Fiery Redhead

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Double Penetration

Danny was out with his good buddy, John, and John’s girlfriend Angie. After having a few drinks at their place, they went out to the bar. Angie was a woman of average looks. She was about 5’3, 130 pounds, blue eyes and a light complexion. He had known her for several years but had only begun to be attracted to her for the past few months. Why was this? He had always loved her gorgeous, long, curly red hair, that’s nothing new so that can’t be it. She had always been a very sexual person, in the way she talks, what she says, how she walks, her body language. That, too, was nothing new. She had a great ass. Curving outward perfectly in just the right spot, and she walked like she knew it.

Danny thought he could pinpoint it to the time they went out a few months back and she wore white pants. Not a big deal when you think about it, but consider the fact that she had on a skimpy black thong underneath it, for all to see in the right lighting. Yes, that was it. That was the exact moment where Angie was added to that ever growing filing cabinet in his mind that he frequently consulted when he jerked off.

Danny was 6’1, 200 pounds, short blonde hair, blue eyes, and very attractive. He was attractive to her, though she was loyal to John and had yet to cheat on him in 5 years.

At the bar, she was again wearing those white pants and was driving Danny up the wall because it didn’t take him long to notice her skimpy panties underneath. To top it off, she wore a black blouse that had one too many buttons undone. She didn’t have huge cleavage, but enough to add fuel to the fire. Angie didn’t just have a sexual personality, she was a very horny girl, and she noticed on at least 3 occasions throughout the night that Danny was hard. She was almost positive it was because of her. This got her pussy just a little wetter than it was all night. She was gonna fuck John hard when they got home!!

They headed back to John and Angie’s place, Danny making sure Angie took the lead so he could have the cheap thrill of watching her sexy ass walk in front of him. They had two more drinks when they got home, and all three of them were just hammered. She finally got John to bed, cunt tingling like crazy. Danny lay on the couch in the livingroom, watching TV and getting ready to jerk off about the ass that he craved more and more.

Just as he was about to pull out his cock, Angie came out of the bedroom, slamming the door, clearly pissed off, and very frustrated. She had a fiery temper to match her hair.

“Asshole!” she said, sitting beside him. “Asshole!” she yelled, looking towards the bedroom. Normally, he’d be afraid to ask, but he was drunk and less inhibitions.

“What’s the matter?” he queried. She looked at him, fire in her eyes.

“That asshole won’t wake up to put his dick in me!” she said, still almost shouting. He’d seen her in action before, and so was not caught off guard TOO much by her bluntness. He had heard a couple of their fights where she yelled at him for not putting “your dick in me”. Apparently, she liked that term!

“What a waste!” he said, jokingly, “I’m such a horny guy, and you’re such a horny girl, and our significant others don’t put out enough!”

“I know!” she agreed, relaxing a little, and getting even more aroused as new alternatives began to creep into her mind.

“Well,” he said jokingly, “anytime you want a pinch hitter, I’ll sacrifice myself and step in!” He caught Angie quickly glancing at his crotch, and realized he was hard. The brief glimpse of his bulge not only told Angie that Danny was not completely joking, but also sent bolts of pleasure from her crotch throughout her body. Her heart sped up, and in her drunken condition she had next to no inhibitions. ‘Why not?’ she thought, ‘just a kiss, and a cheap feel. The asshole deserves it!’

While Angie was wrestling with her thoughts, there was no battle going on in Danny’s mind! ‘God I’d love to throw it in her!’ he thought, over and over.

They looked into each other’s eyes, and Angie swallowed, gathering courage. Then she just went for it. She put her hand on his cheek and quickly brought her face close to his, kissing him square on the mouth. She let her lips linger on his, and gently pulled his lip outward as she withdrew. She was very close to him, and they looked at each other briefly, before he kissed her, hard. She opened her mouth and he snuck his tongue inside. Angie sent her tongue into his mouth and they kissed passionately. His hands slid up her back and into her long, beautiful hair as their tongues explored each other’s mouths. Her arms were around his neck, holding him close to her as they sat there on the couch. Their lips were smacking loudly and they were breathing very heavily into each other’s mouths, but John could never hear them in the condition that he was in.

