Getting A Reputation

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I had been going into the Crown public house two or three times a week since my wife had left – the pretentious cow had said that she had ‘ outgrown’ our relationship and had left to make her own way in life! I was more than happy to let her.

It was a cheery pub in the oldy-worldy sense. Fortunately, it had not been turned into a wine bar so was not frequented by hordes of twenty somethings drinking out of bottles.

One of the attractions for me was a young single mother, Polly, who served behind the bar several nights a week. She must have been in her early thirties, was witty, intelligent and pretty with a gorgeous figure and was the subject of many of my fantasies.

It was about eight thirty on a Friday evening, that my life took a turn for the better. I had pushed through a crowd of noisy and determined drinkers to the bar and was ordering my first pint when I felt a dig in the ribs. Looking to the side I saw Kim propped up in the corner on a barstool.

“Hi, there. How’s tricks?”

“Fine,” I replied. “Where’s Dan?”

Kim was a few years younger than I was and I had often spent an evening talking with her and her boyfriend in the pub. They were good company but it was rare to see them apart.

“He’s working tonight – had to go to Southampton this afternoon, so he’s staying over.”

“When the cat’s away….” I teased.

“Why not?” she laughed, taking a sip of her drink and giving me a cheeky look.

I offered to buy her another drink, but she waved an almost full glass at me and declined. I paid for mine and eased over to stand beside her asking, “Are you really on your own then?”

“Not now.” she smiled.

We talked easily for a while, teasing each other and exchanging mock insults before, out of the blue, she asked, ” And how’s your love life?”

“It will probably take two or three milliseconds to tell you all about it, Kim,” I replied sadly.

“That bad, eh? Surely a good looking guy like you doesn’t go short now you’re a free agent?”

There was a twinkle in her eye that did not go unnoticed.

“To be honest, Kim, I have never been very good at making the first move although I do know some guys who use a direct approach and usually score,”

I added rather boldly for me, ” Saying ‘How about a blowjob’ love?- doesn’t seem my style somehow – even if I’m thinking it.”

“You never know, maybe the girl’s are thinking that as well.”

“If my ex is anything to go by, it would be the last thing on their minds.”

She continued to goad me by saying, “Didn’t she like giving blow jobs then?”

She repositioned herself on her stool and as she moved her arms I could swear that I felt the back of her hand brush across my hardening bulge.

Dropping my voice to avoid being overheard, I answered,

“It disgusted her, she said.”

I must have sounded unhappy about it because she raised an enquiring eyebrow and replied conspiratorially, “So you haven’t had a blow job for some time, then?”

“Between you and me Kim, I have never had a blow job.”

It just came out.

I couldn’t believe that I had said it to this sexy young women. How did we get into such an intimate discussion anyway?

“You poor thing,” she said touching my hand for a few seconds and giving me another wickedly suggestive look before looking away, smiling silently to herself.

I sipped my beer absentmindedly as I watched others across the bar, but I was thinking the sort of rude thoughts that kept my bulge bulging.

We had been standing quietly for a while when I was startled by a push in my back. It was sudden and caught me off guard and I was lucky that I had placed my pint glass on the bar otherwise my hands would not have been free to prevent me crashing to the floor. Worst still, I would have thrown my drink all over Kim.

As it was, I stumbled forward and fell into Kim. She was also sat, absentmindedly gazing about with her hands drumming soundlessly on each of her knees. I remained a little stunned and unable to move because of the weight of the customer against my back. My face only centimetres away from Kim’s but I could see from the glint in her eyes that she was amused rather than angry by my position.

In the seconds it took for everyone to regain their feet I found myself with my groin, or more particularly, my hard penis, pressing against Kim’s hand as it lay upon her knee. As I squirmed, she turned her hand over and squeezed my bulge firmly saying boldly, “Umm, your Ex doesn’t know what she’s missing.”

As soon as everyone had regained their feet and Kim had released my grateful member, she leaned forward and whispered in my ear, ” I have the car in the corner of the car park and, knowing how slow off the mark you are, I was wondering if you fancy your first blow job? I always was one for doing a good deed.”

