First Time with Co-Worker

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You meet me at my work, we go to one of the offices, and I close the door, immediately we begin passionately kissing and groping and kissing each other. I begin kissing your neck, placing small kissed on the side of your neck. I suck on your earlobe, and then continue to kiss your neck; I slowly kiss my way to the front of your neck. I unbutton the first button on your shirt, kissing your newly exposed skin, as I unbutton each button I place a small kiss on your skin that was previously concealed by the button, I continue until all the buttons have been opened. I work my way kissing back up your tummy and chest as I remove your shirt. I return to your mouth passionately kissing you. You begin to remove my shirt in the same manner that I removed yours. As we return to kissing, I remove your bra, exposing your breasts to the chilly air. I then kiss my way down your chest between your breasts. I then begin to circle the left breast wit kisses, I continue to kiss your breast in a circular motion getting closer and closer to your nipple, just when you expect me to kiss your nipple I kiss you between your breasts again. I then kiss the right breast in the same manner as the left, again stopping before I get to your nipple. I reach up with both hands and gently massage your breasts as I return to kissing your neck and mouth.

You reach down and undo my pants, sliding my pants to the floor. You then reach into my underwear to hold my hard cock in your hand for the first time. You push my underwear to the floor, I step out of my clothes, as you continue to explore my smooth, hard, cock with your hands. MMM it feels so nice, I kiss your neck, and work my way down your chest, between your beasts, kissing down your tummy to your pants line. I glide my tongue across your belly along the top f your pants, I un button şirinevler escort and un zip your pants, kissing the newly exposed area as I lower your pants I glide my tongue alone the top of your panties. I then kiss my way down your thighs as I lower your pants. I have you sit on the edge of the couch, as I remove your pants. I kiss my way back up your thighs. I outline the legs of your panties with my tongue, and then I place a big kiss on your pussy through your panties. I slide your panties down your legs removing them. Kissing my way back up your legs, spreading them wide, I reach you very wet pussy, I then outline your lips with my tongue, being careful not you actually touch them.

I kiss my way back up your belly between your breasts; I kiss around your left breast as before again stopping before I touch your nipple, I circle your nipple with my tongue, just when you think I’m going to suck it, I move to the right breast and do the same, as I lick around your nipple you think this is defiantly it, I need him to suck my nipple I pull back then suddenly I take as much of the left breast as I can into my mouth, flicking my tongue over your nipple, gently sucking I slowly begin to slide my mouth off your breast until just the nipple in my mouth, still flicking and circling it with my tongue. I then gently bite down on your very hard nipple as I pull my mouth off of it; I then do the same to the right breast as I massage the left one with my hand, gently squeezing the nipple in my fingers. I continue to massage and suck on your breasts until you cum, you must be quiet these walls are like paper. I then kiss my way down your tummy again I can smell your sweet fragrance, you are so wet. I again outline your lips with my tongue, then starting at the bottom I lick şişli escort up your slit, sticking my tongue between your lips, until I reach your clit, I flick it with my tongue and suck it into my mouth. I then begin to lick your very wet pussy, licking up all your sweet juices, I love the taste. I lick all over licking your clit, sucking your lips into my mouth, sticking my tongue into your hole as much as I can, lapping up your juice. Since you’re on the edge of the couch and your legs are spread wide I have full access to you. I suck your clit into my mouth again; sticking my tongue as far between your lips as I can I slide my tongue down your sweet pussy, until I reach that sexy ass. I spend some time licking your sweet ass and then work my way back to your clit. I continue this assault on your pussy and ass until you cum yet again.

I sit back and allow your legs to close so you can relax a little; I am so hard I really need to cum. I straddle your legs kneeling on the edge of the couch so that you can have access to my hard cock again. You begin playing with my cock and balls stroking and massaging, you take my cock in your mouth, sucking my deep into you mouth. I’m getting closer and closer, you begin suck me harder and harder, faster and faster, you slip your index finger into my ass. You take me out of you mouth and stroke my cock, I explode, spraying your belly and chest with my cum. Exhausted I lean forward, pressing my body against yours and again kiss your lips. We lay there caressing each other kissing, reflecting on the awesome time we had. After a few minutes, as you are holding my now soft cock, you notice it is starting to harden again, you slowly stroke it, feeling it get harder and harder as you do.

I have you stand up, I turn you around, hugging taksim escort you from behind, kissing the back of your neck, and you feel my hard cock pressing into your ass. As I continue to kiss your neck and the top of you back I walk you to the end of the couch. I massage your shoulders, and back as you slowly bend forward, leaning over the arm of the couch. My hard cock presses even farther between your ass cheeks. Then you feel me pull away. Suddenly you feel my tongue licking your pussy from behind, I lick my way up your ass, then you feel the head of my cock pressing against you soaking wet pussy, I press a little harder slowly sliding just the head into you, slowly inch by inch I begin to slide my entire cock into your soft pussy. I then slowly pull it out again, repeating my slow entry, I then begin thrusting into you slowly and deeply at first, getting faster and faster as I go. As I am thrusting you at a steady pace I reach under you and massage your breasts, still moist with my cum. tweaking your nipples.

I’m so close to Cumming but I am not ready yet so I pull out of you, I pull you up into a standing position as I again kiss your neck, you turn your head as far back as you can and we kiss passionately, All the while you can feel my hard, very wet, cock between your cheeks, stroking your ass. When I have calmed down a little I bend you back over and in one sudden thrust slide my cock deep into your pussy again. I then begin hard, deep thrusts. I reach up and grab a handful of your hair; I use your hair to pull you toward me as I thrust deeply into you. I can’t keep this pace up too long, you reach between your leg and start rubbing your pussy and clit and I continue thrusting into you, I feel your fingers on my cock as you rub yourself and I thrust into you. I slide my cock from your wet pussy, and slowly slide it into you tight ass. I fuck your ass faster and deeper. Finally I can’t take it any more, it is too good, I press hard into you and full your tight ass with my hot cum, feeling my cum and your hand rubbing your clit sends you into an incredible orgasm that seems to last forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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