Danny so badly wanted to touch Angie in other places, he was dying to! But this was his buddy’s girlfriend! She ran her hand down his chest slowly, until şişhane escort it reached the bulge in his jeans. She began to gently rub him over his jeans and he sighed in her mouth. That decided it! His own hand slid around to the front of her sexy body until it found her soft breast. He squeezed it gently.

“Mmmm…” she moaned, pleasure touching every inch of her body. She was so turned on now, her pussy was aching to be touched, to be filled. Her nimble fingers undid the button of his jeans, and pulled down his zipper as her tongue touched the back of his mouth. He was very excited, very hard as he felt her hand slip into his underwear. He slid his hands down her body until it ended up between her legs.

Her small hand found his rock hard penis and her fingers gripped it eagerly. She stroked him slowly, still kissing him as he rubbed her crotch over her white pants. Danny could feel tremendous heat emenating from her pussy through the material. He knew how badly she needed a cock in there.

Angie pulled his dick out of his underwear, stroking it a little more aggressively as he broke the kiss. He moaned softly, kissing over her cheek and neck, kissing her earlobe as his fingers undid her button and fly. His lips found hers again, sliding his tongue into his friend’s girlfriend’s mouth as his hand dove into her panties. He could feel the curls of her pubic hair run through his fingers as he searched for her treasure. Hot, silky wetness told him he found it.

“Ohhhhhh…” she moaned, breaking the kiss briefly before kissing him again harder than before. Her hand squeezed his pole when she felt his fingers touch her horny slit. He began to slowly, lightly, run a finger up and down her gash, sucking hard on her tongue. She needed to be fucked so badly that she forgot that her boyfriend was passed out in the next room! Danny dipped a finger into Angie’s treasure, and her warm pussy gripped it tightly as he slid it in to the second knuckle. Her small, white hand was stroking him quickly now, and he was humping upwards slightly, unable to control himself. Angie was nearly hyperventilating, she was gasping so hard as he slid his finger in and out of her tight wetness. She broke the kiss, looking at him sensually.

“Do you want me to suck your cock?” she asked in that sexy voice she liked to use. He tried to answer but could only nod, unable to find his voice as her hand continued to stroke him. He slid his hand out of her panties, and watched her as the redhead bent over towards his lap, holding his rod straight up in the air. He felt her tongue quickly, eagerly, lick from the bottom of his shaft up to the top, and he sighed. Danny grabbed on to her long, beautiful red hair, wrapping it into his fist as she licked all around his mushroom head, slowly this time.

Suddenly, he was in heaven as he felt his entire cock instantly engulfed in warmth as Angie sunk it into her mouth. He moaned, squeezing her hair as she began to eagerly bob her head up and down on his penis right there on the couch. The blowjob was amazing, she was clearly an expert. John was a lucky man! ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp’ she slobbered loudly on his cock and it could be heard clearly throughout the room. Her hand cradled his balls, holding them gently as her lips glided up and down his mighty shaft. She began to take it all the way out of her mouth and then stuffing it back in all the way, over and over, not missing a beat. It only took her about 5 minutes, and she maintained a fast pace the entire time. He was losing it.

“Ohhhh God, I’m gonna cum!” he moaned. A tingle shot through Angie’s pussy at his words, and she redoubled her efforts, sucking hard on his organ, slurping loudly. He gripped her hair tightly, unable to stop himself. He moaned loudly, holding her head down on his manhood.

He came, a stream of cum firing deep into her mouth. Angie swallowed that first load as she forced his dick out of her mouth. She held the tip of Danny’s cock against her cheek, stroking him. More cum jetted out the end, rubbing all over her cheek. She purred, rubbing the end of his penis all over her chin and mouth, gathering his cum onto her face as it dribbled out of him. When the flow of cum finally stopped, Angie looked up at him.

Her pretty face had cum all over it. Thick, white liquid was scattered across her freckled face as her hand squeezed a little more out the top. Smiling, not taking her eyes off of him, her tongue snaked out and gathered his semen off the end of his dick and scooped it into her mouth. Finally, she released him, licking the jizz from around her mouth as she grabbed for the tissues on the end table. She wiped her face off, smiling. Her pussy was tingling now, more than ever, and she desperately needed satisfaction in some way.

“Did you like that?” she asked in that sexy voice of hers.

“Yes.” he said, smiling.

