Game Playing Pt. 03

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Amy reached between their bodies and grasped his cock hard. Thick and throbbing, she placed it against her pussy lips and rubbed. The head met her clit and she jumped at the touch. Their eyes met, Amy obviously enjoying her controlling role. For his part, Eric was happy to accept any role, as long as the game didn’t end before climax.

His hands moved to her ass and pulled her into him. She silently agreed to the pleading in his eyes and lifted herself up so she could place the head between her wet lips. Using her strong thighs to hover just perfectly over him, she slowly sat down on his hard cock. They both held their breath as he entered her slowly but fully. All game playing was over, even for Amy, as they gave into their mutual passion. His cock filled her, slowly stretching as he watched her facial expressions.

For her part, Amy was completely filled and turned on by him. He wasn’t as long as some lovers but his thick cock pressed the inner walls of her sex perfectly. She could feel him throbbing and hot deep inside of her.

“Can you feel that? You’re so deep and hot inside of me. OMG!” She cried out.

In response he dug his fingers into her ass cheeks and buried his face in her breasts. Licking, sucking and kissing while his hands hung on for dear life was the best he could do. Speaking wasn’t an option for him at that moment.

Amy used her runner’s legs to move her body up and down on his cock. Eric had never had such an athletic lover and was thrilled with her ability to fuck him so fully and for so long. In fact, both of them lost all sense of time and later would be stunned that they fucked for almost an hour in the same position. Her legs just kept pumping her body up and down as Eric held her ass and moved her effortlessly.

At the moment of climax, Amy moaned against Eric’s shoulder, biting bahçelievler escort him mindlessly. Eric came soon after with his face buried between her lovely tits, his fingers digging into her ass flesh. His cock pumped into her body, hot and throbbing as he came. She clenched her pussy lips together to keep him inside of her as long as possible.

Amy collapsed against him, finding his lips against hers. They kissed sweetly as their breathing returned to normal and their heartbeats slowed. Eric’s cock eventually slid out of Amy, coming to rest against her leg. With shaky legs she stood and moved back but stumbled a bit and Eric quickly caught her by the waist. He stood and leaned over to steady her and kiss her.

After drinking some water, they moved to lay on the bed. Eric wrapped his arms around her and held her close to him, her cheek on his chest. Amy was more used to saying goodbye after climax but Eric obviously wanted to stay so Amy gave in although she was somewhat tense. Eric didn’t seem to notice her discomfort as he sensually rubbed her body and kissed her as much as she allowed.

Soon they both dozed. It had been a long and difficult day, at least in the beginning and their bodies just shut down for a while. A couple of hours later, Amy woke with a start. Sex was one thing, actually relaxing and sleeping together was another. She wiggled away from him, not caring if she woke him, and went into the bathroom.

Eric woke abruptly, feeling her push off of him. He quickly tried to grab her but she was determined to get away and somehow he knew she wouldn’t be receptive to his advances at that point. She was an odd woman, but very interesting, he thought. The sex was great but he didn’t see any point in staying if she didn’t want him anymore.

He knocked on the bahçeşehir escort bathroom door and asked, “Are you ok, Amy?”

Amy answered, “Yes. You can go now.”

Shocked at her dismissal but being a real gentleman, Eric quickly got dressed to leave. Once again he knocked on the door and said, “Well, goodbye. I’m glad we got together tonight.”

Feeling strange leaving things like that, Eric knew he had no choice and wouldn’t force himself on any woman, especially one that seemed as fragile as Amy.

Taking the steps to the 5th floor, Eric was relieved to find his grandparents still sleeping. He showered and laid down, hoping to get some sleep. His mind wandered to Amy and the game she had played with him. Absentmindedly he stroked his cock as he thought about her body and the sex. Quietly, he came in a towel thinking of her pussy welcoming his cock into her body.

Amy waited until she heard the door shut tightly. In the shower she relived the evening, not regretting the sex but apprehensive about the closeness she had allowed. To Amy, the sex was easy, relating to a sex partner was not. She showered and got ready for bed. After laying for a few minutes in the same bed she had shared with Eric, she switched over to the other one. The smell of him and of the sex was too much and she wanted to put the whole experience behind her. Finally she slept, dreaming of being smothered with affection. For her, that was a nightmare.

The next morning Amy dressed, packed and headed down for a quick cup of coffee before the shuttle left for the airport. As she entered the breakfast area, Eric’s grandpa yelled out, “Hey Amy, come and join us!”

No possible way to avoid that invitation, thought Amy, as she plastered on a smile and made her way to their table. Eric greeted her but avoided bakırköy escort eye contact. Amy was relieved. If the older couple noticed anything, they didn’t let on, but Amy was sure they didn’t know a thing.

Soon the shuttle was leaving for the airport so Amy once again helped with the elderly couple’s luggage and they all headed out to the van. Settling his grandparents into the van, Eric went to the back of the van and stood next to Amy.

Quietly he said, “Look, if I did anything to upset you last night it really was not intentional. I really enjoyed the time we spent. I just wanted you to know that.”

Amy listened and then answered, “You didn’t do anything, I’m just not good with emotional involvement. I don’t even remember the last time I actually slept with a man. Had sex with, yes, but actually sleeping with a lover, um no. I guess you could call me an emotional basket case. I’m sorry I was rude. Believe me, it isn’t you.”

For the first time that morning they actually looked at each other. Both slightly smiled and Eric reached for her hand. It was a brief tender moment though since the driver came around and started loading the bags.

Once at the airport Amy found that her route had been changed. Instead of flying with Eric and the older couple to Detroit, she would be routed through Boston and then on to Portland. Surprising even herself, she found herself disappointed at the need to say a sudden goodbye. She walked with them to their gate and hugged both grandparents goodbye. Then she stood to face Eric, holding out her hand.

He ignored her outstretched hand and wrapped his arms around her. Then he whispered in her ear, “I get to say goodbye according to my rules. Here’s my number, call me when you’re ready.” He leaned over to kiss her lips as he placed a small piece of paper into her hand.

Startled, Amy stood staring at him for a moment. Never before had a man pressed her in that way. Then she smiled at the surprised looks of his grandparents. He would have some explaining to do! Amy glanced at Eric and gave him a genuine smile before she sprinted to her gate, the phone number tightly tucked in her palm.

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