Gino from IT

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a companion piece to Gina from IT. After I wrote Gina, some people cited the #metoo movement and noted that it would be a different story if the boss was female, and the young technician were male. So here’s that story! This is a short story (998 words) written for a writing competition elsewhere. All characters are 18 or older.


The phone on Ms. Perkins’ desk buzzed. She hit the intercom button and responded, “What is it, Sally?”

“Gino from IT is here to see you,” replied the elderly assistant.

“By all means, send him in.”

The young technician entered the ornate corner office nervously. Not only was Ms. Perkins the senior partner at the firm, but she was having all kinds of computer issues lately. While they were relatively minor, and easy for Gino to fix, he worried that she felt he was not good at his job.

“How can I help you, Gino,” Ms. Perkins asked, without looking up from her desk.

“It’s about my intern paperwork,” Gino said nervously in his thick Italian accent. “The school needs it by the end of the week, or my student visa may be rescinded.”

“I understand that’s important to you, but there are other priority issues I’m working on that are just as important to the firm. I will take care of it in turn.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Gino replied timidly and turned to leave her office. Ms. Perkins finally looked up from her desk and admired the young man’s broad shoulders, narrow ankara escort waist and the way his khakis hugged his firm backside as he left.

Gino was summoned back to Ms. Perkins’ office, around 4:30 that afternoon.

“Were you able to complete the paperwork, Ms. Perkins,” Gino asked hopefully, as he entered the office and closed the door.

“No, I was about to work on it, but I can’t seem to get to the internet or our internal file share.”

The office was heavy with the aroma of her expensive perfume as if she had recently reapplied it. Gino also noticed that an extra button was undone on her cream-colored silk blouse. “May I come around and have a look?”

Ms. Perkins just nodded and pushed herself in her high-back office chair away from her desk. She saw Gino peek at her nylon clad legs as he reached for the mouse. After clicking around on a few icons, and checking the cables on the back of her workstation, he said, “your network cable may be loose, I’ll need to get under your desk to check it.”

She watched Gino drop to his knees and crawl under her desk, again taking notices of his firm young ass. “All set,” he called from under the desk but bumped into something as he tried to extract himself from the cramped knee well.

“What was it,” asked Ms. Perkins in a soft voice

“Your network cable somehow got unplugged,” replied Gino, still trapped under the desk by her legs.

“That’s great,” said Ms. Perkins as she started escort ankara typing on her keyboard, “I can take care of that paperwork for you now.”

“Thank you,” replied Gino awkwardly, “if you give me a little room, I can get out of your way and let you finish.”

“Oh, this will only take me a few minutes, make yourself comfortable and I’ll be done in a jiffy.”

Gino heard some rustling from above him and attempted to make himself comfortable. He noticed a change in the aroma under the desk and once he turned himself around, he looked straight into the source of the distinctive scent.

Ms. Perkins had hiked up her skirt and the moist lips of her mostly bald beaver were staring back at Gino as she busily worked on her computer as if he were not there. Gino’s first thought was about his fiance, Gabriella, who was supposed to come over from Milan once he graduated. His second thought was how nicely Ms. Perkins’ white garters framed the patch of soft brown hair above her pussy.

The clicking of the keyboard stopped. “Shit!, this is going to take me much longer than expected,” Ms. Perkins exclaimed from above. She then pushed herself to the edge of her leather chair and said, “Gino, make yourself useful under there while I restart this form.

The silence in the office was deafening. Gino didn’t know what to say and couldn’t believe what she was asking him to do. The longer he sat there, the clearer it became that if he wanted that ankara escort bayan form completed, he would have to comply. He reached out his index finger and tentatively ran it along the length of her meaty vaginal lips.

The silence was broken by a low moan and a “That-a-boy,” followed by the sound of typing. The clacking of the keyboard seemed to increase with the tempo of his ministrations, and he extended his other hand to rub her clit. The typing and moaning got louder until she reached under the desk and grabbed both his hands to pull him forward.

Gino felt the soft skin of her thighs squeeze the two-day growth on his face as he pushed his tongue into the wet folds of his boss’s cunt. Her hands grabbed the sides of his head and pulled him closer to her sex. He licked and sucked as if his life depended on it because it actually did.

He reached under and held the soft globes of her ass while she rubbed her clit on the tip of his nose. “Here it comes,” she warned from above, as he felt her thighs and hands grip him tighter. Before he could think about what “it” was, it literally hit him in the face. A gush of warm liquid erupted from her pussy and coated his face, hair, and neck. She writhed in her chair through her orgasm, squirting and moaning, nearly suffocating Gino in the process.

Finally, she released her grip and pushed herself back from the desk. When Gino crawled out from under, she handed him some tissue to dry himself off.

“The document is on the printer by Sally’s desk,” Ms. Perkins instructed in a very business-like tone. “Go get it,” she said, then pointed to the sizable bulge in his khakis and added, “and maybe we’ll take care of that when I sign it.”

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