Getting Rid of the Blues Ch. 07

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Sue was breathing hard after the first orgasm hit her. She could hear the squishing sound of cum as Jake continued to finger fuck her on the bar. John was whispering in her ear about how good it would be to see her fucking Jake again. Sue responded by rocking her hips and pushing herself towards another orgasm.

“Four?” asked Jake as he watched his fingers being devoured by Sue’s pussy lips. Sue nodded and panted vigorously. Jake added a fourth finger, and Sue’s body responded with more cum. Jake smiled as the woman tried to catch her breath.

This was one thing he loved about Sue. She would try most anything. It was only by accident that one night the three of them found Sue’s fondness for fisting. Before that evening was over, Sue’s cunt was covering his entire hand up the wrist. She was screaming so loud that John and Jake thought she would lose her voice. It was later that John admitted it was the first time he could truly fuck his wife without it being such a tight entry.

Sue was riding Jake’s hand like a champion. Jake could feel orgasm after orgasm hit her. The walls of her pussy clamped down and threatened to push his hand out. Jake not only met the resistance by pushed back. This always caused Sue to scream a bit louder.

“More!” screamed Sue was her body shook with an orgasm. Jake waited for a moment for the spasming to subside. He tucked him four fingers towards his palm and spun them within Sue’s pussy. She wiggled and strained against the awesome feeling. John held her hips firmly and pressed his chest against her back.

Alex tucked his thumb under and began to push his hand entire hand into Sue’s cunt. She screamed and pushed against him as well. Jake’s hand made an actual popping noise when it entered her cunt. Sue’s eyes opened wide.

“Is this what you want?” Alex asked as he watched his hand disappear within her.

“YES!” shouted Sue as felt the walls of her pussy grip Jake’s hand. Her hips had a mind of their own. John let go of them as Sue’s body threw itself forward and backwards. John’s hands found her breasts and began pinching her nipples. He twisted them to the point of pain that he knew his wife liked. Sue whimpered and cried out as the orgasm within her exploded. Both John and Jake smiled at one another. Here was a woman wantonly fucking a hand on a bar. It was a sight to see.

Sue knew she was over-stimulated. She pulled back, and Jake’s hand popped out of her. Her body collapsed against John as she tried to slow her breathing down. She closed her eyes and tried to relax. That is when she felt something wet against her lips. Opening her eyes, she saw it was Jake’s hand. She began licking her cum from it.

“Let’s take this into the office,” Jake said.

John pushed Sue forward on the bar, and Jake helped her undo her heels from the metal railing. Sue’s legs were shaking, and there was a tinge of pain within her pussy. It was something that she enjoyed. John came around to the front of the bar and helped Sue down to the floor. The three of them made their way into the back office.

Meanwhile, Alex sat in her car while it was parked in front of her house. She turned off the lights and the engine. She leaned back into the seat and tried to process what had taken place at the bar.

Jake obviously knew she had been watching. Standing behind her, he would have noticed her fingering herself as well. Something about the situation excited her. But, there bostancı escort was still a feeling of fear too. It was one thing to fantasize about the man; it was another to have him look at her with lust and ask her something personal.

Damn it! I knew I shouldn’t have gone there dressed like this.

She grabbed her purse and scrambled to get into the house before any of her neighbors noticed. The last thing she needed was gossip in the neighborhood about her looking like a whore. She climbed into the shower and put on fresh clothes. She felt better walking into her kitchen. She felt more like herself. Upon opening the refrigerator, she checked the take out boxes of Chinese food. They were definitely old! Knowing there wasn’t much else to eat in the house, she went to her purse to find her cell phone. It was time to order pizza and have a night on the couch watching sappy movies.

Where is it? Where is IT?

Alex dumped her purse’s contents on the kitchen counter. Her hands scrambled past the checkbook and lipstick containers. She tossed the old receipts to the side. Her cell phone was gone. She grabbed her keys and darted out to the car, hoping it might be on the front seat. No dice.

