First Blow

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I had never had a blow job till I was twenty although I had been masturbating for a long time before that. Every time I saw a photograph of a woman giving head my imagination ran wild and I masturbated endless number of times till my cock ached and there was nothing to spurt out. At other times I imagined every woman I saw going down on me to give me a glorious orgasm. While I was languishing in such thoughts luck suddenly turned my way in the most unexpected manner

She was a teacher ,at least five years older than me and came to live next door all by herself. She quickly became my mother’s good friend and they spent hours talking to each other. She was slim and had small tits that was almost flat over her blouse. She was very charming and I quickly grabbed her image into my fantasies. Lets call her Fanny

My dreams turned real when one day my mother asked me return a book she had borrowed from Fanny. I decided to do it late in the night just before bed time. I wanted an excuse to knock at Fanny’s door at that hour and if possible get a glimpse of her in her night gown. I waited that night for her to switch her lights off and then made my move. Walking silently down the stairs and taking care not to disturb my parents in their bedroom, I quickly jumped over the fence and knocked at her door.
“Who is it”, she çatalca escort asked without opening the door.
“Sorry madam to disturb you, my mummy asked me to return this book but I forgot,” I said penitently.
“Oh, I see,” she said and switching on the hall lights opened the door. I saw her in her see through night gown – the sight I was waiting to see- and she was stunning.
I had already had a kind of partial erection when I was knocking the door, just anticipating the sight of her but when I saw her in person the erection became full .

She saw the erection immediately. “Come in she said softly and I entered. She switched the light off and the room was plunged in darkness. Blood began to pulse in my ears as my expectations soared. I was in a daze as I felt warm hands lead me to the nearest sofa . I sat on it like a zombie while she unzipped me and my pants went down. She fumbled with the elastic and down went my underpants pushing down my hard dick. I don’t think I have ever had a harder dick before. I spread my thighs wide and pushed my hips forward as she knelt down before me. I could see her shadow from the trickling lights from the street. I felt her clasp my shaft and tried to push the skin down not knowing that I was circumcised. Holding the root of my cock tightly between one of esenyurt escort her thumbs and forefinger she placed her warm and wet lips over the head and sucked the tip hard. The sensation was electric and I went tense all over my body as the pleasure hit me on the central nerve making me sit erect and widen my already outstretched legs. I continued to be in a daze while she worked on the tip . I felt I was going to burst and as I began to loosen up a bit trying to take the sensations in my stride she began to suck my cock in moving slowly towards the root of my cock. I shivered as she finally hit bottom.

I have an average sized cock so there was no problem about deep throating me. Her lips tightly clasped the root of my throbbing cock and sent my head spinning .I bent backwards unable to hold myself. She threw her hand around my buttock and pushed her mouth hard into my crotch my cock throbbing deep inside her throat and I heaved breathing deep and going stiff all over my body unable to relax. After almost crushing my lower body for some time she relaxed and began to draw out. The pleasure was excruciating as her lips traversed the shaft and crossed the head and lingered on to the tip once more. I shook as she pulled out gently.

I began to relax as the pleasure subsided but I wanted more etiler escort and I pushed my hips forwards. She waited just long enough for me to become desperate and then went for the second round. I knew I was not going to last this time. My cum had already welled up in my scrotum and I knew I just needed the trigger to come shooting.

She was slowly moving down towards the root to the old place where she had been pushing her mouth. It happened when she was crossing the head. I could control myself no longer and exploded deep inside me . I shook once all over and began to ejaculate. She sensed my cumming and thrust her mouth down to the root and held it tight almost to block my cum but not entirely. I knew my cum was shooting directly into her throat. (I had read some where that many women prefer this to taking it into their mouth to avoid tasting semen).

She held me tight while I discharged my load in short spurts till there was no more to spurt. I felt my tenseness loosen and began to relax and felt her lips still holding the shaft tight I shook once as a last gesture to convey that the act was over for me. she got the message drew her tightly held lips over the entire length of the shaft to milk the last drop out of the tubes. I was shaken over with the earth shattering orgasm the like of which I had never had before and leaned back to take a short respite while she rose up to go to the toilet.

I later walked out of the dark room and tip toed back to me room with memories that would last a life time.

Note. This is a true story and my adventure with this woman continued a for several nights afterwards.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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