“It must be my birthday,” I thought and I secretly reached out and squeezed her thigh, nodding imperceptibly, my agreement.

“Give me a couple türbanlı escort of minutes and then follow me. My car is the dark Ford at the bottom of the row on the left.”

She finished her drink, leaving her warm stool for me to sit upon for what seemed an hour, before I too, got up and followed.

It was dark outside, but warm after a pleasant, late summer’s day of sunshine. Meandering casually along the row of parked cars, I reached the Ford, stopped, looked all around and then climbed into the back where Kim was waiting.

She threw an arm around my neck and we kissed. Her other hand went straight to my raging erection, rubbing up and down its length with slow enthusiasm.

As she did, I cupped her soft breast and fondled it gently until I felt its nipple harden and extend to poke purposefully out from inside her bra.

She undid my belt and zip fastener to release my straining cock, which leapt out like a gazelle set free from a cage. It stood erect, long, proud and expectant.

By lifting my bottom off the seat I enabled her to drag my clothes down to my ankles leaving me to half lie, fully exposed to her glossy lips as they descended to give my purple head a precursory lick.

She had pushed the front seats of the car all the way forward before I had arrived, so that she was able to kneel on the car floor in front of me to administer the pleasure she had promised. Taking my fleshy staff in one hand and my ball sack in the other, she licked her lips and giggled, “Now let’s see what we can do with these.”

Her head descended again into my lap and her mouth fully engulfed my bulging helmet, then she started to suck. For the first time in my life my cock was in someone’s mouth and the sensation was better than I ever imagined it would be. The sucking action made it feel as if strings were being pulled up tightly along the whole length of my penis causing a tingling sensation that I had not felt before and which built in intensity as she sucked.

Months of sexual abstinence took its toll as I rapidly came to the boil. When she sensed the pressure mounting in my balls she stopped sucking and began licking the underside of my straining shaft with her stiff little tongue. From base to tip she licked, scrapping her fingernails as she did so, along the upper surface of my cock and around its glands to produce the most deliciously pleasant feeling – the sort of feeling which makes you want to cross your legs in sheer pleasure. With her other hand, she continued to fondle my balls but then sucked each of them into her mouth and chewed each one lightly every so often.

Much as I wanted to just lie there and enjoy it, I found myself thrusting up into her face to increase the pressure of her tongue and lips on my highly sensitised skin. When she again took most of my shaft into her mouth, I felt the head slip passed her larynx and down into her throat. She was deep throating me and the feeling, as the tip of her nose brushed my pubic hair, was sublime. Her lips were stretched around the base of my cock and she was sucking again. Of course, with her airway blocked, she could only suck for a short while and then needed to surface for air before re-swallowing my entire length.

After only a few insertions she brought me again, to the brink of my orgasm and I gasped that I was about to cum and to pull off if she didn’t want me to cum in her mouth. Her response was to suck harder and assist my progress towards orgasm with her hand.

By now I was pumping her mouth like a well-lubricated vagina and wasn’t in a position to argue. My organ grew larger as the semen rose and then I discharged the first of many loads with a violent thrust, deep into her throat. She continued to suck until I was spent and I sunk back into the seat, drained and happy. She swallowed my outpouring and settled down beside me. I cuddled her and kissed her tenderly in appreciation.

When my heart had stopped pounding and my senses returned to normal I turned and asked her whether she would like me to return the favour. She kissed me passionately by way of a reply. I slid a hand along her bare, sun-browned thigh until it reached the moistened patch between her legs. Her legs parted and I rubbed the fabric-covered lips of her pussy a few times before slipping fingers under the hem and into the sodden hole beneath. It was my turn to kneel on the floor, still with my trousers around my ankles.

Grabbing each side of her panties in each hand, I removed them in a single movement leaving her long slim legs draped over each of my shoulders revealing her exquisite pussy with its pink lips flushed and glowing in the distant car park lights. She obviously shaved between her legs but had left a trimmed mat of brown hair to cover her mons.

