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Juno was a young woman of 24 who worked in a customer-service center. She was a very pretty, petite girl with an old-fashioned hourglass figure. She had long brown hair to her lower back, beautifully shaped C cup breasts, and a small curvy waist. Her job was uninteresting, except for one thing- Lee, her co-worker. He’d started working in her office several months before, and they’d quickly become friends, even going out after work sometimes to have drinks. Although she found him very attractive, he was technically her subordinate, and younger, too. She felt that it would be unprofessional to approach him, although he’d often flirted with her in small ways that led her to wonder if he was interested in something more than an office friendship.

It was hardly possible not to think about Lee at work. He was 21 years old and about five foot ten. He had an extremely well-built body that was strong and well-muscled though lean. He had short blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, with small lines at the corners. Juno thought this feature was particularly sexy, especially in a younger man, as he had a way of smirking sarcastically so that the lines at his eyes showed more clearly, and perfectly complimented his well-shaped lips as he smiled.

Lee’s looks alone were enough to warrant frequent daydreams and pre-occupying fantasies, but his attitude made it even better. Juno loved men with a sense of humor, who would argue with her and could keep up with her quick wit. One of the things she loved about Lee was the fact that he never shied away from an opportunity to make some sort of comment or joke and even tease her about being so short. She could tell that even though he was picking on her, he liked the way she looked, and never meant any real insult with his kidding.

On a Friday afternoon, when work was done and the week was over, they decided to go out to a local bar that they visited from time to time. Juno was looking forward to relaxing and having a drink, and getting the work-day off her mind. Spending time with Lee away from work was always ten times more pleasurable than during it. She knew that they could joke and talk more openly about things that were inappropriate in the work-place. In no time, they were having cocktails (The usual bloody mary for him, amaretto sour for her) and laughing together.

It was like any other night after work, but slowly something began to become apparent to her. Maybe it was the way he stopped talking once or twice and seemed to get lost staring at her face for a few moments. Perhaps it was the way that he seemed to take more care to touch her when they were talking; a hand on the shoulder, a quick graze of his body against her when he walked by her to get another drink, and even once a brushing of her hair out of her eyes, his fingers barely skimming across the skin of her face. She became distracted from the conversation, wondering… wishing he’d touch her again.

Over the course of the evening, they both ordered more drinks, and soon were a little more drunk than they usually allowed themselves to become. Juno was exited by the attention he was giving her, but still wondered if she wasn’t only making it all up in her head. She decided not to do anything unless she got a more clear sign. Instead she tried to focus on the conversation and getting back to having a fun, relaxing evening.

As the evening wore on, the conversation became more animated, more heated. They began to tease one another as they frequently did, arguing and debating over trivial things. He said she never wanted to go out and have fun anymore- hadn’t it been almost a month since the last time they had drinks?! She quickly shot back that she worked hard and didn’t have time to always be goofing around with him- he was such a child sometimes! With that remark, she gave him a gentle shove with her fingertips against his chest. He stood up, and so did she. taksim elit escort He took one step towards her, an almost menacing look on his face. “I couldn’t have really made him angry,” she thought to herself. But he stepped even closer, his body actually touching hers, a sly grin slowly creeping across his face. She was not ready to concede defeat in this argument, silly and pointless though it may be. She reached up to shove him away from her again, and this time he grabbed both of her wrists with his strong hands and held them there against his chest.

She wasn’t sure what to make of this, and her first instinct was to indignantly struggle to free her hands. Although he stood steadfast and held onto her wrists, he didn’t speak. Possibly he hadn’t thought of what to do next, but the moment of indecision didn’t last long. Juno was caught between being turned on and very annoyed at his nerve- grabbing her like that. She struggled against him, but was starting to become more intrigued by his behavior and less and less angered by it.

As she jerked her arms again to try and loosen his grip, he pulled them away to her sides. Never letting go of her delicate wrists, he roughly pinned her hands against the wall behind her. He stepped forward again, this time pinning her entire body to the wall. Before she could react, he leaned down and kissed her on the mouth, hungrily. She was overwhelmed with desire as he slid his tongue between her lips, still holding her forcefully against the wall- his captive for the moment. She had no urge left in her to get away or struggle. Although she knew that others in the bar were staring at them, she didn’t care. She sucked on his sumptuous lips and delighted in the feel of his strong, masculine form pressed against her. She could feel him already growing hard through his jeans, rubbing against the front of her as they continued to kiss, deep and hard.