“Now you do me.” she ordered. She lay back on the other end of the couch şişli anal yapan escort and her hands began to push her pants down off her ass. Her skimpy black panties became exposed, a sharp contrast to her creamy white skin. She pushed her pants down her legs and off, pulling off her socks as well. Her toenails were painted red, he noticed, as she dropped her clothes on the floor. His dick never even had a chance to go back down!

He wanted to savour this, he decided. He wanted to eat her out over her panties, for awhile, and prolong the opportunity to see her wonderful treasure (this was a much easier decision to make now that he’s had an orgasm!). Angie’s heart was pounding a mile a minute as she watched the big man bow down between her open legs.

She gasped when she felt his lips brush her inner thigh. He loved how the soft skin of her thigh felt on his lips, and he could smell the sweet scent of her arousal as he kissed ever closer to her needy treasure. He gently kissed the top of her leg, immediately beside her panties. Her chest was heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Danny kissed her pussy over her panties, he could feel how swollen her lips were through the thin material. He slid his hands under her gorgeous ass, sliding them into the back of her panties, holding her crotch up to his face. He sucked her cunt into his mouth through her underwear and she gasped again, tingles firing through her body. She placed a hand on the back of his head, holding it between her legs as he began to lick at her sensitive pussy over her panties.

Angie began to writhe her horny crotch into his face as he teased her, never touching her bare skin. Her entire body was electric, and she desperately needed him to touch her without interference from her panties.

The material was sopping wet with her juices, and he could clearly taste her as he continued to stimulate her with his mouth. Heart pounding, desperately needing more, she moved her hand between her legs and her fingers touched the side of her panties. Slowly she pushed them aside, gradually revealing to him her most private area.

Beautiful, swollen, pink pussy lips emerged, framed by curls of red pubic hair (something he had never seen before). If Danny hadn’t recovered from that magnificent blowjob before, he sure as hell did now! His penis was at full attention once more, waving in the air (his jeans and underwear were still down to his knees). He gently kissed her sensitive lips, and she caught her breath. He kissed them once more, before slowly running his tongue from the very bottom of her slit, slowly up to the top, nudging her clit on the way by.

“Ohhhhh..” she sighed, softly. He could taste her delicious juices as he gathered them up with his tongue. Danny needed more room to work with. Grabbing the sides of her panties, he tugged them. Angie raised her ass off the couch, allowing her boyfriend’s friend to slide the dainty things down her smooth legs. He threw them on the floor, staring at the woman before him as she opened her legs.

“Ohhhhhh yesssss…” she moaned as he buried his face between her thighs, his tongue sliding into her hungry pussy. He pushed his tongue as far inside her as he could, wiggling it, teasing her. She was subconsciously writhing her crotch into his face as he tongued her. Grabbing her ass with his hands, he spread her lips with his thumbs, exposing the pink of her vagina. He licked all over everything he exposing, still purposefully avoiding her clitoris. He sucked her lips into his mouth, running his tongue over the sensitive skin as he held it between his lips. She moaned again, eyes closed, allowing the orgasm to approach. Suddenly, to her dismay, he stopped. He pulled back, looking at her.

“Get on your hands and knees,” he said, “I want to eat you out from behind. You have a beautiful ass.” he smiled at her. She smiled back, scrambling onto her hands and knees right there on the couch. Her ass was bent over right in front of him, creamy white skin begging to be kissed. His cock twitched at the sight. Danny kissed Angie’s ass, kissing all over each cheek, hands squeezing and spreading her cheeks as he kissed them. The pink of her pussy lips glistened in the light of the livingroom, and he kissed them finally, causing her to gasp with pleasure. He slid his tongue into her tunnel, his face buried in the crack of her ass, and she sighed.

She felt weak, and was barely able to hold herself up on her hands and knees. He was able to suck her clitoris into his mouth, and Angie was set off.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned as she felt her sensitive nub finally be manipulated. Her heart was pounding and she surged towards an orgasm. His tongue tickled over her clit lightly as fast as he could move it, still holding it between his lips. She began rocking her ass back into Danny’s face, gasping for breath.

“OH MY GOD!” she whined, cumming. Her vagina was convulsing around his tongue as he began to şişli bdsm escort lap at her juices. He was holding the sides of her ass tightly, tasting her yummy juice as she came violently. He continued licking her even as she recovered somewhat. Her heart was pounding and she was hyperventilating. Finally, he released her from the sexual hold he had on her. His cock was at full attention, his jeans and underwear were down to his knees at this point, as he knelt on the couch behind her.

