everybody, well, I don’t know how to describe it. Why is everyone doing their jobs right today?”

Bob, the director, didn’t know how to respond, so he simply pointed towards the control room and shrugged his shoulders. Kharma walked away, not sure if she should be happy or mad. She entered the control room and saw the reason for everyone’s giddiness.

He stood there with a smile on his face, easily conversing with everyone in the room. Much to her surprise stood François Rochette. As relaxed and confident as he was the day before, he turned and saw Kharma. Smiling his handsome smile, he said,

“Great Show! I thought everyone did a fantastic job.”

“Um. Thank you.”

“I kept thinking about our interview Yesterday. I’d love to show you the new facility we’re building. Would you care to join me?” he asked.

“Oh. I’m sorry. My afternoon is completely booked. I can’t.”

“Fair enough. Dinner it is. I’ll send my driver to pick you up at eight. I won’t take no for an answer.”

He smiled, waived to everyone and congratulated them again for a great days work then walked out the door. Kharma stood their a little stunned that François showed up at her workplace. Her shock quickly faded into a wry smile as she thought about the night before. She looked around the room but no one was paying attention. Feeling relieved, she returned her focus on the rest of her day.

Kharma was relaxing in a hot bath, the warm waters caressing her skin. She let her mind relax not thinking about anything other than the music playing on her Bose wireless Soundlink Mini Bluetooth speaker. She was always amazed at the sound quality for such a small speaker as the lilting sounds of Alicia Keys played on her Spotify account off her iphone.

She leaned her head back against the rounded edge of her tub as she reached up to turn on the jets that made the water rush around like a Jacuzzi. She was almost completely relaxed when she heard the faint sound of a doorbell ring. She ignored it at first, thinking it was the neighbors across the hall of her deluxe apartment complex.

It rang again and again and Kharma was getting annoyed, until she realized, it was her doorbell that was ringing. She looked at the time on her phone. it read seven twenty-five. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself and went to her living room and shouted to the door.

“Who is it?”

“Ms. Moore. I was sent by Mr.. Rochette to pick you up for dinner.”

“Oh shit!” she said to herself, having forgot all about it.

“Uh. I’m sorry. You’ll have to tell Mr.. Rochette that I can’t make it.”

“Excuse me Miss, but I’ve been left instructions not to leave without you.”

Kharma thought about it for a moment then replied,

“No. I’m sorry. I can’t make it tonight. Perhaps another night.”

“Ms. Moore. I don’t think you understand. I have to bring you.”

His voice sounded almost apologetic as he pleaded with her. He also sounded young, so she peeked out through the peephole in her door and saw a rough looking man who was probably younger than his appearance. Tall, muscular wearing an overcoat. Almost thug like she thought.

“Well, I’m not dressed. I was in the bath.”

“Mr.. Rochette said to bring you naked if necessary. Won’t you please come along quietly? The limo is downstairs waiting. I’ll be back in fifteen minutes to escort you.”

She watched him walk away and leaned against her door for a moment trying to decide what to do. Should she call the cops or get dressed? She thought about the balcony fantasy from the night before and decided she would get dressed. The henchman’s words rang through her head about bringing her naked in necessary. She smiled at the thought before she raced to her bedroom and found the perfect wardrobe.

The henchman returned and rang the doorbell. She opened the door and walked right past him, leaving him to close the door behind her. The limo ride only took a few minutes and she was delivered back to the building where she interviewed François.

The driver stopped the car and opened her door. She looked around a little confused and asked,

“What’s this? I thought you were taking me to a restaurant?”

“Mr.. Rochette thought you’d prefer to dine more privately.”

“So what’s your deal Clive?” She called him Clive on purpose seeing if she could get some kind of reaction. All she got was a hand gesturing her towards the front door. He reached in front of her to punch in a private code and opened the door escort bostancı saying,

“It’s Adam, Ms. Moore. Please turn to your left and straight to the conference room. Mr.. Rochette is waiting for you there.”

“I like Clive better.” she nearly scoffed with arrogance.