It was after a few all-too-short moments of this that he leaned over to whisper in her ear, “I can’t stand being near you anymore, and not being able to touch you. I can’t think of anything but you, I’m haunted by you all the time… I have never wanted anything in my life as much as I want you right now.”

She felt her heart beating a mile a minute as he confessed his desires to her. There was no more wondering, no more imagining, she knew there was no thinking about it now- there was only one thing to do. She looked straight into his eyes and said, “Get me out of here… now!”

They quickly paid their tab and left the bar, climbing into his truck and heading to his place. On the way, it was all she could do not to cause him to run off the road. She kissed his neck as he drove. He reached over and fondled her breasts and her upper thighs. The fabric of the skirt she’d worn that day was very light and he easily brushed it up so that he could slide his hand up her leg and gently tease the sensitive skin of her upper thigh with his fingers. She felt goose bumps prickling up all over her at his touch. She could hardly stand the longing she felt for him as he struggled to keep his attention on the road with all the distraction.

It would be at least ten more minutes until they got to his apartment, and she felt herself becoming more aroused by the minute- she realized she wouldn’t be able to make it there without at least a little fun before-hand. She reached over and began to unzip the front of his jeans. He startled at first, but she told him to relax and watch the road… she wanted to find out what she was in for. He smiled and slouched a little in the driver’s seat as she undid his pants hurriedly.

As she reached in and put her hand around his cock, she could tell that he needed no coaxing. It as already hard and throbbing for her as she pulled it out towards her. He let out a deep moan as she slowly began to lick the head of his gorgeous taksim escort cock in slow, deliberate circles. His breathing became faster as she started to trace the veins of his shaft, up and down with her tongue. Just as he was becoming accustomed to the sensation she took the entire length of his cock into her mouth, sucking on it hard as she stroked the underside of it with her tongue. “Oh, god, yes!” he moaned as she began to suck faster and harder with each stroke.

“Fuck, baby… oh, yea!” He cried as she continued to pleasure him with her skilled mouth. Suddenly, the truck came to a stop and she realized that they were at his apartment.. the drive had flown by while she was so delightfully occupied with giving him these oral pleasures. They got out of the truck and fairly flew up the walk and into the front entrance of his apartment.

No sooner had they made it inside than they fell to kissing and groping each other wildly- they undressed one another quickly, not even making it to the bedroom before they were both naked, already sweating and flushed from their excitement. As they neared the bed, she heard him half-whisper, “finally…” as he began to kiss her breasts, sucking each nipple roughly and taking time to nibble and pull at them with his teeth.

Juno loved the way he was man-handling her. She’d always dated men who were more reserved and gentle in bed. Lee was following his most primal impulses and she was positively undone by the way he seemed unable to keep from ravishing her. She felt him kneel to the floor, and he worked his way down from her breasts to her navel, kissing and nibbling, until he came to her smooth, shaved pussy. She could feel herself becoming wetter and wetter as he started to lick her clit, pressing it hard with his mouth, and even sucking on it- at first gently, and then harder and faster. She gasped as he used his mouth to stimulate her clit, and then reached up to caress her slit with his fingers. As he continued sucking and licking her, he slid in a finger, and then two, and began moving them in and out of her. She felt the start of an orgasm welling up deep inside her. She threw her head back and moaned loudly, spurring him to suck harder on her clit, still fucking her with his fingers. His cock was absolutely screaming to be in her, but he refused to stop until he’d made her cum for him first.

She moaned, “oh, Lee…. yes, oh, god yes…” Her face flushed, her body burned as the orgasm hit her. She cried out and twined her fingers in his hair as the wave of sensation washed over her. He felt the muscles inside her pussy tighten and spasm against his fingers as she came. For a moment she could do nothing but stand, breathless and tingling as the last waves of her orgasmic explosion ran through her body. She felt as though her knees would buckle underneath her, and just as the thought occurred to her, Lee stood and wrapped his arms around her again.