He couldn’t take it anymore! Her gorgeous white ass was sticking up at him, her feet were far apart on the couch. Angie’s pussy was tingling like mad, her breath came in gasps – she so wanted this! Danny ran the head of his cock down the crack of her ass, ever so slowly. His dick twitched when it felt the moist warmth of her slit, and he slowly ran the mushroom crown up and down. She shuddered.

“We can’t do this Danny.” She said, quivering before him. He continued running his penis up and down her needy lips.

“Ohhhh God that feels good…..” she moaned, “but we have to stop.” She said firmly. Yet she didn’t move out of his way as he continued caressing her swollen pink pussy lips with his member. Her slit felt so hot on his dick!

“Ohhhhhh…” she sighed, “Please stop. I’ll suck your dick again. Please!” He wanted so desperately to put it in her, and to be honest she wanted that, too.

Danny relented. He lay back on the other end of the couch, to her disappointment. Angie spun around and crawled up the couch towards him, ready to make good on her word. She was smiling at him as she raised his cock into the air and immediately sunk his entire rod into her expert mouth.

He moaned, staring at her sexy white ass sticking up in the air beneath her black blouse. His hands slid into her fiery red hair as she began to bob up and down on his organ. She was slurping loudly already, really putting effort into this blowjob. Angie was uncontrollably horny, and giving head wasn’t helping that. She was naked from the waist down, and her horny pussy exposed to the air was making it difficult to concentrate. Without missing her stride, she slid her hand down her body and her nimble fingers began to play with her clitoris.

“Mmmmph..” she moaned around his penis as her fingers stimulated her already over-stimulated pussy. She began to hump back against her hand, starting to lose momentum in the head she was giving. Danny was on cloud 9, and was forced to hump his hips up into the air, fucking Angie’s mouth. Finally, he could no longer continue this way, and so he took control.

He pulled her head up by her hair and he kissed her. Angie eagerly slipped her tongue into his mouth, allowing herself to be pulled up the couch until she was straddling him. At this point, he began to kiss her hard, hands sliding up and down her small body, latching onto her naked ass. Their tongues explored each other’s mouths as she began to writhe herself against his bare pole. Their lips were smacking loudly, and their breathing was labored. Finally, Angie broke the kiss.

“Ohhh God, put your dick in me!” she said erotically. With that, she reached underneath her, raising her ass off of his lap, and grabbed his hard organ. He felt his dick touch her pussy lips, and she sunk down on him. His cock slid easily inside her sopping wet warmth in one stroke.

“Ohhhhhhhhh…” she moaned as she felt herself fill up immediately. Danny’s cock was sheathed entirely inside his friend’s girlfriend, while his friend was passed out in the next room! Grabbing her sexy ass with both hands, he pressed her down on his lap, making sure every inch of his member was inside her twat, grinding her down against him.

She was kissing all over his face, and he turned to meet her kisses. Her tongue fired into his mouth as she began to raise and drop her ass on his lap quickly. In and out of her fantastic heat went his pole. He released her ass and slid his hands up her back, taking her blouse with them. Angie broke the kiss long enough to allow him to slide her blouse over her head, revealing a sexy black bra. She sighed as Danny kissed down her neck, hard pole still gliding in and out of her slick tunnel.

His hands unsnapped her bra at the back as he kissed down her chest. The bra loosened and fell between them, releasing her perky breasts. He threw the bra onto the floor as she slid up and down on his rod.

Angie moaned, sliding her hungry pussy harder onto his rampant hard on as he sucked her nipple into his mouth. She could feel another orgasm approaching as all these sensations hit her at once. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Unh! Unh!……. Ohhhhhhhhh!” she came again, trying desperately to be silent as her pussy convulsed around him.

Danny was humping his hips upwards, fucking her through her orgasm. He kissed up to her neck, his hands once again latching onto her ass and helping her ride him. His lips found hers and breathlessly she kissed him back. As she calmed down, he gently sat up, holding her up above him with one arm, keeping himself in her still.

He lay her down on the other end of the couch, lying on top of her, keeping his penis inside her vagina the entire time. She was kissing at his face as she was laid helplessly down on the couch. He began to fuck her hard right there on her couch.

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