She walked down the long corridor and saw a plaque on the door that read Conference Room A. She didn’t bother knocking and simply walked in. François was on the phone when he turned to see Kharma walk in. He smiled his beguiling smile and got up from his seat. He finished his call saying,

“I’ll call you with details later. Right now a beautiful woman has just joined me for dinner.”

He hung up the phone without the customary goodbye, just simply hung up the phone. It was strange the things that she noticed, but that was the reporter in her. Observe and report.

“I’m glad you decided to come.” He said.

“Well you didn’t leave me with much choice. You’re hench, um, your man, Adam said you told him to drag me here naked if necessary.”

François smiled and said,

“I merely implied how much I hoped you come tonight. Adam has his own way of expressing my wishes. I hope he treated you properly?”

“Yes, he was,” she paused for effect before continuing,


“Good. I had originally thought of taking you out to a small Italian restaurant that I’ve come to appreciate, but I just found out the chef has left and become a personal chef. Naturally, I had to find out where he went and so I borrowed him for the evening. I hope you enjoy the meal he’s prepared for us.”

The words were barely spoken when a young woman came out with a tray of meats and cheeses for their enjoyment. She poured a bottle of Cantus vino Rosso Italian red wine, 2015. The wine matched perfectly with the salty meats and delicious medley of cheeses.

François made small talk of his company’s holdings, the difficulties he faces when venturing into new territory or industry. What he didn’t mention was his background. How he started, where he came from or what the future of his company was. She simply listened, smiled and laughed at all the appropriate moments of conversation.

“I hope you like Veal Scalapini. The chef makes the best I’ve ever tasted. If you prefer I can have him make you an eggplant Parmesan?”

Kharma lived in a farming community and thought little of vegans. She couldn’t understand how people could go without meat.

“The veal would be fine. It’s actually one of my favorite Italian dishes.”

He was smiling the whole time she mentioned it. Then it occurred to her. He probably already knew everything about her. With his vast resources, there was probably little he didn’t know about anyone he had dealings with.

“But, you knew that already didn’t you?”

“A lucky guess.” he lied.

Kharma had begun to understand the man a little more.

“So Mr.. Rochette..”

“Please. Call me François.” he interrupted her.

“Of course. So François, I get the feeling there’s very little you don’t already know about me. Where I’m come from. Where I went to school. Where I’ve worked. Where I live and even what I like to eat.”

Kharma knew she had him by the balls on this one, she wanted to see how he’d wiggle off her hook.

“You’re right. I do know Almost everything about you. Some things I’m hoping to save for later.”

Before he could add anything more the main course was served. François ate quickly while Kharma took her time and enjoyed the savory flavors. It reminded her of younger days when she took a trip to Europe between her Junior and Senior year of college. The flash memory quickly faded as François started a new conversation.

“I hope you save room for dessert. The chef has prepared his version of Tiramisu. With espresso, amaretto, savoiardi cookies, mascarpone, cocoa, gelato. Best I’ve ever had. I’m sure you’ll love it.”

“You don’t miss a thing do you?” she said flatly.

“I like being prepared. And, I like you. You know, I’ve watched your show for several months now. I think you do a great job.”

Kharma noticed a moment of hesitation in his voice.

“But?…” she asked.

Letting her question hang in the air, she wondered what he might say. Kharma remembered her fathers voice at that moment. ‘If your afraid of the answer, don’t ask the question’ he would always tell her. Now she felt a little afraid of the answer.

François, wiped his mouth with his napkin, leaned on the dining table and stared into her eyes. Gauging her possible reaction to what he was about to propose. Searching deep into her inner being, straight to the core of who she was. Yes, he knew almost everything about her already, but people constantly surprised him.

He leaned closer and she leaned in too. Her eyes meeting his, searching but unable to penetrate. She felt relaxed. Comfortable even. What was it about this man that made her feel so.. So what? She couldn’t put a finger on her feelings, but she liked them just the same.

“But. I think your talent is wasted. You should be primetime. Anchoring the nightly news. Not just locally, but nationwide.”

“Oh. Um, that would be awesome. I’ve always wanted too…” She paused again when it hit her. That’s why he was at the station that morning.

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