She walked back in the front door and locked it. Instead of moving back into the house, she leaned against the door and began to cry. Her phone was at the bar. It had all of her business phone numbers. She had to get it back, but that meant she would have to walk back into the den of hedonism. Alex stood there for a few more moments before she stopped crying. She decided to go back the next morning to fetch it. This time she would dress like herself. This time, she wouldn’t pretend to be something she wasn’t. She would get the phone and get out of there.

While Alex stood in her house figuring out her next move, Alex already knew what his would be. He was pulling his large office chair from behind the desk. John has already undressed his wife and sat her on the couch. John was then busy removing his own clothes. Jake noticed John’s cock was standing at attention again.

For a man who has cum twice already in the last hour, he sure is hard again.

“Do you want her while she is still loose?” asked Jake as he pulled his shirt over his head.

“Sure do!” responded John. He grabbed a seat in the large chair Jake had pulled over. He motioned for Sue to come to him. She stood on wobbly legs and walked over to her husband. John smiled, knowing Sue would be sore the next morning. He would have a chance to bathe her and pamper her for the day. It would be one of the few times she wouldn’t argue with him about everything.

John pulled her onto his lap. Her breasts pressed themselves against his face as he maneuvered his hand between her legs. He managed to get his cock into position against her pussy lips. He also took advantage of the position to bite down on her nipple. Sue let out a loud moan.

“Sit down, hun.”

Sue’s pussy slid easily down his cock. He was able to bury himself without any resistance. John smiled to himself. A moan escaped his lips. It felt so good to get buried that deep in his wife.

This is more like it!

John lifted Sue’s hips and let them drop. She moaned and threw back her head. John took over control of her hips, pushing them this way and that. His cock was having unrestrained access to her pussy, and he loved it this way. It wasn’t büyükçekmece escort often that he didn’t have to fight his way in. Yeah, he liked it tight, but there were times he just wanted a smooth ride like this one.

Sue’s body responded on its own. She felt an orgasm building. John leaning forward to bite her nipples pushed her that much closer to it. She opened her eyes and saw Jake standing to the right of the chair. His hand was stroking his cock to full erection.

“Come here,” she gasped as John hips dug into hers. That cock kept finding the right spot.

Jake moved closer. He looked down at John. When John smiled and nodded, Jake moved even closer. Sue quickly grabbed his cock and stuffed it into her mouth. Jake closed his eyes and savored the feeling of a tongue swirling over the head of his cock. It felt incredible the way Sue gave head. Her hand moved to the base of his cock and began squeezing. She focused on the sensitive ridge near the head. Just when it felt almost relaxing, she would catch Jake off guard by squeezing hard and face fucking him.

It had been awhile since Jake had played with John and Sue, but Sue had not forgotten about how to get his juices moving. Her body bounced up and down on John’s lap, and her mouth and hand were busy with Jake. Sue felt an incredible feeling of contentment and pleasure.

This is the way life is suppose to be.

Sue could feel John’s legs tightening up. His movements were becoming more frantic. He was close to another orgasm. Sue rocked her hips back and forth in between the bouncing on his lap. She renewed her pace in stroking and sucking Jake. She felt his hand on her cheek. She looked up to see the passion in Jake’s eyes. Whenever he touched her cheek, she knew what that meant. Sue stretched her neck as Jake’s hand moved beneath her chin. He gripped her jaw and pulled her face forward. This was one of the few times Sue could actually deep-throat a man. Jake’s cock fell down her throat as John began growling.

John pulled her hips down and pumped. His growling grew louder until he exploded within her. He could imagine the pulsing threads of cum coating her pussy. He looked up to see Sue straining to swallow more of Jake.

“Swallow him, baby,” John moaned as the last of his semen left him. Sue arched her back, and Jake pushed further into his throat. She tapped his hip, letting Jake know she needed air. Jake pulled his cock away and let Sue have her air. Sue turned her head and smiled down at John. He grabbed her hair and pulled her into a kiss. She could already feel his cum oozing out of her. Sue pulled back and nipped John’s lip as she went. She climbed off of his lap and stood.