Sliding a hand under each of her firm cheeks I lifted her clear of the seat and rubbed my face against her hairy mound. Then, extending a stiff tongue, I followed that erotic trail along the entire length of ümraniye escort her ravine finishing in the tight little crack at the front before retracing my path along those velvet lips. Her legs closed about my head as I repeated this action over and over again. On each cycle I paused to give her, now rigid little clitoris a gentle suck causing her to push harder into my face and moan quietly.

As her passion grew, her control of her lower body evaporated and she spread her legs wide apart forcing the taught muscles of her thigh to release my head.

Soon it was time to stop teasing her clitoris and give it my undivided attention. This meant alternately gnawing the little cock gently with my teeth and sucking it hard into my mouth, rolling it between my lips brought on an even more aggressive reaction and she bucked frantically against my face. I stuck my tongue out again, only this time I drove it deep between the glistening folds of her pussy and dragged it along its front edge to lash her clitoris savagely on each forward stroke.

Pushing my two thumbs into her pussy from below and rubbing each side of her vaginal walls, I let her own forwards-and-backwards movement bring her closer and closer to an orgasm. I felt the first indication that she was cumming with my tongue: the walls of her pussy spasmed in a contraction that was accompanied by a long deep sigh and then she relaxed totally and slumped back into the seat. I knelt in front of her, resting my head in her lap, waiting for her climax to subside and for her to regain her composure.

I though she was finished, but after only a few moments rest she took hold of my head in each of her hands and, looking deep into my eyes, breathed, ” I want you inside me, please.”

The aroma given off by her enflamed pussy as she had risen to her climax had already brought me back to full length. So, by kneeling up and pushing down with my hand on my vertical shaft, I was able to bring our genitals together with my spongy head just nudging her, still fully engorged lips. I ploughed her furrow, up and down a dozen times before her patience gave way and she thrust herself onto me. I looked down and her outer lips encircled me like a mouth sucking a lollipop. I held my position for a second before gently filling her with my entire length. She could take all of me – some women can’t without pain and, when they can’t, I miss the intermingling of pubic hair and the grinding together of pelvic bones that is so much part of the sex act.

Her legs closed behind me and gripped me as I withdrew for another thrust. This time it was done with a power that caused her vaginal muscles to ripple sensually along my cock. I thrust again – and again until I was pounding her like a jack hammer. She was responding, not by counter-thrusting, but with highly controlled vaginal muscle spasms that milked me as efficiently as a milkmaid’s hand would have done. Despite this, I had recently come and was not about to come again so soon. I maintained my assault on her wet recess, varying my action from a straight-forward thrusting to a corkscrew entry and she responded with a breathless, “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

She came long before me, gripping me tightly both with her arms, her legs and pussy walls and I slowed my thrusting.

“Don’t stop, ” she begged, ” I’ll cum again.” Then added, “Let me get on top.”

She released me and I positioned myself next to her on the seat of the small cramped car with a veritable flagpole waving in front of me. Facing me, she straddled me and lowered herself onto me before her juices had time to dry on my cock. As she sank down she squelched audibly bringing a smile to both our lips. For the first time that evening my face was close to her ample breasts which, apart from a gentle fumble when I entered the car had been totally ignored during our love making.

As she fucked my pole I opened the buttons of her top to reveal her full and sweet smelling bosoms. I pushed her bra over them and pulled them into my waiting mouth so that I could lick and suck them with vigour. As I nibbled and licked, she bounced and groaned until I felt the tell-tale feeling in my balls building and my cock expanding.

She sensed it too and slowed her pace but tightened her grip on me, drawing me like a wet clenched fist.

“I’m cumming,” I whispered

“I know,” she whispered back without a pause in her pace.

I stiffened. I jerked. I thrust, powerfully upward and came deep inside her, planting my seed at the very mouth of her womb – not that this was a conscious intent!

She continued moving slowly on my softening cock until it plopped out and lay depleted, sticky and hot, on its nest of hair. Kim sunk down on top of me, her wet pussy squashing my flaccid penis and I could feel it emptying its warm contents onto it and running down my groin. I didn’t care. I was done – well done and told her so. She smiled and kissed me saying, “So am I. “

We lay for some time recovering acıbadem escort our senses before either of us moved then I dressed and wiped her juices from my lower regions. She put her panties back on and buttoned her blouse but was then ready to leave. I hugged her quickly and kissed her, telling her to wait and that I would meet her inside the pub in five minutes time.

