Fuck My Face

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Adult Funnies

Would she see him again this weekend? She’d seen him two nights ago and as always, she left feeling fully fucked and satisfied. But she had something she wanted to do. She’d been thinking about it all day.

She was just getting ready for bed when the phone rang. She grabbed the bag and was out the door. She wanted to do something she rarely did.

She wanted him to fuck her face. A self-proclaimed blowjob queen, the whole choking and gagging thing wasn’t really her thing. Maybe it was her weird dreams, or a full moon, or Cardi B and Meghan Thee Stallion blaring in her car, but she wanted to feel his cock slamming into her mouth, his balls hitting her chin. She wanted him to feel, and be, aggressive tonight.

Quite often, she’d thought of things she wanted to do in the bedroom but couldn’t build up the courage to ask for them. It wasn’t like that with him. She’d ask and she’d get what she came for.

When she arrived, they went through the usual catch up and chit chat, then it was off to the bedroom. They lay in bed together with their clothes still on, her fingers trailing up and down his arms, his hand running through her hair as they talked and kissed.

When his lips first touched hers, she could feel her breath catching and her back arching towards him. How did he do this to her every time? He took her bottom lip between his lips and gently sucked. His tongue parted her lips, and it was over for her. Her heart started racing and she was grabbing his body as he pulled her closer to him.

Wait. No. She had a plan.

She pulled back.

“Can you grab me a water? I might need to stay hydrated tonight.”

“Of course, babe. I’ll be right back.”

As soon as he left, she jumped up and pulled off all her clothes. She folded a t-shirt topkapı escort and put it on the ground by the side of his bed. When he came back, she was sitting cross-legged in the floor with her back against the bed.

“What are we doing here?” he asks.

“Just take your shorts off and come here,” she says.

She reached out to him and began to pull his shorts down. She knew that what she was doing so far was enough for him to be hard and ready to take her and she hadn’t even touched him. His cock sprang out of the shorts, hard and ready.

She pulled him to her and began to run her tongue around the tip of his cock. He was used to this. He knew how much she loved having his cock in her mouth. Now to try something different. She lay her head back on the bed and looked up at him.

“I want you to take my mouth. Do whatever you want to me.”

“You mean like choke and gag you? Rough?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.”

She grabbed his calves and pulled him to her, taking his cock in her mouth all the way to the base. Her hand cupped his balls and started to massage each through her fingers before pulling him more aggressively toward her by the balls.

He got it now. He put his hand in her hair and forced his cock deeper into her mouth. He held it there. She was so full of him. She couldn’t breathe or swallow or move. She could only take his cock in her mouth. He began to thrust in and out of her mouth. Over and over. She could barely take it, but she was hot with the power of it.

He was moaning and fucking her mouth with his beautiful cock and she did not want him to stop. When she needed a break, she took his balls in her mouth and buried her face in him. Her tongue swirled around his balls tuzla escort and she moved her face back and forth against him, hard, mouth fucking his balls, licking them with her tongue.

She knew she could make him cum like this, but not yet. She moved her mouth back to his cock. It felt so good. His cock was so hard but the skin on his cock and balls so soft, just begging her lips to be there. He was moaning and thrusting hard and then pulled back. He looked at her and she could see that he was as turned on as she was.

“Get on the bed,” he croaked, his voice harsh with passion.

Oh, yeah. She knew what he wanted now. She got on the bed, laying on her stomach, resting her head on her hands and arching her back as she offered him her soft, round behind.

She wiggled it back and forth, knowing just what that did to him.

“Those hips,” he whispered He got on the bed and spread her lips open. He always liked to look at her first. She enjoyed that.

“Your pussy is so beautiful,” he moaned as he slid inside of her.

There was a slight resistance and then she was full of him. She moaned and sighed with pleasure at the familiar feel of his cock inside of her. She began to move back against him, moving her hips in circles as he moved in and out of her. She wanted to cum. She felt it and stopped it. Not yet.

She thrust her hips hard against him and he followed suit. He moved faster and harder inside of her. He leaned down and wrapped his arms around her neck as they fell flat on the bed. She couldn’t breathe. She didn’t need to breathe. Fuck him harder. Her hips worked on him as he pushed her legs together making it even tighter.

“Don’t stop,” she begged.

She couldn’t wait. She couldn’t stop it. It pendik escort felt too good. She came hard, clinching and pulsing around his cock. He buried himself in her; he knows she likes to come around him. They lay thew, catching their breath and he moved onto the bed beside her.

He hadn’t cum yet and that fabulous cock was still rock hard. Before he could say a word, her lips were around him again.

“Thank you, baby,” he whispered.

She massaged his balls as her lips and tongue stroked his cock. She loved this part. She put her hand around the base of his cock and started moving her hand up as her mouth moved down. She could feel the veins in his cock. It made her so hot. She moved her mouth from his cock to his balls. He loved having his balls spoiled and she loved doing it. Loved the sounds he made when she’s did it. Just raw. Animal. Good.

“Baby, I could cum to this,” he said.

She looked up at him with the tip of his cock on her lips and said, “Do it.”

She stroked him harder, her grip on his cock tightening, as her mouth moved around him. She could feel the bulge in the vein on his cock and knew her mouth was about to be filled with him. She didn’t ask him to stop and he knew not to. She loved to taste him. She was anxious for it.

“Mmmmmm,” she hummed against his cock. And then she felt her mouth flood with his hot load. Even his cum was good. It tasted good, just a little sweet and salty. And it was just the right texture, too, nice to swallow. She sucked him completely dry, swallowing every last drop.

She looked at him and smiled, wiping the corner of her lips with her thumb and putting her thumb in her mouth. There was nothing there, but it was a hot move, right?

He pulled her to him and kissed her, biting her lips and tasting her/him with his tongue. He wrapped her body up in his, her head buried in his chest.

She waited for it and there it was, a gentle snore. She knew that would happen. They earned that.

She lay in his arms and drifted off to sleep thinking, “I got what I came for.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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