Jake had already moved to the brown couch. Sue’s eyes drifted over his cock. She licked her lips and moved to sit on his lap. This time, she sat with her back to Jake. She shivered as his cock entered. She anticipated the feeling of him bottoming out inside of her pussy. She wanted him to bump her cervix. She wasn’t disappointed. The head of Jake’s cock found bottom. He pushed her hips forward making sure he was in as far as he could go. Sue threw back her head and started moaning, “Yes! Yes!”

John rolled the chair to be in front of Sue and Jake. He could see Jake’s cock pumping itself in and out of Sue’s cunt. Her eyes were wild with pain and excitement. John leaned forward and pulled her into a kiss. She moaned çapa escort into his mouth and grabbed hold of his shoulders. John knew Jake was pushing her to another orgasm. John’s hand reached between their legs. One of his fingers found her clit. Sue screamed into his mouth. John held her head to his, maintaining the kiss. He could feel Jake picking up the fucking pace.

Sue’s body was acting on its own. Bouncing, rocking, pulling, and pushing. She screamed her orgasm into John’s mouth as he fingered her clit. Jake’s cock buried itself in exquisite pain. Finally, John let go of the kiss, and Sue panted for breath.

“Come in her,” said John as he watched her breasts bounce heavily. John loved the look of her breasts as they bounced during sex. There was no doubt about them being real. He also liked the pink blush that came across her chest whenever she came. The nipples were rock hard. He could simply sit for hours sucking and biting those nipples. In fact there were nights when he and Sue laid on the couch watching movies, and he did just that.

Sue whimpered at the thought of being filled again. Jake grabbed her hips and thrust deep inside. Sue felt him pulsing and knew his orgasm was close. She tried to bounce harder on his lap, but Jake held her hips. He was so deep that Sue had no choice but to keep her hips under his control.

Jake let out a yelp and moan as his orgasm took over. His balls tightened and strained. His abdominal muscles and legs clenched. His body pushed his cum upwards into Sue’s cunt, filling her. She rocked her hips into the motion and began giggling. Her pussy was tender and sore from the use of the evening. She had been filled, stretched, licked, fingered, fisted, and stuffed. She loved the sound of her husband’s bearish growl and the yelping moan Jake gave before orgasm. She simply loved it when men made noise during sex. Every part of it made her happy.

John pulled her off of Jake’s cock into his lap. She was still gushing both his and Jake’s cum. He could feel it on his legs where she was sitting. Sue sighed and leaned into his chest and closed her eyes. John looked to Jake and nodded his head.

“Glad to have you back, boss,” said John as he ran his hands through Sue’s hair. He brushed the sweaty strands away from her face. She looked so angelic that he kissed her forehead.

Jake chuckled, “Who says I’m back?”

“Aren’t you?”

Jake leaned his head back against the couch and allowed his back to relax into it. He noticed the cum that coated his pubic hairs and thought about the events of the evening. He didn’t regret any of it. John and Sue had always been great people to play with. He enjoyed their experiences and company. They were his friends.

“I don’t know yet,” said Jake as he closed his eyes.

Sue spoke in a soft voice, “What if the rich lady wanted to play?”

Jake’s eyes popped open. His heart started to race, and his mind automatically began thinking of scenarios for the high-class lady that normally masturbated in his bar. There was the piano, her house, her work, the bar, the social club. There were so many ways and places he could take her. Another thought passed through his mind that he found strange. He definitely wanted her. He looked to his pants that were lying on the floor. The cell phone was still in the pocket. He began to really hope that she would come to get that cell phone.

“That depends on if she comes back at all, doesn’t it?”

Sue smiled against John’s chest. John even chuckled. Both of them knew the lady would come back. If she wasn’t curious and excited by their display today, she would be at the thought of Jake.

“She’ll be back,” said Sue as she snuggled closer to John. “She’s had a taste. She’ll want more.”

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