She joined me and the, by now even noisier mob at the bar after a few minutes and we chatted as if nothing had happened. When she left, she gave me a friendly hug and whispered in my ear,

“With what you have to offer, big boy, I don’t think you will go short again.” Then, giving the front of my jeans a gentle rub, she smiled and left.


The next time I visited the Crown it was a Tuesday and it was virtually deserted. My favourite barmaid had just served the only other customer, an elderly widower who then disappeared into a corner of the bar with his paper. She gave me a smile as she pulled, then served my pint. I handed her a note in payment and held out my hand for the change. Her fingertips stroked my palm as she placed the coins in it and I pondered the reason for her warming attitude towards me.

“I hear it was very busy in here on Friday night,” she said as I took the first sip of my drink.

“Yes. Couldn’t swing a cat.”

“So Kim said. She said she had a particularly good time.”

I knew that Kim and Polly were friends and when I received another knowing smile I wondered whether anything had been said.

“Did she?” I asked, feigning nonchalance.

“Yes, she did,” came the poignant response.

So Kim had said something. Dam the woman.

“How about you – was the evening worth the walk?”

“The beer here is always worth the walk, you know that Polly.”

“And the service?”

“Good, but not as good as tonight.” I countered, trying to deflect the direction of the conversation. I took another mouthful of beer and swallowed.

“You really know how to flatter a girl.”

She was flirting overtly with me now and continued,

“And it’s not only flattery that you know how to give a girl, I hear.” She turned perkily and pretended to busy herself behind the bar. Her last comment confirmed my suspicions but I decided to pretend to ignore it.

She was making a great deal of wiping down the rear of the bar, busying herself and casting the occasional glance through long eyelashes in my direction. I watched her. I watched her slim body stretch and her thin cotton top part company with the waistband of her short denim skirt. I watched as she revealed a smooth, light brown midriff that promised so much more. Turning towards me, she leaned over to reach an empty glass, which she could have easily collected by taking a pace forward, knowing that her action would afford me a view of her cleavage. I struggled not to stare.

She was seducing me and I just watched and enjoyed it.

Overt sexuality always turned me off but this was a subtle and careful display that aroused me more with each minute I watched.

The pensioner finished his drink, rose from his corner chair and brought his glass back to the bar before saying ‘Goodnight’ to no one in particular and leaving.

Polly followed him to the door and bolted it after he left. She returned to the bar, poured herself a drink and carried it around to my side, sitting on the stool beside mine.

I sipped my half-finished beer, venturing, “You intend keeping me prisoner, do you?” nodding towards the bolted door.

Laughing, she answered, ” Do I need handcuffs?”

“Now that would be interesting.” I was not entirely clear where our conversation was going. I was sure I wanted her and, from her actions, it seemed she wanted me – but how to break through the patter.

“Care for a game of Pool?” she asked out of the blue, pointing towards the table – a brightly lit oasis in an, otherwise, dim room.

“Sure,” I replied, sliding off my stool and following her to the arena.

She placed money in the machine and set up the balls on the table.

Turning to face me, she produced another coin to toss for break.

“Heads,” I said as she caught the coin and covered it.

“Heads it is,” she answered after lifting her other hand to view the result.

“Do you want to break?”

“You break,” I said gallantly and added innocently, “What are we playing for?”

“My honour, of course,” she replied giving me another wicked smile and a jab in the ribs with her cue.

From the start it was clear that she was playing with me in every sense of the word. Long pots required her to stretch down the table, letting her short skirt rise up to the top of her bare brown thighs exposing a scanty pair of white silk panties. I rubbed my developing bulge to give me a measure of relief but nothing other than an ice cold shower, a sloppy blow job or a fast furious fuck would deliver the relief I really needed.

She played Pool better than I had expected but she still need to pot a colour when I downed the black.

“Your honour is mine, then,” I said with a confident flourish as I potted the last ball.

Walking around the table, she scooped the remaining ball into a pocket and leaned against it, arms folded in front of her.

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