He kissed her roughly and she could taste herself on his lips and on his tongue. She smiled as he kissed her, still replaying the amazing last few minutes in her mind. But he wouldn’t let her be still for long. He started to kiss her neck, biting the delicate flesh and fondling her sumptuous breasts, one after the other, with his left hand. She purred with pleasure as he rolled her nipples between his fingers and sucked on her neck. The experience was almost painful, but in way that was inexplicably pleasing. She found that the pain actually heightened the sensation of pleasure she was feeling… Lee seemed to understand the effect it was having on her- he was spurred on by the heat of her body, the soft moans she gave, the way she was pressing her body against him as he kissed and nibbled her neck.

He slid his left hand around her waist and pulled her close, his rigid cock pressed against her navel, as he slipped his other hand up taksim eve gelen escort the back of her neck, and grabbed the roots of her hair. He pulled her head back, and kissed her again as he pulled her even tighter against him. She was dying to have him inside of her- wanting to feel him fill every inch of her pussy.

He seemed to know exactly what she was thinking. Without a word, he scooped her up and walked the last few feet to his waiting bed, and laid her down on her back, walking to the edge of the bed just in front of her. He let out a whispered moan as he leaned over her. He first rubbed his cock against her clit, slowly working up and down, then faster… The anticipation was unbearable, and Juno nearly whimpered at being teased that way. Then, suddenly, he forcefully slammed the entire length of it into her tight, hot pussy, impaling her and sending her into a frenzy of passion.

His cock was impressively sized, and although she was already very wet from his attentions, it was still more than she was ready for. She gasped as he entered her so quickly, but she still yearned for more. He groaned as he pulled out, and then thrust into her again, just as hard as before. Lee was every bit as eager to have her as she was to be had… he thrust against her hips, driving his cock deeper and deeper into her. The pain and pleasure mixed in her, she felt herself lifting her hips to meet him, struggling to feel every bit of him inside. “Oh, yes, oh…. yea, fuck me hard!” He hardly needed the encouragement, but continued to pound her body mercilessly. She was nearing another climax as he very suddenly stopped and pulled all the way out of her.

She let out a disappointed whine as she felt his cock slide out, but she wasn’t to be disappointed for long. He stood, and motioned for her to stand in front of him. She did, and he quickly spun her around by the shoulders. Just as she was about to ask him what he was doing, he began to kiss her neck again. She was still reeling from the sensation of him in her, when he grabbed her hair and bent her over the bed. Before she could think, he slid his hands down her waist and took hold of her hips.

As Juno leaned over, she could feel the tip of his cock rubbing the entrance to her pussy again. She was overwhelmed with the need to have him in her. “Oh, yes… pleeeeease. Please put it in! Fuck me!” He smiled as he pushed his cock into her again, this time from behind. Her posture, bent over the bed, caused her opening to feel even more tight and amazing than before. He couldn’t hold back his groans of pleasure as he rammed his cock into her. If he’d had any restraint before, it was gone. She cried out as he continued to fuck her, pulling on her hips to bring her closer with each thrust, to drive deeper and deeper into her.

He took one hand off her hips and reached around in front of her to play with her clit. He stroked it to the rhythm of his deep hard thrusts. Harder, harder he fucked her, and still he rubbed her throbbing clit with his fingers. She cried louder as she started to cum again.. “Oh, OOOOhhh I’m cumming! Uuuhh, I want you to come with me… cum inside me!” Her words were enough to push him over the edge, and as he slammed against her harder and faster, he could feel himself ready to explode. He groaned loudly as he began to cum, shooting his hot load into her, filling her, spilling out onto her legs. It seemed to last forever, as he continued pumping against her, feeling the last of his cum spurting into her pussy, feeling it spasm around his cock, squeezing the last drops from it as the orgasm faded away.

They collapsed on the bed, too exhausted to do anything for awhile but touch each other lightly and try to catch their breath. Juno had never felt so satisfied, so utterly spent. She knew that this would change everything. She didn’t know if their friendship was ruined, or if they’d simply found a way to make it even better. Either way, she was too tired and contented to care right at the moment. As she drifted off to sleep she felt him put an arm around her and whisper something in her ear that sounded like, “Stay with me tonight,” but before she could even begin to ponder it, she was fast asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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